Travel and Tourism Industry Effective Factors of Global Destination


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Question :

This assessment will cover certain demonstration which like:

  • What are the key milestones and development in travel and tourism?
  • Give the models in motivation and also the ways in which the customer decision-making is managed.
  • Give the effective factors of global destination for TUI.
Answer :
Organization Selected : TUI


Now a days travel and tourism have become one of the most essential elements and trends which have major impact on the minds of the customer's(Ghorbani and et., al., 2019). This have become the culture for the people as it help in making improving the knowledge and curiosity of the people. The people take brake from there regular life and travel the world for some change. This report is based upon the TUI which is an travel and tourism company and its headquarter is in London. The assignment is totally emphasis on the changing trends in the industry. Along with this, it is crucial for the company to analyse the different elements which is essential for the company and to figure out the factors that affect the popularity of range of global destination.


P1Key Milestones in Development of The Travel and Tourism Industry in The Detail Manner

Milestones is consider as the journey which is analyse from the passage of time and include different elements which occur as per the environment. From the past decade the travel and tourism company have changed as the way of doing business in the particular industry. In the early days people use to travel from one place to another with the help of there animals as there were not much option available. But now a days things have changed and people have various modes of transportation. Here are the milestones in the context of travel and tourism industry are explained down below:

Early 1600 Century

In this century the people where travelling in search of food and for having new place for better life. There were no such purpose of travelling as there were less mode of transportation available. They usually have horse and other domestic animals which they use as travelling and for their convenience.

Early 1800 Century

The trend change in this industry as people where travelling to visit the new places for the purpose of job and other activities. There were no other such purpose as there were less transportation to carry the people. Hence the people use boat to explore the world.

Early 1900 Century

This was consider as the industrial age and the cars where made to take people from one destination to another. This made travelling more easy and more people were travelling for new opportunities present in the market.

21st Century

Now a days travel have become essential elements for the people and it also become the status as well as pride for the people. Individual wants to travel for the business as well as entertainments purpose. Here tourist use different mode of the transportation such aeroplanes and cars as per the convenient.

Different Sectors That Make Tourism Sector

There are several various kind of elements which usually help in completing the travel and tourism sector which are food, accommodation, transportation and entertainments. These all factor have become the essential elements for the company. So in this case TUI should emphasis on all these factor in order to provide quality services to the consumer.

P2 Various Elements of The Travel and Tourism Industry

There are different elements which help in making decision for the tourist whether to go or to have take another destination (Harilal 2019). As per the industry this is important for the people to choose the best possible outcomes which is essential to have effective decision for the outcomes. Here are some of the elements which is essential for TUI to to offer better services to the users are explain down below:

Weather and Climate

People use to travel for the pleasant weather and climate for spending the time. Sometimes individual need to experience different climate weather which can be the factor for the individual to visit the place. So TUI should offer those packages of the country which pleasant weather environment.

Historical Places and Culture

This can be consider as one of the factor which should be consider as the important factor as some person are attracted towards the rich culture and history. This is essential for the tour and travel company to provide tours to those countries who have historical places such as Egypt and India.


P3 Determine The Different Factors That Affect Tourism Behaviour

In order to provide the best experience for the end user there are different kinds of factors which should be kept in mind for the better experience. Hence this create the brand image as well as goodwill in the market which is important for the company to capture larger market share. The travel company must study the respective factor which are explained down below:

Financial Budget

This is one of the important factor which effect the consumer before thinking of travelling. The budget decide the level of travelling as well as the accommodation which can be afford the person. Even in the bad economy the people wants to travel as they are found of visiting new places. So the company like TUI management should have flexible budget option as per the convenience and affordability.

Internet and Social Media

In today's modern world it has been analysed that internet have taken the world . The companies are offering different offers on airlines and other modes of transportation where people can avail the services with the help of technology. So it is very crucial for service providers to provide information on social media to reach at large number of consumer base in the well define manner. For the organisation like TUI the company offer various aspect for the individual like individual can book tickets online as well as offline.

