Cultural Diversity And Healthcare


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Multi-cultural community refers to the vision of society where people belong to different nationalities, religion, ethnicity, language and culture living together. These people have difference in terms of their traditions, thoughts, value, ethics or lifestyle. This case study is about health issues faced by the people who live in Wolverhampton that are identified by the Healthwatch (What is Healthwatch? 2018). It is an independent consumer champion that promote health and social care by engaging local people in various activities to determine the health related issues, causes behind them and then providing treatments to patients. This report elaborates about factors present in multi-cultural community that influence the delivery of healthcare services. Further it talks about attribute of Healthwatch for improving the experience of people relate to heath care. Apart from this it also explains about the importance of leadership in Healthwatch to provide better social care services.


Factors in multi-cultural community that influence health care delivery

Multicultural community refers to something that incorporate people having difference in their thoughts, belief, cultural background and country of origin. Wolverhampton is a metropolitan city located in central England and is consists of multicultural community. But the majority of population in this city is facing health issues and it is one of the 20% most deprived city. This is the main reason behind the health issues and backwardness in health care faced by the population of Wolverhampton (Chiu, 2016). But apart from this there are certain complex factors that affect the health care delivery which are explained below:-

Genetic:- There are number of factor that causes human disease but apart from this family history is one of the major risk factor for some diseases like diabetes, autoimmune disorder, cardiovascular disease, cancer and psychiatric illness. Genetic is one of the major factor that influence the health care delivery. As diseases that are hereditary doesn't have any definitive cure  and these disorders require lifelong medical attention, symptomatic therapy and expensive supportive specialist care (Alkema and et. al., 2016). This influence the health care delivery as around 30% children belongs to low income families in Wolverhampton and they can't afford such expensive as well as long term medical treatment.

Apart from this other major issue faced by healthcare professional while providing treatment to patients is that medicines may provide some negative reaction to the patients body due to some hereditary factor present in them  (Coates, 2017). These factors may doesn't accept a particular treatment or drug which worsen the health issue of patient when these genetic factor are not known to doctor. In addition to this when medical history of patient's family is known to doctors this will create significant burden on health care delivery system as they have to avoid certain drug while servicing them.

Ethnic:- It refers to the group of people that are belong to and identified with some common similarities such as ancestry, habit, history, society, culture and nature. These factors are the root of health differences among people. As people lives in Wolverhampton belong to different society, culture or region which creates several different issues related to health care. Apart from this social believes related to the disease and treatment also influence the proper healthcare delivery. As every one have certain believes that are originate from the family or community in which people lives that sometime restrict people to take adequate treatment or express their illness properly.

Apart from this ethnic group also share common behaviour that influence the health care delivery. These behaviour factors include diets, exercise, smoking and intake of alcohol that may create chronic diseases. People belong to Wolverhampton city have low income people that influence their dietary habit which is the main cause of health issues faced by the citizens of that district (Cooper, Evans and Pybis, 2016). This creates several issues in front of medical professional while providing treatment to patients. As for recovering from health issue, proper diet is required to be intake by patients and avoidance of which or unhealthy dietary habit may make the situation worsen. This is the major factor that influence the adequate health care delivery.

Cultural background:- Culture refers to the pattern of custom, belief, idea or behaviour shared by  a society or group of people. Cultural highly influence the health as it affect the perception of people for illness, death, health, belief about causes behind diseases and how illness or pain is to be expressed and experienced. Both patient as well as health professional are influenced by their respective culture. As people of Wolverhampton believes over historically dominant culture which sometimes restrict people to take medical treatment from health professionals.

Apart from this language is also one of the major cultural factors which affects the delivery of health services (Deters,  Gao, 2014). As people of Wolverhampton belong to different culture have difference in their language that creates a barrier while having interaction between patient and healthcare professional which create confusion among them. This will not be able to deliver positive result of treatment and sometimes patients may not be able to express their illness or problem accurately to doctor which influence the delivery of healthcare services. 

Attributes of Healthwatch team in Wolverhampton serves to enhance community health and social care provision

 Healthwatch Wolverhampton is an independent consumer champion that work toward delivering health & social care to community. It provide an opportunity to people for speaking out about health care priorities and their concern as well as work toward providing health related information. Following are some attributes of Healthwatch team works in Wolverhampton that contribute toward enhancing the health and social care provision:-

Advice & guidance:- Healthwatch evaluates and try to provide information relate to the rights of consumer in relation with health and social care services. This help in developing awareness related to the rights of consumers who take healthcare services which support in avoiding any fault practices that is not under the interest of patient. Apart from this it also advices on enforcing these rights that help in achieving better health care services. As people lives in Wolverhampton belong to different culture and diversity which is the main cause behind unawareness about the consumer rights among the people (Dickinson and Carey, 2016). So, Healthwatch team work toward promoting the awareness about the consumer rights related to health care. This help in enhancing the health and social care provision of community by developing the knowledge related to rights that eliminates the chances of exploitation.

