Evaluation of Organisational Behaviour

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Question :

Topic - Organisational Behaviour

Learning Outcomes:

LO3 - Generate an understanding of how to cooperate effectively with others

LO4 - Use concepts and philosophies of organisational behaviour to a given business situation

Project Brief and Guidance:

You are working as a unit co-ordinator within the A&E department of a local hospital, responsible for the allocation of staff and patient flow.

Recently, there has been a major incident close by which has caused an increase in patient admissions.

You have been assigned to design a trauma team that will attend the incident, however, the department is already short staffed, and resources are stretched.

Recommend members of a team by using your knowledge of team behaviour, roles and development based on their interactions and apply organisational philosophies to ensure that they are able to sustain a great team dynamic, whilst maintaining performance and quality levels.

Utilise The Above Case Scenario to Develop Ideas and Generate Further Research.

The business report must include the following:

  • Explain your report by mentioning the term teamwork, referring to organisational success.
  • Evaluate group development and team theories, including Belbin and Tuckman to determine what makes an effective team as opposed to an ineffective team. (Think about the above scenario)
  • Discuss the effect group dynamics can have on performance, use relevant theories to support your discussion, and any limitations.
  • Interpret how organisational philosophies and concepts inform effective behaviour. (Consider theories such as Path-goal leadership and Contingency theory)
  • Contrast the different theories, models, and concepts around teamwork and organisational behaviour and recommend which one/s would be more effective to the above scenario, with justification as to why.
  • Analyse the findings of your research by discussing whether team development theories and organisational behaviour concepts and philosophies influence behaviours in the workplace positively or negatively.

Grading Criteria

Learning Outcome




LO3 Develop an understanding of how to cooperate effectively with others

P3 Examine what makes an effective team as opposed to an ineffective team.

M3 Discuss relevant team and group development theories to support the development of dynamic cooperation.

D2 Briefly evaluate and evaluate the relevance of team development theories in context of organisational behaviour concepts and philosophies that influence behaviour in the work place.

LO4 Use concepts and philosophies of organisational behaviour to a given business situation

P4 Use concepts and philosophies of organisational behaviour within an organisational context and a given business situation.

M4 Examine and evaluate how concepts and philosophies of OB inform and influence behaviour in both a positive and negative way.

Answer :
Organization Selected : London Bridge Federal Hospital


Organisational behaviour is mainly concern for studying about the behaviour of each personal or a group of people so as to assess that in which manner employees are carrying out their given task or project. In order to influence and guide employees in an effective manner it is essential for an organisation to examine the behaviour of employees so that they can understand demand needs of them and can operate all activities accordingly. Also, it will help them to motivate their employees to do team work so that efficiency and overall profitability of the organisation can be increased. In this file, the organisation which has taken into consideration is London Bridge Federal Hospital which is a private hospital situated in south bank of river Thames in London. This report give its focus on considering that how an effective team can give their contribution in achieving the organisational goals and objectives with the help of some philosophies and theories (Hashim and Wok, 2014).

Effective Team Opposed in The Ineffective Team

In an organisation, team can be defined as an aggregation of group of people who are coming together in terms to attain a specific goal of the organisation. All the members within the team have different skills and characteristics which enables them to accomplish their work with great efficiency. This is because an effective team is able to establish proper coordination with each other which allows them to perform their job in a well manner. Team are categorised under two categories like effective team and ineffective team.

Effective team refers to a team which gives their higher contribution in achieving the organisational goals and objectives by managing each of the task in an effective manner. These teams are considered as foundation of the organisational success. As London Bridge Federal Hospital is facing the problem of short staffed and lack of resources due to which it is essential for them to give their emphasis on making effective team so that they can attain higher growth in marketplace (Chumg and et. al., 2016). An effective team consist various characteristics which are as follow:

Establish Company's Goal-

An effective team will allow the manager of London Bridge Federal Hospital in ascertaining the goals of the organisation and make required efforts to accomplish their task in a most appropriate manner with the higher support of employees.

Open and Honest Communication:

This define about that how freely and frequently all the team member communicate with each other, will ascertain effectiveness of team. It is essential for the manager of London Bridge Federal Hospital to make proper communication with their team member so that their motivation and encouragement level can be increased and get the assurance of accomplishing all the task in an optimal manner (Coccia and Cadario, 2014).

