Developing the Skills of Employees

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Organization Selected : M&S


In order to give tough competition and increase efficiencies of business, it becomes essential for all organizations to develop the skills of their employees. In this regard, by organizing training and development programs at the workplace, HR managers can increase the productivity of employees on an individual and team basis. It will help in getting contribution of workers towards achievement of business objectives. In this regard, present assignment is made to discuss the importance of development of team and individuals. Company which is taken for this purpose is M&S which deals in retail sector and serve products worldwide (Pinjani and Palvia, 2013). This report highlights the knowledge, skills and behaviour possessed by HR professionals to manage whole working environment. Furthermore, importance of organisation and individual learning is evaluated to increase productivity of employees. In addition to this, concept of performance management with some approaches to motivate workers also described in brief.


P1 Determining appropriate and professional knowledge, skills and behaviour that are required by HR professionals

Today, every organisation seeks to get high skilled and experienced employees at workplace. For this purpose, it is necessary for managers to organize training and development to develop skills and knowledge of workers. In context with M&S, this company of UK has large working organisation and operate business in many countries. It offers high branded clothes to customers on reasonable price rates. In order to manage whole working environment and maintain reputation of business at marketplace, some knowledge, skills and behaviour that HR managers should possess are given as below:

Skills to be possessed by HR professionals

Skills are defined as abilities of an individual that makes able to manage whole working environment in systematic manner. In context with HR managers of M&S, to deal with multiple situations, some necessary abilities are:-

  • Leadership and managerial skills: To influence workers towards achievement of business objectives, it is necessary for managers to should have possessed high managerial skills. Through leadership qualities, they can develop collaboration among working staff and assist them to work in team (Knowledge and skills required by HR professional. 2016).
  • Strong communication: Since in M&S, to gain competencies, its employers used to implement new technologies in business on regular basis, which may increase employee resistivity. Therefore, by strong and effective communication, HR managers convince workers to adopt new technology and give support in achievement of set goals (Amabile, 2012).

Knowledge to be possessed by HR professionals

Knowledge refers to information which is gained by individuals through academic classes. Having right knowledge aid HR managers to take rights decision in quick manner related to increase efficiencies of business (Ford, 2014). Thus, for formulating strategies and policies, managers of M&S have following knowledge:-

  • Business knowledge: This type of knowledge aid managers to develop policies which are in favour of organisation. Right knowledge of business helps them to give effective suggestions to employers of M&S to set goals and determine area where changes can be made to improve sales performance.
  • Laws and regulations of Government: To develop policies of business like job employment, payroll, compensations, appraisals and more, it is amendable for HR mangers to possess right knowledge about governmental rules and regulations. It will help in running business and giving employment to workers in legal manner.

Behaviour required by human resource professionals:

Behaviour can be defined as attitude which shows individuals have to behave and develop interaction with others for convey a message (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). In this regard, two types of behaviour that HR managers of M&S must show are:-

  • Ethical behaviour: This type of attitude of manager helps in developing and maintaining positive environment within organisations. It aids in formulating policies and strategies in ethical manner as well as motivate workers to give high contributions in success of business.
  • Decisive Thinker: Managers of human resource department are considered as high decisive thinker. Being decisive in thinking procedure refers to key for being an effective business partner. Therefore, having this ability or behaviour, HR managers can analyse situation of workplace and take actions accordingly which help in resolving the same.

P2 Personal skills audit to identify appropriate knowledge , skills and behaviours for developing a plan of given job role

Personal skill audit refers to technique by which individuals can judge in which area they are good and where development is needed. In context with M&S, which is one of the best retailers in the world, to work under this company, it is necessary for a person to should possess high abilities and knowledge (Ford, 2014). As an HR manager in this company, to fulfil requirement of business, it is necessary for me also to analyse own strengths and weaknesses also. Therefore, for this purpose, I have audited my skills in following manner:-

  • Strengths: The area where it can be shown that I am perfect to gain this position is the effectiveness of communication. I have analyzed that my main strength of mine is strong communication power. Through this ability, I can turn negative environment of workplace into positive one, by convincing workers to adopt new technologies.
  • Weaknesses: Apart from strong communication skills, the areas where I need to develop my skills are problem-solving and time management. Due to less experience in solving complex situations in the workplace, I fail to complete a project on time. In addition to this, sometime I also feel unable to take quick decisions which also arise various problems.

