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HND Unit 3 Implication of Digital Technology Workplace Assignment

Chapter 1:- Introduction

1.1 overview.

In today's scenario, firms are generally conducting research before making any type of step in organization. Moreover, making a proper decision and strategy thus help in attaining the goals and objectives in right context. Normally, it was required to gather information related to the use of digital technology in small company (Di Pietro, Di Virgilio and Pantano, 2012). Hence, many entity looks forward to expand their business in competitive market and thus they are using digital technology to have a better working in order to accomplish higher profit too. Even though, Natural Window Ltd is company who can enhance their business with the use of digital technology and can attain higher profit and productivity as well. With the use of technology they can also reach the large population and can attra

1.2 Background.

Research is that which mainly obtain the needed information in better manner so that effective strategies and decision can be taken so that company can attain their goals and objectives in right context. Although, research was done to gather information related to the implication digital technology is having on small firms and their impact on customers too. Effective research can help company to earn higher profit as well. Proper technology with research make firm to have an right context of working even in smoother way too. Natural window conduct research to gather information related to competitors and whether customers are satisfied with their services and product need to change working condition as well (Dickinson,   and et. al., 2014). Research was also done by the early established companies as well but the method they chose to conduct, it was traditional method which helped them to collect information and data.

1.3 Significance.

Main objective of research is to gather information related to customer satisfaction with products and services of Natural Window. For their satisfaction company has bought many innovation and creativity in their product in right context too. Even though, using technology to produce product in effective way is that which help in satisfying them in proper manner as well. There are various implication of digital technology on small business enterprises and thus firm also look forward to enhance their performance so that they can achieve their targets in better way. A huge competition in market always effect the company in great manner, hence research with use of digital technology can help them to make better decision and strategy in proper way too.

1.4 Aims and objectives.

Aim: “ The implication of digital technology on Natural Window Ltd.


  • To determine the need of digital technology in organization.
  • To determine the change in performance of firm by using advanced technology.
  • To explore range of advance application in firm operation.

1.5 Research questions.

  • What is the requirement of digital technology in organization?
  • What type of changes are there in company performance with use of digital technology?
  • What is the range of advance application in firm operation?

1.6 Time Schedule.

            It is that which does help in completing the project on time and even company also accomplish their target. Time schedule is such which help to know that activity or task has to be completed in what time period. Normally, it is consist of various thing as it shows starting and end date of project including required terms and condition too (Egger, 2013). Hence, manager is that who divide the various task in department so that effective working can be there and importance of project with its objective which has to be attained. This time schedule is such which has various benefit like communication, time management, coordination and understanding all these can be attained in better and proper way too which can help in having a right context of working.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

2.1 Requirement of digital technology in organization.

            Digital technology is useful for organisation because it will help in maintaining and managing all business operations in better manner. It also assist in increasing the productivity and profitability of the firm. There are various points which are describe as follows: Increasing productivity– With the use of digital technology, an organisation can increasing their productivity in better manner. It will assist in making and developing strategies that can maximising the productivity. Overall business efficiency– Business regulate and operate more efficiency while they are using or adopting technology in correct manner. Therefore, digital technology make it easy for customized the documents such as contract templates and user agreements. Along with this, communication is the instant with email and ability to send documents back and forth during negotiation. For adopting the latest techniques and methods, customers are easily attract towards company products and services in better manner. With the use of digitalisation, customers are getting more aware about latest products and also get accurate information at any time.

            Automation of operations– There are different which have different requirements. A business can modify the procedure, so it can direct the financial and labour resources in better manner. Automation can occurs in different areas such as keep touch with customers, tracking collection for transportation, delivery the specific products to the desired customers. Most of the companies are provide training and development program which is based on automation and organisation educational centres which make it easier for staff members to learn new information and also expand the employees skills or knowledge while using digital technology. Business security– In current time period, information security is seen as big issue. Therefore, hackers and thieves steal the customers personal details and information organisation proprietary information on daily basis, but technology can protect the information or data of the company in proper manner.

