Individual Behaviour In Context of Organization


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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Tesco is a retail supermarket chain of United Kingdom. What are the motivational factors used to influence employees and achieved organisational goal.
  • Discuss an understanding of how to cooperate effectively with others.
  • Examine the factors that influence culture, politics and power on the behaviour of others in Tesco.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tesco


Organisation behaviour is a process of studying individual behaviour in context of organization for motivation and performance evaluation of particular individual in working of firm . This study involve continues evaluation of relationship between individual and organisation or in organization and group of individual for there betterment (Bharathy, 2018). Here we study about organizational behaviour in Tesco, a leading retail giant in UK with market share of 20 percent. Tesco is 3rd largest company in world if compared with its gross revenue and 9th largest if counted by net revenue. Company was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen. Tesco is currently operating in seven nation including Asia and United States. In this we will discus the about impact of organization behaviour on individual and group performance. We will also study how motivation can help in boosting performance of an individual and help in achieving goals and objectives .


P1 Impact of Organisation’s Culture, Power And Politics on Individual And Team Performance And Their Behaviour

Organisation culture is a combined framework of values, thinking, norms, system , habits, , experiences and philosophy of an individual or group of individual in firms working environment. This culture may vary with different organization(Bester, J., Stander, M. W. and Van Zyl, L. E., 2015). In context of Tesco organization culture is where there employee work with using there full efficiency and utilising there full power by matching with other employees . There are four type of organisation culture which are stated below

Clan culture : It is that culture where leadership become mentorship and every employee behave like family in organisation by interacting positively with each other . Tesco is also using this culture in their organisation which impacted positively on there company as employee satisfaction is increase and employee turnover ratio have decrees (Burrell and Morgan, 2017).

Market culture : Market culture is that culture of organisation where leaders stats focusing on achievement of goals and eliminating competitors with hardcore performance. Tesco also follow this culture but it use it as situationally. When tere is peek demand in environment with good working situations then tesco implement this culture on there organization which impact positively by providing them competitive personnels.

Androcracy culture : This culture focus creativity and flow of energy in firms atmosphere. employees are encouraged by leaders to take new steps in there performance and bring creativity in organisation this will impact positively on tesco as it is a global company where it needs new idea for innovation and creativity just because of it tesco have to use this culture.

Hierarchy culture : This culture follow working on a fixed structure hence there is no creativity in organization . This culture is follow to make sure proper control over the organization. In context of tesco, this culture have positive impact on firms profitably as it ensure effective control of manger over the firm (Christina and et. al., 2014).

Top level management of tesco should use each of the given culture properly in a well managed manner that can help the firm to increase there profitably and continues motivation of employees .


It refersthat set of activity which an individual have to do in organisation by governing firm in the direction of its objectives. Politics have different type of influence on individual as well as group performance. Tesco follow two type politics which are mentioned below

Positive politics : In this politics leader treats there employee in positive manner by providing then proper incentives and treating them good in organisation . In tesco this politics is used when employees are get demotivated than manger use some incentives to increase motivation in that employees .positive impact of this politics on tesco is it will increase motivation in employee which increase there performance (Coccia and Cadario 2014). Negative impact of this is incentives may increase expenditure of firm.

Negative politics : This politics deal with achievement of organisation goals in any how. In this manger forces employee to do work by threats like termination of job etc. which indirectly increases employee performance because of fear of losing job. This politics is use by Tesco when there is high work load. Positive impact of this type of politics is facilitate easy achievement of organization goals .


Power is the ability to influence others for doing some work according to other's instruction. It is that things which is use to take advantage of other by influencing its behaviour

Reward power : This power is use to increase motivation of employees . Tesco have different policy to motivate there employees which include monitory and non monitory tool . Use of this power impacted positively on tesco as there employee efficiency have increased.

Coercive power : these powers have impacted negatively on organization performance as there employee gets demotivated because of these powers. and employee turnover ratio will increase .

