Individual Reflection - Kolb's Reflective Cycle


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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • How can Kolbs learning cycle can be used to express own learning experiences?
  • What can be understood from the usage of Maslows hierarchy of needs?
  • Explain whether feedback is an important aspect of learning process?



Answer :


Reflection refers to reflecting back on your own experiences in order to learn from them. In this individual reflection, I will analyze and describe the achievements of learning outcomes of this module. The academic study skills module proved to be very useful and interesting for me. It will help me and others to accomplish our goals and to succeed not only in business but also in day-to-day tasks because, during this thirteen-week duration, we learned about many things. I enjoyed and rejoiced a lot during this thirteen-week session because I found the session very interesting and engaging. Starting from the very first week, we learned about self-management of ourselves and time and then coming to the last week, we discussed this module with our mentor regarding its content and how to prepare it. During this session, we had to do formative assessments every week, which helped us in preparing this assignment and made us understand the purpose of this assignment. For example, during this assignment, we had to organize a debate, through which we got an opportunity to participate in debate and also to work with strangers, which resulted in the improvement of my communication skills and relationship abilities. We also learned about effective teamwork and providing or receiving constructive feedback. After this session, we were able to work efficiently in a team, while also accepting and providing constructive feedback. After analysing different frameworks and models we chose Kolb's reflective cycle because we found it easiest to use and appropriate for our assignment. Kolb's Learning cycle basically states that an individual always learns from his/her experiences of life, even on an everyday basis.

The main objective of preparing this reflective report was to assure myself about the appropriate usage of skills that I developed during the academic study skills session.


Kolb's Reflective Cycle

I have used Kolb's learning cycle in order to reflect upon whatever we learned during these thirteen weeks of academic study skills sessions. For effective reflective writing, I used this framework. Kolb's Learning cycle basically states that an individual always learns from his/her experiences of life, even on an everyday basis. It means that reflection is an integral part and vital part of learning. This theory/model was published by Kolb in 1984. According to this theory or model, the process of learning includes four stages, one of which states what Kolb refers to as 'reflective observation'. The four stages of Kolb's learning model involve concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation.


Concrete experience:

It involves an individual experiencing a situation physically in order to reflect learn new stuff or improve skills and abilities. This stage will make an individual observe and describe a situation according to how he/she feels and sees.

Learning Outcomes of each week.

1st week: We understood the importance of time management and learning. We appreciated the importance of motivation and reflected back same. Also, developed our own learning strategies.

2nd week: In our second week, we developed our own useful techniques to understand better from lecturers (Gupta, 2017). We also got to know about the importance of active listening and evaluated useful techniques for note-making.

3rd week: In the third week, we understood the importance of teamwork and team development and reflected back our own experiences while working in a team. We also analysed the kind of responsibilities and behaviours needed to co-ordinate group tasks efficiently.

4th week: In the fourth week, we integrated the behaviours and responsibilities that are needed for group task management. And provided feedback. Analysed and reflected back our own strengths and weaknesses in writing. Also, we developed an understanding to perform in a debate effectively.

5th week: By the fifth week, we were able to appreciate the importance of delivering an effective presentation and the necessary attributes that contribute to making a presentation impressive. We also reflected back our experience of delivering presentations.

6th week: By the end of the sixth week, we were able to appreciate the importance of having necessary/good reading skills. We understood and made ourselves familiarize with the basic structure of journal articles.

7th week: During the seventh week, we got to know about referencing and how and when to do the same, also became familiar with the Harvard referencing style.

8th week: In eight weeks, we developed the necessary reading skills in order to be able to evaluate an article efficiently. Improved our note-making skills for advanced study level (Broadbent, 2017). Also, improved our referencing skills in order to make use of the Harvard referencing style more confidently.

9th week: We learned the usage of reflections with context to academic tasks (Stanley, Belisle and Dixon, 2018). This made us further understand Kolb's reflective model and its application in an academic context. Analysed best sources of work and developed the ability to differentiate between different sources.

10th week: Learned to develop academic arguments and improved our assignment approach skills. Also, developed an understanding of writing essays also reflected back while writing.

11th and 12th week: I Got to know about in deep, value of reflections and their academic usage. Also, reflected back on everything we have learned till now. And analysed requirements for stage 2 of Kolb's reflective model.

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Reflective observation:

After noting the description of experience, an individual now reflects in deep and analyses the situation. All the accomplishments, failures, and reactions are considered in this stage.

The majority of learning outcomes have been achieved with the help of our involvement in practical activities.

Reflections of each week

1st week: After learning about Maslow's hierarchy of needs, we reflected back by staying motivated throughout our assignment, which also helped us in time management.

