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Health and Safety in HSC Workplace Assignment


Health and safety are the rules and regulations so that there are no accidents and harmful incidents in firm. It includes providing training to all employees,preparation of any contingencies and risks and application of protective clothing etc. Through this there are no incidents and accidents in the company (Donham and Thelin, 2016). Hence employees can work safely and properly in their job. This helps hem in increasing their efficiency and productivity. As a result trust can run smoothly and successfully. The report discusses NHS trust  It was found in 1948 in the U.K. It describes about methods of health and safety legislations which are executed in  health and social care company. Further it explains  about different ways in which health requirements can affect customers and work of practitioners in health care workplace. It also discusses about monitoring and review of health and safety in health a

TASK 1      

1.1. Reviewing system, policies, and procedures to communicate information

Different methods are required so that they can give information related to the health and safety and thus through this proper system,policies and plan can be created. Plans and strategies can be developed according to legislation,processes and structure which can be execute in NHS. There are various steps through which legal policies, systems and procedure of NHS can be evaluated. They are-

  • Care planning: There is a strategy that there are safety policies which can implemented in firm. Through this policy individual and organization can remain safer for linger period of time. There is an NHS trust which help in fulfilling all requirements of all employees and it create polices regarding staff members welfare, developing of different principles which are related with better practice in firm  (Reese ,2015). In this plans are created to use dry mopping system so that cleaners can do sweeping with use of dry mops in which there are n fluids can be there on floor. As a result there can be less slipping complaints from staff.
  • Health and safety management policy: NHS is responsible to create all legal rules and regulations according to health and safety act. It's performance can  be monitored by audit and inspection. Through management information system it can check the standards and information that they are communicating correct data related to health care. NHS can create various rules and regulations related with less slipping so that less accidents can take place. They have thought of using of dry mops through which there are less accidents in firm.
  • Personal and organizational practice policy: Organization has to create a personal and organization practice policy. In this point organization do not properly follow the system and policies. They do not properly communicate the information to all stakeholders and do not properly implement these policies. Individual practices such as personal requirements and relationship between service user and providers are not implemented  (Barba and et. al., 2015). NHS have to carefully execute strategies created  by them in reducing accidents and they are to be communicated to users so that they can also think of creative ideas. Hence through this interaction the policy of dry mops can be executed in firm.
  • Safety and health environment policy: This is policy related to health and safety  which is created. Through this it can give training to all employees.  it helps in increasing the  There are various strategies and policies regarding heath and safety. Thus as a result they follow all rules, regulations give training to all employees and all managers and individuals interact with each other. This is done so that environment can be kept safe. Through this they can maintain good image in public. They can give training to people so that they can clean floor through mops. It is crucial so that there can be safe environment. Hence firm can maintain good image in minds of all users.
  • Monitored and reviewed: NHS have to update the strategies and policies and they have to learn from various experience. They have to evaluate and monitor the risk auditing so that there are no accidents such as death of service user. This is crucial so that there are no contingencies as previously it do have listen to issues of patients . Through this step there is proper care in workplace. They have to evaluate the strategy of mopping floor through dry mops is successful or not. If not they can upgrade and update this strategy so that there are less accidents in firm.

1.2 Responsibilities for management of health and safety in relation to organizational structure

There are various responsibilities of NHS for management of health and safety to structure. They are-

  • Honesty with patient: In NHS they have to proper information related to illness and other treatment failure. If they do not have proper data then they cannot diagnose and treat the patients in proper manner. Service provider have to carefully report the failure of treatment and they have to perform all activities honestly. This is crucial so that all patients can remain safe in workplace (Nel and et. al., 2015). NHS trust can create honest and ethical policies for patients as well as for employees. So this is reason that they have created strategy of dry mops.
  • Dilemmas: There are different issues and problems which can hamper communication in workplace. So company can evaluate different factors such as risk benefit analysis and resource utilization as well as stakeholders. These are evaluated properly so that there is proper transfer of communication related to workplace in job. Company can identify various issues such as there are many accidents at workplace. So hence NHS trust can clearly communicate strategy to staff members so that there in no problem of interaction which can hamper other work. Hence trust can run smoothly and safely by using dry mops strategy.
  • Professional competence: It is legal duty of service user that they have to provide efficient treatment to all patients. If they fail to provide good treatment then there can be death of service user or there can be critical condition of service user. For preventing accidents they have follow all rules and provide proper treatment to all service users. NHS trust has created a effective strategy in case study which is use of dry mops so that there are less cases of slips. Hence through this there are  85% of less accidents of staff members.
  • Improvement in quality of care: NHS trust have crated various plans and policies so that they can improve management system of health care. They have created various strategies so that it increase safety of services users,reduce the resources and there are no mistakes in treatment and other management system related to heath care. Through these steps there is improvement in quality of care. NHS can create safety of service users by creating strategy such as dry mopping of floors . It is done so that there less accidents in trust.