An ineffective team is known as ineffective when lack of focus, lack of openness and trust, poor leadership, lack of purpose and other factors are taking place in the team. This will direct lead the negative impact on the efficiency and work ethics of the employees which will result lower effectiveness of team as well as organisation of London Bridge Federal Hospital. An effective consist various characteristics which are as follow:

Errors and Negativity-

There will more chances of errors in work if team is ineffective as it develop demotivation and negativity among employees which hindrance their performance level. Manager of London Bridge Federal Hospital needs to give their focus on making effective teams inn their organisation so that they can enhance their performance by eliminating all errors (Norton, Zacher and Ashkanasy, 2014).

Job Distribution-

Due to ineffective team, it might happen that distribution of work can not done in an appropriate manner like some employees will feel burden and some might not which will lead direction negative impact on performance level of London Bridge Federal Hospital.

Consideration of effective team despite of ineffective team has various significance for the company which can be ascertained by following differences:


Effective team

Ineffective team

Underlying goals

All the objectives and goals of the business will be accepted and understood by each member easily.

Herein, aims and targets of the business are not understandable by each member.

Member contribution

Every member will take actively participation in achieving organisational goals.

Due to lack of motivation employees will not take actively participation in team.


Decisions in this are taken with the help of every member in the team. Herein, decision will take after considering each of the team member.

Whereas, here decision-making process are conducting prematurely.


Analyse Group Development and Team Theories:

There are various theories of team development which can used by the manager of London Bridge Federal Hospital which are describing below:

Belbin Theory:

This model depicts that each and every personal have different skills, knowledge and experience which different them from each other (Bester, Stander and Van Zyl, 2015). It is very useful model for London Bridge Federal Hospital as this will help them in making effective team, by evaluating strengths and opportunities of a team. It consist different role of a team which are defining below:

Action-Oriented Roles –

The people who are performing these roles are mainly concern for improving performance of teams, execute ideas into actions and considering all the given deadlines. These roles are shaper, implementer and completer-finisher. This will help London Bridge Federal Hospital in coming up with best ideas and implementing them in an effective manner. It will bring the self discipline in teams which enables them to performing their job in an optimum manner.

People-Oriented Roles-

These roles within the team will assist to make connection between the people and ideas. Here, coordinator, team worker and resource investigator is coming which are give their emphasis on bringing effective ideas so as to attain the higher success by appropriately using given resources.

Cerebral Roles-

Herein, those people are liable for performing the roles who have some expertise and specific skills so that they will be able to come up with the best decisions. These roles includes monitor evaluator, plant and specialist. These are taking all the roles and responsibilities in a significant manner and define all the affirmative and perverse aspects of team (Bakotić, 2016).

Tuckman Theory

This theory is developed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965 in which he gives main focus on the manner that how a team gear task from initial formation of team and at the end when the project is completed. The consideration of this theory is very beneficial for London Bridge Federal Hospital as it will them in making an effective teams by insisting the organisation to formulate clearly define stages and goals for the organisation. This theory comprises four factors which are necessary for this respective company to take into consideration to tackle problems, plan work, find solutions and many others (Wong, Mahmud and Omar, 2015).


This is the first stage of team development in which the task is allocated to each team member due to this herein all the members will behave independently. Because of this, employees will highly depend the leaders for guidance and direction so that they can perform their role in an effective manner.


In this phase, all the members of team will starts to address the task suggesting ideas which has been decided by considering various factors like ethics, hierarchy, goals, timelines, rewards system and many others. At this stage, London Bridge Federal Hospital might have to face the issue of leadership, power, authority and structure due to which it is essential for them to delegate task among employees by maintaining all these factors.


Herein, cohesion will create among all the team members which will help the London Bridge Federal Hospital in resolving all the issues or conflicts as each of the member is ready to accept each others ideas and will cooperate as per the given values, methods, and standards. This will enables the team to do their work with more efficiency so as to achieve organisational goals and objectives.


This is the last stage in which all the team members will come together to perform their given task with the great efficiency and within the limited period of time. Higher efforts of team will help London Bridge Federal Hospital in achieving their determined goals significantly (Mitchell and Schmitz, 2014).

