Psychological Evaluation to Identify the Culture of the Workplace


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Question :

This assessment will provide certain questions which are like:

  • Give all the assertiveness and pro-forma for reflective journal
  • What are the methods through which all the functions and the focus is attained.
Answer :


For an organisation it is important to understand themselves and the employees working in the organisation as on the basis of which they formulate various strategies. This helps the organisations to align the operations of the business in right direction. The managers of the organisation need to have an understanding of various skills and capabilities which they poses. Also they need to understand the manner in which such skills and capabilities can be utilised by them in the direction which can help in achieving the goals and objectives of the organisation. It is important to understand the capabilities and competence of the employees which are working with them so that the plans and strategies can be formulated as per such skills and capabilities. Such plan helps the company to direct the employees and accomplish the objectives as the strategies are directly linked with their capabilities. To have a clear understanding of the employees behaviour the psychological factors need to be considered by the managers as it helps them in identifying the perception of the employees.

Psychology is the branch which is associated with the behaviour and the experience of an individual. Behaviour is an expression which is developed due to the experience gained by the individual which belongs to the subject and its interaction with the object. On the basis of such the psychological evaluation the managers can identify the culture of the workplace and the attitude of the employees towards it, also the reasons behind happening of any event can also be determined. Such psychological evaluation can be done with the help of behavioural approach, cognitive approach and humanistic approach. The behavioural approach facilitates the understanding of the behaviour, performance and the working practices of an employee who can be influenced on the basis of a stimuli which exist in the external environment of the business. The evaluation of the performances of the employees will help the organisation in determining the skills, capabilities, way of doing the things etc. which will help them in accomplishing their tasks. Whereas the cognitive approach of psychological evaluation suggests that the behaviour of an individual is developed on the basis of their expectations and their emotions related to occurrence of a specific event. So the behaviour of the employees can be analysed by motivating them with the positive outcomes of their actions. This approach will further support the organisation in determining the factors that has the capacity to impact the performance of the employees. The another approach which can use in psychological evaluation is humanistic approach. It is the one in which the employees of the organisation can perform those activities for which they feel good and this will help them to identify their potential. Such approach focusses upon motivating the employees by empowering them for what they like to do. To get out best from the employees the managers focuses upon the environment in which they work. The psychological evaluation helps the managers in motivating the employees by appreciating their efforts and work. This positively contributes in increasing their potential to perform a specific task.

Reflective Journals for three core skills

Reflective Journal entry pro-forma for Assertiveness and conflict resolution

What is the core skill?

The skills which I have to develop in me is assertiveness and conflict resolution which can be a hurdle in my professional career. This skills will help to manage the conflicts well that will produce the positive changes. With the assertiveness and conflict resolution skills the issues which can arise in the organisation can be identified. Also it will facilitate in determining various solutions to such issues and the conflicts. Conflicts has impact on both the individual and the organisation in terms of the level of performance, but it generally has negative influence. Such impact can affect the growth of the individual in their professional career and their overall growth. Due to this reason only the individual desired to acquire such skills so that they can eliminate such hurdles.


Why is this core skill important?

Assertiveness and conflict management is important for every individual. The assertiveness skills in an individual will help me to control stress, anger and in improving the skills of coping. While the conflict management will help me to untie the problems which are they faces due to conflicts. Also such resolution skills will help to come up with exhaustive list of option which will put them in win win situation.


How competent are you currently?

On the basis of the reviews from my colleagues I analysed that I am capable enough to listen to the people and to understand them. This make me realised that I must acquire such skills which will give me success in my career. It will facilitate me in taking feedback from the employees easily.


Can you identify any contradictions, or allowable weaknesses from your analysis?

My colleagues believes that I can understand and handle the employees well but I felt that I cannot manage the conflicts if it will involve a large number of people in the organisation. Also in case if I have to represent the issue before the management then in that case I may not be able to do it effectively as I feel lack in confidence.


How will this skill help me in the future?

