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Chapter -1 Introduction to Case Study

Problem statement

The major issue that has to be addressed in the present case is related with suitable strategy of pricing for hotel at Forte village. The Eleganzia group possess tow varied kind of luxury properties for the purpose of attracting the customers towards making selection. With the emergence of economic downturn there is negative influence on the hospitality sector. This has also influenced the business of Eleganzia as well as sales revenue for rooms. The Eleganzia's group manager Giannuzzi faced dilemma in case it is important to make discounts for 4 star room of the Forte Village. This can assist in dripping down of the sales too much. But at the same time it will influence the service quality in relation with other aspects. It has been figured out Giannuzzi in relation with the best way towards setting pricing strategy for the renowned property which is regarded as Forte Village resort. The major problem faced is regarding the manner in which the prices can be set for 2010 leisure season. Further determination has to be made regarding whether it has to be higher, lower or similar as 2009.

Within the year 1995, Giannuzzi' take over Forte Village and other Italian hotels. From the starting point the project is regarded as one of the most difficult stage that is being taken by Eleganzia group as Forte Village was being managed by certain other person that is Lord Forte for 20 years. Thus most of the personnel within Forte Villa were still loyal to him. On the contrary the expenses of Forte Villa management were greater towards making good amount of profitability. There was rapid decline in the quality of service because of inexperience showed by Butler as well as service personnel. The gap related with communication among the workers and management body was being noticed. It was being determined that tourist industry Forte Villa is facing high competition in tourism market of Italy. Further it making greater efforts to meet the requirements of the target market

Research aim and objectives

The most significant aim of the present investigation is to make critical evaluation of the position of Eleganzia group within tourism market of Italy that is now being regulated by Eleganzia group. Apart from this it also aims at assessing the success of Forte Village with respect to tourism industry.

The objectives of the present research has been enumerated in the manner as under:

  • To gain insight to the management process of the most beautiful tourism sectors Forte Village which is now managed by Eleganzia.
  • To assess and understand the strategies that are taken by Eleganzia group for making Forte Villa more attractive and appealing to the visitors across the globe.
  • To determine the challenges that are being experienced by Eleganzia group within the development of Forte Villa.
  • To critically appraise strategies taken by authority for carrying out glory of Forte Villa and offer appropriate recommendations.

Structure of rest of the report