Health and safety is the duty of  individual so that they can play their role in a sincere manner. Thus health and safety commission  has to give suggestion to the Govt. so that they can easily solve all issues and problems of people and can give rational solution to all people. These executives investigate many issues and problems and thus they can easily solve all issues. They can investigate any place if it finds that something wrong or illegal is being done. Thus as a result they can easily breach any rules by entering into any place. I myself has duty to inspect and evaluate all equipments so that I can easily replace faulty equipments. I can also evaluate and apply new techniques related to mopping so that there are no fluids in the floor. This can directly reduce the accidents in the company.

1.3 Evaluating health and safety priorities appropriate for health and social care:

There are various priorities through which    NHS can provide good heath and social care services to all patients  (Sinelnikov , Inouye and Kerper ,2015). Hence priorities for NHS related to health and social  care are-

            Training: They ensure that all employees can get proper training. So hence manager can organize various programmes for staff members so that they can learn different ways of treatment to all patients. They can handle all service users very efficiently. Through this there are no accidents at workplace and there are no deaths of patients. Hence they can provide effective service to all users. Training is given to house keeping department so that they can learn use of dry mops. Through this they can increase their skills and hence there are less accidents  in NHS trust.

            Proper hygiene and cleanliness:  NHS can develop a system through which waste can easily be disposed to dustbins. They can develop a safe system system in which used injection and other waste related to production can be thrown in dustbins. So hence as a result there is safer environment in company. Through this there is no health problems and good poisoning in patients. Thus it can maintain hygiene in firm. NHS has created a strategy of using dry mops in floor so that they can sock water and there is no residue in floor. Hence they can maintain hygiene in the place.

            Proper management: NHS have to properly recognize the illness or other health problem obey accurately and quickly. They need to hire professional people so that they can diagnose the problems in patients and hence they can give solutions and provide effective treatment to all service users. For example earlier NHS managers fail to diagnose the problems of  patient and thus they suffers a lot. Hence as a result patients suffered a lot. So due to  this problem they can select qualified and trained experts who can diagnose any health problem accurately and quickly. Through this they can have good and skilled management and NHS can prove superior to services to all service users. NHS trust has created different strategy of clean floors through dry mops. So hence it helps in providing of safer environment to all staff members as well patients. Hence for this they have to hire skilful housekeeping members who can properly clean the floor. Thus it contributes to healthier environment in trust.

Procedures: There are different procedures to be followed by the NHS trust. They are-

            Cleanliness: Company has created a system in which they started using Dry mops in which mops can easily soak water from buckets and hence there is no fluid on the floor. So hence it leads to increasing of cleanliness in the trust. Through this  there can be less accidents. It results in 85% reduction in accidents at workplace.

            Tools and procedures: As per the case they had buy  are 11 systems and take trail for few weeks. Through these tools there are less accidents as they had given good results. Through implementing this system they have  result that 85% describe number of accidents in workplace. Hence as a result there can be less accidents and company is safe from such risks.

            Online risk assessment tools: There is use of  risk assessment tools so that it leads to fall in accidents in firm. Through this all staff members  and employees can remain safe and it prevents them from risk. Hence it helps in promoting clean and safer environment. Thus all people can remain safe in the workplace.  

I can easily purchase the safety equipments which is very crucial in every organization. I can easily provide effective training to all employees so that they can use it in proper manner. I will execute all rules and regulations of handling operations and activities under operations regulations act, 1992. This results in reduction of all injuries and accidents in workplace. I directly recruit and select qualified and educated staff members so that they can deliver effective services to all people. I directly remove the unqualified staff members. I can report all serious injuries and diseases to doctors so that the patient can get immediate treatment by the doctor. This can directly reduce accidents.

