Analysis of Personal and Managerial Effectiveness

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Introduction to Personal and Managerial Effectiveness

In the modern era, it is necessary for every individual to have better planning of career opportunities so that goals can be accomplished in an effective manner. It is important for the person to have correct information about the career path so that plan can be designed effectually. It also requires continuous monitoring so that effectiveness of personal and managerial development can be analysed and goals can be accomplished in the desired manner.

In this report, learning will focus on personal and managerial effectiveness and with concern to that, marketing is considered as a professional field. There are number of career path in marketing field that can be classified as advertising and marketing manager, sales director, product manager, market analyst and public relation director. In this report, the advertising and marketing manager are considered as the key career paths for better career planning.

Discussion and Analysis

Career planning methodology

It is a kind of ongoing procedure that helps the individuals to manage learning and development factors in a better way in order to meet the career objectives. It is also referred as a continuous process that focuses on various factors such as interest, values, skills and preferences. With an assistance of this, individual can also make sure that his work fits with his personal circumstances and factors which will facilitate him in accomplishing his career objectives. This process covers four key steps which every individual must follow for effective career planning. The classification of steps can be like self assessment, choosing a career, decision making and action implementation.

In this respect, firstly I will have my self assessment in order to ensure about my strengths and weaknesses. I will also try to identify my interest so that I can understand my key strengths and will be able to choose a correct career path. After this, I will compare my interest and strengths with various career paths in order to find out the most suitable path. In the third phase, I will choose the best suitable career path and make some significant decisions regarding that as it will facilitate me to accomplish my career goals. At last, the decision taken will be implemented and the development will be monitored in order to meet the set objectives.

Marketing as a professional field

Marketing is all about communicating to customers with consideration of organisational goal or motive to sell product or service to them. In other words, it can be said that it is to have communication about key values of product within market. I have chosen marketing as my professional field because it has great opportunities in the current market scenario which also boosts my career opportunities. In the modern era of competitive market, every business organisation is using various marketing tactics and tools to better sustain in the market. This indicates that there are number of marketing jobs which are present in market. It is one of the beneficial factors for my career goal’s accomplishment. Other than this, I have chosen marketing as a professional filed because its key motive is to make relationship with customers and to communicate them information about the product in an innovative way. It is one of my key interests to interact with people and innovation is one of my strengths which will facilitate me in the accomplishment of career goals.

Marketing is also the most suitable field because it has number of job opportunities which can be classified as advertising and marketing manager, sales manager, product manager, market analyst and public relation manager. It also enhances my career opportunities and facilitates to accomplish the goals in a better way. It also plays a key role in the success of every organisation and facilitates in creating better awareness about the brand or products within market.


Advertising and Marketing manager

It is necessary for the individual to have improved knowledge about marketing principles and market trends. Person must have good communication skills and need to have 2-4 years job experience in the field. Also, he must have good time management skills and ability to perform various tasks. Managing various marketing strategies and policies that can boost advertising activities is also one of the requirements in him.

Sales manager

It requires high level of communication skills and he must be capable enough to manage the sales force in order to accomplish the sales and profit goals. High level of observation skills is also necessary so that customer perception can be interpreted. Individual must have 5-6 years work experience in the sales field. Along with that, he must have good coordination skills to have better accomplishment of day to day activities. Also, he should have proper knowledge about various sales strategies so that sales target can be met in an effective way.

Product manager

It is necessary for the individual to have skills that can manage and develop the marketing activities in an order to maximize the sales of product. Person must have proper skills which can help him in the analysis of brand performance. Also, he needs to ensure about the current trends of products so that desired product can be developed. It is also essential to understand the customer needs in order to develop an effective product. Monitoring and observation skills are also necessary so that problem areas in the product can be identified in a better way.

Market analyst

In this, it is necessary for the individual to have skills to gather information about various market trends and products so that better strategies can be designed. Person also requires good coordination and team management skills so that he can coordinate effectively with other managers like sales, advertising and product manager. Individual must analyse the performance of competitors in order to understand the success factors. Price, features and methods of marketing, all needed proper analysis to have effective operations. Research skills are also needed in the individual to understand the trends in a better way.

Public relation manager

It is necessary for the individual to have good communication skills so that he can interact with others to create better relationship. Individual must participate in various public relation activities that provide opportunity to interact with clients. He must have good coordination skills so that he can coordinate with various print and broadcast media. Also, he should have proper knowledge about the benefits and drawbacks of diverse forms of media that business can use.

Challenges while progressing as advertising and marketing manager

It has been identified that there are number of challenges that I faced while working as an advertising manager. In this support, it can be said that key challenge was to have effective allocation of budget to all marketing activities. Many times, the effectiveness of marketing activities has impacted negatively due to improper allocation of budget and resources. So, it is necessary for me to overcome this issue. If manager has allotted wrong budget to media source that cannot provide better outcomes then effectiveness of overall marketing will be affected.

Another key issue regarding differentiation which has been spotted is that sometimes, customers do not want to watch the advertisement as they do not take it as their interest. It impacts the overall marketing activities in a negative manner so, it is necessary for manager to overcome the issue. In this respect, I must bring some differentiation in advertisement so that customers can feel interested in watching advertisement.

Scarcity of resources is also one of the issues that impact the working of marketing manager. In most of the cases, it has been identified that the marketing manager design their marketing activities without any proper allocation of resources. In this, the key challenge is to have effective allocation of resources so that they can meet the objectives in a better way. Marketing manager also face some issues regarding customer and product positing which also impacts the marketing activities. It is necessary for the manager to ensure that policies are designed with a consideration of customer perception and needs.


As per the above study, it can be concluded that the personal and managerial effectiveness measurement is necessary for better career opportunities. It has been identified that with an assistance of career planning methodology, individuals can design better future. In this, individual needs to follow some steps that can be classified as self assessment, choosing a career, decision making and action implementation. It has also been spotted that the marketing field provides number of career opportunities as it offers wide range of jobs. The classification of career path in marketing field is as advertising and marketing manager, sales manager, product manager, market analyst and public relation manager.


It has been identified that marketing manager faces number of issues that impact the overall marketing activities. It is necessary for the marketing manager to overcome the issues by improving knowledge about marketing principles and concepts. Other than this, I can also focus on various educational courses that can amend my knowledge about marketing. The improvement in knowledge in context of field will also boost the career opportunities. I can go for masters in marketing so that I can amend my career opportunities. Moreover, I can also concentrate on some other marketing courses that can render the support to my marketing skills. I can look for social media marketing courses and some other courses to have better opportunities in the future.


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