Therefore, to overcome from my weaknesses, I have developed personal development plan as shown below:-

As per HR professionals, personal skills audit has been comprehended as below:


Serial no.

Learning objective

Current proficiency

Target proficiency

Development opportunities

Time scale


Problem solving skills



In M&S, there are several situations arise in business on regular manner like conflicts between workers, resistance to accept changes, high demand of suppliers etc. where I need to take actions to handle such issues. Therefore, by taking some business classes under professional institute, I can develop my skills to identify how to deal with problems.

30 to 45 days


Decision making



It is another weakness of mine which assists me to work under seniors and upper level of management. Under supervision of them, I can analyse how to take right decisions in quick manner so that performance of business can be increased.

2 to 3 months


Time management



In order to improve efficiencies of business, it is necessary for managers to complete a project in given span of time. But conflicts among team-members and availability of limited resources, sometime disturb whole process. Therefore, in this regard, by taking some time management classes, I can learn techniques to manage workplace and how to complete a project on time.

2 to 3 months


P3 Difference between organisational and individual learning in training and development

  • Individual learning: This concept shows personal abilities of individuals by which they develop own knowledge and gain experience (Berry, 2011). By working under guidance of seniors and get training on individual basis, employees can reduce own weaknesses and develop abilities to perform well.
  • Organisational learning: It can be defined as training program which is organised to increase productivity of employees. Through such type of training, a company can bring collaboration among workers by giving them equal chance to learn how to work in desired manner.

In context with M&S, it’s HR managers provide both type of training as per demand of business. It helps in reducing skill gap between high professionals and less skilled workforce as well as develop effective relations in them (Amabile, 2012). Through both type of training, M&S get advantage to reduce high labour turnover and chance to gain competencies as well.

Individual learning

Organisational learning

  • This kind of training gives opportunity to workers to reduce their weaknesses and develop abilities to give best performances.
  • Providing training on individual basis seems to be complex for M&S as it has more than thousands of workers.

  • While it provides change to company to reduce skill gap between workers and generate equality in them by giving training in group.
  • It is easy for developing skills and make employees familiar with new working environment or technologies.

P4 Analysation of need for continuous learning and professional and development to drive sustainable business performance

  • Continuous learning – It will helps at workplace which reduces their capabilities and abilities and also enhancing their skills in an appropriate manner. In these procedures, an individual can increase their skills and knowledge by personal experience.
  • Professional development – It is considered as various concept from continuous learning. In this process, a person acquires knowledge and abilities by taking academic and professional degree in proper manner. For having professional in business, it will assist employees to solve their issues and problems in easy manner. Along with this, it also helps in enhancing morale of other employees.

Thus, in the large organisation both kind of learning program which are assist in continuous learning and professional development are required. It assist in driving sustainable position and increasing performance of the business for gaining higher growth or development. In the Marks and Spencer organisation, both type of learning helps staff members which enhance their skills and knowledge by working under the professionals. It includes, it is required for company manager is to manage and maintain some kind of training sessions for employees through which high skilled and talented work force that can be gained in better manner (Gibbs, 2013). In addition to this, they need to track all records of each and also compare their performance with their previous experiences so that this will helps in examining whether employees have learnt skill properly (O'leary, Mortensen and Woolley, 2011). For reduces the labour turnover, it is the main duty and role of human resource manager is to provide quality based and positive environment to their staff members which assist them in performing good work. So they can easily gain higher profitability and income. It assists staff members in sharing reviews and views with each other which develop and build strong relationship with them. Thus, all such procedures help marks and Spencer in gaining productivity of employees and reaching with their goals and targets in given time frame. For creating improvements, a person must acquire skills and knowledge in better manner. According to this outcome, it will assist company in gaining high competition advancement and making accurate decision making procedure.

Advantages of learning process described as under:

  • Abilities lead an employee to became confident – When an employee are being capable for performing their work in given time period so this will help them in increasing confidence level in proper manner. Along with this, it will also helps in motivating and encouraging other people to work by creating feeling of competition among them.
  • Growth of an individual and organisation – Through providing learning program, company manager provides opportunities to staff members which assist them in growing and developing in better manner. It helps in enhancing productivity of them and also gains loyalty among them.