            In contrary to such Hojeghan and Esfangareh, 2011 says that, Digital technology nowadays is considered as important aspect of company which does help firm to have smooth functioning of work and leads to attain the higher income and profitability as well. Digital technology is thus required in entity as this help in enhancing the performance of company and also convert their working into accomplishing higher profit as well. Use of technology in firm is also done to innovate and bring newness in product and services in better manner as well.

2.2 Change in company performance with use of digital technology.

            Natural Window Ltd is the company who manufacture doors and windows for various homes according to the requirement of customers in great manner too. They eventually found that customer requires something new in their product and services. Although for this they used digital technology which has helped them to manufacture the product as like they want to produce and make customer happy with their product and services in better manner as well. Even though many changes are there in the performance of company like effective working can be there and productivity can also increased and gain the goodwill as well. Some of these things are there which can be achieved by using digital technology on great way too.

            Natural Window is that firm who work hard to satisfy their customer in great manner. The firm does believes in bringing innovation and creativity in their product and services which make them to satisfy there customer in right format as well. Digital technology is that which help company to earn higher profits. Earlier Natural Window as using earlier technology with these they were not be able to cope-up with market and thus this resulted into not be able to perform in great way. Even though advanced digital technology like mobile helped them to attract the large population towards their company. Earlier the company was earning less profit and many of the people does not know about the firm. Use of technology is such which help in earning profit in huge way and even though they used digital mobile technology which helped them to cover the large population in right context and maximum number of people do know about enterprise in correct format.

            In contrary to this Hudson and Thal, 2013 said that, digital technology had affected various company not only natural window in various ways and made them to perform in better manner and lead to earn higher profit as well. Changes in performance can be there and thus it is because of digital technology which help enterprise to get stand in market and fight with competition in right format and thus lead to have an great working too. Even though this is such which does help in attaining the goodwill of company.

2.3 Range in advanced application in firm operation.

            As there are so many operations exists in a organization, In Natural Window Ltd., there is a huge scope for the advance applications, to operate its activities in such a easy way, there are the following operations, managing inventory  is such a big task as there is so much to manage as purchasing of raw material, information of suppliers, etc. so there should be maintain a register of database management system, so that it can be retrieve from anywhere but by the authorized persons, so whenever needed to check the inventory there is no need to check the availability of raw materials physically, that can even check while ordering. Product design can be define as,  customers prefer to take a look on design first, and so there are so many software to design the product as they want, so it is beneficial for them to finalized the goods, as this firm is known for the designed windows and doors with extensive designs.  Sales can be manage through digitalization in businesses, as that they can manages accounts easily to measure the profit and income of business regarding the expenditure. Marketing is also become easy as there is no need to put the print media forward, there are so many marketing channels which can promote a business effectively through internet, by following social media. Social media is a big platform which scream out a business with a hike. Research and development can be done through internet, as offering some questions, on other websites, people can answer that open ended questions and after that a beta testing website can be launched, that can be beneficial for business to increase online sales. It improves manufacturing strategies, as one can send their queries on network during the manufacturing process, if some problem occurs or there is some other issue.


            Research is a simple word which refers a search to get knowledge, that can go through a scientific and systematic approach to retrieve  pertinent information for any desired subject, and  an activity of truth which carry through the help of study, observations, comparability and experiments. The unknown facts which are needed to be search is need to find out through a process is known as research, there are some specific techniques which are aid to perform research operations are known as methods, similarly, research methodology can be define as a scientific study as, how research can be done, with some logics that can help to find solution of problem (Lo and et. al., 2011). There are some basic objectives for this, such as shaping and redefining problems, develop imaginative or suggested solutions, gathering, and arranging and evaluating data, making assumption and reading conclusions, finally test all the conclusions to examine whether they are feasible to formulate theory. For example, Natural window Ltd., is a business organization which designs the wooden carving for home, so before it starts a venture it needed to conduct a research about a project how it will going to begin, and like what are the necessities, machinery, raw material, demands for this and so on.