P4 Explain Models of Motivation and How They Influence The Consumer Decision Making Process

There are different model of motivation which influence the consumer decision making process more effectively. Here the Maslow model of motivation can identified the decision making of the consumer are properly. This theory was given by Abraham Maslow to understand the motive behinds the needs and wants of the customer in the well define manner. Here the consumer take the decision which is essential for the company to understand the steps which are involved in it.

Physiological Needs

This is consider as the first step in this structure where the individual need for the basic requirement for travelling. The basic need such food, water and shelter are the prime requirement for any traveller. So the company like TUI should offer these basic requirement for the customer's to have better experience while travelling.

Safety Needs

This is the next step where tourist wants safety as well as security while they are travelling from one place to another. The company can provide different services such as providing the detail information regarding the contact and other information for the security of the person.

Love and Belongingness Needs

This include friends and family so the company should offer the services for the family as well. There can be different services which can be offered by the company such invitation of the extra people and birthday party for the family. This help the individual to create goodwill and brand image in the market.

Esteem Needs

This stage include the social status in the public as to maintain this reputation the individual focuses on travelling. Now a days travelling have become as social symbol so the people are travelling in order to stand in the society. And the employees and workers of travel and tourism industry can satisfy this need by money and financial rewards because they provide signals of people's worth to the hotels.

Self Actualization

This is the last step where it is related to the self desire and people wants to travel for knowledge and experience. This is essential for the company the company to offer spiritual tour for the people as this is consider as one of the most profitable market.


P5.Recent and Emerging Patterns and Trends in The International Travel and Tourism Industry

There are different emerging trends and challenges which are faced by the company like travel and tourism such which are explained down below in the detail manner:

Recognition Technology

This is one of the most emerging technology which include finger print recognition, facial recognition, retina scanning and various other biometric identifiers. The hotels have all these facilities which are essential to capture the large market share.

Virtual Reality

This kind of technology have exploded in the recent years as this allow travel and tourism sector to move people digitally and people can create the virtual reality for themselves. This affords hotels the opportunity to showcase their rooms, reception areas and even local tourist hotspots on their website, in order to encourage bookings.


The future is robotic as the are more efficient than humans. This have also change the travel and tourism sector. For example in Japan there is fully robotic restaurant to serve the food to the customers. Furthermore, travel agents are using robots for pre-screening, making waiting times more productive for customers.


P6.Factors That Affect The Popularity of a Range of Global Destinations

Here are some factor which directly impact the popularity of a range of international destinations are briefly explained in brief:

Factor Which Effect The Popularity of Destination of America

Culture Factor

The America have rich culture but they have racial discrimination among the society which become effect the popularity to visit the country. As the people are conservative in nature and the country have chosen because there some problems such religion and inequality are the major reason for which effect the popularity for travellers.

Economic Condition

When a country is undergoing economic turbulence and when people are facing unemployment issues, tourism is affected adversely to the tourist . In recent years there was the slow down which avoid the tourist to visit the place.

Factor Which Effect The Popularity of Destination of DUBAI

Culture Factor

This is the country which have limited diversification towards its culture. As the people are less open to the society so some people avoid to visit those places. There are some culture barrier which reduces the tourist in the country.

Environment Condition

The environment condition is harsh in Dubai as this can be the factor which effect the individual to visit the country. There is also less transportation facilities available for the tourist which minimize the visit.

Factor Which Effect The Popularity of Destination of Egypt

Economical Factor

This is the prime factor which as the economic condition of the country is not well as they are going through recession so tourist avoid going there.

Historical Factor

The Egypt has consider as one of the most tourist place in the world and have more historic monuments. So people like to visit for gaining experience about the culture and history.

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From the above discussion it has been analysed that travel and tourism industry is one of most important for economy as well as individuals as it provides wide growth opportunities and employment to country. This is essential for the company to have new technology to provide better quality services to the consumer. Get more details of assignment help UK from our espert.


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