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Personal and professional development in Health and Social care is necessary to improve and develop services which help patients to recover as soon as possible. The report will cover personal values and principles along with culture and experience influence own role in supporting users of services. In addition to this, impact of new developments and own skills and learning style, holistic development associated with monitoring progress against plan (Redmond, 2017). The report will also demonstrate effectiveness of development plan, nature of different professionals and supporting rights to solve issues encountered in professional relationship. In addition to this, effectiveness of personal contribution, limits of own work, role in minimising barriers and improved personal contribution will be discussed in this report.


1.1 Compare personal values and principles


Personal Values

Effect of the values on principles of support

Critical Thinking in Health and Social Care


Critical thinking is important for me as well as for the health and social care service in order to take decisions based on cases with efficiency.

Equal Right

Equal rights provided by me to my team members will help to build a strong team; this will also help to provide excellent services to patients.


I will ensure diversity management and maintenance among the team members of health care professionals.


Confidentiality will help me to maintain teamwork and performance which helps to have a positive impact of ethical parameters on operational activities.


I will maintain pleasure environment at work place as a professional in order to overcome on tensions and stress which also help to support rule and regulation of health and social care (Hvalič-Touzery, 2017).


I will also ensure my attitude in terms of professionalism will help me to maintain a string discipline in health and social care unit effectively.

1.2 Personal culture and experience influence own role in supporting users of services

Personal culture and experience

Impact on the Personal culture and experience on health and social care units

attitude of handling people with diverse culture and same reflective behaviour

My belief and attitude of handling people with diverse culture with same reflective behaviour will help me as well as my health and social care unit to offer equal treatment for all the users and maintain ethical concerns in effective manner (Maslach, 2017).

To give priority on the ritual bases of each patient

I have a nature of giving priority to ritual cases that it will use to help people with need of social and health care services to feel valued by me as a professional effectively. This will also help to motivate and encourage others in same unit to follow path in order to make a target and objective to give preferences on treatment strategies with perfect balance of ritual preferences. 

As a leader work with efficiency and handle diverse nature

I believe in leadership that will help me to create a good organisational culture in health and social care unit in order to provide excellent and effective services to patients.


1.3 Impact of new developments

It can be said that changes and developments has an effective influence to the associated services such as health and social care. The government introduce The Care Act 2014 which has a great impact on health and social care services and sector (Hanssen, 2017). The act make changes in the process as the service user get so many benefits and also able to appeal against council decision over the criteria eligible of getting funds effectively.

There are many act help users to protect their rights and demands such as the Human Rights Act formulated by government to regulate health and social care unit in order to safeguard interest of user as they provide better treatments. Along with that, there are many rules and regulations formulated by the government which affect the services provided by health and social care services. These are as such " Carers And Disabled Children Act 2000", "Disabled Person Act 1986" and the act which provides exclusive rights to patients such as Carers Act 1995 and many (Hvalič-Touzery,  2017). The technology advancement has also a great impact on health services which influence the process of providing services to users. Proper record of activities, training and development, monitoring and latest equipments should be used by health and social care services. 

4.1 Personal effort when on the job with others

Individual commitments are imperative for working of whole group. Individual commitments can alter the whole group with whom we work in well-being and social care part (Redmond, 2017). The following are a portion of the individual commitments which are vital: Individual qualities and brush of a man are essential. These qualities and standards choose the state of mind of a man towards the other colleagues. Interests and pastimes of the individual can make an inviting situation in the group. Culture and past of the individual likewise shapes nature in a group. Breeding, family and childhood of the individual get reflected in the groups' execution. Great instruction and childhood show us to conceptualisation everybody with deference and similarly. Individual can likewise contribute by showing others without the sentiment enviously or rivalry. In the event that we have some information in particular field we have to amended other colleagues in addition to make them roar. These will reflector your disposal characteristics.

4.3 Barriers to effective team work

We will definitely face lot may barriers in a team at the time of doing work. I will handle such kind of barrier with the help of different kind of factor inside the organisation. There are some steps will be focus on to improve such kind of barriers in teamwork are as follows:-

  • Better communication channel: - In this context proper communication is help to solve any kind of issue and face barriers in the running of a unit (Maslach, 2017). A proper communicating transmission channel should be set up in the structure. There are proper communication should be utilised in arrangement are up-word, down-word and horizontal communication to be used in structure.
  • Knowing each other personality: - I will try to know to each and every team member to work in effective way. We can know the property and imperfection of our team spouse. Employed with person new takes time period to adjust. If we recognise organism impersonally we will takings obligation in his deficiency and this volition be accommodating in improved service to the persevering (Hanssen, 2017). This is to be improving current internal working environment.


