Make Appropriate Vision and Plan of Action to Run a Business


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Question :

Questions- This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Evaluate the impact and influence which the macro environment has on Tesla.
  • Tesla is an automotive company. Generate an organisation’s internal environment and capabilities
  • Evaluate and implement the outcomes of analysis using Porter’s five forces model to a given market sector.
  • Implement models, theories and concepts to assist with the understanding and interpretation of strategic directions available to an organisation.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tesla


Business strategy is regarded as the set of competitive actions as well as moves which a entities utilises for attracting clients, enhancing performance, compete successfully as well as attaining the objectives of firm. Moreover, this represents that how enterprises have to be performed for reaching out the expected targets (Bharadwaj and et. al., 2013). This is essential for organisation as it is helpful to develop vision as well as guidance for overall entities. As per the scenario, the undertaken company for this report is Tesla which is large automotive as well as energy firm. It is specialises in manufacturing and selling electric cars and also operates in many countries like U.S., U.K and others. This report covers the application of effective framework to examine external as well as internal atmosphere and application of porter's five forces model to assess competitive forces. Moreover, utilisation of range of theories, concepts and model for devising a strategic planning is also mentioned in this report.

Task 1

P1 Apply appropriate frameworks to analyse the macro environment for a given organisation

Macro environment is regarded as the situation which exists into economy as whole instead of into specific region or industry. This involves trends into GDP, employment, fiscal policy, inflation and many others.

The mission, vision and objectives of TESLA

  • Vision: Its vision is “To produce electric vehicles which are not costly and are of standard quality as well as also produce most captive cars for 21st century through performing the world transformation to vehicles which are electric.
  • Mission: Its mission “ To speed up world transform to ongoing energy”.
  • Objectives: Its objectives is “ To develop sport cars which are of standard quality as well as effectual design with zero emission”.

This vital for entities to perform effective analysis external factors in order to formulate appropriate decision as per the firm's and country circumstances. By this, it can become competent to obtain competitive edge at market area through performing efficacious operation of entities. For instance, organisation can adapt many techniques like PESTLE. In respect of respective organisation, their manager perform external evaluation by PESTLE for ascertaining UK market area are discussed underneath

PESTLE analysis:

This is regarded as the techniques which is applied through entities for examining as well as observing the macro factors which has effects upon entities. It stands for political, economical, social, technological, legal and environmental (Bocken and et. al., 2016). This plays vital role into the development of entities. Either it is a development of product line or initiating new business at new areas. So, the PESTLE Analysis of TESLA are discussed below:

  • Political factor: UK is regarded as country that operates within parliamentary system. This is considered as the stable and fair nation that have ample number of opportunities for entities. In respect of respective organisation, this is an opportunity for this to explore and operate their entities at UK effectually as it have stable political circumstances. Moreover, their government also supports those entities that develops goods or services as eco friendly way, this is an opportunity for them.
  • Economical factor: UK has effective economical position as compare to another country. It also has higher number of domestic goods with some problems. Also, they ahs huge number of population that permit smaller marketplace to be profitable. This is vital for TESLA to manufacture goods as per the countries economies. For example: In case respective organisation introduce more costly cars within lower economy then it have few clients who will buy its vehicle because of which it has to face the decline circumstances.
  • Social factors: In respect of UK, there is higher social standard that aids entities to run its enterprises effectually. Its people also have higher standard of living which will considered as an opportunity for respective organisation as it can sell its vehicles appropriately at particular country. Moreover, this country's society are also attracted towards innovative technology that render opportunity for TESLA to perform effectually. This is also vital for them to undertake the societal aspects at the time of formulating or manufacturing its vehicles in order to introduce this as per clients needs.
  • Technological factors: The UK is regarded as MEDC which stands for More economically developed country that has higher access over technology (Cassidy, 2016). This particular country persons are also has quality like creative skills that has proficient into technology as well as science. Moreover, respective country also has effective regulations that assists entities to conduct enterprises in efficacious way. In respect to respective organisation, this is an opportunities for them to perform their operation effectually at UK as they render higher technology that depends goods which may be effectively sold at respective market.
  • Legal factors: This is regarded as factor that aids firms to perform its entities properly and legal way. The government of UK formed several laws that assists entities to run its enterprise effectually. In context of TESLA, at the time of performing their practices, they required to obey several rules for obviating the legal actions. Such as equality act 2010, employment act, 1996 and others.
  • Environment factors: The country's environment may get impacted by their economic circumstances but UK has done effective improvement in order to minimise their pessimistic affects. This particular country faces problems regarding weather situation that effects upon production of several companies. In relation to respective organisation, this particular aspects so not effect them as it has effective set ups in order to manufacture auto-mobiles. But UK weather can affects their supply chain as well as this results into late delivery (PESTEL analysis of the UK. 2017).

