Model of Professional Workplace Learning

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Question :

There are following questions which enlist the requirement of the brief are given below:

  • Explain the model of professional learning.
  • Perform preparation and training.
  • Give learning through trial and error.
  • Use the model of ongoing professional development
  • Examine the significance and needs of PL plan.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Vertel Communication

Workplace Learning

Concept of Business Context

Workplace learning refers to a process by which an individual enhance own skills and knowledge through continous and professional learning. It has examined that whatever a person learns at workplace, 70% of it they gain from daily working practices. For example: When individuals recieve a new assignment or challenging job then to do work this work then with the help of trial and error method, they gain a new learning experience. Similarly, 20% of learning part, they develop by instructions and feedback of their colleagues and mentors who trained them to work as per requirements of business (Freshney, 2015). Apart from this, rest of part, they extract from training and learning context. In general workplace learning mainly focuses on developing competencies among people and make them able to take challenging job roles in business.

Currently I am working in Vertel Communication which is a business-to-business communications provider. It is one of a leading independent communication enterprise of Australia that offers a wide range of national networks. It always ensures that specialists will retain the ability for delivering flexible and besopke packages. In order to provide best coverage to customersand deliver amazing cost savings services, this company gives employment to high skilled workers who have possessed technical knowledge.

Workplace context inlcudes the working culture which encompases behaviours, thought processes, ideologies and principles of organisation (Aronowitz, 2014). An organisation is formed for achievement of specific goals and objectivies, which could be achieved only by efforts and high contribution of workers. In this regard, it is essential for a company to develop effective culture at workplace, which create a sense of loyalty by employees towards business objectives. It also plays a crucial role in extracting the best work from workers and retain them for longer duration. With this assistance, the culture of Vertel Communication is created as a one family environment. Here, every worker has given opportunity to participate in decision-making procedures and give their feedback for formulating effective policies of business. Along with this, every kind of information related to change in orgaisational structure and technology, has provided to each staff member. This would help in generating feeling of equality among workers and gain their loyalty towards achievement of business objectives.

Every company has own purpose and goals to run business. In this regard, they encourage workers to give contribution in achievement of business objectives. In context with Vertel Communications, this company mainly seeks to improve customer service. It has examined that ineffective team at workplace lead to provide poor customer service. Therefore, under this condition, mentors are required to roll out a plan for encouraging team-members to give their best. As a mentor in this company, I have set up regular design sessions to improve and develop skills of my mentees. I am working in technical department where every worker need to possess knowledge about computer applications. As Vertel Communication has large customer base therefore, to make record of overall information of each customer, it use MS-Excel software. Therefore, main work of mine is to manage records of business clients and teach colleagues how to work on this software. Therefore, the current main learning goal of mine it provide training to ;my colleagues. This would make them able to work on MS-Excel and prepare records of entire information of customers as well as business data (Watson, 2014). For this process, I have hired a professional at workplace who will give one hour training on daily basis after office hours. This would aid workers to enhance their capabilities and increase technological skills. It also helps in career development and generate job satisfaction among employees so that high retention of them can be gained.

Approaches to Learning

The term approaches to learning can be defined as process to ascertain how an individual learns a new things. It enables people at workplace to develop a variety of abilities and skills that make them able to become a better leader. It includes communication, collaboration, self-management and critical thinking. I have evaluated through personal experience while working in Vertel Communication that by sharing thoughts and information through effective interaction, aid a person to give and receive a proper or meaningful interaction. Negotiate ideas and collaborate with colleagues help in developing trust among people at workplace. For this process, as a mentor I have to handle and manage conflicts of team members. By negotiating and encouraging others to give high contribution in business growth help in developing collaboration skills among them. Through self-management plans, individuals can meet deadlines of short-term or long-term deadlines. Other than this, I have also identified that self-learning practices help people can develop good concentration and overcome from distraction more easily (Kelly, Lesh and Baek, 2014). This would also aid to have a control on impulsiveness and anger so that people can prevent themselves from bulling at workplace. Managing stress, anxiety and conflicts with others in own manner, a person can self-motivated itself also. As a learner I have evaluated that for effective learning, it is essential to develop my own skills and techniques. It is essential to review what I have learned today and what has to be done on next day, increase learning power of mine.

By giving training to colleagues related to information skills like MS-Excel, they can learn how to collect, record and verify data. They can access data of any business client which are prepared on Excel-sheet more easily. In order to

Model of Professional Learning

Preparation and Training

Preparation and training for work is generally designed to aid a person to learn job skills for transition into employment. They can learn multiple skills in interested areas and experience a real-life working setting. It includes life and employment goal setting; budgeting and time management; effective communication; team-work collaboration etc.

In order to deal with challenging environment, it is necessary for persons to prepare themselves and understand in what manner they have to be performed. It has assumed that giving a challenging environment can help in getting high performance of workers (Marsick and Watkins, 2015). This would also aid workers to grow their careers on professional basis. The main goal of mine at workplace of Vertel Communication is to take my mentees to an innovative level where they can understand better how to perform in best manner. This would lead to obtain high outcomes of business also. Along with this, I have also valued certain things such as effective communication skills, positive working as well as learning attitude. By learning approaches, people can analyse need of preparation before actually doing a work. For example: To do a task related to collection of information about particular demand of targeted audience, people at workplace formulate a proper plan first. Under this plan, activities related to extract information about customer’s data is explained. It also includes strategies, roles and responsibilities of each team-member etc. Therefore, in this regard, they will get opportunity to complete such tasks before deadline and obtain higher outcomes as well.

