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For maintaining an exact and precise performance rate in an agreement so that an effective and appropriate range of objectives can be achieved, there are some aspects that are need to be ensured by both the parties. So, after making an agreement between two parties, it is essential to follow all the guidelines and rules so that the other party does not have to undergo any further complication or issue (Briggs, 2015). Also, there can be various issues occur as well that may restrict to provide a precise set of performance to the other ones but the fact that is to be ensured here is that for any such factor or breaching, the party also may have to face legal complications and that too at a huge extent. So, it is very important to perform as per the guidelines of the contract law so that it can result in an effective and appropriate processing. The report is about analysing different issues that restricts a precise performance rate and also preventive measures that can help the process to an efficient rate.


There are various factors that need to be focused while achieving a precise rate of performance of a specific condition in a contract. It depends on the operations and capabilities of a party that to which extent, they can continue providing an efficient and appropriate rate of performance to the external party that is involved by means of a contract. There are various aspects that needs to be involved so that to a huge extent, the party can be able to insist on a precise and exact rate of performance (Mason, 2016). These aspects involve following proper contract rules and obligations, implementing substantial compliance etc. There can be various issues occur because of which the party cannot be able to provide an exact and appropriate rate of the performance in a contract and these are discussed as under :

Quality of performance of the condition

            It is important that the specified products or services that are to be delivered by the party are of quality and standard so that no customer can get disappointed. Also, in the contract if the organisation makes a deal and contract with some other party, it is their responsibility to provide the quality range to them. These factors are already decided before the agreement can be made. It is because there are some essential factors that needs to be discussed before the agreement. It involves cost, quality, measures and operations. It is because it helps in making the process clear enough for both the parties which can further help in preventing any further complication or issue. Some of the very important factors that are discussed before an agreement involves discussing the cost, quality etc. Also, it is obvious that the receiving party must be expecting a standard range after making the contract. So, if in case, the organisation that has to deliver the products and services to the products fails in doing the same, then it can be considered as one of the major reason for not insisting on a precise rate of performance while the delivery of the products and services to the other party (Payne and Howell, 2018). So, both the parties should ensure the discussion about these factors before the agreement so that things can stay clear between both the parties. This can also help in reducing the rate of issues that happen because of this.

Consequences of non performance

            For dealing with the non performance in a contract, whether it is because of any party between the two, the one responsible for the non performance or any other complicated issue may have to face legal consequences because of the same. It can also be considered as the breach of contract because when one party does not receive the products or services till the deadline, they may have to face enormous number of issues (Kremen, 2015). Delay or lack of performance because of another party may throw a very negative impact on the other one as they may have to face further complications because of this. Some well known examples of it can involve the cancellation of contract by the customer because of which the specified stuff can also be termed as a sort of loss. Therefore, legal actions can be taken in case of the contract being broken. It is effective enough as the party who has experienced a breach in contract can then get the proper amount for the loss and all the compensation they require by the firm that has breached the contract. So, it can be considered that for the parties to complete the deliveries etc. in the particular amount of time so that no further operation or service can get delayed and also, no party has to face the legal consequences of the same.

Entire contracts rule

            English contract law is considered as the regulation that involves some specifications that are to be followed while making an agreement. There are various regulations made and developed in the contract laws that needs to be implemented by the parties while making an agreement because by such means, they can stay aware of the consequences they had to face in case of any delay or complication. It is because it helps in making the whole process much clear between the two parties so that they may stay aware of the consequences if because of some reason they were not able to perform the operation etc. It helps in providing a valid agreement to the people, so that the individual can have trust upon that and can continue their operations. Also, in case of any breach etc., the party might have to face legal consequences of