There can be more priorities that children can get immediate treatment and all staff members can be treated in proper manner. New born babies can be handled in careful manner so that there can be no accidents with babies. Staff members can easily handle the children and new born babies in effective manner.


2.1 Evaluating data from risk assessments informing care planning for individual and firm decisions in creation of policies

Risk assessment is the calculation of all the risks involved in the company. Identification of sources  of risk is crucial so that organization can take relevant decisions  (Kondo and et. al. ,2015). Data required by NHS are-

Poor management record: They do have have good  and qualified staff members so hence they cannot provide good quality of services to all people. Hence as a result they can hire good qualified and educated staff members so that they can provide effective services and they can also create policies so that they can provide good quality of services related to obesity to many people  (Nadvi  and Raj‐Reichert , 2015).

Lack of specialist vehicle: 33% of vehicles do not have specialist vehicles and 33% of respondents report to inaccessible areas in building. Thus they have to hire good and special vehicles so that there is no inconvenience to all patients . It also do not hampers the work of management of all managers and employees in the firm. Hence as a result they can provide quick services to all patients.

Identification of all possible hazards: Company can find all possible methods of hazards. It helps firm to reduce risks and create effective policies to treat them. Through this organization can also take decisions such as person who can get hurt and the level of injury. Through this data and knowledge company can take decision to give solution to staff and can give proper and effective treatment so that condition of service user cannot get worse.

Calculate risks and plans the precautions: Company can calculate the risk involved in company and can take precautions. For example fire in room and water at floor. So manager can take decision to clean water and create strategies and policies so that fire cannot take place and fire extinguishers can be established. Emergency gates can creates in each room so that patients can move from that room if there is fire in the room.

Record of calculations of risks : Manager have to calculate all there risk involved in the accidents and create a record. So that they an create contingencies plans in advance. For example if there is problem of electricity and fault or somebody can slip from stairs. For example there can be accidents at workplace due to problem of electricity in room so then manager can create strategies and policies that proper warning signs can be placed and there is proper switch boards and there is no fault in switches and other system of electricity. Through this decision of manager there can be prevention of all accidents  (Shatkin and Kim ,2015) .

After this there is creation of meetings and seminars in which they can communicate with all staff members regarding situations and plans and strategies to prevents from all accidents. Through this it can prevent company from accidents and miss happenings in workplace. Obese person are getting expand from past few years in UK which define as major risk or potential problem which need to understand by an individual properly. Such risk could get estimated with through appropriate procedure which further enable in crafting policies as well. This will enable to reduce number of obese in UK where most number of association start to craft bariatic policy whose current rate is 40% - 70%. This will result in enabling better and effective working so that efficiency could be maintain and manage.

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2.2 Influence of aspect of health and safety on firm practices and customers

There are special features of health and safety which can affect firm practices and customers. Aspects which can affect NHS and user are-

Risk assessment is the aspect of health and safety which can affect users and firm. Risk assessment is the process in which NHS can take information related to risks in workplace such as age of patient, habit  and weight etc.  It can affect the customers and organization.

Through information regarding risks manager can create  plans and strategies so that it can reduce the risks that can be related with service users and members of people,service uses and health care professionals. Through this creation of plans and strategies it can create positive and safer environment in the firm. Company can adopt the bariatrics policy so that can manage the no of people and provide good quality of equipments. Through these strategies they can offer good and efficient services such as properly diagnosing illness and giving solution to all service users. Hence they feel satisfied and it enhances the confidence level of all users that their disease can be quickly treated (Yorio, Willmer and Moore , 2015).

Through proper risk assessment such as failure of fan and electricity problems in company or failure of diagnosing the problems related to patients they can create future plans and polices in advance in present. For example they can hire electrician who can check all electricity problems in firm and they can also create strategies and policies so that they can quickly diagnose the problem and patient do not have problem regarding illness or any other health hazard. They can take the help of innovative and high end technology instead of taking the use of manual handling. Through this it can increase the satisfaction level of all users and at same time it can have positive impact of image of NHS as they provide effective services to users. 

