Role Of Social Media In Travel and Tourism Industry

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Question :

Social media plays an important role in the travel and tourism industry as this sector deals in potential travellers, people who are on trips or returning from trips and also involves sharing the travel experience. This report deals in  Birmingham Chocolate Festival which was organised in the heat of Birmingham. As this city is a chocolate city which hosts the annual chocolate festival where comes and try the wonderful and delicious chocolate variations and treats.

  • Figure out the tactics used in tourism sector which is based on campaigns of social media.
  • Importance of timeliness and innovation in the implementation of social media
Answer :


Social media is one of the most essential and powerful online networking tools that have a mixed part in economic and social life in the real world. The use of the Internet and other information technology in various communication platforms leads to a special era in the tourism industry (Cheng and Edwards 2015). This report focuses on the Birmingham Chocolate Festival. The tactical plan describes a situation analysis in the form of SWOT and PESTLE analysis digital inventory. It also discusses the target audience and key media channels.

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Birmingham is a city that is known for its quality chocolate and is famous for Cadbury World. The people of this city celebrate a well-known chocolate festival every year. It increases the number of tourists and travellers so, it gets affected by the positive as well as negative elements of outsiders (Dijkmans, Kerkhof and Beukeboom, 2015). In this context, the SWOT analysis of the Birmingham Chocolate Festival is described below:


  • Focused on direct marketing campaigns to show excellent results
  • Strong loyalty from participants and tourists
  • Strong distribution and marketing channels (Harrigan and, 2017).
  • Well-established market with products
  • It is the reputed topmost chocolate provider


  • Huge population and they suffer from diabetes and many other issues
  • Lack of penetration
  • Big expenses and lack of coordination


  • It can expand globally.
  • Through occasional celebrations, many travellers can be made enjoy.
  • It generates more employment.


  • Many competitors like Nestle
  • Several brands are entering
  • Natural disasters can damage cacao and coffee beans.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is an important part of making a marketing plan. It is a critical analysis of business competitors in order to achieve business growth in the respective industry (Howison, Finger and Hauschka, 2015). It is useful for creating a business strategy and management should consider the strategies of the firm's competitors.

PESTLE analysis

In this analysis, there are some factors that may influence both aspects positively or negatively to the overall environment of this Birmingham Chocolate Festival so a discussion is needed to understand all those factors. These are as follows:

  • Political Factors - It is related to the rules and regulations that may come from the politics and government of the UK. It includes many factors like trading policies, bureaucracy, inter-external political issues, etc.
  • Economic Factors - This relates to the economic condition of a nation and it comes from economic structure (Hudson and, 2015). It contains taxation, interest rates, economic trends, industry growth, etc.
  • Social Factors - It is associated with cultural aspects like lifestyle trends, demographics, work ethic, consumer role models, etc.
  • Technological Factors - Technology relates to the innovation, barriers and incentives of digital media. It also gives its impacts to the festival as positive and negative both aspects and it contains information, research, communications etc.
  • Legal Factors - In the legal aspect, the festival is influenced by laws, legislations and regulations that include employment law, consumer protection, money laundering regulations, etc.
  • Environmental Factors - The environment also affects this festival in a positive and negative manner and it includes Corporate Social Responsibilities with ecological and environmental regulations, sustainability, etc. (Kiráľová, and Pavlíčeka, 2015).

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Market Trends

It is a perceived tendency of a particular financial marketplace to move in a direction over a period. This trend is divided in the long time frame. There are many traders who attempt to understand market trends by using various technical analyses. It is classified into two major markets the bear and bull market. In this context, the bull market is defined as a period when all commodity's price is on an upward trend and it is marked by widespread pessimism. In the bearish market, prices of all commodities show a downward trend.

Digital Inventory

The digital inventory is a document or subject that allows for creating reports concerning digital things. In media advertising, digital inventory contains all images, newspapers, magazines and many more things that can be stored in analogue format.

Content Audit

Audit refers to checking and verifying the complete content and paragraph written down on a particular website or paper and it also compiles into the big list of a content file (Mkono and Tribe, 2017). It can be conducted in three different types that are partial content inventory, sample and full content sample.

Customer Insight

Customer insight is a technique to know about customers and it is used in marketing. It is based on their purchasing behaviour (Cheng and Edwards 2015). It is an essential thing to attract more customers in order to expand profits as well as create a strong brand image.


Where do you want to be? The 5 S's Model

The 5 S's model consists of five elements that are considered by a business or its marketers. In this context, the organiser of that chocolate festival should acknowledge these factors.

