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The term “Employability” has become gradually more popular in recent years and it refers to the person capability to get employment, remain in employment and make informed choices as they develop through their career. Recruiters evaluate an individual’s employability by assessing for evidence of skills at the time of selection procedure, which they consider important for growth in a professional environment (Adsit, 2012). The present report is prepared by me with an aim to judge my personal and professional skills. I am working in operations department of Wal-Mart, which is a multinational retail organization of America that runs warehouse stores and large discount department stores chains. Recently, the company has declared a vacancy for operations head and to apply for this post in the following paragraphs I am conducting evaluation of my skills or competencies in relation to requirements of this specific position.

Development needs and the activities required to meet them

GAP analysis has discovered my development needs and improvement in the areas that if developed properly would increase my productivity and through this I can make my own success in Wal-Mart. The below given are some areas, which need further improvement in me, for the reason to meet the objectives of company:

  • Less skills in technical areas – It is realized by me that I have limited skills in the information and technology field, which can impact on my whole performance. Because of less proficiency in such sector I might be affected sometimes in taking appropriate decisions.
  • Too much determined – It has also recognized by me that I lack in ability to do multitask and I am too much concentrated in the single direction. This incapability makes me confused and at any time I pursuing lots of tasks on one time, it certainly affects my work quality.

Thus, with an aim to obtain a deep insight in my weak areas I continuously attained some workshops and seminars to enhance my ability and proficiencies in such areas. I have also joined several training session that have polished my existing capabilities to a great extent. Through this I am trying to manage my work well for delivering best quality of output to the company.

Personal and professional development plan based on identified needs

There are various options available in the external environment of market with which anyone can regularly develop or grow their personal proficiencies that can aid in obtaining more opportunities to grow and will give a competitive edge over others at workplace. After undertaking GAP analysis I found out range of chances, which are exists to meet potential and personal needs. For the reason to get constant success in today’s challenging environment, a person should be competent enough in both his/her professional and personal life (Marc, 2012).

I believe that there is more demand of an individual who have strong wisdom of different fields and could manage numerous tasks together in this complex world. With the development of my own set of skills in an adequate manner I can get various advantages and presently due to the technological advancement, this is an area where I can develop myself and accomplish desired objectives. Thus, I feel that improvements in these novel areas will give a chance to learn new things and rise in professional life (A motivated team helps in achieving goals, 2013)

Development against original aims and objectives set in the personal and professional development

The above given objectives will help me in improving available skills and will definitely aid in potential development of my future professional capability. The development plan that has been devised here is based on above illustrated needs. The given skills will help me in developing new learning plus development plans as well as will also support in acquiring distinct skills to manage diverse situations of organization (Employability Skills, 2009).  For the reason to accomplish my designed objectives I will concentrated towards some definite areas, so I can get all such required capabilities, which will aid in my professional development. In this regards I will attend workshops and training sessions continuously, which will allow me in learning novel skills and I can overcome my weaknesses. In relation to this by working on different projects that require additional knowledge I will able to improve my ability to manage challenging roles and work, which would also enhance my confidence level. Moreover, in order to complete several tasks on time, I will divide every activity to be performed in a decided time (Employability and Skills Development, 2013).

Communicate in a variety of styles and appropriate manner at various levels

Companies enforce several levels to organize the work and communication process as well as methods of communication differs from one department to other or one level to another. At present, in Wal-Mart, the management required to enforce much of knowledge development training programs and brainstorming sessions at each level of corporation to adequately manage the subordinates. The method will also assist in motivating the employees in the direction of attaining company’s objectives and enhancing their performance (Bullough and Baugh, 2009).
Further, the management needs to arrange training programs on additional personal and professional development plans, so that it could support in the development of every employees with high skills and competencies (Bischoff, 1990).

Effective time management strategies

The skills of time management make a person more disciplined and punctual. Moreover, with this an individual can learn to work more effectively when it is actually required as a consequence of efficient strategies of time management. Presently, in business environment time management is an essential use and is being put in practice for the organizational success. For the reason to increase the time management in Wal-Mart, it is necessary to adopt some of the policies like record the thoughts or activities and initially carry out a scheduled plan (Buren, 2003).
This tactic will facilitate to understand how much work has been completed and what further efforts are required. Further, the manager must try to prioritize the tasks as well as should take out proper time to complete the jobs in a quality manner. The management of Wal-Mart should also try to impose strategies of time management with which performance as well as productivity can be increased (Caspi and Roberts, 2001).