3.1 Types of research

            Researches has four types, because every problem needs a different way to deal with it, although they are having iterative manner. Because businesses are growing with extensive speed and so they often come across a various problems, as Natural Window Ltd., is growing with digital technology, it is also a demand of time if it refuse to grow with time then it will fall in the market rather than raising high. The first is way is  descriptive or analytical that includes surveys and fact findings that includes the different kind of questionnaires, and present states as what has  happened or what is happening (McCabe, Sharples and Foster, 2012). After the conducting survey the firm Natural Window Ltd., will proceed to the applied or fundamental research that is aim to find out the solutions for an immediate problem that may occur on instance within a business organization, on the other hand fundamental refers to generalization and prepare of a theory. The third step is to quantitative research, that is completely based on the amount of data or the measurement as that is derived through the the surveys, and in contrary, the quality is find out the most qualitative factors that can give an effective results.  So in Natural Window Ltd., it the quality is most important as it will provide the most appealing factors to draw a best output through the surveys, and formulating  the actions, gathered data.

3.2 Research design

            As above stated that organization needs to design an appropriate itinerary to assist employees on the way which can  directs them accomplish firms objective and goals. This research design prepares a concepts to drag them in a direction. The  purpose of the research design is  to provide maximum information collection with less efforts, time and money, but to reach out the final goal (Molz, 2012). There are four categories namely, exploration, description, diagnosis, and experimental. So that means initially, Nature Window Ltd., needs to explore the market in terms of looking out the availability of resources, then it needed to describe everything accurately with associate variables, then it diagnoses the problem to find suitable design with applied experiments.

3.3 Data sampling

            Data sampling term refers to a method to collect data and information for the research project to find out the appropriate output, as desired. When there are uncountable data or a wide range of specific data is available then probability is the only way to select an item from a pool. Nature Window Ltd., may follow the random sampling in which every thing has equal opportunities to get selected, every task has the equal probability to get the selection but in every chance only one will get the selection (Morrison, 2013). In systematic sampling, the first element can be chosen randomly, but after that every tenth element  will be included. In stratified sampling the total elements will split into two different strata, and both have similar chance to be chosen.

3.4 Methods of data collection

            There are two kinds of data collection, which will be helpful for a business like Natural Window Ltd., to know the requirements, and that are follows-

            Primary Data Collection Methods : Primary data collection methods can be divided in two groups, quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative is based on mathematical calculations, of methods of quantitative data and analysed questionnaires with a closed ended questions, various methods of correlation and regression, mean, median and mode, etc. this is cheap to apply and take less time to implementation, as its high level of standardization so it is easy to make comparisons on discovery (Oliveira and Panyik, 2015). On the contrary, quality is depends upon words, sounds, feelings, emotions, colours and some other elements, because its main objective is to understand the level of depth through interviews, questionnaire and observations which open – ended.

            Secondary Data Collection Methods : Secondary data refers already been published newspaper, books, magazines, journals, online portals., etc. These sources are valid conclusions of for any research although it may vary.

3.5 Ethical consideration

            Ethical considerations are a crucial for any organization and critical as well, it describes  standardization and norms to make a slight differences between the legal and illegal characteristics (Ruiz-Molina, Gil-Saura and Moliner-Velázquez, 2011). Because it saves a business and research from all kinds of problem, cause every research is sensitive and confidential, so there is a provision in law that offers a privacy to the researchers to prevent their information from the outside resources with legal authentication.

            Although a survey was done with 30 people to gather some needed information for the organization and thus collection of data mainly done with questionnaire which has helped firm to make better and effective decision and strategy so that entity can perform even in right context too. Survey is mainly done with 30 candidates and tried to obtain information and data in right format as well.


            It is required for the organization to have an analysis of data which is being gathered by company through questionnaire in perfect way and thus this is such that help firm to have better working condition and having smooth functioning of work in right context too. Although data analysis has to be done in right format too.

