Leadership Management and Development

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Leadership is the crucial is the crucial part of the every individual life under which a good leader guide to team members which helps to managing the work and takes the effective decision. In this way, there are different types of the leadership style which is adopted by the leader and applies at the different situation at the work place. Different leadership theories which is used by the leader at the work place and various practices. In addition to this, Malcolm X focuses on the transformational leadership wherein they increases the motivation of the team members towards the task which helps to increasing the overall productivity as well. In this context, there are different leadership style which is followed by the leader and team member involving the decision making process. They also contributes the ideas and suggestion which helps to leader to takes the effective decision and meet the goals and objectives of the team. Furthermore, various leadership style under which leader applied at the work place and different situation. In this context, leader uses the different leadership style and applied in required situation under which they fulfils the goals and objectives of the team. In this way, individual highly motivated towards the task and they are able to completing the task in well manner (Akers, 2013).

Leadership is a skill or ability in individual who can lead or guide other team member or group to perform willingly and can inspire others as well as share vision to other team members . Provide information and knowledge to others for achieve task effectively and efficiently. Leader is the one, who motivates or encourages others to work actively with time management for achieving of task (AlMazrouei and Zacca, 2015). Leader should have a clear vision first of all, so that he can show correct path to other team or group members.

Leadership word creates an image of person who have a good management skill, personality, who gives task to other person and monitor them. There are various theories introduced by experts on basis of different believes and values. As per case study, we will have a major focus on Transformational leadership theories at work place rather than in other areas. Leadership involves following activities which are discussed in brief discussed. In this context,Creating a vision to create a vision leader should identify strength of organisation through different analysing tools for example SWOT analysis, Porter's five forces model etc. vision should be compelled such that it can be explained to other person and he can also feel and understand that (Avolio and Mhatre, 2012).

Motivate and Inspire team members leader should have a skill of motivating and inspiring other team members such that they can accomplish task actively. Organisation also expects a good result from there employees so it is significantly essential that employee too work actively and with enthusiasm. Ensure the delivery leader should also ensure that the delivery of work is as per the requirement and if not than an effective change should also be managed. Developing team team development refer to the developing potential in team members, providing knowledge to them, building coordination in to team members (Barrick and, 2013).

There are various theories introduced by experts individual beliefs and that are briefly explained. In this way, Great Man Theory This theory was introduced in 1840's. As per the great man theory suggest that the traits of leadership are inside the individual by birth and he grows in confrontation of appropriate situation to him. This theory was popularized by Thomas Carlyle. In 1860, Herbert Spencer, an English Philosopher opposed this theory. According to him, leader is a result of time and action of conditions he faced during social life.

Trait Theory This theory was founded in 1930's. This theory is focusing on individual attributes which include mental, physical and social qualities. By ranking on above attributes an individual is known as good leader. That is certain qualities cooperatively makes a good leader such as intelligence, good sense of humour, responsible and creative (Collinson and Cook, 2013).

Behavioural Theories This theory was founded in 1940's which is a reaction to trait theory. Under trait theory, behaviour of a leader was focused which includes mental, social and physical attribute of individual. In this theory, first leader is divided in to two categories.
First, leader who is concerned with a task. Secondly leader who concerned with people. Theory says good leader is one, who is focussed for both the things as task accomplishment alone should not be only focus but effective accomplishment of task is essential and for that leader should also b concerned about people.

Transformational leadership Theories This theory was founded in 1970's. Its also known as exchange theory of leadership. As name suggests theory is upon transaction between leader and its followers (Daft, 2014). This theory says, leader should motivate team members so that there performance increases. Leader must give a adequate reward as well as punishment on basis of their performance, so that individual gets aware of his mistakes and can overcome it and increase his performance.