So, with the aids of this analysis respective organisation management can able to formulate appropriate plan of action which will assists to operate their operations effectually and to attain objectives in proper manner.

Critical analysis of the macro environment

As per the viewpoint of Jermias, there are many environmental factors such as political, economical, social and others which may impact the decision making of business. Whole these factors develop optimistic and negative affects to business. Such as in TESLA have adapted technology factors then this aids them to produce goods or services with aids of new machinery that drives to enhance brand loyalty and consumer satisfaction. On another hand, if TESLA will not adapt technological factors then they can not able to accomplish present requirement as well as individuals demand and also this maximises the cost fro adapting new technologies for enterprises.


P2 Using appropriate frameworks analyse the internal environment and capabilities of a given organisation

This is crucial for all entities to perform effective investigation of their inside abilities as well as environmental as this aids firm to formulate appropriate plan of action which drives towards achievement of objectives (Cavusgil and et. al., 2014). The entities intrinsic ability as well as atmosphere may be ascertain by several techniques or methods. In context of respective organisation, it manager can perform internal analysis for ascertaining their strengths, weaknesses and others that aids to formulate effective strategies. So, for this they applied SWOT and VRIO that are described below:

Internal environment:

This is regarded as elements of entities surroundings that is combination of several components which is present into firms. Also, which may be impacted with their preferences, decisions as well as practices. In addition to this, it is also considered as factors, culture and others into firm which have the capabilities to influence their decision basically the attitude of their staff.

SWOT analysis

This is regarded as the strategic planning tool which is adapted through an entities for identifying their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which are associated with enterprise competitive strategy (Chang, 2016). Moreover, the main intent of this particular model is to assign as well as recognise overall larger variable which can be indirectly impact their objectives and strategies. TESLA SWOT analysis are discussed underneath:

  • Strengths – Tesla is an organization that is recognized and has operations globally. It has a strong dealer community which also promotes the company's products. The brand has put in a lot of efforts to build a diverse brand portfolio over the years by coming up with new innovations in its products constantly. Because of the high quality products produced by the company, the customers are highly satisfied. Tesla is also known to among the top employers in the world.
  • Weaknesses – One of the company's weaknesses is that it not very good at forecasting the product demand. The products that are sold by the company have various gaps that need to be fulfilled. Also, there is no focus given to the infrastructure of the cars. The brand is primarily dependent upon continuous innovation. Tesla has a very limited customer base with a poor brand awareness.
  • Opportunities – One of the major opportunities for Tesla is expanding in markets that are untapped and where the customers are not aware of the company and its product offering. The company has suppliers for the battery of its cars and therefore can start the production by itself. With the customers becoming more environment conscious, Tesla can pay attention to promoting it's electric cars in the market more.
  • Threats – With the rise in the bargaining power of suppliers, the company has been sometimes forced to purchase the raw material at high prices. Also, intense competition posed by the company's competitors can act as a threat. The brand is also exposed to currency fluctuations as it has operations in various different countries. There have been recent cases where customers raised concerns of defects in the cars they purchased from the brand.