Theme 1: Used services of Natural Window?

1.) Have you ever used services of Natural Window?


·       Yes


·       No


·       Not heard about company


Natural Window is a small firm who is serving millions of people with their services in great manner and thus look forward to make satisfy with their product and services too. It was required by company to know that whether people know about the company or not so that they use other media to cover large market and for such outcome of the research is 20 out of 30 people said that they have used their services and even performing well in market too. 7 out of 30 people said that they have not used their services and product and apart from such 3 out of 30 people said that they didn't even heard about the company so how would they have taken their service.

Theme 2: Is digital technology help in attaining goals?

2.) Is digital technology does help company to attain its desired goals?


·       Yes


·       No


Many company are there in market for earning profit as this is there main motto and they have earned even though. Natural window is among those company who also used technology to earn higher profit as well with attaining their goals and objectives too. 24 out of 30 people said that digital technology is helping organization to attain their goals and objectives in great manner and performing in effective way too. 6 out of 30 people said that digital technology is not helping them to attain their goals and objectives because earlier they were also attaining.

Theme 3: Are you happy with services?

3.) Are you happy with the services of Natural Window?


·       Yes


·       No


·       Not taken Yet



Interpretation: Every company in this world is required to gather information and data related to satisfaction of customer with Natural Window product and services in right context too. Although for such according to research the outcome is like 22 out of 30 people said that Yes they are able to satisfy their customer with their product and services in great manner as well and made it to earn higher profit as well. Therefore 5 out of 30 people said that No customers are not happy with their services and need some innovativeness in their product and services too. Apart from such 3 out of 30 people said that they have not taken their services yet or not used in proper manner even though too.


4.)  Digital technology does help in bringing investment criteria in company?


·       Yes


·       No


Theme 4: Help in investment criteria?


Interpretation: In this world, investment is taken as another way of earning money through higher return from various criteria. Even though, it was required for the company to know that digital technology also help in bringing the investment criteria in great manner. Although in this 25 out of 30 people said that digital technology does help in bringing the investment criteria in proper manner and thus make them to earn higher profit as well and also 5 out of 30 people said that No technology does help company to attain their goals and objectives but somewhere fails to bring investment criteria in great way too.


5.) Natural Window is using digital technology in better manner?


·       Yes, they are


·       No, they are not


Theme 5: Is company using technology in better manner?

Interpretation: It was required by the company to gather information related to know that is company using technology in right context or not. According to the research the outcome is like 26 out of 30 people said that Yes they are using technology in proper and better manner though as people who took their services said such and apart from this 4 out of 30 people said that company is not using digital technology in better manner as many of the people does not know about the firm then how they will use their services.

Theme 6: Does help in long term benefits?

6.) Digital technology does help in having long term benefits?


·       Yes


·       No


 Theme 7: Did they succeed to cover large market?
Many small business use the digital technology to earn higher profit in proper manner and to use digital technology for the longer period as well. From this scenario the outcome is 23 out of 30 people said that yes firm is having utilising the digital technology in proper way which is helping them to have benefit of such for the longer period even though and made them to attain goals and objectives too. 7 out of 30 people said that No entity is not having a large benefit of digital technology as because technology changes with time and even in great way.

7.) Natural Window has used Digital technology to cover large market?


·       Yes


·       No


Interpretation: Even though the many company are there in this world who used the digital technology to cover the large market and same thing is done by the Natural Window and it was required by them to collect information that they have used digital technology in better manner or not to cover it and for such 28 out of 30 people said that they have used it in great way and reached the maximum population too. Apart from such 2 out of 30 people said that they didn't even know about the firm.


8.) Natural window has used digital technology to innovate their product in right format?


·       Yes


·       No


Theme 8: Did company used technology to innovate their product or not?


Interpretation: Natural window has used digital technology for having great working scenario in company and can attain their objective within the time period. For such according to survey the outcome is like 21 out of 30 people said that Yes entity is using the digital technology to innovate their product and services so that they can attract the large number of people and can earn higher profit as well in great manner as well. Apart from this, 9 out of 30 people said that No they are not using the technology to innovate and bring creativity in their product and services in right manner. Even though they are using to earn higher productivity too.


