Role of The Manager In A Specific Tourism Hospitality and Events


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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Green Park Hotel is popular hotel, situated in outskirts of Pitlochry. Examine the role of manager in managing the organisational functions of Green Park Hotel.
  • Analyse the impact of service industry and how it operates effectively.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Green Park Hotel


The manager plays a major role in any type of organization. Without effective management, no one company can achieve their business goals in a specific time period. A manager put their high efforts into the management of all organizational operations. There are some management skills that are used by the manager in their daily life to work in a systematic way. Organizations are hire highly qualified managers in their business environment to manage their all business activities in the proper channels. There are in the Green Park Hotel, UK also manager plays a great role in the management of hotel operations.

The Green Park Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in the United Kingdom. The pure management is also a big reason behind the success of this hotel. There are many hospitality operations are handled by the manager in the hotel. The manager uses their effective management skills to run all hotel operations in a productive way. Without a manager, this hotel is not able to achieve its business goals in the hospitality industry. The role of the manager is impacting hotel services too positively (Yadisaputra, 2015). In the hotel currently, many employees are working, and all employees only work on the basis of the manager's instructions. The manager gives them perfect guidelines and direction for covering any task in the hotel operations. The manager is also working on improving their employee's work efficiency. Every action in the hotel is taken under the manager's supervision. The manager gives orders to the respective employees in the hotel to complete any work to increase hotel performance. The existence of the manager in the hotel is like blood existence in the human body, which means the manager plays a role in the hotel like blood. Not especially in this hotel, a good manager plays a great role in any type of business success. Every year many tourists come to the United Kingdom for travelling purposes, in most of them choose The Green Park Hotel as stay place.

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So, it is difficult for the hotel to handle these different types of tourists which are come from the different areas of the world. In this situation, the manager performs their respective role to handle these tourists in the hotel environment. The manager implements various management strategies in their daily life nature to manage all situations of the hotel. Suppose many times in the hotel some unwanted crisis occurs between hotel employees, in that case, the manager try to solve this type of crisis by using their useful management strategies (McAdam, Miller and McSorley, 2019). The manager is responsible for improving communication values between hotel employees to run their work activities smoothly. Many times managers need to provide some training sessions to employees to develop their work skills in the business environment. This is very necessary in the business to increase their work productivity in the business, the manager gives only orders and directions but in the end, all hotel work is covered by the employees. So, their work skills play a positive role in the Green Park Hotel. The manager is not only responsible for the management activities, because many times managers need to fulfil other formalities as well. For Example; any employees face some family issues in their personal life, so this will really impact employee's work efficiency. In this case, the manager needs to connect with that employee and try to solve their problem of self basis to maintain the employee's good work efficiency in the hotel operations. On the other hand, with the management strategies the manager also needs to maintain a good personality in the business environment, because the manager faces too many customers in the hotel. In these conditions good personality truly attracts customers.

A good personality includes many terms like; effective communication, body language, interaction values, clouting style etc. which help in gaining customers' attention in the hotel. Good communication skills really help in making customers' hotel experience memorable. Once the customers are impressed by the services of the hotel, then in the future every time they prefer the same hotel for their stay. The manager also helps to make a loyal customer base for the hotel. The market competition analysis is also covered by the manager to improve the Green Park Hotel services. The manager implements the latest hospitality trends in the hotel environment to maintain the hotel's modernization aspect. This is also the responsibility of the manager to complete the market research to launch new hospitality services for the customers (Ashton, 2018). Differentiation aspect is also very necessary in the business which includes some different and effective services from the competitors because the exclusiveness of services helps in gaining more customers towards hotels in the market of composition. In the business environment of the hotel, the manager always needs to try to implement some new business techniques in the business operations. These business techniques help in improve hotel performance in the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom. There are various managerial tricks are also applied by the manager in hotel management to gain more productivity in the hotel business. The good management of the hotel always helps in maintaining the activeness of the services which the hotel offers and the work system also becomes energetic of the Green Park Hotel. Currently, in the United Kingdom hospitality market, there are many other hotels that are also working with the Green Park Hotel as competitors. In is the responsibility of the manager to maintain the hotel's reputation higher than the competitors in the UK market. The manager needs to make strong and powerful marketing also in the business environment to promote hotel services in the market. This step is very necessary for the hotel to gain a strong customer base in the hospitality market of the United Kingdom (To, Martin Jr and Billy, 2015). Not every manager is completely perfect because every person has their own weak points. In which the manager needs to find their particular weaknesses and try to improve them to work in a proper way in the hotel business operations. A good manager also understands their employee's legal rights, and according to this, the manager takes action to create a healthy work culture for the employees.