VRIO Analysis:

This is regarded as the technique that is adapted through entities in order to perform analysis of their resources so that they may identify as well as examine their competitive enhancement (De Massis and Kotlar, 2014). Moreover, this particular analysis render information as well as the outcomes will facilitated a competitive advantage. It stands for Value, Rare, Imitable and Organisable factors. The Tesla's resources are evaluated by this particular model are discussed below:






Innovative design





Supply chain management





Proprietary battery





Capable staff






This is regarded as vital resources that are valuable for entities as it will aids in accomplishing their objectives in impressive way. For a firm, there are several valuable resource like their staff, technical procedures and others. In context of Tesla, some valuable resources are:

  • Innovative design: The respective organisation develop innovative design that aids them to attain attract ample number of consumers and this is also helpful in obtaining competitive enhancement.
  • Supply Chain management: This is also regarded as the valuable resources for Tesla as by this they can able to supply its goods of services effectually at certain period to its potential clients at target market. It will also assists them to accomplish consumers requirements in order to gain more profitability.
  • Proprietary battery: Tesla formed battery by using higher technology as well as innovation which aids entities to gain competitive enhancement and also it has trademark on this that develops it more valuable.
  • Capable staff: This is also regarded essential resources that is valuable for respective organisation as by these individuals, they can able to accomplish their objective effectively. Also, staff of them are more capable, innovative as well as knowledgable.



This is regarded as that resource of entities which are rare for another one at similar sector as well as this will assist them to achieve competitive enhancement at their potential market (Drnevich and Croson, 2013). In context of TESLA, their few resources are rare such as:

  • Supply Chain: This is regarded as rare resources of TESLA as it adapt unique as well as advance supply chain as compare to their rivals. It will aids them to accomplish users requirements at appropriate time with standard quality.
  • Proprietary battery: This is also considered as rare resources as this will assist them to produce higher quality auto-mobile that grab the attention of users as well as try to accomplish its desired. Moreover, they also has proprietary upon this as no one can able to copy that.
  • Capable staff: Staff of respective organisation are knowledgable, capable and proficient that aids them achieve its objectives and also they are always motivated to adapt advance technology in order to formulate standard quality goods.



This is regarded as that resources of entities which are not copied through any another competitors or firm. In context of respective organisation, there are few resources that are imitable such as:

  • Proprietary battery: This is respective organisation imitable resources as the battery that is developed through advance technology as well as very innovative that can not be copied through any another entities in easier manner. Moreover, it also assists them to accomplish goals.
  • Capable staff: This is regarded as the imitable resources because it can be copied through any another organisation. TESLA employees are so much loyal towards them. As well as it provide its full potential to perform the task effectually.

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This is regarded as that resource that have to be organised into various smaller aspects so that entities may able to perform its practices in appropriate way in order to accomplish goals (Elhamma and Zhang, 2013). In context of respective organisation, they are many resources that are required to be organised in some aspects. Few imitable resources are:

  • Capable staff: The employees or respective organisation are so much proficient, capable and knowledgable that knows that in what way the task are to be performed effectually. It only required to be organised when TESAL adapt any modification into operations.

Therefore, through performing SWOT analysis the respective organisation can able to perform their internal atmosphere which aids them to ascertain its strengths and weaknesses. Also, through performing VRIO analysis TESLA may able to get knowledge about its capability that aids them to accomplish their goals effectively.


P3 Apply Porter’s five forces model and to evaluate the competitive forces of a given market sector for an organization.

This is regarded as the models this is usually adapted through entities for evaluating as well as ascertaining the level of competition at market location. By this, organisation's management will also become competent to perform appropriate planning that assists them to accomplish objective in successful manner (Mellat-Parast and et. al., 2015). In addition to this, this will aids to deals with purchaser as well as suppliers. In relation to TESLA, It perform this particular model for analysing competitive forces at their potential market area. Its all the forces is discussed underneath:

  • Threats of new entry: This is regarded as where any entities may enter into specific sector in easier manner because of lesser regulations and rules. In relation to respective organisation, this particular forces is low as auto-mobile that are formulated through TESLA are higher as well as premium cars are restricted to smaller range of clients and also this is not simple for new or small business for developing likewise goods at lesser period.
  • Threats of substitutes: This is regarded as circumstances where there is large availability of goods or service that render through certain entities. In case there is higher threats in this respect purchasers can switch from one firm to others in order to obtain standard quality of goods at lower costs. In respect to respective organisation, this particular factors is low as within market area there are less number of entities that render similar types of auto-mobile goods. Moreover, there are also very less company that provides such types of creative as well as technical based vehicle.
  • Bargaining power of suppliers: This is regarded as situation where entities suppliers has power to influence the goods price as per the circumstances. In case the power will be higher then it may ask for more amount at lower quality goods or materials. In relation to respective organisation, the bargaining power of supplier is higher as they depends upon suppliers for effective quality material, resources as well as technology.
  • Bargaining power of buyers: This is also regarded as the circumstances where audiences may change goods or service cost as per them. In case the buyers power will be higher then it may demand for standard quality of goods at lower cost as well as in case the power of purchaser is lower then it has to buy lower quality goods at higher cost. In relation to respective organisation, the purchaser bargaining power lower as their vechiles render through TESLA are more based on technology and it also has target clients who are loyal to them.
  • Competitive rivalry: This is regarded as the situation where there will be several another firms who facilitates similar goods or service which are rendered by specific entities. As per this, firm can understand their strengths as well as weaknesses that aids them to formulate effective decisions (Scholes and et. al., 2014). In relation to respective organisation, its competitive rivalry is so much stronger as there are various another entities that render similar variety of goods or vehicles like Mercedes, Audi and many more (Tesla Inc. Five Forces Analysis (Porter’s Model) & Recommendations. 2019).

After performing the competitive analysis, the respective organisation management will able to ascertain its market position into competitive marketplaces that assists to formulate plan of action as well as accomplishing objectives in profitable and successful manner.


P4 Apply a range of theories, concepts and models, interpret and devise strategic planning for a given organisation.

There are several kinds of models that are adapted through entities for developing effective strategic planning. In relation to Respective organisation, it adapts two model such as Ansoff matrix and porter's generic as this will aids them to formulate proper strategic planning that drives towards accomplishment of objective effectually (Shuen, 2018). Description of this strategies are described below:

Ansoff model:

It is also known as strategic planning techniques that aids its manager into further development. This is established in year 1957 through Ignor. It is also known as the product market matrix. It mainly concentrates upon growth as well as utilised to assess the firm's opportunities to maximise its sales by representing the alternatives combination for newer market place that is segment of consumers, geographical areas and others against goods or services . Moreover, it includes four strategies that are discussed underneath:

  • Market penetration: This is regarded as strategy in which entities attain success as well as development into existent marketplace with likewise goods (Twarowska and KÄ…kol, 2013). Moreover, this is considered as less risky as this leverages various entities existent abilities as well as resources. TESLA have an opportunity to utilise their resources as well as abilities for growth. On the basis of this Tesla can introduce more innovation in their existing products and services in more effective manner. This may also assists in enhancing organisational profit and market share. It perform lesser risk as both goods and markets are already known for its clients.
  • Market development: This is regarded as strategy in which entities developed through selling existent goods into new marketplace. Herein, Tesla have an opportunity to sell its similar goods at differentiated market place for enhancing the profitability, share of market and many more. On the basis of this, Tesla can develop a strong consumer base in their existing market easily.
  • Product development: Within this, new goods is formulated through entities at existent marketplace. It manufacture goods for its targeted audiences. It is a kinds of strategy that have higher risk as goods is new into marketplaces that can or cannot be refereed through users. For instance, TESLA required to perform market investigation in order to manufacture new goods at existent market. Furthermore, they can introduce new or more innovation in their cars so that they can build a strong customer base easily.
  • Diversification: This is regarded as the strategy in which both market as well as goods are new for clients. Within this, Tesla have to perform the analysis of market in efficacious manner in order to accomplish the requirements of audiences. As organisation also perform differentiation strategy in their business practices thus it would be more beneficial for them to provide more innovative services in the new market. This particular system have higher risk then another strategies and also this render higher returns in ace goods is liked through audiences.

Therefore, from the above mentioned strategies this is recommended that TESLA have to adapt the market development strategy as with the assistance of this it can able to explore its entities at another countries like Tajikistan with their innovative and technology advanced cars. Also, it is helpful for them to extend its consumer base and maximise ratio of profit.