M1 Evaluation How The Culture, Politics And Power of Firm

After studying the politics, culture and power of an firm it is evaluated that there are various impact of this on individual performance (Cooke 2018) .for example in tesco where there is proper flow of powers and situational culture polices are followed will help organisation in improving performance of their employees which can be seen in there increase profits .


P2 Motivation Theory And Their Implementation

Motivation : Motivation is the inner felling of an individual or a group of individual to do a particular work with perfection. Intrinsic motivation is that motivation which driven from inside of an individual. Extrinsic motivation is that which is drive because of out side incentives like money, fame, etc.

Motivation Theory's : These are the scientific methods to drive motivation out of employee wile working in organization for achievement of gaols and objectives . There are two type of theory which are mentioned below

Content theory :These are those theory which focus more on factors of driving motivation in an individual there are different type theory in it for example Herzberg’s two factors, Alderfer’s ERG and Maslow need hierarchy . tesco use Maslow need hierarchy theory. According to these theory motivation can be driven out of an individual by fulfilling its needs, which are categorise in five stages physiological, safety, love/belongingness, esteem and self-actualization needs. These are formed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 . he told that every individual have these five needs which can help organization in achieving its objectives by matching these(Dawson, 2018) . Tesco can use this theory in by fulfilling needs of there employee with the help of rewards and opportunities while working in organization . This will impact positively on tesco performance because company employees get motivated by fulfilment of there needs which facilitate good performance and increased profitability.

Process theory : Process theories are those which explain the relationship between motivation and individual through mathematical analysis. Process theory includes Skinner’s reinforcement, Victor Vroom’s, equity theory, Adam’s and many more . Victor Vroom's expectancy theory is currently used by tesco. This theory is propounded by professor Victor Vroom in 1964 . in this theory he focused on three major points that are expectancy, instrumentality and valance. Tesco use this theory by matching the expectation of their employee , instrumentality of their employee by providing them adequate compensation and valance of there employee through regular monitoring and identifying there needs for there motivation . This impacted positively on company as there employees are now motivated and have optimistic mind set which helped the organisation in gaining goodwill in market.

M2 Influence of Behavioural Motivation Theory on Behaviour of Others

Emotional intelligence : It is that quality of any individual which is related to controlling his emotions as well as others in other words it can be said as influencing others emotion.

After evaluating motivational theory it can be said that these theory and techniques of motivation have direct impact on behaviour of individual as his soft skills will impacted by these theories(soft skills are way to communicate with other individual). Because of motivation there will continues increase in skills of individual and its performance ability in the organization .

D1 Relationship Between Culture, Politics, Power And Motivation

There is a close relationship between these because these all are essential for increasing performance level of employee of the organization(De Vasconcelos, Gouveia and Kimble 2016). For example tesco is operating at good level in global market because by matching organisation culture with positive politics and rewarding power. It also use proper tools and techniques of motivation for there employees . The same strategies should be adopt by any firm.


P3 Effective Team And Ineffective Team

Team refers to the group of individual who come together to achieve a common goal in specific timing . There are different type of team in organisation:

effective team : These are those teams where task, responsibilities and goal are clearly stated to members of teams

ineffective team : These are those where the team member are in state of confusion because of no clarity in roles and responsibilities.

Types of teams in organization

Functional Team: These are those teams which are formed to perform a specific function in an organisation these teams are divided according to department

Task Force Team: Task force teams are those which are formed to perform a specific task in the organization. These can be for short period of for long period.

Project Team: Project teams are those where team member are jointly perform the task by taking each other responsibilities.

Difference Between Effective And Ineffective Team





In effective team goals are clearly stated to all team members for facilitating perfection.

In ineffective goals are not clear to whole team they have to take instruction from superiors.


Team members have full independence in these teams as they can take there work at there own (Jansen and Samuel 2014)

These teams are autocratic in nature that's why there is lack of independence in team.


