Integrated Professional Skills in The Digital Age

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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Understand the key terms and considerations associated with using the internet.
  • Provide in-depth understanding of responsibility for personal security and privacy when using the internet.
  • Develop and analyse online research skills.
  • Develop methods to create digital communication skills.
Answer :


Organization and society is using the internet and are also aware of the impact of the internment on their lifestyle. Digitization is increasing and the people are facing the various other problems which relate to the security and privacy of the data which is provided to them. The pert is discussing the threats which are faced by the organization on the large scale and the society as well. The positive and negative use of the internet is provided in the report. Two different unified communication provided are discussed in the report and the report would provide knowledge to the students regarding the use of the internet.


Compare and Contrast The Positive and Negative Use of The Internet to The Society And Business

1. Positive Use of Internet

Society and business are using the internet on the large scale. Life of the business man and people are covered with the internet. Life of the people is revolving around the Internet without the help of the internet people are not able to complete their single task (Blaschke 2018).

  • Improving communication among the people by the way of the application like the social media and the whatsapp as well. People are using the social media and would be easily communicating with the other people all over the world. Employees and customers would be easily communicating with the other people and business are using the social media for marketing of the products and the for increasing the business.
  • Marketing of products and increasing the business is the best way to improve the business. Nowadays people are buying the products online, and they would be using the online application which would solve their problems. People are also giving the feed back forms and the reviews regarding the products on the application. The businessmen and people do not have the time to visit the store and buy the product but in the case of the online shopping people are buying the products online and the also products could be exchanged if the products is not appropriate as per the customers (Bridgstock 2016).
  • Easy advertisement could be effectively done on the internet. Advertising is done on the social media like the what's app and the twitter and Instagram as well. These would have the have resulted in the increase in the use of the internet and these social media platforms has increased the business and also search engine optimization would be used by the people and the businessmen. Any type of the information is provided on the search engine and these would result in the easy advertisement for the products.
  • Increase in the research on projects and these would have resulted to gain any type of the information from the internet at the large scale. Research work is done by the students which are completing the projects and for that they need to have done the research on internet. Internet is easily accessible for the employees also, and they also could easily complete the project on the given time (Casale Caplan and Fioravanti 2016).

2. Negative Use of The Internet

  • Increase in the competition because people do not have the time to visit the stores and bu the products. So people are using the online application for shopping and the products would be easily delivered on the time. So these have increased the competition in market and these would have resulted that the products are sold in the online market at the low cost. Business do have the option because they do not have to bear the cost for selling the online, and they have to bear the heavy losses for selling the products at the stores.
  • Security is must for every one and people are using the internet at the large scale and these online application would have all the data regarding the product. Internet hackers could hack the software and use the accounts and password details. All the sensitive information would be provided to the hackers by the way of the giving the detail on the online application.
  • Quick destruction of the company image because it would spread the news rapidly and these would occur the destruction on the large scale. Quick destruction would spoil the image of the company rapidly, and they would not have the time to look after the reason and try to solve problems which would affect the company image (Gretter and Yadav, 2016).
  • Poor Impersonality would result in the poor impersonality among the employees which are using the online applications and these would have resulted in the poor impersonality among the people which are working in the effective way. These would also result in the miscommunication among people and these would create the problems. Face to face communication would make the people communicate in the effective way. People would be able to communicate with the confidence and try to convince the person which is in front of them. Employees would be productive and the communication would result in the productive way.


Discuss Threats Faced By Organization And Society and Also Identify The Security and Privacy While Using The Internet Applications

1. Threats Faced by Organisation

There are various threats which are faced by the organisation which would include the ransomware attacks and the phishing attacks as well. In some cases employees are using the internet for research work and there are chances of breaching of the data which is stored in the computers. The sensitive content and confidential information would lead to the leak the information of the company (Huda, and, 2017).

Ransom ware attacks are the problems for the companies because the data would be carried and company would be able to achieve the targets. Ransom ware attacks would include encrypt files which would contain the various and the data in the computers would be encrypted. In the report the attacker would demand the ransom from the company for restoring the data and for utilizing the data which is encrypted.

Phishing is the type of the social engineering attack which would steal the information of the computers and laptops. The data stole while the phishing attacks is the credit card numbers and the password and many more sensitive data. The attacker is sending the messages to email which would stole the data and it would also sue the data in the effective way. Cyber crime is increasing and the cyber attack is done by the way of the internet. These would use the data f use and try to analyse the data which is store din the mobile applications (Huda, and, 2017).

