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This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Why has leisure and tourism increased in the UK.
  • How rapidly growing leisure traveller boost up the UK economy?


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Organization Selected : leisure travellers


If an individual is going from one place to another that simply means they are traveling. There are several type of travellers some for business purpose as well as others for meeting family or friends. Motive of individual behind travelling is to explore different places, culture, things as well as meeting new peoples (Xu, Li and Lu, 2019). in addition to this, there are some travellers who travel with the motive of changing their schedule as they want to come out of their busy schedule. The support based on leisure travellers they are the one who travel to come out of their hectic schedule while travelling don't do any business work and keep focus on travelling only. This report will going to discuss why laser travelling is increasing day by day. Along with this, difference conducted within business and leisure travellers help in getting better understanding of this entire topic.


Travelling is founded as one of the most common interest in people now a days as well as it come in all forms. There are different type of travellers such as people who travel only when they need to visit their friends or relatives. Along with this, there are some who travel for business meetings as well as few are for discovering new things about world and culture (Jiang, Scott and Ding, 2019). In simple term it can be said that, travelling is just fun, excitement as well as related to rest and relaxation from busy schedule. In this travelling world leisure travel is also type of travelling within that particular person motive is want to take break from daily busy schedule.  Moreover, they are also characterized through staying in good hotels or resorts, relax on beach and also in hotel rooms, going on guided tours and experiencing local tourist attractions. In simple term it can be said that leisure travelling is totally opposite of business travel.

Apart from this, leisure travelers are those who spend more and more in comparison of their daily basis life, others might select to travel frugally. Backpackers leisure travellers stay in hotels, cook their meals by themselves as well as take public transit. As their main focus is on leisure as they are leisure travellers (Greenberg and Rogerson, 2018). They are such people who make business contact with people who meet while travelling such as bar tenders, hotel manager etc.. and acquire new client. After this when trip get over they work on these business proposals, at the time of making contact they don’t focus on business because at that time they are on vacation mode. There are several edges to leisure travel such as Stepping outside of a busy life-style which will provide individuals area to unwind and unharnessed their stress. Because returning to their jobs and everyday lives result in daily busy schedule which require some rest in between (Patterson, 2018). It can also provide individuals the chance to expertise elements of the globe as well as enrich their understanding of life on the earth. Travelling play important role in meeting new person and create new connections, and leisure travel provides individuals the area and time they have to essentially forge those bonds. Intrinsic motivation related to assuring capabilities of particular person within different emotional fronts.  There are several other factors of motivation which involved in intrinsic are attitude of tourist, value or beliefs, personality of tourist and many more.

Motivation of leisure travellers stems from the domain of human psychology. Factor of motivation is classified within two types i.e., internal factor of motivation and external factors of motivation. In addition to this, internal facto of motivation direct, integrate as well as arouse behaviour of person and also influence their decision for travelling. There are several type of motivation which included intrinsic motivation. For several people tourism is way of satifying their psychological needs like performing leisure activities, travelling, exploring novelty & capabilities, relaxation, creativity and many more. Apart from this, their are some internal factors also which motivate modern days leisure travellers which includes extrinsic motivation in this leisure travellers get motivated through external factors like money as well as need to feel competent on the basis of expenditure and performance. Along with this there are several more factors includes within this such as market, culture or social class, family and age, place of origin etc.

Even for those unwilling to get on truly budget leisure travel, there are many ways to limit costs. Popular leisure travel destinations will often see a wide swing in prices among hotels, restaurants, travel, and activities, depending on the season. Locations in the Caribbean or Mediterranean, for example, might be twice as expensive during winter, as millions of visitors from Europe and the United States try to escape cold weather (Hudson and et. Al., 2018). Thus in simple term it can be said that leisure travelling is not much expensive because people travel to come out of their busy schedule so they don't spend much money on travelling. Because their main motive behind travelling is to fresh up their mind not on getting a luxury life. Along with this they come up with some business leads while travelling which day can generate as business client after finishing their trip.