            Natural Window is that company who uses the digital technology in great manner and make them to earn higher profit in right context too. Recommendation and suggestion mainly used to bring improvement in their working scenario and also make them to have an appropriate manufacturing of product and services (Sigala, Christou and Gretzel, 2012). Some of the recommendation to the Natural Window Ltd as:

  • Use of digital technology is better manner can help them to attain their goals and objective within time period stated.
  • Digital technology is required to be use according to market so that they can use it effectively and can know how to use it to have a great working too.
  • Moreover, digital technology can also be used for future prospect as with this they can imagine to produce different kind of doors and windows for their future clients.
  • They even can bring themselves on various social sites to gain competitive advantage an can make aware to customer about their company and products too.
  • Natural Window is that which can lead to earn higher income and profit as well by using effective strategy and decision too.
  • Therefore, digital technology is that which lead to have an increase in performance as well and thus it lead to have an effective working too.
  • With the help of technology they can also bring innovative and creative product and services which do help in increasing sales of company and make them to earn higher income too.
  • Digital technology do help in expanding business parts, and take their busies across the boundaries of country too.
  • Even though, it is required to improve the method they are using to produce their product and services, although it is required to use modern method to have such in great way too.

            Generally, recommendation and suggestion to company is that which help them to improve the working scenario and make them to use the digital technology in better manner so that they can earn higher productivity as well with profits too (Soteriades, 2012). Bringing innovation and creativity in product can help them to increase their sales and can make them to get stable in market as well.  This is something which can help them to work in right context and thus they can also earn higher productivity too.

            Along with this, which conducting overall investigation, I faced issues related to ample number for factors like cost, time and many more which can be said that were standing as barriers for me to draw favourable outcomes in set time frame, On the other hand, I have used descriptive investigation design that could help in me in reaching to an all new level. Away with this, inductive research approach have also been used by me so that selected topic could directly help in conducting the investigation right on time. It has also been found that, it was required for me to pull more relevant data with the help of different sources from both primary and secondary. In context to primary method, it is helpful or more effective in collecting the data or information by measuring different perception of the people about the particular area.

            The above research methodology defines the the scientific and systematic approaches of research, to know the implications of digital technologies in a Natural Window Ltd, which is a medium business environment.  The types of researches are applied by the researchers to accomplish a certain objective, with some fundamental types, including descriptive or analytical, applied or basic, quantitative and qualitative.  Research design is another technique to give a direction to the project through adopting exploration, description, diagnosis, and experimental from any of these the assignments get a correct direction to go ahead, and after this it needed to adopt a data sampling technique from probability that aid to equal chances to chose any random element, there can be random sampling, statistic sampling, systematic sampling. There are some ethics which binds every researcher to protect  their information from others, and make them aware about right and wrong activities. After this report is about digitalization affects on business, it tells  how a firm can grow better within new emerging techniques. Moreover, in this data analysis is also done of the thing which is being gathered from the market as this has helped the company to make an proper strategies and decision in the company which has helped them to have an effective working too. The literature reviews is also being included in which various question is been answered to have a proper knowledge of various things too.

            In last part several recommendation are also provided which has helped them to use the available research in better manner and thus such thing has also helped them to improve the working scenario as well. Research project is such which do help in learning various thing as this is such that also help in having various skills and thus it also make the company to attain their objectives and goals in better manner as well.

            Away with this, it has been analysed that there are many alternative research methods that investigator could used instead of questionnaire. In this context interview, can be considered as one of effective approach that would have helped investigator in conducting the research easily. On the other hand, there are various questions which could be prepared for taking the opinions or viewpoints of respondents on the research area. But, the best approach which was found that would work for this investigation in the best way i.e. Questionnaire as mostly questions in this consists with multiple answers which could help respondents on thinking over different aspects.


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