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Introduction to Developing Organizational Vision

The purpose of research is to identify and develop a vision and direction for an organization or division within firm. It is a crucial task to establish a vision statement in order to connect with the firm's values and its mission. Vision statement helps in defining the purpose for which business came into presence. Furthermore, strategic direction provides benefits to the firm in the form of sharing a sense of organizational direction and purpose. In the current study, public sector enterprise has been selected which is NHS. It is primary funded through central taxation and thus, provides a range of health services to people that are residing in UK. The report describes the key role of stakeholders in relation to the vision of organization. Further, it analyzes the factors that affect the enterprise and its vision. At the end, report is describing the implementation of vision and strategic direction within NHS.

Task 1

1.1 The role of key stakeholders of NHS in relation to the vision

NHS is required to pursue its goals and objectives effectively in order to achieve the desired goals. Here, there are varied stakeholders who play an important role within firm so that industry can grow rapidly in size. Also, it assists in improving the performance of business and delivers the best quality health services to patients. Through evaluating the primary stakeholders, it must involve determination of direct relationship with the health care group and thus, influences the development as well as business objective in its relationship with them. Following are the key stakeholders of NHS with regard to vision. It is as follows...


UK government plays the main role as stakeholders in order to manage the rules and regulations within care home. Also, it is essential for care providers to follow the policies framed by government in order to enhance the care quality within NHS.


Customers play a critical role as they are the individuals who acquire and use the business products and services in order to fulfill their needs. Thus, business is required to analyze the needs and requirements of consumers in order to develop the vision statement of firm.


It is essential for NHS to involve employees in decision making so that they can provide valuable decisions in order to raise the standard of quality as per the needs of patients. Hence, workers are the main stakeholders to carry out the desired task within firm. The research and development department of organization provides innovative services to patients in order to improve their health standards.

However, it is essential for NHS to manage the stakeholders in order to attain the business success. Above discussed are the primary health care stakeholders and thus, it is essential for the care home to evaluate them in order to assess the level of authority, responsibility, influence their ability and patience level. Hence, such evaluation provides the required information in order to prioritize the requirement of stakeholders in order to meet their needs that ultimately helps in attaining the NHS vision to deliver the best quality services to care users.

1.2 Factors that have their impact on business and its vision

In order to analyze the factors which have their impact on business and its vision, it is crucial to carry out PESTEL analysis. It is as follows...


It can be evaluated that the change in political party influences the business and its vision statement. However, the developing pressures of political authorities on NHS to deliver the best quality health care needs to care users at reasonable cost affects the operations of firm and its vision statement too.


Due to prevailing economic crisis, it leads to decrease in the disposable income of consumers. Thus, it creates pressures on economy and increases the prices of products and services. It also affects the funding of government which results in decreasing the amount of health insurance that government provides to individuals. Hence, it affects NHS in bringing quality services that impacts the business and vision of firm.


Due to increase in aging population, it provides a range of threats and opportunities to NHS. Thus, in order to fulfill the needs and expectations of clients business requires developing its products accordingly. Through increasing expectations and awareness related health issues among individuals, it is essential for NHS to promote transparency in its service delivery process so that clients can be satisfied. Thus, it impacts the business and vision statement.


The advancement in technology factor impacts NHS and its vision because they need to enhance their technology in order to deliver the best quality services to care users. However, improving technology requires huge cost and thus, it is essential for the firm to mould its services in order to achieve the vision of customer service and for attaining targets as well.

1.3 Creating a Vision for NHS

NHS vision statement is to deliver the best quality products and services to care users in order to attain the final results. Following are the steps to develop vision statement which is as follows...

  • In the first step, it involves determination to develop clear objective so that business can come into existence. However, it also helps in improving its vision statement.
  • Further, after determining the objectives, NHS is required to set the stipulated time frame in order to achieve the objectives. It is because; the vision statement is required to be set fixed for a particular time period so that results can be attained.
  • In the next step, it helps in developing the vision that involves listing the previous achievements, skills and rendered quality services so that a positive base can be built in order to attain the future success.
  • Here, actual writing of vision and business goals should be done so that NHS can evaluate its capabilities in order to achieve the vision statement which it has developed to serve the care users.
  • Later, it works on providing the best training to its workforce so that they can effectively communicate and implement the vision statement within firm. It is also crucial for NHS to involve the workers in decision making while formulating the vision statement.
  • At the last stage, vision statement needs to be reviewed so that on the basis of gained views from employees, it would help the firm to attain the vision of NHS and to render the best quality services to patients.

However, for carrying out the proper steps, vision statement has been created for NHS. Its new vision statement is “To render the best quality services and products to care patients in order to cure the fearful diseases”. It can be attained through developing innovative technology in order to cure serious diseases and to provide satisfaction among clients.

1.4 Establishing the way in which individuals intend to develop strategic direction for business or division

Strategic direction can be stated as the tactic utilized by management that helps in recognizing the direction of firm in order to attain the framework and to develop actions through which objectives can be attained. Here, the HR manager of NHS is required to develop a strong connection among business and its workers so that they can direct their efforts towards achieving the strategic direction of firm. However, in order to formulate the strategic direction, it involves mission, strategies and core values of business. NHS strategic direction can be evaluated through business goals that affect the firm's vision and objectives. The vision statement of NHS is to render the best quality services to patients in order to overcome the diseases. It can be effectively attained through adopting innovative technology.

Furthermore, business also aims to develop its service quality in order to satisfy the needs of care users. There are varied factors that affect the strategic goals of NHS such as capabilities of workers, research cost and financial capability of business. However, the main goal of enterprise is to assess the best services so that the challenges faced by health care users can overcome it. With an aim to achieve the vision statement, NHS is required to determine the strategic direction. It involves investigation of goals, different strategic planning techniques and the factors that impact the operations of firm at the marketplace. Also, the strategies determined in order to achieve the end results can help in saving the revenues so that it can be invested in implementing innovative machines to cure the diseases of patients. Hence, it provides strategic direction to firm in order to attain the desired goals and vision