Transformational leadership wherein leaders are those who grows with their followers. They inspire followers to achieve extraordinary results and develop them in to a leaders. Here, leader tries to create a good bonding or relation. It helps in growth of both leader and followers. Leader provide flexible rules and regulation and guided by group norms. The essence of this theory is leader transform his follower both intrinsic and extrinsic. In this context, the transformational leaderships under which leader creates the vision and mission accordingly they guide to team member which helps to get the idea about like how to completing the work and attain the mission of the team (Daicoff, 2012.). On the other hand, this leadership provides the increasing the motivation level which is used by the leader for enhancing the motivation towards the task. It helps leaders to easily manage their work and attain the goals of the team. In this way, with the help of transformational leadership, leader effectively uses at the work place and increasing the interest towards the task. It helps team members to work in effective manner and completing the task on times. Moreover, good leader can guide the members in well manner and right direction which helps individual able to handling the any task which is assign by the leader. Accordingly, they meet the aim of the team members and manage their work based activities. Furthermore, through this leadership, leader can identify the strength and weakness of the individual as per this bases they provides the work of them. In this context, transformational leadership style provides to the individual about the way of idea towards the work under which they are able to handling the any risk is occurred at the work place (Frick and, 2014). It assists leader to effective uses the available resource and managing the work based activities as well. On the other hand, a leader attends to the follower's needs and wants under which they requires to take the open session. It helps all members to interact with each other and share the needs and demands. In this context, they fulfils the demand of the followers which helps to increasing the interest level and meet the aim of them. Furthermore, they also part of the decision making process which helps leader to takes the effective decision because person gives the ideas and suggestion. Transformational leadership Employee motivation this leadership style helps to motivate employee based on reward and punishment employees become more productive and efficient . This technique also help to maximize performance and another they work efficiently and completed projects on or before time deadlines (5 Different Types of Leadership Styles ,2015 ).Achievable goals under this management style ensures that its objectives for the company will be realized. They are easy to fulfil and perform well to achieve organisation goals and objectives.Productivity and costs- A Transformational leadership it Is a very effective when it comes in the organisation it reduce overall cost and enhance productivity .Does not create creativity- This leadership is rigid, the suggestion are under the management so it hampers the creativity from members of the team . The short term objectives and their policies make it hard for Transformational leadership .Insensitivity- Since Transformational leadership style operate within rules and these rules cannot be changed in this Transformational style and this style do not really put the emotions of employees in the organisation these still remains to be popular among the leadership style and it controls the employees performance and hampers the leadership and creativity skills of the workforce.

Transformational leadership is style wherein leader followees the rules and regulation for matining the relation with the team members (Fullan, 2011). In this context, this rules and regulation helps person to maintaining the behaviours towards the services and performing in well manner. This theory based on the inspiration motivation, intellectual stimulation, idealized influence and individualized consideration which person focuses on these aspects and accordingly they motivate. On the other hand, the another leadership style like democratic leadership style under which leader takes the decision with the help of all team members (5 Different Types of Leadership Styles ,2015). They gives the suggestion and innovative ideas in the decision making process which helps leaders to takes the effective decision and workers creates the motivation towards the task. In this way, leaders uses this leadership style under which it is the more beneficial. However, leader not able to fulfils the demand of team and delay on the decision making process because members gives the suggestion in decision. Henceforth, the democratic leadership style is the positive and negatives so that it depends upon the leader and different situation at the work place (Hakanen and van Dierendonck, 2013). Moreover, another leadership style is the autocratic leadership style under which leaders takes the decision without involving others. In this way, with the help of this leadership style, leader takes the quickly action and decision because all the members not able to gives the suggestion. It affects the decision making and their situation which is taken by the leader. In addition to this, leader the leadership style applies at the work place which creates the less motivation and lack of interest towards the task (Iqbal, 2013). They are not able to deliver the best services and discouraging the individual. As per this, leader not able to managing their work and they also not able to fulfils the goals of the team. However, autocratic leadership style applies at the work place under which negatively impacts on the team and individual performance. Henceforth, the autocratic and democratic leadership which is followed by the leaders and uses the different situation at the work place. Apart from this, the laissez faire leadership style under which leader measuring the performance of the team members. In this way, if the individual requires to training and development for enhancing the performance and improving the knowledge and skills which is needed at the work place for completing the task. It helps followers to generates the interest towards and attain the team goals and objectives. However, this leadership style creates the lack of control of the individual and leader not able to measure the every performance of the person (Kathy and Deborah, 2007). Apart from this, the Transformational leadership style, leader set the goals and objectives of the team under which they get the idea about the how individual performing the task. In this context, they guidance in right manner which helps person to perform in well manner and generates the interest towards the task. Furthermore, they also provides the rewards to the individual which helps to increasing the motivation towards the task and they able to fulfils the gaols and objectives. Henceforth, all these leadership style are interconnected the transformational leadership style under which directly and indirectly useful the leader. It helps leader takes the effective decision and they are able to meet the goals and objectives of the team (5 Different Types of Leadership Styles ,2015). In this way, individual get the chance for contributing the ideas and highly motivates towards the task and they are able to handling the any risk which is occurred at the work place. Moreover, by providing the training and development, individual get the opportunity for enhancing the performance and improving the knowledge and skills which helps to generates the interest towards the work. They are able to gives the best services and meet the goals and objectives as well. The transformational leadership style is the more useful for the company under which they increasing the individual productivity and enhancing the motivation level. It affects the performance of the individual and they are highly motivated towards the task. In this way, followers are influences for fulfilling the goals and objectives (Kaur, 2015).