2.1 Own skills and learning style

The information provided below is my own current skills and learning style in SWOT Analysis. The factors associated with personal development plan are as follows:

Strengths: These are critical thinking and perfect ability to assist customer in proper manner. This strength is used to develop quick decision-making that will help to solve problems (Bourgois, 2017). Trust is important goal for me. The assigned task gains the confidence. 

Weaknesses: The main weakness is lack of teamwork  and cannot control the diverse workforce. Another weakness is lack of problem solving in any situation. The communication can control the whole team and can be focused on development skills. Planning is required before making strategies.

Opportunities: We have to minimize our weakness with help of development plan. Leadership quality is required for controlling team. Attendance is required for the personal growth (Dening, 2018). Personal development will help to minimise weaknesses effectively. Effective controlling and appropriate use of leadership will also help to manage ability uses.

Threats: Lack of time in my life is one of the biggest threats for me in my professional life. I also do not give patience in any issues or problems which got me tensed every time when I used to work. The balance in work and commitments are also.

2.2 Holistic Development

Setting goals with SMART objectives:

What to learn?

What to do?

What support is required?

How to measure the success?

Target date for the effective review?

Greater depth of knowledge in the health and social care profile

Completion of the training and the development program offered by the business

Regional training centre Support of the experienced employee.

Course assessment

Appraisal report from the supervisor

Post the appraisal report.


This will help me to have a perfect introduction with team to build trust factors.

Advice from line manager and feedback as well as comments from them

Self, formal and informal appraisal

Posting appraisal report

Leadership skills and styles to understand required approach

Learning from experienced supervisor associated with business from many of years.

Senior supervision

Performance, rewards and incentives during development programs

Posting appraisal report

Confidence development in leaders and management

Volunteer to lead functional projects to experience something.

Line management

Feedback's from supervision and team

After completing project

2.3 Monitoring progress against plan

Monitoring is required for every plan in order to assess effectiveness of plan in order to make changes if the plan is not working accordingly and effectively. It can be said that changes and developments has an effective influence to the associated services such as health and social care (Harris, 2018). The act make changes in the process as the service user get so many benefits and also able to appeal against council decision over the criteria (Eligible) of getting funds effectively. There are many strategies to monitor the plans such as evaluating performance and determination of working environment.


2.4 Evaluate the effectiveness of the development plan

The effectiveness of the development plan is to be focused on improving the current market share and improve overall development of the organisation (Harris, 2018). Pass completion of the degree as per the demand in the health and social care work offerings so that the theory aspect can be used by me to have a all-powerful authoritative in exercise. This helps to improve the actual activity and increase productivity and profit will be managed for a future time. I am able to complete the project on time, with the help of time management.

On the other hand, daily activity is helping to improve the services to in health and social care. In this context of use, main aim is rising the number of consumer in socio-economic class place. It also focuses on perfect interaction is assistance to increase the present-day securities' manufacture or I am also able to powerfulness my good nature level during the pass play of my content with the assistance of the effectual time establishment and the task precedence management in  effective mode. This is to be up the actual securities industry activity and carrying out to better internal as well as outer.

4.2 Limit of own work and role impact

According to part in wellbeing and social consideration unit as a Precaution Management Beginner, I likewise have some limit in my business profile. Being into the administration military position, I am not permitted to request of the immediate topic from the customers to offer them the obligatory administration as my activity character isn't connected with substance the immediate care religious support of the client (Clarke, 2018). Hence, the inadequacy in the likelihood to have a careful skilfulness with the client may emerge the need in the genuine and confidence among the other meeting those are from antithetic group ventures.

On other hand, handle the information with and each customer is likewise diminished the capacity and learning of my own action. This other than may rise the situation that any laborer from the other way to-entryway benefit mind squad won't pay taking care of my works by mirroring the perceptual experience detail my less insight in the administration strategy (). In this way, the less activity or the negative activity will lead towards the infringement in the association human advancement. There are less collaboration is give the negative effect of each and action inside the association. There are numerous controls of every advancement design is help to enhance the present market open introduction.


