Drug addiction a Menace to Society


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Question :

Questions- This assessment will cover the following questions:

  1. Examine the relationship between drug and crime and how it influences the conduct of the offender.
  2. What are the theories of addiction and the role of public, government and media to influence the attitude of drug taking.

Evaluate the associated issues linked to the problematic use and its impact upon the individual, family and other section of the society.

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Substance use is when there is an intake of drugs which are not lawful in society. In take of drugs is a very harmful situation which people are causing for themselves. There is large number of audience those who are addicted to drug taking which is not a good behavior and are causing a lot of difficulty for world. There are a lot of drugs which are being provided to people like cocaine, opioid, inhalants, cannabis, etc and that is making society in world not have a better future day for themselves. Drugs are causing a limitation on the people because of the addiction level in them in such a way that they are not being able to think distinctly before doing anything. Health factor of people are at risk which can be a worry for government of countries.

There are a lot of criminal laws, public health and medical health centre which have been opened to help such addicted people. The report would be covering the different theories of addiction, the reasons why the people are getting addicted to drugs and what are the different attitudes to drug taking in the world. The rate of the people in United Kingdom would also be discussed and how that can be solved in the country.


Historical and Contemporary Perspective of Drug use

There are a lot of people who do not understand that why and how do people become drug addict or any other addicts in general but it is very important for everyone to understand this factor because addiction is not a good habit therefore it is required for everyone to help them leave such habits (Rose and, 2015). People who are addicts do not have the right willpower which will make them think that they are capable of leaving this addiction for the long run. There are a lot of reasons because of which people start to take drugs and once they feel like drugs are doing some kind of magic on them they do not want to leave it after that. There are people who take drugs for the after effect the drugs are giving them is the main reason why they do not want to leave drugs and who are addicted to drugs is because they feel like drugs is only reason which is keeping them alive with all pressure of life.

Affect of drugs on brain is that it triggers reward circuit which causes euphoria and dopamine which is flooded with chemical messages. Long term use of drugs can spoil functioning of a person like there learning, stress, memory, decision-making, etc (Fuller and, 2016). Reasons behind people becoming addicts is very simple for someone to understand which are there is a lot of pressure on people and to not have pressure over them they start to take drugs so that they feel relaxed, and they can think clearly. Even peer group pressure on individuals is a great reason which is common in United Kingdom which is reported that addicts started because of group they are in and that had resulted in people becoming addicts. There are a lot of drugs which are given when people are facing anxiety, depression and other mental health issues therefore it is very important for people to not have drugs intake at time when they are in a problem. People who are into problems they get addicted to drugs very quickly therefore it is very important for people to make sure that they are not being provided with any type of drug so that they do not feel like they need only drugs to make them feel better (van Boekel and, 2015). A broken family can be another reason because of which the people start taking drugs.

There are a lot of initiatives which have been taken up by government of United Kingdom so that they can help people who wan to be cleared but that can only be done when addicts have willingness to be cured of their problems. Till addict is not willingly to be cleared till then they will not be able to help each other and that is a very important factor for making an addict be cleared out. Lack of parent's supervision on the children can also lead to this mishap of the children therefore monitoring children sometimes is a good thing which parents can do for their children (Schwartz and, 2015). United Kingdom is a country where people are so busy that they forget to pay attention to their children therefore rates of drug use in children is increasing. Children have to be shown right and wrong and there pressures must be removed so that they are not having a group with is an addict which will harm children. Loneliness is another reason why people start to take drugs in United Kingdom because drugs gives them a sense of belongingness therefore they continue to get that attention from drugs. People have a bad mood should never be given drugs because they can easily get addicted to drugs and that is a bad habit which they can adapt to very quickly. Children in United Kingdom are getting more addicted which is not good for future of country therefore country should try to make people have sense of knowledge of what they are doing to themselves and what future holds for them. Parents of country will have to be even more careful in country so that they can make decisions accordingly and that will help country in a lot of ways possible. Communication gap is people in country has to be improved upon so that health of people can be maintained and rehab which have been opened can be of a great help for people.

Attitude to drug use among Public

There is a lot of attention which is required by the people who have started taking drugs because of loneliness therefore they must get the attention they require so that they can slowly remove there drug habit and make a better living for themselves. The age when the people of United Kingdom some to know about drug is when they are in high school therefore the parents must try to keep a control and monitoring over their children activities so that they can prevent them from taking drugs because this will make them unfocused on the objective they have for themselves in life. Experience of others or self experience in the past can also lead to the attitudes of the people to take the drugs and that is not a good habit because it will completely change the way the people think about themselves therefore it is very important for them to think straight (Muller and Clausen, 2015). The school should give the children the right awareness about the factor of drugs so that they know what the drugs can do to the children's life and it is very important for the people to understand that the drugs are not going to do any good because once they come back to sense the problem will not disappear, but they will again start to take drugs again and again to escape from the reality.

The intention of the people to take drugs is either to run away from the reality or to have the good feeling that the drugs is leaving the people with so that they can make a better living for themselves. There is no escape from reality even if they take drugs therefore the importance of awareness comes up in the society and this is important because they have to make there life's better and not make them the worst by taking drugs. There are a lot of risks which are involved with the take of drugs as well which the people are aware of, but they can not do anything about it and that is not a good thing for the company. Drugs are legal to come expend which are prescribed but if there are people who are taking drugs for no use then that is not an excuse for the people to take drugs and that will just spoil the persons health and mental stability in life in general (Grogan and, 2016). The public has stopped feeling safe around the addicted people and the media is not speaking about it much. The government has taken drastic measures to have this problem under control before it can create more issues in the near future.