P5 Understanding of HPW in contribution to employees engagement and competitive advantage in specific organisational situations

High performance working defines that term which is the procedure of developing and maintaining work place of an organisation. It helps company managers in giving employee engagement through which difficult work of business can be achieved in short time period. HPW force superior of enterprise to engage employees in large group task if they are belongs to various types of cultures. It assist them in developing strong relationship with each other so they can share all their thoughts and ideas in better way. This would assist employees in reducing weak point and increasing skills and knowledge in specific sector (McCormack, Manley and Titchen, 2013). Therefore, company manager can use various approaches for improving present skills and knowledge that will return enable workers in order to enhance their performance for particular activities and functions. Marks and Spencer has large working surroundings in which large number of staff members are performing working in the work place in order to reach with goals. Sometime, there are conflicts and disputes occur within an organisation due to lack of coordination. Therefore, for resolving these issues HPW assist company management in formulating good relationship among them by which they are high committed for gained.

In marks and Spencer, there are various ways for enter in the new marketing area where large number of competitors are exist. Therefore, it is required to provide innovative products and services according to the needs and demand of customers. Through HPW procedures, company managers are used to develop collaboration between employees and it influences them to work hard for reaching with set goals and targets. In addition to this, it also assist them in using resources in more economic way by improving and increasing performance level of staff members of business (Seibert, Wang and Courtright, 2011).

High Performance working includes different process which helps company in gaining high commitment of employees that can lead towards success of business goals that are described as under:

  • Team building – It is determined as an important procedures of high performance workforce through which superiors of a firm so they can gain loyalty of employees and their support in reaching with business targets effectively. In these procedures, managers select large number of members that can assist in developing strong team and assign them various roles or duties according to the skills and abilities of them. This will helps in completing work on given time and obtaining higher results of business.
  • Share duties – For working the team, workers can share their roles and duties with other members in easy way that can reduces the stress level. Along with this, it can lead them in generating strong or good relation and getting new experiences.


P6 Different approaches to performance management with a specific examples

Performance management is the procedures which assist in developing knowledge and skills of employees, enhancing their productivity and increasing organization performance level. It is that type of process which mainly conducted by human resource manager of the company and they are liable for making records of workers on individual basis in order to measure performance of them (Schaubroeck, Lam and Peng, 2011). It can helps firm in creating positive working environment through which employees can do work in better manner. In addition to this, performance management system are involves:

  • Developing or creating a appropriate recruitment by forming clear job description.
  • To measure and evaluate the performance of firm and its productivity too, hiring qualified or skilled workers in the workplace. With the help of this, they can gain higher income and profitability in proper manner.
  • Giving proper guidance and lead towards right direction to their workers which assist them in reaching with desired goals and targets in the given time period.
  • They are required to monitor and evaluate the employees performance as per this the company manager distribute their work or task at the workplace.
  • It is necessary for firm manager is to organize and manage training and development sessions to reduce the weakness of employees and increasing their skills and knowledge.
  • Provides compensation and rewards to workers according to their performance.

Some approaches of performance management are :

  • Comparative approach – in this type of approach of performance management, company mangers and leaders of firm are used to provide ranks to workers from high to low margin according to the working abilities of them. Marks and Spencer provides wards and wards to their employees who gained top position in the ranking.
  • Attributes approach– In such type of approach, employees are getting ranks from manager on the basis of parameters set by superior managers. Rating procedures includes the way of problems solving methods, communication way, various and innovative ideas possessed by them and so more (Pinjani and Palvia, 2013).
  • Behavioral approach – It is determined as one of the oldest approach where company managers of marks and Spencer used a BARS method that includes scale of 1 to 10 rating. For providing rate to workers, employee needs huge facts and figures regarding them which consume more time.

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From the above mentioned report, it can be concluded that every individual in an enterprise play an essential role in providing various advantages to the firms. For creating improvements, a person must acquire skills and knowledge in a better manner. According to this outcome, it will assist company in gaining high competition advancement and making accurate decision making procedure. The supervisor of organization can encourage and motivate their workers that can help them in reaching with set goals and targets in given time period effectively. Therefore, company manager can use various approaches for improving present skills and knowledge that will return enable workers in order to enhance their performance for particular activities and functions.

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