  • Serve - It is the main concept of this model and its major aim is to serve the best output to potential customers for brand making (Dijkmans, Kerkhof and Beukeboom, 2015). It can be considered and discussed by the customer service team.
  • Speak - It is all about getting closer and maintaining the relationship with customers. In this context, the organiser uses word-of-mouth publicity in order to increase the number of customers.
  • Sell - It is the main area for a business to increase profits and achieve desired targets and objectives. It is conducted by the sales department in an organisation by offering its services and products.
  • Sizzle - In this element, setting the aim and goals of a company and it also refers to a brand for making its goodwill.
  • Save - In general, every person often looks to make savings in two criteria i.e. time and cost. So, in this context, the organiser should acknowledge on it for reduce their cost and expenses.


Customer persona

The customer or buyer persona refers to a semi-fictional internal representation of potential customers that is based on various market research and actual data with existing customers' information (Harrigan and, 2017). It will help to understand the choices and preferences of customers in a realistic way. In other words, it describes the target audiences that are more categories. When making the best and most realistic customer persona, it considers the motivations, behaviours, demographics and goals of its daily customers to know about maximum clients. It is used in marketing at a basic level that develops different personas and it also allows for making messaging as well as content that appeals to the target audience. It enables to marketers to fix their market segment according to their target audiences. Further, it also allows the organizer to map out and create huge target content.


The key message for a social media campaign

Social media is a big way to engage more users or customers and it spreads more awareness about any particular event, service and many more things. In this context, the personal digital assistant of Birmingham Chocolate Festival should use social media and they are able to create brand loyalty among customers (Howison, Finger and Hauschka, 2015). They use it to create more attractions for tourists and there are many people that belonging from other countries.

Key message for social media campaign - Social media is an effective medium for introducing and advertising any event or service. In this context, social media plays an important role in the Birmingham Chocolate Festival and its major importance is described below:

  • It shares useful information - In this festival, social media provides a special platform that facilitates e-mail, paper fliers and useful information about several persons. It also keeps them coming back for more facilities. They make mistakes in promoting themselves and their services and products are frequently not considered by the customers are excellent or not. It will require sharing content that entertains, provokes and intended emotions.
  • It provides exclusive incentives - Social media has a big platform among youth for transferring information speedily and it is also engaged with them in the same way. By using these mediums, anyone can build their own relationship that will generate huge benefits (Hudson and, 2015). In this type of digital media, Facebook provides the perfect way to share services, post photos and create contests or give new ways to promote the brand and attract more participants to that festival.
  • It offers huge content - In the process of using social media as the promoter of that particular festival, it shares links, stories, photos from other party sources and it is a great method to stay on top of the mind. It also considers starting an email report as a technique to make and stock a certificate of original self-complacent (Kiráľová, and Pavlíčeka, 2015). The writing will sound intimidating and it doesn't have to be a difficult task. The organiser should just think about the types of various tips the target audience that would insight facilitative and run with them.
  • It creates a personal brand - In the festival, all organisers should think about this aspect and make better massage therapists for the people. It needs to show the participant's personality and make a better relationship with them. Marketing massage therapy will tend to business to pair well with overall wellness and different topics from self-pampering to healthy living. There are many networking sites like Instagram that are perfect places to post lifestyle testicles, several trends and other events that happen in that festival.
  • Ask for something in return - At this platform, the management team of that festival also ask for new ideas and innovations that can apply to the particular event. In this context, a better relationship provides benefits for both the organiser and participants (Minazzi, 2015). Gathering information about people specifically through email addresses, will allow them to stay in touch and maintain relationships with them.

The main creativity that is used in the Birmingham Chocolate Festival - In this festival, the main creativity used by the organiser is to attract more participants and they will stay in tend with this festival. They also use geographical advantages and adopt a technique of advertising that is posting their stories, videos and pictures on Facebook Instagram and many more social media platforms that will increase their promotions.

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The marketing mix

It is a systematic approach to marketing and it describes the seven P's of marketing. In other words, it refers to the operations and tactics of a plan that would be compiled by marketers in an organisation. In this context, all marketing mixes can be used in social media campaigns. These 7 P's are discussed as follows:

  • Product - It refers to the combination of services and goods that an organisation offers for sale to the target market.
  • Price - It defines the value of a particular output or service in the form of money (Mkono and Tribe, 2017). It is a special amount that customers pay to a company or seller to purchase any product.
  • Place - The place describes the products and services that should be available for the target customers easily to purchase or consume (Munar and Jacobsen, 2014). It may be a street, store, online portal, shopping mall, etc.
  • Promotion - In this element, a company can promote their outputs from various methods like sales promotion, personal selling, advertisement and many more methods. In this context, the organiser of that festival also promotes different mediums and they choose social media for promoting it.


From the above report, it can be concluded that social media is an essential term for tourism. In the present scenario, there are many new ideas and new ideas are brought into the travelling and tourist industry. It covers the situation analysis, and objectives of what to do and want to be. Further, it includes the target audience and customer persona. It also covers the key measures and creativity that are used by the organiser of the Birmingham Chocolate Festival. Furthermore, it covered the target audience and objectives of that festival. Lastly, it also covered the important key message for that social media campaign and marketing mix.

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