Compare and Contrast: Different Viewpoints Towards Child Care


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In order to focus on the present report, it describes comparison and contrasting in two different articles with determines effectiveness in each perspective(Olfson, Druss and Marcus, 2015). With the help of comprehensive aspects, it can be defines that importance of the article describes.


Compare and contrasting

In respect to considered arguments by ____________, there is strong link between the state care and vulnerable children. Therefore, social exposed with caused that includes criminogenic. It could be help to focus on the young people living with the families so that it considered in this aspect. Similarly, _________ discusses that there is same issue exist for residential care and offering behavioral among the youth. Hence, aim of the present essay is to show key points of the articles with comparison and contrasting.

As per the view of Cipriani, Zhou and Cuijpers, (2016), article of preventing another national apology is better aspect regarding children welfare. In this consideration, style develop to focus on the national changes with current practices and child safety as well. Hence, it develops understanding towards the safety and emotive topic as well. Growing number of speaking about the failures in current system develop so that desired cultural programs also change to maintain child safety in this consideration. It also takes more time and child protection which reform in the community support for new approach. In contrasting, Tunçalp, Were and Temmerman, (2015) considered their views towards the study of relationship between out of home care placement history characteristic. Educational achievement also develop study in the population level which assists to work on the children development. As results, they can study towards the care support and educational system as well. Placement stability also focuses on the educational system which look towards the population based activities and performance. Hence, record linkage study state children safety to take proper experience in the care experience.

In the journal of Malvaso and Delfebbro (2015), it has been proved that young people offering with the behaviour which could be differs from demographic, background, emotional, etc. Therefore, data has been using for child welfare system which established with subsequent development. On the other hand, article considered systematic view in which issues has been identified among the youth in the crisis, Vulnerable children in the state doing more crime so that issue could be find with residential care. Welfare system in the article shows that there are several causes exist due to which policy maker explores issues in depth and knowledge also developed with fact system and producing criminals.

However, there are several differences also exist in the articles in which first is that one article content my, we, us, etc. On the other hand, another article shows 3rd person in the form which need to focuses in written aspect and develop with the language. In addition to this, both authors describe very well regarding it that make effective understanding towards the articles.

In respect to consider views of Groher and Crary, (2015), ICC Australia determines engagement on child abuse, poverty, slavery, etc. In this aspect, it is important to look towards the child safety which is passionate area to make national changes in the current practices. Hence, it growing number of people speaking and failure of the current Australian system to make desire cultural changes. In order to compare it with relationship article, Di Renzo, Conry and Woodruff, (2015) stated that children those enter in out of home take proper care with educational outcomes. Hence, experience also develop with the influence of placement stability, type of care, time, etc. Multiple placement also implemented to make changes in the care system which help to consider reading scores. There are several characteristics of child care history develop that is highlighted and associated in attributing causality. According to the study of Batalden, Batalden and Hartung, (2015), educational outcomes for children care is strong for international interest. Hence, recent reports shows that educational outcomes are also published in Australian history. Children those consider proper achievement gap between general population and similar context, it is important to look towards the different range of advertise background that is responsible to look towards the proper care and mattered and accomplish desired results. However, Blumenthal and Collins, (2014) argued that there is growing number of people speaking current failure of Australian market. Desire and culture changes towards the collective thinking. To facilitate the politician, it is important to look towards the community support for new approach. Changes are typically considered results of knowledge which is needed for historical and current relevant data at workplace. Facilitating changes in the child safety is more centric to recognise current generation in the future nation. Furthermore, study also undertaken by Macinko and Harris, (2015) that found current study is not beneficial because it includes building on existing research that provide deeper understanding and educational gap which create impact on the children development. It also assists to look towards the number of aspects that implemented for care experience. Academic achievement also influence to the administrative data that comprehensive look towards the study which has aim to maintain relationship. Age at first placement ratio implemented that show relationship of each care history shows characteristic and reading score in successful way. This allow examine to accomplish this gap with recognise variables. On the other hand, Black, Clarke and Nahin, (2015) argued that changes are typically involved for results of knowledge which needed for historical and current relevant data. Community involvement facilitate and consistent for appropriate data collection which lead to fulfilment desire results and cultural changes as well.