2.3 Methods to address the dilemmas related to implementation system and policies of health and safety

There are different ethical dilemmas which creates confusion in company to address solution related to implementation and policies of health and safety. So ethical dilemmas related to policies and implementation of health and safety in NHS  are-

            Heath and safety risk in supply chain: Health care organization create various methods  and strategies so that they can create safety procedures and thus they can create safety n workplace (Donham and Thelin , 2016). They can also follow a bariatric policy. For example they can create plans such as for reducing accidents manager can appoint electrician so that there is default in electricity which can cause major accidents at workplace.

            Maintenance of high technology: They are using higher technology and NHS manager's  tries to explain all employees so that they also used higher technology. By using latest advanced technology they can easily diagnose any problem such as illness or diabetes in patients and thus they can provide good and efficient services to all patients.

            High level of corruption: There is corruption by high level of officers and they give  and thus they can receive harmful products in the company. So as a result there is corruption and they send inferior products to another party. Hence they create such plans and polices to evaluate activities of top managers sop that they cannot take bribe and transfer harmful products. Through this they can improve their quality of services  (Reese ,2015).

            Public negligence: There are many practices which are to performed by public to heath care firm. So company cannot neglect the people and public in society. So hence as a result they can follow all rules and regulations such as they do not do the wastage in firm and make ques  in firm. If they neglect the interests of all people they cannot create effective policies. So they create policies according to people and do not neglect them. According to the given case study there are various dilemmas that NHS in facing along with its risk as well. One of the major dilemma that company is facing is whether to embed new technology in hospital or not.  The new technology is related with lifting up healthy patients so that their treatment can takes place in an effective manner. With this technology, safety of nursing staff is taken into account  but safety of patients is neglected because they may feel pain or may feel comfortable. As a result, dilemma situation arises whether to implement this technology or not as lot of risk is associated with manual handing. It has been believed that if even good communication can not sometime prove effective. Again the situation of dilemma arises in NHS.

2.4 Effect of non compliance with health and safety legislation

There are various policies which are abiding for health and social care and it is essential for them to perform activities in better and effective way. There are possibility that company has to achieve targets through proper planning and it is effective with joint efforts of employer and employees. There is requirement of proper guidance by legal advisors, which help them in performing activities in better way. NHS has to work for welfare of company and this is effective with the help of employees, as they must be learned about this and take actions through this co0maony can grow. There are many laws which are related to employees some are them which helps in improving company's performance. There is requirement of targets through which it can be effectively used.. in case of modification in laws and regulations then it is essential to work under same environment for NHS also. There are various policies which are altered with the help of legal advisor. It is effective with the help of performing activities in better way. NHS is the organisation which has good image in market and it is important to achieve targets in better way. There are various factors which has to be acknowledged so employees. There is good and safe environment in company and operations are also as per governments and legal norms.

If company has a conviction notice then there can be fine on the company. It can of thousand or crore. They have to pay some penalty for non compliance of rules and regulations. This will also reduce the image of trust in minds of all customers. The person can easily move to court if they are guilty of any accident. In very serious cases they can be given order of 6 months imprisonment. If firms has done corporate manslaughter then court can take tough action against them and if it has done gross negligence then they can face many other penalties.

There are money and health effects on the person. If an individual is found guilty then they have to pay some money to the Govt. and it directly reduces the image in minds of customers and in industry. All persons have to face many problems as they have to move to the court and this can also wind up  the trust.


3.1 Different methods to evaluate health and safety practices

There are different methods to monitor the heath and safety practices in firm. Various methods used by NHS are-

            Measuring health and safety: It is an important process so that they can reduce the risk and threats in business. In this case study it is found that equipment is not appropriate and  suitable in company and they are of poor quality. So hence company have to improve the conditions of all equipments so that they can create safer environment to all patients. According to case study there is an audit through Company can check that conditions and evaluate the no of equipments. It has evaluated that the equipments are not suitable in the firm and it has also monitor that equipments are not in good condition.  And there are many problems related  with equipments.

            Active measures: They can create plans and policies so that company can create certain measures such as creation of plans and methods to improve quality of equipments and there is functioning of safety management method such as they had removed the faulty equipments and  they are repaired in some hours and using of many methods. Along with this there is continuous audits and inspection of all equipments and equipment is placed before request. Through these measures and steps there can be evaluation of heath and safety  (Barba and et. al., 2015). According to case study there is an continuous audit through which company has evaluate that they are not in good condition and there are different measures that equipment is placed before request within 2 hours. Faulty tools and equipments are changed with new equipments. 

