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The concept of quality depend upon user's perspectives. Quality is an significant component in health and social care. It is important that services provider has to provide quality of services and should also address all the requirements of external regulatory bodies (Buck,; 2011). The present report is based on Stanford Residential care home who is providing services to elderly people. This care home is not providing the quality of services. The system, policies and procedures has been explained. Along with this some factors has been discussed which suggest to improve quality of services in Stanford care home.;


Question 1

In cited care home Sam is appointed as manager. He has to use proper system, rules and procedure in order to provide quality of services. Care Quality Commission has made new compliances and establish new care services which has been adopt by the manager. The policies and procedures that should meet the requirements of CQC. The manager has to meet all the requirements of regulatory, legislative with in the health and social care sector.

Health and Social Care Act 2008, Regulation 2014 – The residential home care has to follow this rules to make sure to provide quality of services to patients with safe and effective manner and encourage them to improve their health. They have to regulate all the services on regular basis to meet out with all the fundamental standards of quality and safety. The people have right to receive quality of services (Care Quality Commission, 2012). The manager has to monitor and inspect all the activities to meet out with the standards. They have to protect the rights of elderly people including who are suffering from mental problems. Time-to-time the manager has to take appropriate actions when these services are falling below the standard requirements.

Care Act 2014 - This act set's out the duties of service provider in assessing the need of people. In this act the managers has focus on the requirements of patients and how these are impacting upon their well-being (Care Act 2014, 2016). Whenever any person is suffering from any illness or diseases the service provide has to provide them in quality.

One system i.e. total quality management, it means that it clarify the philosophy and tactics of hospital which has been struggle by the organisation in order to provide quality of services to accomplish with the needs of customers. They have to apply the concept of total quality management through which they can alter the quality of services which has been provided by staff (Hutchison and et. al., 2011).

The manager has constantly scan and review all the standards which has been framed but the CQC for the health and social care development. They have to collect all the information which are up to date so that service provider can subscribed to provide new services. On the side, the manager has to monitor all the tools which has been used by staff for the well-being of patients. Through this the manager can be up to date with the patients health but sometimes it waste their time also. With the help of monitoring all the patients, it will be beneficial for the patients. The managers has to adopt these rules on regular basis in order to provide quality of services to patients and fulfil their needs.

Question 2

The concept of quality is difficult. There are numerous factors which influence the quality in care homes. The organisation has to follow all the rules and regulations which has been set by the external agencies. External agencies set the standards and benchmarking in order to provide quality of services. In Stanford residential home care the external agencies plays an important role. They have to find those ways through which they can improve quality of services. They have to provide proper training and development programme to new employees in order to provide to provide quality of services to patients (Kocher and Adashi, 2011). But there are some factors which can make contribution in the attainment of quality of services such as;

Team working- In health and care social organisation, improving the quality of services then it is important to work as team. While working in team, the members can share their task and they will learn from the other which will improve their skills and knowledge. In cited care home it is important to work in a team so that service provider can provide quality of services.

Health and safety at work place– It is the responsibility of managers and services provider to follow all the provisions which has been set regarding the health and social care. At work work place it is important the that the organisation has to follow the act of Health and safety at Work 1974. in this this the employers have responsibility to protect the rights of employees at work place. The employers have to analyse those factors which are causing hazardous to employees. These regulation will lead in the dramatic improvements in care homes and service provider will work according to the care quality commission.

In Stanford residential care home it is important to improve the quality of services by taking advices from the expertise (Mechanic, 2012). The manager has to provide proper training and development programme to employees. Through this, these employees will acquire more information that how to do things in new manner. This is important aspect in care homes to provide ongoing trainings so that services providers will be up to date of information. With the help of this they will also became to know how to use new equipments in order to provide quality of services. With the help of training it also improve the skills and knowledge of employees and they give will provide productivity results. Training minimise the preventable accidents and it promote the quality of services. Further, they have to take feedbacks from the employees that in which area they need suggestion to improve their quality of