2. Threats Faced by The Society

there are various threats which would affect the life of people. people would affect the problems regarding the spams. Spams are the emails which would contain the junk mails and the details well. These junk data would include the spam emails and these would also include the virus in the link which would hack the data of the computers. The spam would be the direct threat for the people which would affect the society.

Trojan would leave the computer unprotected and these would affect the data of the unprotected as well. Trojan would steal the data from the computer systems as well. It would harm the computer program and without being detected by user. These would affect the data and people would use the computer without detecting any of the problems (Huda, and, 2017).

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Adware is the software which would affect the display and the stole which would contain the data of the computers. These would include the adverting websites and the marketing type of the data would be used by the user for promoting the data of the computers. Adware is entering the computers by the way of the free download websites and many more.

3. Security and Privacy Measures While Using The Internet

People would use the internet application which would also include the sensitive details and the personal details of the customers which would affect the life of people. These personal details would be hacked by the way of the hack software and so people have to maintain the privacy and security measures while using the internet application. The people would set the strong passwords for the security of the accounts. These passwords must contain the symbols and the strong alphabets which would not be analyzed by anyone in the company.

While using the internet applications details would be provided but the privacy of the accounts would be maintained by the way of the checking the social privacy of the accounts which are used on the social media. People must keep the email and the phone number private and track the orders and the messages which are in the phone. People must review the policy and the permissions which are given by the people which have approved the permissions. If the permissions have been approved they would be analyzed and if the permission is not needed for the running the application. The permission must be not be approved by the use which is using the application (Jaeger and Bertot 2016).


Compare Between The Two Unified Communication Providers

Unified communication providers are the business and the making of the products which would include the communication services as well. It would provide the facilities and the instant messaging and the presence of information. Mobile features and these applications would increase the business and provide the effective services for communicating to each other in the any corner of the world.





Oracle is providing the software for the which would include the database systems which would store the data in the computers in the effective way. There are variety of the data base which is formed by the company and also these data base are upgraded as soon as possible because the technology is increasing rapidly. The data base would include the web technology and the java as well. It would include the stored procedures which need to be followed by the user for storing the data. For running the data in the effective way it would need the licensing of the database and it needs to be upgraded by then use for using the new features.

Cisco is dealing in the high technology software and the high technology products as well. Cisco is providing the products like the voice over ip and hosted collaborations solutions which would be used by user for communicating in the effective way. These services would include the cable service like the wireless and the cordless products. In the hosted collaboration solution it would include the unified communication system. It would also include the delivery solution of the Cisco communication (Marino, and, 2018).


The software of oracle would include the business applications which would perform the functions of the financial and manufacturing the and it would store the data of the every department of company in the effective way. It would contain the oracle retail industry which would cover the details of the retail industry and the price management as well. Oracle fusion applications is and oracle social engagement monitoring systems would let the business capture the brand considerations and it would rive the detail to the person which would include the social and the Customer channels (Place Smith and Lee 2016).

Cisco is providing the application like the application security. These securities would include the security of the application which would include the security of the data which is stored in the application. Cisco ans solutions would include the security of the application and the oracle as well. This application would contain the solution of the oracle software and the network of the Cisco as well. In the digital media delivery application it would include the video applications which is used by the employers in the branch offices. These applications would help the employees to store the data and look after solutions of the faced while working in the company.

Suitability for business

Due to these applications and the new feature of the application company is gaining the profits and the company would gain the profits at the large scale. Oracle has build the brand image in the field of the which is making the software for storing the data. There are many of the competitors in market which are striving hard to survive in market. These applications would run the business but these applications are only used by the companies it cannot be used by the individuals. It would store the data and these type of the data is generated in the companies and the individual person odes not have so many data for storing the data in the data base.

By effective working of the application the company would gain the profits and the company is running the successful in the market because of the communication services and products which are provided by the company. Company has build the brand image of working in the effective way. Company products are not only used by the business but it would also use by the individual people and society as well. Cisco is selling the telecommunication products as well and this has increased targeted customers which would buy the products. Company has increased the productivity by the way of these applications (Villagonzalo, and, 2018).



From the above report it would be concluded that the society and the business man are using the internet and these would affect the life of people. Organization and society is facing the threat like the ransomware and the spam mail which would stole the data which is stored on the computers. The people have to maintain the security and privacy measures while using the internet applications. These security measures would help the employees to work in the effective way and complete the work accordingly. The unified communication providers are analysed and compared as well. These would have launched the applications for protecting the data and for storing the information of the computers. To get more details about online assignment help ask our experts.

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