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Management and operation are major aspects of business organisation. Coordination between management and operations of business organisation ensure the success of organisation.

Efficiency and effectiveness of operations in an business organisation is purely depends on action and strategies of management. This report exhibits role of managers and leaders in the organization which assists in enhancement of efficiency and effectiveness of various operations and task within the entity. This report describes in the context of Toyota Plc, a Japanese company dealing in the auto-mobile sector, differences between management and leadership, key operational functions, key operational approaches, impact of external business environment factors and strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to leadership.


1. Overview and management structure of company:

Toyota Motor Corporation is Japanese company and by volume it is world’s largest auto maker. Toyota is mainly engaged in manufacturing and sell of vehicles and motor parts in various countries. Presently company is operating its business globally with approx 53 overseas manufacturing companies in 28 countries and regions selling vehicle in approx more than 170 countries and regions.

Toyota has large range of activities related with manufacturing and sell of vehicle, to manage all these different segments divided as per activities company follows divisional management structure. Toyota also has a centralized global chain and headquarters of company in Japan is responsible for all the major decisions. Generally divisions are not allowed to
communicate with each other and significant communications are routed through headquarters which creates a systematic centralised control over the all divisions and segments.

2. Definition and roles of both managers and leaders, highlighting the differences between management and leadership:

Managers: Managers are individuals who are responsible for supervising, controlling and managing other staff or individual projects in an business organisation. Managers are the persons in an organization who design and manage the work of an organization in the direction of the pre-determined goals and objective of the company. In order to accomplish a particular task and objectives efficiently, Managers farms strategies and policies and to manage the workings of staff and employees, a systematic schedule is prepared by managers in Toyota. Following are the major role of managers, as follows:

  • In Toyota, managers plays a significant role in determination of objectives and goals of the company while considering recent market trends, scenario and competitive advantages & disadvantages.
  • Managers acts a chain of communication of policies and direction between employees and top management.
  • Managers develops new approaches, ideas and initiates new process for enhancement of performance of business organisation.
  • Managers promotes the employee friendly environment in order to increase capabilities of employees in Toyota.

Leaders: Leaders are individual who develops a long term visions and motivate others in business organisation to achieve  them while building a team spirit. The main objective of leaders in Toyota is to lead and encourages employees in order to enhance efficiency and productivity of their performance. Following are the significant roles of leaders, as follows:

  • Leaders have a vital role in motivating individuals in organisation to accomplish goals and objectives determined by organisation.
  • Leaders gives directions in order to communicate and influence individuals in organisation to do activities and tasks according to specific policies of organisation.
  • In Toyota Leaders solve out the issues or problems of individuals and obtain feedback of customers to address them.

Difference between management and leadership:





Leadership refers to competence of leader to inspire individuals in organisation in order to enhance their performance, capabilities and efforts to achieve objectives.

Management refers to set of activities relating to planning, coordinating, managing and directing of business in order to achieve particular o

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