Engagement & consultation:- Healthwatch engage people through organising various events, meetings and avenues in order to gather the information related to healthcare facilities and services from local peoples. It organises an event related to Pharmacy awareness in order to create knowledge about commonly used drugs and role that a people must play within urgent care. This help in developing awareness related to the services offered by pharmacies that can be implement by local peoples at the time of urgency when medical help in unavailable. This further support in improving the community health and social care issues. As it develop understanding about the common medicines or cures that can be used by people to improve their health which help in minimizing the health issues. As people can cure their illness at initial stage that eliminates the chances of worsening the health issues due to avoidance of symptoms or not opting for proper treatment.  

Influence and involvement:- It also work toward determining the health issues faced by the local people and tries to identify the reason behind this. Further it also work toward analysing the need of people related to health and social care services as well as experience that local people have related to these services (Glasby and Dickinson, 2014). This assists in collecting the information related to the health issues faced by the local people and what are the factors that are the main reason behind those  issues. Apart from this it also determine the changes that are required to be implemented in health care practices for promoting a healthy well being and to enhance the  community health and social care.

Scrutiny and reporting:- Healthwatch Wolverhampton seeks to affect the decision maker by engaging the stakeholders in various practices. As HWW plays an essential role in Health & Well-being Board, CCG Governing Body and RWT Board. So Healthwatch creates report in order to make these authorities inform about the issues faced by local people and causes behind them. In addition to this it also provide recommendation over improvement that are required to be made in order to promote a healthy well-being. Apart from this Healthwatch also held regular meetings with Care Quality Commission in order to provide information to them and discuss about issue identified while interacting with local peoples.

These are are major attributes of Healthwatch team that help in enhancing the health and social well being of Wolverhampton as majority population of city is suffering from various health related issues mainly in children (Harvey, Hornsby and Sattar, 2015). Main reason behind this is around 30% of children belong to low income family which can't afford expensive treatments. This is because Wolverhampton is one among the 20% deprived district as it is have super-diversified with high population rate. This city consists of around 260000 residents who speaks different languages and are belongs to different part of world. There are almost 88 languages that are spoken in country. Around 35.5% of population has grown up from Black and Minority Ethnic(BAME) community and 20.5% population have form disability as well as 16% of people belongs to UK and majority is of younger population (Wolverhampton in Profile, 2018).  Hence, increasing number of people from various regions is the main cause behind the poverty that creates health issues among individuals. Apart from this differences in culture, belies related to illness and genetic differences are some of the major factors that creates health issues within the society. 

Importance of leadership in Healthwatch

Leadership refers to the set of actions that are performed by a person in order of lead, influence or guide group of people in an organisation and align their performance toward the achievement of common goal  (Huguet, 2014). It is a very essential factor that must be consider by Healthwatch team of Wolverhampton in order to improve the health and social care related experience of community. By promoting positive leadership Healthwatch will be able to develop and maintain a better multi-disciplinary team which provide a better social care services. Multi-disciplinary team refers to the group of people that belongs to different professional disciplinary that are expertise in their field. By managing proper dynamics Healthwatch will be able to exert better health care services to the people that are suffering from different sort of illness. As effective leadership  help in promoting coordination between team that integrate knowledge from different field which promote better understanding of cause behind particular disease. This help in  providing better decision making and enhancing the health & social care services for the welfare of community.

Therefore, it can be consider that leadership plays an essential role in improving the outcome of services related to social care as well as experience that customers have from these services. Following points describe about the impact that leadership have over multi-disciplinary team:-

Quality services:- There are five major elements that are essential in providing better care services which are inspiration, aligned objective, supportive, enabling team members and higher employment engagement (Hurlburt and et. al., 2014). These factors can be achieve through adopting an appropriate leadership style. As leaders plays an essential role in influencing and motivating their follower to perform work effectively in order to achieve their objectives. By effective leadership activities  Healthwatch can motivate its multi-disciplinary team to work coordinate and support their team members in their work. This help in building positive relations among team mambers and also enhance their morale that in turn will support in providing better services to people of   Wolverhampton.