Similarly, training also aid people to develop potential skills and knowledge required to do functions in best possible manner. By providing proper training to new and existing workers, a company can gain advantage to develop professional skills under them. This would also helps in reducing skill gap among staff members and management staff by giving professional development classes (Willis, 2017). Under this process, it is essential for organisations to carefully planned training programs which will prove beneficial for increasing productivity of workers. Thus, it has evaluated that preparation for work and take proper training, give various advantages to people in developing their potentional and professional skills. It make them able to face difficult challenging roles and give performance at best level. In context with Vertel Communication, it has diverse culture at workplace where both high skilled and semi-skilled workers are working with each other as a team. But due to difference in educational background, it generates feeling of insecurity and inferiority among less-skilled employees. It often leads to rise conflicts at workplace also which impact on performance of workers in negative manner. In this regard, by giving professional learning sessions for some period of time in daily working hours, help in reducing skills gap among staff members. In addition to this, it also encourages and boost morale of workers to work in collaboration and give best performance.

In order to motivate my colleagues or mentees, as a mentor I have provided technical training to them during probabtional period (Honey, Pearson and Schweingruber, 2014). For this process, by hiring a professional trainer, colleagues get chance to take learning sessions for three months. It will aid them to enhance technological skills required for preparing, keeping and accessing data easily.

Learning Through Trail and Error

Need of learning actually begins when a person face difficulties in carrying out a task. Under this phase, most learning approaches counters as errors with repeated trials. Trial and Error Learning concept is considered as one of the best approach which includes various forms of theories- Insight; Latent and Observational. It drives an essential factor which triggers various situations that leads to reduce number of errors. For example: When a difficult task is given to a team who have no knowledge how to work on, then under this situations, by attempting number of times, they get success to achieve final outcomes. Since accidental success is not considered as ultimate solution of a specific problem. Therefore, it is essential for persons to keep try to do a task in perfection manner. Using trial and error method i.e. repeated trial leads to get effective and error free outcomes. It also helps in increasing learning and potential skills among learners through which they can identify right response towards a problem. But this methods involves certain laws-

Law of Effect:

This law states that by giving reward to people for their work enhance to satisfaction to them. They will now concern more on repetitively doing a task until achievement of best outcomes.

Law of Readiness:

It is considered as the main function of motivation which states that instead of reward, assist people to become ready for doing a particular task. Preparation for work lead them to face challenges and grow their career also (Borko, Koellner and Jacobs, 2014).

Law of Exercise:

It refers to fundamental basis of trial and error method of learning approach because a person enhance self-learning skills only by repeatedly do an activity. The law has divided into two major parts: Law of Use and Law of Disuse. As per law of use, if any task is conducted in repeated manner under a specific condition then learning will occur. Similarly,according to law of disuse, if same thing will not repeat then there will be no learning occur at such situations.

Model of On-Going Professional Development

This model stated as technology-related plans of professional learning which update skills and knowledge of people as per changes in technology. In general when an organisation planning for change infrastructure and existing system of workplace, then it looks out for budget only. It leads to delay in successful implementation of a project because such companies fail to concern the requirement for professional learning (Evans, 2014). Therefore, to meet requirement of workers to work on new system, it is necessary for managers of such companies to provide relevant training. Along with this, they should also ensure to give such learning sessions on regular basis whenever changes are done at workplace. In this regard, I have evaluated that for professional development, on-going training (e-training) is important for optimising the quality of services or products. In generaly, the main learning strategies for on-going training are- Lectures, Audio-Visual, Reading, Demonstration, Practical doing, Discussion and Teaching others. 

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Importance and Need of PL Plan

In order to gain a good position in business and give a better performance, it is necessary for a person to update own skills and knowledge (Redmond, 2017). When an individual works as a team leader then to make colleagues able to work as per requirement of business, it is essential to develop a professional learning plan. For this process, I have measure performance of each mentee who work under my supervision. Through this procedure, I can examine strengths and weaknesses of them appropriately. This would helps in evaluating the need of training and professional learning plan. By taking such session, workers can improve and enhance skills in a particular field and become able to work as per desired manner. In order to design professional learning plan, it is also necessary to determine problems occur at workplace also. For example: If there is a difference between working staff due to different educational background then, it is necessary to provide training for professional development. Under this process, training plan is designed as per skill gap. Similarly, when a company introduce new technology at workplace for increasing performance of business then it also demands to develop PL plan. This would help in developing abilities of workers and make them familiar about new technology. It will prove beneficial for both workers and employers of a company. By getting learning sessions, employees will get benefits to make their career more bright and face future challenges also. Similarly, employers get advantage to explore best performance from high skilled staff members. It also helps in reducing high labour turnover by getting retention of workers for longer period. Thus, from this report it has concluded to gain competitive advantage and bring sustainability in business, a company should provide proper training program to its employees. Get more details about assignment help UK from our experts.


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