As per the above discussion it has been ascertained that Malcom X has been adopted the various effective strategies in order to coordinate people at workplace. Leadership is an effective quality of individual through which he/she can monitor, evaluate, control, inspire and motivate his subordinates at workplace (AlMazrouei and Zacca, 2015). Malcome X can adopt transformational leadership style in order to improve its performance and monitoring upon the subordinate. As per the previous discussion it has been ascertained that transformational leadership style assist to the Malcom X in order to monitor and guide subordinates at workplace. In addition to this , transformation leadership style may be found at all the level of the organisation, team department, division and organisation as a whole.
Malcome x leadership style defines that use of impression management and therefore lends itself to amoral self promotion by leaders. As per this theory, leader crate high performance workforce has become increasingly important and to do business leaders must be inspire organisational members to go beyond their task requirement. By use of this leadership style, present leaders have effective attend their task at workplace (Collinson and Cook, 2013). Malcom x has effectively inspire, and motivate his subordinated at workplace. In other word it can be said that transformational leadership style defines the effective ways to inspire the subordinates and workers at workplace (Krogh, Nonaka and Rechsteiner, 2012).

With assistance of this transformational leadership style, cited leader works with subordinates to identify needed changes, creating a vision to guide the changes through inspiration, and executing the changes in tandem with committed members of a group (Barrick and, 2013). Transformational leadership serves to enhance the motivation, morales and job performance of followers through a variety of mechanism, these included connecting the followers sense of identity the self to a project and to the collective identity of the organisation being a role model for followers in order to inspire them and to raise their interest in the project, challenging followers to take greater ownership for their work, and understanding followers to take greater ownership for their work and understanding the strength and weakness of followers , allowing the leader to align follower with task that enhance their performance.
On the other hand another leader of the workplace adopt the trait theory of leadership under which is very essential theory of leadership. By use of this theory, leader can achieve driven high level of efforts, high ;level of ambition and energy and initiative. The trait theory of leadership is based on the characteristics if many leaders.,As per this leadership style, the leadership can developed in the individual by born time. In the leader various leadership style has been developed by born time (Termeer and Nooteboom, 2012). As per this style of leadership a successful leaders definitely have interests, ability and personality traits that are different from those of the less effective leaders. Through many researches conducted in the last three decades it has been founded that successful leader have been identified by their characteristics. In additional to this leaders traits are not responsible solely to identify whether a person will be a successful leader or not.

As per the above discussion it has been ascertained that Malcom x has adopted the transformational leadership style in order to motivate, coordinate, control, inspire, influence, direct, and support the people at workplace. By use of this leadership style he have successful attempted the entire assignment of the organisation in an effective manner. He has successfully attempted the people success at workplace (Daicoff, 2012). He has able to motivate, coordinate, inspire, control the people so as they have successfully complete their roles and responsibility towards the co-operation. As per the previous discussion it has been founded that this leader have accomplished his desired task at workplace and motivate subordinate for accomplish their task within a specific time period. However, some of the subordinates have not properly maintained by the Malcom x. Some of the subordinates and workers have unable to like this style of leader but most of subordinate like this style. Malcome x leader should adopt the criteria of self analysis so s it can bring the essential improvement in his working. In addition to this leader must have use the different approach and methods for motivate and inspire people at workplace so as subordinate will motive for higher performance (5 Different Types of Leadership Styles ,2015).


From this above discussion it has been ascertained that Malcom x has adopted the transformational leadership style through which he can contribute his high level of efforts and ambition in the working at workplace. This theory is a naturally pleasing theory and serve as a yardsticks against which the leadership traits of an individual can be assessed.


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