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Health and safety are the rules and regulations so that there are no accidents and harmful incidents in firm. It includes providing training to all employees,preparation of any contingencies and risks and application of protective clothing etc. Through this there are no incidents and accidents in company (Donham and Thelin , 2016). Hence employees can work safely and properly in their job. This helps hem in increasing their efficiency and productivity. As a result trust can run smoothly and successfully. Report discusses about NHS trust  It was found in 1948 in U.K. It describes about methods of health and safety legislations which are executed in  health and social care company. Further it explains  about different ways in which health requirements can affect customers and work of practitioners in health care workplace. It also discusses about monitoring and review of health and safety in health and social care workplace.

TASK 1      

1.1. Reviewing system,policies and procedures to communicate information

Different methods are required so that they can give information related to the health and safety and thus through this proper system,policies and plan can be created. Plans and strategies can be developed according to legislation,processes and structure which can be execute in NHS. There are various steps through which legal policies,system and procedure of NHS can be evaluated. They are-

  • Care planning: There is a strategy that there are safety policies which can implemented in firm. Through this policy individual and organization can remain safer for linger period of time. There is an NHS trust which help in fulfilling all requirements of all employees and it create polices regarding staff members welfare, developing of different principles which are related with better practice in firm  (Reese ,2015). In this plans are created to use dry mopping system so that cleaners can do sweeping with use of dry mops in which there are n fluids can be there on floor. As a result there can be less slipping complaints from staff.


  • Health and safety management policy: NHS is responsible to create all legal rules and regulations according to health and safety act. It's performance can  be monitored by audit and inspection. Through management information system it can check the standards and information that they are communicating correct data related to health care. NHS can create various rules and regulations related with less slipping so that less accidents can take place. They have thought of using of dry mops through which there are less accidents in firm.
  • Personal and organizational practice policy:Organization has to create a personal and organization practice policy. In this point organization do not properly follow the system and policies. They do not properly communicate the information to all stakeholders and do not properly implement these policies. Individual practices such as personal requirements and relationship between service user and providers are not implemented  (Barba and et. al., 2015). NHS have to carefully execute strategies created  by them in reducing accidents and they are to be communicated to users so that they can also think of creative ideas. Hence through this interaction the policy of dry mops can be executed in firm.
  • Safety and health environment policy: This is policy related to health and safety  which is created. Through this it can give training to all employees.  it helps in increasing the  There are various strategies and policies regarding heath and safety. Thus as a result they follow all rules, regulations give training to all employees and all managers and individuals interact with each other. This is done so that environment can be kept safe. Through this they can maintain good image in public. They can give training to people so that they can clean floor through mops. It is crucial so that there can be safe environment. Hence firm can maintain good image in minds of all users.
  • Monitored and reviewed: NHS have to update the strategies and policies and they have to learn from various experience. They have to evaluate and monitor the risk auditing so that there are no accidents such as death of service user. This is crucial so that there are no contingencies as previously it do have listen to issues of patients . Through this step there is proper care in workplace. They have to evaluate the strategy of mopping floor through dry mops is successful or not. If not they can upgrade and update this strategy so that there are less accidents in firm.


1.2 Responsibilities for management of health and safety in relation to organizational structure

There are various responsibilities of NHS for management of health and safety to structure.