Strategic Analysis and Planning for SLC


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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • SLC street lightning corporation is a corporation which takes care of the street lights and maintenance of public facilities. Prepare a strategic analysis of SLC.
  • Make a strategic plan that may enable the company to overcome its recent shortcomings.
  • How SLC can gain competitive advantage over the management it is seeking.
  • Determine future prospects of SLC and whether such strategies would be sustainable and what can be done to improve them.
Answer :
Organization Selected : SLC street lightning corporation


Strategic analysis refers to the process of conducting research on the company and its operating environment to formulate a strategy. This help in defining the internal and as well as external environment which needs to be analysed. Planning plays an vital role in providing better services to the consumer (Danish and et., al., 2019). Beside this it also help in capturing larger market share in the well define manner. This report is based upon the SLC street light corporation which deals in lighting industry. The organisation is head office is located in North India . The firm mainly sell goods to government and semi government sector. They provide complete range of lightening tunnels, sports fields, subway stations and transit lights. The organisation have credit limits with the public sector banks. Beside this porters five force analyse has been to identify the competition and its suppliers. For the present organisation the company have huge market and its increased by 17% in coming years.

Overview of Problems with the Current Strategy for SLC

The major problem of SLC is the marketing organization and the company needs to improve its marketing strategies such as focus on mass promotion such like TV advertisement, and promotion in newspapers. The marketing department of the company must focus on the market segment which in lacking. Along with this is it essential to have proper supply chain as this is the major cause for the increasing price of the product. With the proper research and development programs the firm can figure out the effective sources for the supply chain. The street lighting corporation must put emphasis on the quality departments which help in improving the services and product to the final consumer. This is the major reasons why the organization is incurring the loss.

The another problem which is faced by the SLC is delays in the timely delivering of product and services to the end user. They often use local vendors for the raw material which increases the price of the product. The company prime decisions was taken by the Malik and all the department where directly reporting to malik. The current strategies for SLC is that they have adopted monthly production process which help in providing timely delivery to the consumer. Malik is implementing just in time approach as this will help the firm to gain timely services in the well defined manner.

Strategic evaluation

Strategic evaluation means collecting the information regarding the plan and its progress. Further this has been identifying the effectiveness of the company and help in making blueprint which help them to grow and expand for the longer time duration. For the organisation like SLC the management must ensure that there must be proper planning which help in reducing the risk and uncertainty present in the market. Here is the PESTLE analyses of SLC in the detail manner.


This model provide better detail about the challenges present in the market. The SLC have to face various kinds of threats and uncertainty present in the market as this help in making more profit in the smaller time frame (Gandrita and et., al., 2019). Here some detail information which will help in understanding in the detail manner.

Political factor:

Political factors plays an vital role in determining the factor which can impact the SLC for the long term profitability in the various sector. The political factor includes rules and regulation, legal framework and stability of the government. For the country like UK here is the stability which aid the organisation to grow and expand in the specific time period. Due to BREXIT there is downfall which reduces the flow of product and services. There is effective trade regulation and tariff as this minimize the cost for the company. This help organisation to gain larger market share effectively.

Economical factor:

This factor include inflation rate, saving rate, interest rate and foreign exchange exchange rate. So this is crucial for the SLC to figure out the current position of the country before entering in the new market. The current economical condition must be good and people have high per capita income which leads towards profit maximization for the company. So in this case SLC must invest in UK and this is one of the most emerging market in the world. There have been proper exchange rate and less government intervention which help the firm to grow and expand effectively. There have been skilled workforce in electronic industry in country which makes beneficial for SLC to avail there services to the consumer.

Social factor:

This is the factor which include demographics, believes norms and ethnic background of the people. It effect the most to the company as different people have different set of behaviour regarding the purchase of the product and services. Along with this, it include different culture and attitude towards the organisation. For the firm like SLC the management must do proper research and development programmes as this help in understanding the needs and wants of the consumer. Shared beliefs and value of the population plays an vital role in the market. The management must ensure about the needs and wants of the product which aid the company to attract more and more customers towards the company.

Technological factor:

Technology is fast and it is disrupting various industry across the board. There have been vast change in the electrical industry since last decade which had made the convenient for the people as well as for the company to offer there product and services to the larger audience. This is crucial for the organisation like SLC to implement new technologies as it aid the firm to capture large market share in the well define manner. Innovation guarantee success and this also reduce competition present in the market. With the assistance of the technology the firm can offer high quality product and services to the end user. This will also improve the value chain of the Street light corporation and also help in minimizing the cost of production process.

Environmental factor:

Different countries have their own set of environmental standard which impact the profitability of the organisation present in the market. Even within the countries the different states have different laws which may hamper the production of the company. For every organisation this essential for the firm to have proper analyses of environmental laws which help them avoid risk and uncertainty present in the market. The other environmental factor which include are Weather, climate change and law for manufacture the product. For the organisation like SLC this is crucial for the company to follow all the rules and regulation of the which comes under the environment.