Analysis of team dynamics how they can work together to achieve shared goals

The effectiveness of team dynamics starts in an operations department where the work usually occurs in team and it is the capacity of all the team members that leads towards effective performance. Hence, the team and its dynamics plays a crucial role and these are majorly influenced by presence of factors in term of firm, identity of team as well as the overall mix of various individuals that are working as a team. In any team setting all the individuals are required to work together so as to aid in the achievement of a common objective. It is clear that a team is not an association of people that have been provided with different jobs but it is a network of individuals that have a specific role to play. As an operations executive, there is a need to seek out precise goals so that they can be performed effectively as per the given needs and requirements (Doolittle and et. al., 2008).

Hence, in order to achieve a thorough team dynamics the management at Wal-Mart must assess the strengths and weaknesses of every operational team member and assign them the tasks and responsibilities according to the matching skills. Other than this it must also be ensured that information is able to flow in a specific pattern and also aids in the direction of building strong mutual relationship which is a basic requirement towards achievement of shared goals (Fernandez and Gooransarab, 1997).

Alternative Ways to Complete Tasks and Achieve Team Goals

In any big organization like Wal-Mart, the organizational goals as well as objectives must be designed in such a manner so that the process for goal achievement happens to be clear and precise and also involves every team member. It is a known fact that leaders and team managers play a wide role. They also have an access to the various ways by which the firm can attain maximum benefits. One of them happens to be identification as well as nurturing of potential talents. There is also a need on part of team leader towards the assessment of valuable talent found within the team. A special attention must also be made towards achievement of maximum benefits for a long term purpose (Forsyth, 2010).

The other means for carrying out Completion of Tasks and Achievement of Team Goals can be aided via motivation which deals with the concept that if the needs of employees are met then they will definitely feel motivated to give their best output and there will also be an increase towards overall efficiency. Hence, it will be effective to appraise the team members so that they can work from time to time in a well manner. There should also be an offering of rewards with respect to financial or non-financial to assist in building of positive work environment and achieve the set organizational goals (Gellat and Gelatt, 2003).

Tools and methods for developing solutions to problems

As I am working in an operations department, so the main problem which is faced by me on regular basis is ineffective handling of logistics. This is part of my job to ensure about proper flow of supply chain, but due to my incapability to handle huge stock, I fail to present products at required places in a define time period. This leads to inconvenience of customers and problematic to employees of particular department. The best strategy that can be used to solve this problem is affinity diagram. This will help me in enhancing my competency to improve the flow of supply chain and effective handling of logistics for increasing the productivity of organization (AFFINITY DIAGRAM, 2013).

In addition to this, I also face issues in adequate arrangement of multi tasks that required to be completed in a particular point of time. Due to this drawback, I fail to perform my job in a quality manner. This makes me incompetent to work in complex and challenging environment of business. One strategy that can be used by me here to manage overall activities is flowchart. This will definitely help me in arranging and completing all tasks in decided intervals (Krahn and et. al., 2000).

The potential impact on the business of implementing the strategy

The utilization of affinity model seems to be valuable in my job, as it supported me by its positive impacts. The method is effective in developing a hierarchy of bottom up that begins from the fundamental problems and then the probable solutions to them by identifying the main reasons of ineffectiveness to handle logistics and measures to improve it. After adaptation of this model, I will be able to know about the main reason behind the issues along with the relevant explanation to that. With this I will be able to address my limitation and ineffectiveness and can enhance the capabilities to handle the logistics operations (Poole and Zahn, 2000).

One more advantage of adopting this model is that it is a silent activity and hence avoids unnecessary discussions with all that can distract from the main issue. It only invites the expert’s solutions so that there will be no debates at the workplace. On the other side, there is one drawback associated with this model that if solution is not in proper relation to identified problems then will move in wrong direction and have a loss to the firm, instead of productivity.


The dynamism is one of the essential qualities for the employee working in a company. An individual should be flexible enough to change on the basis of needs and should know to organize their different tasks in a timely and effective manner. Time management is the property of those leading in a group so that they can influence others in a group. In addition to this, effective coordination within the members of group working in a team is also a basic factor, which is significant to work in an organization. Moreover, a person is required to posse’s decision making skills for the making effective decisions regarding their personal and professional growth (Yorke, 2004).


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