The manager works on the development of new managerial skills which help in the effective management of the hotel. For improvement of human resource productivity, the manager organises motivational seminars in the hotel which really help in improving the work efficiency or productivity of the hotel staff. In all successful hospitality businesses in the world, the managers are putting their high efforts into hotel management to gain respective goals. A good manager is change their management strategies according to the market need, and it will impact the hotel environment too positively. The application of modern management techniques is compulsory in the hotel business to take a sustainable competitive advantage in the hospitality market (Ben Aissa and Goaied, 2016). Management skills provide such useful ways for the hotel to run their all business activities in a profitable way. The manager comes under the top-level management of the hotel and gives orders and specific work direction to the medium and low levels to conduct all business activities which the manager decided to do in their decision-making. In hotel management, a strong decision-making ability is also hardly needed to manage all important terms of the hotel. So, the manager uses their managerial skills to make fast and effective decisions for the hotel operations. In this case, if the manager did not fulfil their responsibility in the proper channel, then it will impact the business model of the Green Park Hotel negatively. On the other side, if the manager fulfils their all responsibilities in systematic way then it will put the business model of the hotel on a progressive path. Creative management of the hotel helps in making high goodwill in the market because, with the creativity term, the management presents a different and effective image of the hotel in the market (Armenski, Dwyer and Pavluković, 2018). Employees are generally working in teams in any business operation, and every team has a leader to lead the particular team. In which the manager is also able to give important instructions to the leaders in the organization. The manager also manages the budgets and finances of the hotel to provide specific funds to the specific departments. Expenditure controlling is also one of the major functions of the manager, in which it tries to control the unnecessary expenditure in the hotel business environment.

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Maintenance of the statistical and financial records task also comes under the functions of the manager. This is a very important task for the hotel to maintain its fund sources because, without specific fund management, no one business can achieve its decided goals. Analysis of the sales figures and revenue is an important part of the company's calculation of the net profit of the hotel's business operations. This responsibility is also taken by the manager in the hotel environment. The management distributes the different tasks to the different departments, like; the human resource department, marketing department, finance department etc. in which all departments are responsible for covering their task under the supervision of the manager. For example; human resource department works for the recruiting, training and monitoring of the employees or staff in the business environment of the hotel (Rather and Sharma, 2016). The manager prepares proper work schedules for the employees to save the large time consumption. In the preparation of the work schedules the manager takes employees' opinions also for make effective schedules for the work. Customer complaints and appreciation are also taken by the management of the hotel in the feedback form. It is a very productive way to interact with the customers. There is a major responsibility of the manager to solve customers' inconvenience issues in the hotel environment. Events and conference arrangements are also covered by the management of the hotel for the purpose of presenting and discussing the development aspect of the Green Park Hotel. Safety and security are very necessary aspects of the hotel because in the hotel different types of visitors are staying. So, according to the travel and tourism international laws, this is the responsibility of the hotel to provide safety and security to the people with stay in the hotel. In this situation, this is the major task of the management of the hotel to protect their customers from the negative elements (Melián-González and Bulchand-Gidumal, 2016). Providing healthy and hygienic food and beverages to the customers is also a major service of the hotel. In which the manager maintains the food quality on the basis of legal food standard agencies. Uses of the latest technological tools or gadgets are very necessary for the business to give fast and effective services to the customers. In which the manager works the find and arrange these tools for the hotel use. The latest technological gadgets help in the showing of modernization of the hotel, and it really impresses the customers.

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It can be concluded that the manager's role in the Green Park Hotel impacts the service provision too positively. The manager puts high efforts into the all objectives of the hotel, and at the final stage, it helps in the good result of service provision. With the help of various management skills, the hotel is able to provide great services to the customers, and in this case, the customers are really satisfied with buying the hotel's services. In the market of competitors, the manager is the only person who made the Green Park Hotel one of the most popular hotels in the United Kingdom (Zegarra, 2019). Without the needed managerial strategies the hotel is may not probably reached this position in the market. So, the manager is also an important key to the business success of the hotel. The manager supervises every area of the hotel to remove errors from the business activities. It analyses the future uncertainty of the hospitality industry to prepare a pre-plan to deal with future changes. With the support of the manager's productive input, the Green Park Hotel is able to achieve its business goals in the decided time period, and also able to stand like a reputed hotel brand in the United Kingdom.

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