2nd week: In the second week we learned about necessary tasks to perform before, during or after the lecture. For example, bringing appropriate equipment, revising previous notes, focusing during the lecture and summarizing notes after the lecture.

3rd week: We learned about teamwork, by actually working in a team. We did some research on social media and allocated different roles to the different team members. After researching and sharing information, we were ordered to write a small reflective essay, which reflected our group's strengths and weaknesses and analysed room for improvement.

4th week: We learned to acknowledge constructive feedback by delivering our work on the weekly task forum, and then again rewriting it after receiving feedback.

5th week: After watching some videos of Ted Talk, we analysed dos and don'ts while delivering an effective presentation. We realized that one slide should contain only one message with more pictures and less text.

6th week: By the sixth week, we learned to optimize our reading skills in order to find credible sources, by looking at relevant titles or images on websites etc.

7th week: Learned about referencing, and its importance also learned about basics of Harvard style referencing.

8th week: In eight weeks, I learned to deep read an academic article. This involved three steps. First, to read only the first sentence of each paragraph, second, to fully read the first paragraph of each section. And lastly, fully read the first and last paragraphs of the introduction and conclusion.

9th week: By the end of the ninth week, we were able to write a report and effectively reflect back, with the help of Kolb's reflective cycle.

10th week: We learned to build an effective academic argument, with the help of the below steps:-

(a) Identified nature of argument.

(b) Identified the claims.

(c) Identified main points in the argument.

(d) Organized the argument.

(e) Used evidence.

(f) Made precious conclusion.

11th and 12th week: During this time, we discussed the assignment, and what necessary changes can be made and analysed the assignment's marking criteria. During this, we also got to know about different frameworks or models which can be used to reflect back on a particular topic. Those models included Gibb’s Reflective Cycle, John’s Reflective Cycle, Bain’s framework and Moon’s levels of learning.


Abstract conceptualization:

At this stage, an individual analyses the options which were available to him/her during the situation. And what they could have done to improve. This stage also allows an individual to consult or to take help from other teammates or supervisors, to understand better about the situation.

I always believed that completing this assignment would not only prepare me for just tasks but also for everything that will happen to me in the future. All the skills and abilities which were developed or improved during the Academic study skill session will help me in starting my own business or joining any organization (Josefsson, Green and Normark, 2019). Also, will improve my communication skills and interaction.

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Active experimentation:

At last, this stage involves testing of the theoretical knowledge gained from lectures. In this stage an individual prepares their own reflections, and strategies that will support his/her knowledge further (Pinto and Ramalheira, 2017). It is said that experiences in the experimentation stage become new concrete experiences.

 After the Academic study skills session, the skills and abilities which were developed will prove to be useful not only in the completion of my assignments only, but also in facilitating my everyday tasks.


I cannot forget the day of the debate, even after rehearsing my speech repeatedly, I still felt nervous. I was always a shy person, and whenever I needed to speak in front of a crowd I became nervous. But after delivering a speech in front of my whole class and lecturers, I felt a little bit confident, and it helped me overcome my shyness in some way. Also, working in a team which doesn't include my friends, only strangers was quite difficult for me to accept. But it taught me to accept other people's opinions and also how to mingle with strangers in order to form an effective team.

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 While concluding this report I would say that although I believe that whatever I have done and learned during this academic study skills session helped us a lot in doing everyday tasks and also improved me and my team-mates in many segments. But still, I think that there is some room for improvement, which I would say should be there, in order to excel. During the academic study skills session, I learned that I should focus on doing more and more practical tasks rather than just listening to the lecturer. I should be more indulged in those practical session which involves efficient learning. In the beginning, I was uncomfortable too in teaming up with complete strangers. Also, during the debate, I became shy and nervous. These are the only things I found after analysis which I lack and could be improved/developed. Apart from this, everything was fine, I did not encounter any other issues or problems. I feel very pleased and satisfied with the learning outcomes of this module.

Action Plan

Area of Improvement



Time Frame

Grouping with strangers

I will be attending workshops and seminars that include people with similar mindsets.

I will always pay attention to what others are saying being a good listener will make me understand them.

In order to measure if I have become that person who can indulge in any group, I would do volunteer work in different fields, in order to meet different people of different backgrounds.

It would take around three months for me to be able to group with any kind of people or complete strangers.

Shyness and Nervousness

I will participate in more and more debates and similar events to get rid of my shyness and nervousness.

I will be watching videos and reading about stories of people who overcame their shyness and nervousness.

To measure if I have complete control of my behaviour and get rid of shyness and nervousness. I would be participating in social events, will participate in debates or in competitions.

I will even try to perform alone in an event.

It would be taking around six months of time, to completely get rid of my shyness and nervous attitude.

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