A hotel’s business mix is generally comprised of different segment such as business as well as leisure travellers. Both of these segments of travellers totally different as they have distinct want need as well as travelling patterns. Foreign Hotel it is important to understand business mix of leisure and business Travellers because it may result in their success if services provided as per their preference stop there is wide difference between both of them let's discuss it. For business travellers location is key as they schedule and also call meeting, presentations etc.. For respective travellers location of hotel is one of the top most priorities. There demand in term of hotel location is that which will be close from their conference or convention venue because it will help them in reaching at meeting point within short time duration. It is important for hotels which are close to convention centres as well as other meeting areas to put some significant emphasis on their location for drawing business travellers to their hotel (Wang and et. Al., 2020). Along with this, business travellers remain connected continuously as they use mobile phones as well as other devices for remaining in connected with their clients and other colleagues while their business trips. In addition to this they access their emails, join video meeting and also open large file attachments quickly and efficiently is extremely important to the business traveller segment. For business travellers hotel which don’t offer fast WiFi or any other internet access is not ideal place. As travellers are going WiFi and internet access is the first requirement with prime location. Because of higher frequency of travel and fewer time spent on the booking method, business travellers have a better tendency to stay with sure hotels that meet their criteria compared to leisure travellers. From hotel loyalty program 65% of respective travellers belong which has been find out through Google survey. Providing good hotel loyalty program offers loyal guest with some special offers, free services, free upgrades and so on. This will result in returning business travellers to hotel for their another business trip.

On the other hand, Leisure travellers are more price sensitive comparison of business Traveller because they spend more money on travelling and leisure travellers tense to be price sensitive. As they are the travellers who spend their lots of time on the siding the hotel which is more suitable for them as well as less expensive. In simple term it can be said that find best out of available. In relation to the hotels providing booking tools which help leisure travellers to search the hotels which are in their budget with all facilities. Thus, they are the one who don’t believe in spending much money in travelling (Patterson, 2018). In addition to this leisure Travellers are those who strong believe on reviews and Recommendation has while deciding place to stay the concert to their family, friends as well as recommended online reviews. Ware ise business Travellers only on company recommendation and online review. After going to Google Traveller study it has been identified that 82% of leisure travellers rely on reviews in comparison of 77% of business travellers. In this, hotels remove large amount of negative reviews because they give negative impact on brand value within market area. In addition to this, leisure travellers are the one who always look for the way which help in improving overall travelling experience (Lindquist, 2018). In comparison of business travellers they are more drawn to hotel packages. Equipped with the mentality of getting a good vacation expertise, the bulk of leisure travellers are trying to find edifices that give them with incentives to remain their than the other hotel. There are many totally different packages that hoteliers will produce for guests, like delivering a package that's related to a big event within the town. The edifice also can supply walking tours round the hottest holidaymaker destinations within the space, itineraries for family fun as well as romantic getaways, and far a lot of. This is often the chance for hoteliers to induce artistic, do their analysis on the foremost outstanding demand generators in their space, and utilize this valuable data to extend the amount of guests to the edifice through packages.

Apart from this, leisure travellers desire extra on-site hotel facilities which simply means that they have greater appreciation for extra frills which generally hotel offer to their guests (Banki and et. Al., 2018). For instance, an hotel offers pool facilities to their guest, fitness area as GYM, restaurant services as well as for leisure travellers bonus points are also available. Hotels which are offering extra facilities as well as amenities which are directly appealing to leisure travellers in comparison of hotel which are not offering these extra benefits. Thus, for an hotel it is necessary to highlight there extra facilities when they are completely comprised of leisure travellers because it will help them in attracting more guest.

So, for a successful business, it is essential to understand customer’s need as well as wants (Adam, 2019). It is not enough but hotels have to understand difference between business as well as leisure travellers because it will help them in serving their customers within more effective manner as per the requirements. Now days leisure travellers are increasing day by day because the business environment is wide an competitive because of that work of people is increasing day by day. Thus, on weekend people usually love to travel for getting out of hectic schedule as well as for relaxation also. This result in increasing business of hotel and other hospitality sector organisations. In deep manner it has been also finded that respective travellers also increasing business for several people and help in development of economy within indirect manner. Thus, for an hotel it is necessary to highlight there extra facilities when they are completely comprised of leisure travellers because it will help them in attracting more guest.

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From about discussion, it has been summarised that traveling is increasing day by day as it become main business for several peoples. That has been already discussed that there are different type of travellers out of which leisure travellers is also a part of travelling industry. They are the one who drives for coming out of their busy schedule I want to get relax from their day-to-day activity. The main reason behind the increasing leisure traveling is business environment is increasing and peoples workers work are also getting enhance which results in a hectic schedule for them. Apart from this, there is a wide difference between business travellers and leisure travellers. But they both are playing important role within hospitality industry as well as have their wide contribution.

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