Porter's generic model:

This is regarded as the model that basically concentrates upon attaining competitive edge in all over selected marketplace. Moreover, this is helpful for entities for identifying a potential niche where it can able to obtain competitive advantage within any sector. It includes 3 kinds of competitive advantage that are discussed underneath:

  • Cost Leadership: Within this, entities becomes lower cost producer at marketplaces. This involves technology, economies of scale and others. It assists them to attain cost advantage for TESLA, it has an opportunity to accomplish cost leadership in order to enhance the share of market as well as profitability. For this, Tesla can lower down cost of their services so that they can lead the market by their innovative ideas.
  • Differentiation: Within this, entities become innovative as well as render higher value to its purchasers (Yuliansyah, Rammal and Rose, 2016). Respective organisation have an opportunity to adapt such plan of action through additional innovative characteristics in its goods for clients for meeting its requirements. As Tesla already implement advance technology in their product and services thus it would be more beneficial for them to serve unique services to their customer in order to gain long term competitive advantages more effectively. The price charged for their product uniqueness.
  • Focus: This describes upon the competitive scope preferences into sector. It is the aspects that is categorised into two which are discussed below:
  • Cost focus: Within this, TESLA have to concentrate upon attaining cost advantage into targeted segment. This is basically concentrated upon rendering goods at lower cost for gaining benefits.
  • Differentiation focus: This is regarded as strategy in which TESLA have to focus upon differentiation within targeted segment. Moreover, it may also adds innovation as well as formulate differentiated goods or services for its audiences.

Thus, as respective organisation is already utilising the differentiation strategy through executing creative ideas for accomplishing more competitive advantage. Also, it may utilise cost leadership strategy in order to take corrective actions to low down cost as well as possibly overall cost of ownership simply. In addition to this, it will also advantageous for middle as well as upper class people as it can also be able purchase TESLA' s vehicles.

Strategic business plan:

This is regarded as the document that is utilised for delivering ideas into firm's objectives, resources and others.

  • Vision: Its vision is “To produce electric vehicles which are not costly and are of standard quality as well as also produce most captive cars for 21st century through performing the world transformation to vehicles which are electric.
  • Mission: Its mission “ To speed up world transform to ongoing energy”.
  • Objective: Its objective is to introduce new goods and services of organisation in Tajikistan market into two years in order to increase profit by 20%.


  • Strategies: TESLA have to apply market development strategy where it has to start its existent products in new market are. Thee activities assists in profitability maximisation and opportunity in new market for attainment of objectives. Likewise, they have to adapt cost leadership strategy which aids them to attain more profit by providing effective services at nominal rate.
  • Tactics: The tactics are mentioned below:
  • Cash management: For managing all the small practices as well as operations, cash management have to be used so that task may be performed inn effectual way.
  • Talented employees: There are several practices that have to be performed through firm which may be possible by recruiting proficient as well as experienced employees for attaining effective results.





Raw materials

100, 000


15, 000


25, 000

Recruitment of more proficient staff

50, 000




For the effective implementation of whole business, the respective organisation have to monitor their practices, operation as well as strategy in appropriate way so that they have knowledge that all the things are going effectively and efficiency.

Control and review:

As TESLA are initiating its new business in new marketplace so for it they are utilising procedures because of which several problems occurs like more time taking wastages and others. Thus, for controlling as well as reviewing this, market development strategy and cost leadership strategy are utilised as this help them to enter into new market.


As per the report, it is concluded that business strategy is vital for overall entities as this allows them to make appropriate vision and plan of action that aids in accomplishing their objectives. For instance, a firm required to perform market analysis as this will assists to find relevant circumstances. For examining, internal atmosphere, organisation uses SWOT and VRIO analysis which help them to know about internal capabilities. Also, for the external environment, it utilises PESTLE analysis as this assists them to formulate appropriate plan of action which will assists to operate their operations effectually So, after assessing micro as well as macro environmental factors, entities required to examine their competitive marketplace with the aids of porters five force model. Moreover, for performing the effective strategic planning firm's management may adapt several theories like Ansoff's Matrix and Porter's generic model.

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