In order to focus on the study, Visser, Danielson and Blumberg, (2014) considered their views that Australian Institute of family Studies defines as the Government organisation. Out of home of children generally included around 7% children that are belongs to the home situation. In these conditions, it can be describe that Barns for Kids is major perspective towards this particular situation. Beside this, in the study of Olfson, Druss and Marcus, (2015) stated that increased likelihood of poor reading performance considered remained at home to develop greatly as per the factors such as placement, stability, type of care, etc. Policy maker also improve their academic achievement for most two children who enter in care. One of the largest studies up to date consider to linked with data in particular study that enrolled in public school which found educational outcomes. In addition to this, another article considered in the views of Ginter, (2018) so that it can be stated that in thirty years consideration Australian orphanages' determination that institute take proper care for children in all over the nation for residential care. Hence, current politically terminology considered for the children development.

In term of placement stability, Young and Kroth, (2017) stated that it is one of the important consideration in which number of placement implemented for child experience. Evidence also mixed for the educational outcomes. Therefore, 18% increased odds of academic skills delay with additional placement which found in the study. It consists higher percentage of students scoring below the basic performance in English Language. In respect to implement short intermediate term care, long tern stability care implemented in the business environment. Therefore, Arnold and Boggs, (2015) consider their views that government services also implement the productivity in commission so that there are number of people attracted towards the continuing population growth in the industry. It is rising around 3.9 so that effectiveness will be increasing that staggering to look towards the current conventional. In addition to this, there are several children exist in residential care which increases around 710% from 2000-2001. In the another article, Islam, Kwak and Kwak, (2015) type of care consider fostering and kinship which is most commonly used in the form so that there are around 7.3% in residential care which include family group to provide department of child protection and family support. Internationally, interest also develop which is being increasing to maintain connection and extend with family origin. In the education and other aspects of the Australian market, it has been seen that staggering looking towards the several years' development. In order to review the other author Batalden, Batalden and Hartung, (2015), contrasting that children found kinship care that made more placement stability and better behaviour as well.  Therefore, it can be stated that educational outcomes for children develop for foster caring. It will assist to make positive outcomes with academic sources and development. In Australian research, it has been shows that slower reunified activities implemented that foster placement which not examined successfully. In contrast, Tunçalp, Were and Temmerman, (2015) explored their ideas and views that placement stability and better behaviour create major impact on the mental health so that it is important to take proper care for children. However, there is no difference for educational outcomes which compared to children in non-kin foster care. In the study, it has been described that measuring educational outcomes considered from USA. In the study, it assists to make proper focusing in the growing results for children welfare.

According to the view of Cipriani, Zhou and Cuijpers, (2016), there are certain findings implemented in the report which commissioned with Victorian Government to take up the former supreme court judgement in the overall outcomes. In all over the nation, child protection services implement cost which enhances 2.4% outcomes from previous results. Over the 65% cost is also associated at out of home care. Hence, more support services needed for more funding which is presently developed suggestions as permanent and better outcomes. In other consideration, Olfson, Druss and Marcus, (2015) contracting that out of home care group consist substantiated for all children with a history of out of home care. It assists to look towards the reunified and loner aspect to make proper tested. In term of national minimum standards, it can be stated that difficulties need to solve to make proper consideration for progress and satisfactorily. 

According to the authors views, well informed and credible activities demonstrates in the particular field. They are also depends on the dependent data that assists to look for secondary information which collected to make relevant point and prove hypothesis as well. Credible policy makers considered key decisions in the journals towards the understanding.


In order to focus on the present report, it can be stated that different article consist distinguish view towards the child care and development program. In this way, study consider contrasting and comparison of different people views so that effectiveness could be increasing to maintain overall growth. Furthermore, it concluded about the out of home care in different authors views. As results, it will assist to look towards the placement data regarding child care.

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