Micro & Macro Environment of MicroMode Medical Limited

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When company involve with the various activity as per their occupation so at that movement business owner do various things in which exchange of goods and ideas are included in this. In addition to that business may be profitable and non- profitable that is run by the public and private entity. Business indicate the whole market sector in which they encompasses various activity. In this business person use various activity that assist to manage their work in a effective manner. A business person must focus on the legal things, accounting and managing human resource in effective manner (Bryman and Bell, 2015).

Present report is based on the MicroMode Medical Limited and it is a hospitality industry that has to be a concerning with the business and its activity. In this management now evaluate micro and macro environment for the better understanding. In addition to that this will be assist to manage their business activity in a effective manner (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2014).


Pestle analysis for country Netherlands

When business owner think to establish new things and use to develop new products at that movement individual has to use pestle analysis for systematic study. In addition to that company has to grow in the market and for the same a systematic study is needed and for the same external analysis is dome by the marketing manager of Micromode Medical Limited. For this management focus on the various critical review that might assist to manage the work in a effective manner. Here various factors are listed as follows that assist to manage the work in a effective manner (Myers, 2013).

Political Factor: In the Netherlander is a place where various opportunities are always accepted to develop and innovate them self with the safe environment. Netherlander is a country who having well establish system in which coordination is always create matter. Management of the country is strong because of its powerful authorities and transparency. If the country having well government executes at that time working will become more effective as well. Local people of the nether land is happy because of their rules and regulations are set in these manner which leads to the lots of freedom. These freedom assist to develop them in a effective manner (Davenport and Beck, 2013). As per the law entities that all are already establish in the country not having power to change or update this . So that level of corruption become less in this. In addition to that management of these companies are not deal with the Europe in which no export and import is allowed in this (Ferrell and Fraedrich, 2015).

Economic Factor: Economic system of the nether land is quite good as compare to the Europe and this is because management of the country use only 19 % VAT charges. In this Euro is one more important factor its about currency is also Euro. In this people can go easy in the abroad their no currency exchange problem is not facing by them. Economy is also good because of its good labour level. So that various international companies come and set with the work that leads to the effective manner (Bernstein, 2015). In addition to that infrastructure of the company is also good that comes to the various points that must be concerning with each other. So the moreover all work will be more effective as well as its effectiveness is also one more strong point that has to be concern with the each and every one (Pestle, Crowley and Weirauch, 2014).

Socio-Culture Factor: In this theory management of the country must focus on the religious one. In addition to that country having their own way of working in which they focus on the various languages as well as working perfection. In addition to that a safe and secure work will be assist to manage so that this will be assist to mane their business in a effective manner. In addition to that business person also focus on the Demography that means work will be effective and originates in effective manner (Team, 2013). It is also important that people of Dutch are very humble with the complex relation that assist to manage it in a effective manner. So entity also use this effectiveness with the working that assist to manage this is as effective as it is (Pestle and Colvard, 2012).

Technological: Business entity must use technological factor towards the development. In this management of the contrary has to focus on the each and every point that leads to work with the passion as well as its effectiveness is also seen in this. In this a systematic overview is done by the management of the medical sector in three different part. In the first revolution they develop steam related work that has to manage its effectiveness. In addition to that management of the company also focus on the best part of the work that has to manage it in a effective way. Country use second revolution on the electricity (Wei, Wang and Mei, 2014). At last revolution was done in the 1973 that based on the communication and information technology. Country always ready to adopt new things and ideas so that they are also impact with the positiveness. In addition to that new technological things are always with the demand and those who are focus on them that are also ready to deals with the competitions (Rachet, 2014).

Legal Factor: In the Netherlands every individual having right to respect with their privacy level in which they focus on the work and more concern with the same. Mostly local people of the country focus on their privacy level so that if a company come into the business concern so that it has to be protected the level of privacy issue. Legal framework of the country is good but it is quite good towards the personal issue (). In this safeguard issue, cross border application and many more things are included in this. In this worker will be more effective towards the organization and its effectiveness. Moreover legal framework is quite good that has to develop various things in this and develop and launch new things in the Netherlands (Pestel natherlands . 2016).