3.1 Professional relationships in health and social care

As per the perspective of an occupational group, the family relationship is the particular mental process by which organisation used to sort the quality human relationship with the other linear unit, consumer, family, social unit of the user, religious service care, government related to the well-upbeat and the societal care unit to have a twine Co status with them for the even-textured in working order act. On the different hand, Organization with the management clients in which all the disposal clients ought to be speech act the equivalent regard and esteem ought to be kept up (Sawatsky, 2017). In the meanwhile, it is to boot required to offer the administrate by the staffs and the different leadership aboard the upkeep of the categorization to subject to the tenets of Care act and moreover to maintain the modular of moral underlying rules in compelling way (Methley, 2017). The viable seriousness with the associates as the medical specialist co-ops, the specialize group, and alternative staffs to boot is required to be kept up so the coagulated cooperation will inadequately entire the task of message the individualist consumer benefit advertisement. The aid of the bastioned work put aboard the fullness with the anthropoid asset group, administration, group and the other task related group to make the champion work state of affairs.

3.2 Personal effectiveness in promoting and supporting the rights of the individual

There is some individual adequacy center around some different rights and obligations in enhancing wellbeing and moral care. Singular reasonability is the most crucial point of view to be considered in propelling the individual rights and supporting the general population in offering them the proportionate respect (Reeves, 2017). In this way, it has been organized by me to offer the identical respect to the master communities and besides the organization customers in reasonable ways. The classification will be solidly stayed aware of me to keep up the ethical verifiable tenets identified with the howling and the social care unit.

            I will offer the steadfast quality, trust numerical amount and besides the exhibit of the dependence so the organization customers and the other authority associations will feel strong regard offered to them and moreover will have the ability to keep up a strong joint exertion with them in meeting the individual rights and besides to complete the target of the relationship in convincing way (Cooper, 2017). Meanwhile, I will in like manner them to offer their evaluations in the complete of the center commitments to the general population.

3.3 Ways to resolve issues encountered in professional relationships

In keeping up the master activity with substitute specialists in the affiliation, the going with are the preventions used to come into the photo. The nonattendance of the activity approach to manage offer the particular arrangement to the associates to take after and moreover to perform better. The need in the help of the clear and feasible correspondence for the perfect stream of the information and the learning trade (Gomes, 2017) the need in the correspondence moreover may get rise in the dispute, require in following:

  • The precepts and need effort in-aggregate co arrangement in the accomplishment of the errands
  • To beat the checks the going with propels have been orchestrated by me
  • Offering the things to the partners
  • Keeping up the clear correspondence with others
  • Focus on the gathering bond offering the respect to the gathering (Payne, 2018)
  • Suitable controlling of the gathering
  • Offer them the chance to pass on their supposition in the fundamental administration process

All such sort of factor is help to enhance the level of various factor and enhance the development rate in wellbeing and social care area.

4.4 Improve face-to-face contributions to the joint reflectivity of a unit

For the viability of a group every single part needs to contribute somehow (Dyrbye, 2017). As we have just talked about that individual contributors can shape the whole group along these lines I will recommend a portion of the accompanying routes by which every single one can contribute in the viability of a group:

  • No Discrimination: All the colleagues will be from various religion, station, race, age, sex and so forth. Everybody needs to paying attention each other's close to home lives and there ought not to be any breakup towards anybody.
  • Proactive activities: Each one should take proactive activities to finish their parts and duties. Now and then occupation of one colleague relies upon the activity of other (Dyrbye, 2017). So we should complete our errand on time with the goal that other individual can likewise continue and the entire undertaking can be done in the give time.
  • Propelling each other: Job in this area isn't simple. Representatives need to experience numerous aggravated subjects flat and it might prompt pressure. So all the colleagues ought to end up each other's assistance and inspire each other to execute amended.


From the above report is focused on demonstrate effectiveness of the development plan, the nature of different professionals and supporting the rights to solve issues encountered in the professional relationship. As per the view of clients to offer them the compulsory service as my job character is not related to substance the direct care religious service to the customer. The above report effectual time establishment and the task precedence management in effective manner.



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