In effective team communication is two way process in these firms

only ideas are share not feelings which make communication one way process

Decision-making procedures

Process of decision making is fast in these organization which make them flexible.

They follow a rigid and complex process in there working.(Odor, 2018)


Regular intervention policy is adopted for managing conflicts.

Ignorance and tolerance policy is adopted for managing conflicts

M3 Team And Group Development Theories

TUCKMAN theory

This theory was developed by psychologist named Bruce Tuck man in 1965. his main aim of this theory is to make an team of individual which can effectively achieve organization targets(Maio and et. al., 2019) .

Forming : In this stage different people of organisation are combined together to make a team

Storming : According to these stage selected member of team now connect to each other for forming a relationship. Tesco also perform this function in their organization.

Norming : It is that stage where the team member start noticing quality of each other in there respective team.

Performing : Performing stage is last in this theory where all the employees must coordinate with each other in the organization.


P4 Concepts And Philosophies of Organisational Behaviour

Concept of Organisational Behaviour

Organisation Behaviour is defined as the process which includes the study of the human behaviour that are interconnected between the people and the organisation. It is the relation to expected behaviour of the people and a grouping of people within the organisation. Further, it is a study of the researcher which identifies the particular individual behaviour in their organisation roles(Natvig and Stark, 2016) . It also helps to keep the friendly and familiar relationship within the employees so that they could achieve the pre-decided goals and objectives. The Philosophies that are performed by Tesco which is described as under:

Path Goal Theory: This theory identifies the behaviour and attitude of leader's that is suitable for employees which fulfil their needs and wants in order to carry out the defined goals and objectives. The main aim of this theory is to modify the employee satisfaction level in order to get over the employee more productive towards the organisation. In context to Tesco, the supervisor of this company influence the motivational level of the employees in order to motivate them for performing better within the organisation.

Directive Path Theory: This theory defines the directions of the personnel by the leader which could carry the performed tasks so that they satisfies the needs of the customers within the organisation. In context to Tesco, the manager of this company provides the right direction for its employees in order to increase the satisfaction level.

Achievement Theory: Therefore, the leader of the Tesco company sets the aspiring goals and objectives for the personnel and it evaluates them to work higher(Peralta and et. al., 2018) . This emphasis the trust towards the employees abilities in order to set the best output within the organisation.

Participative Theory: In this theory, employees of the organisation are being provided t best opportunities so that they get the best idea while taking the decisions of the organisation. With reference to Tesco, the leader of this company took involvement in taking decisions that motivates the employees to perform well in their work. Further, its effect that lead towards the increase in productivity and profitability of the organisation.

Supportive Leadership Theory: This theory involves the good relationship within the employees in such a way that satisfies the needs of individuals. Manager of Tesco provides the full support for their employees in order to satisfy the needs and wants and their preferences.

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M4 Concepts And Philosophies of Organisation Behaviour Which Influences in Positive And Negative Way

Organisation Behaviour is defined as the interaction of the human behaviour and their attitude of the employees towards their work within the organisation. Its impact on the positive is determined as individual behaviour of the employees in order to achieve the targeted goals and objectives of the organisation. It also helps to keep the friendly relationship among the employees. It provides the right directions and further emphasis the certain outputs of the organisation. Its negative impacts consider as the time-consuming work of the personnel.

D2 Relevance of Team Development Theories in Context of Organisational Behaviour

Team development theory have directly related to organisational behaviour as . Choosing the right theory of team development always facilitate the organisation in managing work effectively by matching its resources (Testa and Lee, 2018). A good team always help in achieving organization objectives and goals as in case ODF tesco they use proper methods and analyse market situation to form a team .


After the whole analysis of this it can be concluded that culture, politics, motivation and power have there huge and direct impact over the performance of firm . But firm can remain profitable by using tools, techniques and theories of motivation and other infusing elements in it working .

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