Legal factor:

Legal factor include international law and foreign exchange policy, currency exchange rate and inflation rate. The firm should carefully evaluate before entering such markets as it can lead the theft of the organisation secret sauce and overall competitive edge. So before entering in the new market this is important for the company to figure out all the rules and regulation in order to avoid the risk and uncertainty. The firm must follow anti trust law which help them to reduce the theft present in the market. Along with this, firm must use copyrights and safety law which help in to employees to have safety for the production department.


Porter's five forces model:

SLC maintain its status as the major lightening manufacture in the company by providing better and high quality product and services to the consumer (Ramos-Monge and et., al., 2019). Along with this it support the growth opportunities and the competitiveness present in the market. This model was given Michael porters as this help in identifying the competition present in the market. Strategic formulation based upon the result of porters five forces which aid in providing better insight in the well define manner.

Competition rivalry:

Competition reflects to the degree of competition interaction of among the firm including SLC in the similar market and industry. The high aggressiveness of the firm corresponds to the strong force for the SLC. On the other hand moderate number of the organisation have the impact on the business. So Street light corporation must be aware about there competition and offer high quality product to avoid the competition threats.

Bargaining power:

The bargaining power of the customers refers to the influence of that customer have on the particular product and service. For the company like SLC the management must ensure about the customer needs and wants as this aid the firm to reduce the bargaining power of the consumer. So there must be strong process of communication system which help the consumer to aware about the new product and services in minimum time frame. Along with this firm have to keep there price low as this will aid the firm to gain more and more market share and also reduces the bargaining power of the consumer.

Bargaining power of the supplier:

This refers to the external forces which emphasis on the organisation needs and wants. There are different suppliers which set the price of the product and services of the single commodity. Hence this is essential for the SLC to address the moderate bargaining power of the suppliers which is based upon the external factor which must be ascertain for the company. For minimizing the impact of suppliers firm must keep various suppliers in touch as if one individual increase its price there is second option for the betterment and growth. The Street light corporation management must include the forces which effect the business and the industry environment.

Threat to substitute:

There are different kinds of threats present in the market which include competition, changing environment and government policies. The external factor has the moderate contribution to the threat of substitution facing in the business and in the industry. On the other hand low performance represent the limited capabilities of the substitute present in the market. There are different kinds of organisation present in the market who deals with the lightening sector. So SLC must ensure about offering better product and services which leads towards making more profit and growth in the limited time frame.

Discussion of the proposed strategies

Yes I agreed with the John proposal as this help the organisation to monitor and provide timely services to the consumer. John proposed to SLC that they should order the product directly from the vendors and not from the manufacturer as they charge high price which directly increase the price of the product. Rather than consolidating all the orders and the forecast of the company the firm must make or develop a master budget which is beneficial for the organisation for keep all the records of the product and can timely avail the product in the market. Along with this company can use Just in time approach and ensure all the planning is based upon the timely delivering and schedule which is agreed to the timely delivery of the product. Beside this firm have to focus on the financial aspect and also slow down the wastage of the resource which is the major cause for the loss. The SLC must use innovation and new technologies to improve the quality and also help in offering better product and services to the consumer. The just in time approach will help the company to maintain the demand and the supply present in the market in the well define manner.

Apart from this company needs to improve the market position by redesigning the whole structure in the efficient manner. There must be proper and efficient structure for the company which help them to improve in making better services and reduces the competition present in the market. However this is also essential that suppliers should gain timely payment as this help in creating goodwill and brand image present in the market. This method will aid the firm to recover the financial crisis. The effective communication must take place in the SLC as this help in offering better quality product in timely manner.

Future prospect

The organisation like SLC is going to set up the small scale units for manufacture of Ballast, a major components for the lightning fixture. The company wants to build the good reputation by providing better services to the consumer (Silva and et., al., 2019). The organisation leader Malik has set up the company collaboration with the leading European MNC as this will help in improving the brand image present in the market. Malik have setup the high quality product and standard as compare to the Philip which is the market leader in the particular segment.

The company wants to maintain the high quality standard for all the inputs such as material and other parts which are used in making lightening products and services. There are other factors such as availing loan from banks. As of now organisation will now limit the loans from the banks as this will aid in firm to minimize the cost for the offering the product and services present in the market. Further SLC is going to setup the small research and development cell which help the organisation to make better quality of the product. The future prospect of the company is that they will undertake the supply from the local vendors rather than taking from directly from the manufacturer.


From the above statement this essential for the organisation to make strategic planning as this help the firm to gain competitive advantage present in the market. There must be proper analysis on external environment with the help of PESTLE the firm can reduce the risk and uncertainty present in the market. However this is also crucial for the organisation figure out the strength and weakness so that they can improve the current positions of the company. In order to minimize the losses the firm have must indulge in proper use of resources which will help in recover the financial loss present in the organisation.

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