            Inspections and audits: There is proper inspection of all equipments  and there is annual audit of all equipments. Along with this thee is continuous audit of pressure ulcers and other equipments so that there can be improved quality of services and they can be provided to all patients. According to case study there is an audit through which condition of equipments can be evaluated. Through this it can evaluate that they are in good condition or not. Through which they had taken many steps to remove them.

            Reactive measures: There are very reactive measures such as property damage. As per case study there is creation of different plans so that they can conduct audit. Audit is done  related to beds,trolleys and couches,chairs and etc. It is done so that there is no situation of causing harm  (Nel and et. al., 2015). According to case study BCA had evaluated that they had properly evaluated that that many risk is associated with these equipments. So hence they had conducted an audit and thus many new equipments are changed with old equipments. Faulty equipments and tools are changed.

3.2 Evaluate effectiveness of health and safety practices in promoting safety culture

There are different methods through which NHS can promote healthy culture. Methods to increases the effectiveness in safety practices are-

            Remove the equipments: Before the request they had removed the equipment which is faulty and it can repaired in  some hours. Through this they can provide safety equipments such as a chairs,beds,trolleys and mattresses etc. Hence all patients feel safer and it can create positive and safer culture in firm. Through this all patients do not suffer from any accidents and it can increase the satisfaction of service users. As a result injury level falls upto a higher level. According to case study there is an audit through which it has been determined that equipments are not in good condition and thus faulty equipments are related with new equipments and tools.

            Equipment placement with 2 hours: Before request equipment is placed in all rooms. As a result. If there are proper equipments for all patents it can give  benefits to all patients. There is fall in musculoskeletal injury and pressure incidence decreases upto a level. Through this they can promote safer culture in firm. According to case study the equipments and tools are placed in company for all patients within 2 hours before a request. Thus all patients can reach to operations and they get treatment in time due to good condition of equipments.

            Annual equipments audits and mattresses: They had not many  mattresses and audit  of all equipments. They had 500EPBs, chairs and there equipments so that they get sufficient all equipments. As a result there is 69% time saved of all nurses and they can move many patients from one place to another and earn £1.4 of money. This time can be saved in other work of nurses. Through this it can move all patients and save life of many people. Thus it can promote positive and safer culture in environment  (Sinelnikov , Inouye and Kerper ,2015). According to case study it has been evaluated that after conducting audit there are no mattresses in company. So hence trust had bought 500 EPBs  and mattresses in company. Thus as a result time is saved. Time can be used in other tasks such as nursing care, musculoskeletal injuries reduced from 28 to 4% approximately. There is also reduction in 11% to 3%.

3.3 Evaluate own contribution to place safety and health needs of individuals

I am a part of management team. So I as a employee create various plans and strategies so that I can fulfil all needs of individual and promotes safer culture in firm. My priority is to  communicate with all employees and interact  with them so that necessary plans and policies can be created. I am trying to reduce all the risks by taking many measures in firm. I can evaluate expiry date of fire extinguishers and the electronic gadgets such as  electricity brand can be properly set up in company so that there is no harm to all employees. I am defending all aspects of heath and safety act. I am organizing all training sessions so that  all employees can  them and take measures in risks or in any contingency situation. Through this there is reduction of risks. Strategies are prepared so that risk  assessment plans can be created and thus these plans are created with joint efforts as it gives benefit to all employees and firm. Hence as a result there is safer environment in company  (Kondo and et. al. ,2015).

For example:

I has also evaluated that there is risk which is associated with many equipments. So hence I tries to reduce the risk by conducting an audit. Through an audit there is faulty equipments  which are found. Hence as a result they are to be changed with new equipments. I had gave an order to bring more mattresses and new equipments so that they can bring such changes in company. Through my this step there is reduction in time and it can be utilized in all tasks such as nursing tasks and in moving the patients. Thus helps in reducing the musculoskeletal injuries. It also reduces the ulcer pressure.

Risk assessment plans are also prepared in which there is audit and bringing of new equipments in the firm. Through this there has been good quality of equipments.


Health and safety is very important in company. Through this there is positive and safer environment in firm. Different methods of safety legislations which is implemented in health and social care. Different ways in which safety requirements impact on user and work of practitioners in health care. Evaluation of health and safety in health and social care in health a

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