Accomplishment of objectives:- Leadership promote team work by building a environment of trust and coordination. That will assists team members in performing their tasks effectively and as per the planning. By using better leadership skill Healthwatch will be able to motivate its multi-disciplinary team to work coordinate toward the accomplishment of common goal i.e.  promoting healthy well-being (Palinkas and et. al., 2014). As when team get proper guidance they will be clear about the actions they have to perform in order to accomplish their goals. This help in reducing conflicts among the team members as each individual is clear about the set of actions they have to perform. It further support in accomplishing goals effectively and on timely manner as well as duplication of work will also be avoided. This in turn will support Healthwatch in providing better services to community.

Ensure better care to patient:- Effective leadership will help Healthwatch in promoting an working environment where functions performed by multi-disciplinary team is in ethical manner that promote better care to patient. Leaders identify various resources required by their team members in order to make them available at the time of delivering services. Apart from this they also assess the areas that require improvement and tries to motivate its team member to bring those changes. Leaders formulate an action plan according to the activities to be performed in order to achieve desire goal this help in guiding the team members about the activities they are required to perform. This help in removing the chances of conflicts among team member that  further support in providing them a path to work on which assist in management of time. This in turn will support in delivering better services on timely manner. These all are the actions that an leader of Healthwatch is required to perform in order to ensure better care to patients.

These all are impact that are experienced by effective leadership over a multi-disciplinary team of Healthwatch. As an effective multi-disciplinary team will contribute toward the promoting an effective treatment and care being by  professional that work coordinate with their specialist knowledge and skills. Further it also support in developing a knowledge among patients that help them in future for coping up with their situation when these facilities are not available to them (Temby and et. al., 2015). In addition to this effective leadership will also help in achieving better data collection that further support in formulating better decision related to bring changes in current health care services to promote the betterment of society. Apart from this multi-disciplinary team is an essential part of Healthwatch that support in improving and promoting better health care services. Following are the attributes of effective multi-disciplinary team:

  • MDT is a collaboration of people belongs to different professional background which promote better quality outcome. As this professional integration provide better understanding and awareness about various actions that can be taken according to the characteristics and situation of patient(Vander Laenen, 2014). This attribute of MDT support in providing better treatment to people of Wolverhampton city.
  • Another major attribute of this team is that it help in promoting good communication between primary, secondary and territory care. This help in integrating services of these sectors that provide an opportunity to patient for getting high quality and relevant clinical trials.
  • MDT team believe in working with more information which is beneficial for both individual patient as well as also support for the purpose of research and audit.
  • Effective MDT will help in promoting a healthy and positive working environment that motivate staff members to exert quality of services to community which in turn will provide better accomplishment of goals related to welfare of society.
  • One of the major attribute of an effective MDT team is it focuses on optimum utilisation of resources related to health care in order to deliver better care services along with limiting the wastage of resources.

These all are the characteristics that an effective multi-disciplinary team have which support in promoting better care to society. The primary goal of MDT is to provide better care to patient by identifying the health care need of individual through arranging a proper coordination's among them. In addition to this they also focuses on analysing the medical history of patients for providing them better care by considering each and every factors related to their current situation as well as last health issues (Willis, 2017). This help in eliminating the other health related issues as some people have some hereditary issues that if ignored may worsen the situation of patient.  In addition to this it also support in providing the treatment that a patient want and help in accomplishing their goals by getting relief from their illness.

Apart from patient goals there are some other goals that a multi-disciplinary team have and tries to achieve them from their practices it includes professional goal as well as organisational goal. As multi-disciplinary team is a group of professional expertise that have their certain goal and objective related to their career enhancement. These may or may not be favourable to patient these includes actions that are performed in order to achieve certain professional status or to move toward greater autonomy. In addition to this there are certain organisational goals that MDT team is required to consider while performing their task asw it provide benefit to both organisation as well as staff members ( Hyde-Dryden, 2014).

Hence, multi-disciplinary team work toward achieving the objective that is the integration of patient, professional and organisational goal that direct the cations of team. These all contribute toward promoting a better health and social care to patients that further contribute toward the development of the Wolverhampton city.


From the above given report it can be concluded that multi-cultural communities have an huge impact over the health related issues and belief of people toward the illness or disease. As thought, beliefs, norm and cultural background of an individual affects the delivery of healthcare services. Apart from this multi-disciplinary team play an essential role in delivering a better care services as it is a group of people that belongs to different professional background which provide a better knowledge integration.

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