Attitude of Government towards drug use

The government of the country is not being able to do what they promise to the people of the country but there is a limitation which the people have put in the use of drugs. The government of the country has opened a lot of rehab but they are not being able to make the changes because the addicts of the country do not want to change.

Drug misuse and dependency

The drugs are being sold in drug stores which is becoming a problem for the society and the government therefore there are a lot of policies which have been put so that there is no direct sale of drugs. The addicts are being forced to leave the take of drugs so that they can improve.

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Link between music and drugs

The influence of music on people are a great influence because the people in films and music are shown that there talent comes out when they use drugs. The people of United Kingdom are getting influenced because of this factor and it is very important for the government to work on that factor so that the changes can take place accordingly.

Prevalent rates

According to research team there are a lot of people of United Kingdom who are using drugs which is 1 out of 11 people in country are addicted to it (Whiteford and, 2015). There is a growth of drug use which can be noticed in people of country over years. People who are aged between 16-59 have a percentage of 9.4 which is a higher rate than last year of people who are using drugs. According to 9.4% it adds up to 3.2 million people of United Kingdom who are using drugs in country which is a high number and government is trying to help people of country to have a better lifestyle (Peiper and, 2016). There were more than 2,917 deaths because of use of this factor in previous year and rates are still increasing with increase of population. A lot of people become addicts in country because of unemployment which took place in country because there was a lot of pressure on people of country and GDP of country had fallen. People want excuses to stay away from reality of life and this is one of best excuse people of country have found so that they can remain happy with a lot of going on their life's (Hasan and, 2015).

Models of drug use

Normalization process theory is identification, characteristics and health techniques so that there is an improvement in the people of United Kingdom. There are a lot of theories which can explain the addiction to drugs and that is through negative reinforcement, positive reinforcement, incentive salience, stimulus response learning and inhibitory control dysfunction. These theories explain why the people are getting addicted to the old habits or are developing new bad habits which is harmful for a long run. Negative reinforcement is when there is a past which will be triggered again because of a bad experience will make the person get the bad habits again in their life (Patrick and, 2016). This is a very common reason which can be observed in United Kingdom people because an addict just wants new reasons to get the old habit in them again. Just because drug addiction is making them feel better about the situation does not mean it is good for a long run therefore getting addicted to anything is not right. There is a negative pain or feeling the person is having therefore they get addicted to the use of drugs again. Positive reinforcement is when there is a positive in take of a new habit and then it slowly turns into an addiction and that is not a good sign for the people. Example, smoking might look like something people want to try but when it becomes a habit no one knows. It is very important to know the difference between trying and addiction to something. Children do not know what is the difference therefore they try to they slowly become addicted to it, and they do not even come to know. The feeling is good therefore they keep trying that thing till they do not get addicted to it completely (Ettorre, 2016). The major challenges which are present in this theory are that the

Incentive salience is when the addiction is because of craving because they have tried that drug, and they know the feeling therefore they have a craving of it. It can also be because of that they have heard people talk about it, and they have had a good experience therefore the person also wants to try it so that they can remove the stress and pressure from them so that they can have a better life style. Stimulus response learning is that there is a trigger which can make the person know that if this situation occurs again then they can make the use of the drug is known as stimulus response learning. This has to be stopped in United Kingdom because there are a lot of factors which can affect persons from starting drug addiction again but there has to be a proper treatment for it (Borges and, 2016). There is a lot of pressure on the human kind because of the society therefore the people move towards taking drugs and that is spoiling the people's mentality even more, and they are not being able to think straight. It is very important to think straight in today's world therefore they have to make sure that they are doing there best to cop with the world well instead of turning towards drugs.

Inhibitory control dysfunction is another theory which can explain the drug use or addition in the people of United Kingdom is that they are getting addicted to things very quickly and that is because it is an impulsive behavior of people which is driving them there. The reaction to things of people get to use of drugs for any reason they can see in front of them that is another level of drug use. The addicts are always looking for excuses so that they can start their drug use again and that will make them get to used to doing the same thing more often. Impulsive kind of behavior can be seen in the people from 16-30 years of age and those are higher addictive to drug use and that can only be controlled by the parents of the children (Chang, Dubbin and Shim, 2016). Addiction is all the work of the psychological thinking of the people towards the addiction and the approach they have for it. There are a lot of people who are just taking it because they want to get away from the reality, but they can not for a long run, and they must face the situations instead of running away from them because those situations can get bigger, and then they will not be able to deal with them later.

From a global and historical perspective, intoxicant use is a norm

Society is not accepting the changes which are taking place because the addiction level in the country is just increasing over time and not reducing which the government has promised to do. The addicts have started using different drugs and people who have less income they use drugs which are very bad quality which leads to death. The people who are shifting to other drugs over time they are spoiling there health as well but on a slower scale. In a social group the use of drug is a common substance which can be observed and that needs to reduce otherwise it will not create a positive environment for the people to live in.


Drug addiction is not a healthy habit that the people of United Kingdom are having but the government is now working on that factor and there is a great measures which the government has taken for the benefit of the people. There are a lot of rehab's and retreats which have opened for helping the people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. The rate of addiction in United Kingdom is increase and understand that factor is very important so that the government can make sure that the people will not have to go through that situation again. There are reasons why the addiction level in the country is increasing and measures can only be taken when there is an analysis on this factor. There were a lot of deaths in the country because of overdose on drugs in the country therefore the country is trying to improve that factor so that the people of the country can live comfortable and have a safe environment.

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