Examine The Effect of Group Dynamics

Group dynamics refers to the set of psychological and behavioural processes which is occurring between the groups. These are considered as unconscious factors which have huge impact on the performance, reactions and behaviour of team. As it defines that each personal have their own skills, characteristics and knowledge which differentiate them from each other which makes it essential for the London Bridge Federal Hospital to give their focus on assigning work as per the employees characteristics. In this aspect, the Belbin theory is very helpful for them as it will help them in assign each role and responsibly to the right person so that effectiveness within the association can be maintained. But this theory is only measure the behaviour of the team not measure their personality due to which the effectiveness of accomplishment of task is affected badly (Stowell, 2014).

Concepts and Philosophies of Organisational Behaviour

Path-Goal Theory of Leadership-

This theory is work on the basis of ascertaining leadership style and behaviour that is beneficial for the both employees as well as organisation. The main aim of it is to enhance the satisfaction and motivational level of employees. It enables the organisation in motivating employees to give their best efforts in achieving desired outcomes.

This will help the London Bridge Federal Hospital in identifying the activities, capabilities and characteristics of its employees so that they can influence them to adopt the changes and cope up from all the issues in an effective manner. It will also help them in taking best decisions for their employees to motivate them and for maintaining a positive culture within the organisation.

Classification of Path-Goal Theory-

Employees Characteristics-

This will insist the employee to possess some certain skills and capabilities as per the organisational needs and requirements. It is essential for the manager of this respective hospital needs to influence and guide their employees effectively so that they can deliver quality services to their patients (Mohammad and et. al., 2015).

Task and Environmental Characteristics-

This refers to the identification of issues which are facing by employees within the workplace so that all the conflicts can be solved in limited period of time and the negative impact of these on the employees performance can be reduced.

Contingency Theory:

This theory depicts that a leader needs to adopt any of the leadership style as per their situation so that the main motive behind adopting the leadership style can be fulfilled in an effective manner.

For example, if A&E or Accident and emergency department of London Bridge Federal Hospital is facing the issue of some emergency case then in this case it is essential for them to adopt participative leadership style so that they can take the suggestions from each and every personal in order to cater the patient in a most appropriate manner.

Leadership Styles-

Leadership styles are very useful for the leaders of an organisation as it helps them in motivating and guiding employees in an appropriate manner. Some of the leadership styles are describing below:

Participative Style-

This is the most effective leadership style as it is mainly concern for involving all the employees in decision-making process and also encourage them to work together in team so that effectiveness of assigned task can be assured. Consideration of this leadership style is very beneficial for the leaders of London Bridge Federal Hospital as it will enables them to gain higher support of employees as because due to this they will feel that they are important part of the organisation which enables them to give their best in organisation (A. Agarwal, 2014).

Directive Style-

In this leadership style, leaders take theory decisions without considering employees. Herein, leaders have determined some boundaries for their employees to accomplish their work. It is most suitable when a complex project needs to be completed within the limited period of time. By using this leadership style leader of London Bridge Federal Hospital can delegate all the roles and responsibilities among the employees appropriately and can establish proper control on them in order to meet the desired objectives on time.

However, the above described theory is very helpful for the company as it will enables them to select a most suitable leadership style for their organisation so that higher level of motivation and encouragement level of employees can be maintained. As for the leaders of London Bridge Federal Hospital, participative leadership is best for them as it will help them in getting higher support of employees by welcoming their ideas and opinions in the functional decisions which will results higher success and growth of the organisation.

Compare The Different Theories, Models, and Concepts and Select The Best One

The different theories, models and concepts have defined above in which each have their own significance and importance. As the above described both team development theories like Belbin and Tuckman are very effective theories for the organisation. As Belbin have defined the role of different team member within the organisation which enables each personal to perform their role in an appropriate manner. On the other hand, Tuckman has pertained different stages of team building but regulating this theory required more time and efforts of the leaders as in the initial level of this stage employees are not ready to accept the given responsibilities. Due to this, it can be see that in order to maintain proper motivation and encouragement London Bridge Federal Hospital, must focus on adopting Belbin theory as it will help the leader in delegating all the roles and responsibilities among the employees in an effective manner as per their skills, expertise, knowledge and interest which enables them to get best outcomes from the employee which will results higher satisfaction of patient from the facility hospital which resulting higher success and sustainability of the organisation (Hashim and W

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