Environment Factor: In this management of the company also concern with the working environment in which they focus on the climate of the country. In addition to that management can evaluate it in effective manner because it is very crucial point that affects in a worst one. In addition to that management of the company also effects with the coast. In this weather and temperature of the country is also included in this. This is also concern with the fresh air and level of purity in the water. Working climate of the family is such in the family is staying in the work and spend their time (Bryman and Bell, 2015). Dutch people having opportunities in which they try to establish their business in which they ready to develop them self in their own business. They are also concern with the personal life and they are not ready to enhance them self. They are not ready to share with their personal or private with any one. In the Netherlands family having their own importance in which they concern with their way of living. In which their living standard is high so that many company can sell their products as their high demand (Myers, 2013).


SWOT analysis of MicroMode Medical Limited

MicroMode Medical Limited having its own working style that assist to manage the work in a effective manner. In addition to that if the management if the company use this analysis so that this will assist to manage the work in a effective manner. With the help of strength they could maintain it in a effective manner. On its contrary weakness shows the level of working that would now where the hard work is needed. In addition this management if the company also find out future opportunities that assist for the development and its contrary working will become more easy when forecasting of upcoming is knowing by marketing manager of the company. Furthermore all above study will assist for better management in the work place so that it could be assist to manage this in a effective manner.

Strength of MicroMode Medical Limited

This is one if the best traditional way in which individual become more effective with their work because it know very well the situation. In addition to that promotes the organization performance in a effective manner. In addition to that various points are listed below that shows the effectiveness of the work (Gokon and, 2013).

  • Company having investments in the healthcare that assist to manage it in effective manner. This will also assist for the better up gradation in this. If the company is not invested in their sector so chances of growth become low.
  • In the MicroMode Medical Limited, understanding level of the employee is good that assist to develop their level of communication and interaction is also their working strength (Kajanus and, 2012).
  • One more strength of the company is high level of competent that assist to manage this in each and every point that has to assist for the better working strategy.
  • Company always focus on the best and improving health care projects so that patients are having trust with the company and they can attach with the company for the long term.
  • All above strength is assist to manage their work with better focusing on the work as well. When company having its own positiveness so that no one can control its dream toward the achievement of goals (Sevkli and, 2012).

The weakness of MicroMode Medical Limited

When the company having various weakness so that it impact on the organization factor in which company cost is affected with the same. In addition this here key point of problems and weakness are affected in this. In addition this work will be more effective that has to be concerning towards the growth (Uhrenfeldt and, 2014).

  • A company having problem with the lack of cleanliness process so that it may affected from the same.
  • Disruption is more problem in this which covers the various work that has leaded poor performance in the workplace (Micromode medical limited . 2015).
  • Company also not having good training sections that has to be not tolerated. In this management of the company also suffer from this that poor training facility leads to the proper satisfaction in the organization so that this will be affected to company cost.
  • Company poor financial performance is also leads to the negative effects in the workplace that has to be cover by the management and its way of working (Goldstein and, 2012).
  • Medical company also not provide timely data to their patience so that they may affects from their time punctuality. In addition to that when work is not doing their work in a effective manner at that time management will be suffer from the same.
  • In addition to that management can suffer with the poor working quality and many more things that may affects the way of working (Medrzycki and, 2012).

Threats of MicroMode Medical Limited

  • When the company is not knowing what the actual overcome problems at that time it may create many problems in the organization as well management also not able to handle with the same.
  • In this management of the micromode use forecasting system in which they evaluate each and every point that may create problem in the over coming year. Threats are an worst factors that could negatively affect structure performance of the Micromode. For Examples it include various political or many economical stability (Gokon and, 2013).
  • In which increasing level of demand by patients and physicians in the hospitality for expensive medical technology that is not cost-effective; increasing state and federal budget deficits; a growing uninsured population; and increasing pressure to reduce healthcare costs.
  • The purpose of this article is to get an overview of SWOT analysis applications in medical science with suitable examples and its potential wider scope in different areas of medical science (Pestle, Crowley and Weirauch, 2014).

In addition to that management could use to impact it positiveness with the working effectiveness that has to use for the better future as well as its way of working that may affects the same.

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Moreover, all the above observations is assist to manage it in a more effective manner. In addition to this management use all the above things as a guideline and use this in a more effective manner (Carroll and Buchhol

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