The skill of assertiveness and the conflict resolution will make me in developing healthy relations with the employees. Also it will develop trust and confidence among the employees ans will ensure success in longer span of time.



Reflective Journal entry pro-forma for time management

What is the core skill?

The another important skill which I have to acquire is of time management. This skill will help me in planning and controlling of time for various activities which has to be undertaken by me whether professionally or in my personal life. Such skills facilitates an individual to complete more of the task in a shorter span of time. This reduces the stress and pressure as the individual will help can achieve their targets in the decided time frame. To get the success in the professional life the individual need to manage the time as it will help them to grab more opportunities at a time. After adopting the skill of time management I can easily realise the goals and objective which will improve my overall efficiency and productivity.

Why is this core skill important?

This skill is important for me as it will make me competent to achieve my goals and objectives in a shorter period of time without any delay. The time management can be done effectively by define the goals which the individual or the organisation wants to achieve. Then for such goals time limit need to be allocated and the activities which are to be done a has to be prioritized. For achieving the goals I have to plan in such a way that I can take a break as it will motivate me to be consistent towards individual goals.

How competent are you currently?

My managers believes that I have the capability to lead as I can prioritize the work on the basis of their relevance and can make the employees comfortable for such tasks. But I realised that to lead it is important to have an understanding of the capabilities of the employees and to allocate the total time among various activities.


Can you identify any contradictions, or allowable weaknesses from your analysis?

According to my performance report I analysed that sometimes it becomes difficult for me to allocate the time properly to various activities which I have to perform. Due to this issues my work does not complete on time and this also has impact on my personal and professional life both. The poor performance at the workplace affects the reputation which make it essential to develop such skill in me.

How will this skill help me in the future?

The skill of time management will help me in planning for the organisation and for me as well. Non essential activities and the task which are to be performed will be identified by me easily with the help of which I can plan well. The projects with the deadlines can be completed on time as they will be divided in smaller achievable tasks. Further the relations with the employees will improve as they can be directed specifically with the time limit in which they have to get the work done.


Reflective Journal entry pro-forma for focus and attention

What is the core skill?

The other skill which I have to develop is focus and attention. It is believed that good attention is a type of controlled attention which is guided by the good choices. The focus is something that can be build by an individual by regular practice. The focussed and attention helps an individual to be consistent towards the goals and objectives which they have to achieve. The focus can be fostered with a combination of tools and mindset. Such focus and attention can be improved with the help of understanding the area where the individual need to to focus. This skill has various benefits such as it will improve the performances as the individual and organisation will focus and be attentive towards what they to achieve.

Why is this core skill important?

The skill of being focussed and attentive has various advantages for both the individual and for the company. I will develop this skill as this has various importance such as it will make me feel more controlled as the attention can be paid on whatever is being planned by controlling the distraction. It will make me feel motivated as it will develop an optimistic behaviour. Further the focus and attention skills of the individual will develop better understanding among them as they will become internally strong. The most important advance of this skill which will boost my professional career is that it facilitate decision making.

How competent are you currently?

My colleagues and friends believes that I take effective decisions but they to take effective decisions various aspects need to be considered. But I fail to consider such factors as they need to be focussed for a longer period of time. To improve the efficiency I have to develop this skill necessarily.

Can you identify any contradictions, or allowable weaknesses from your analysis?

On the basis of my analysis I identified that I cannot focus for a longer period of time on one activity. But to undertake various task and responsibility in professional life an individual requires various skills so do I require. For this I have to acquire the skill of focus and attention which will help me in taking decision making as I will be attentive for various aspects which are related with the decisions.

How will this skill help me in the future?

Improvement in the focus and attention skills will make me confident in taking effective decisions as I will become capable of focussing on all the aspects. Also it will facilitate me in analysing the problems as I will be focussed towards various issues and opportunities available in the market. The most important benefits of this skill will be that it will improve my knowledge as I will be focussed so I can spend more time on gaining knowledge.

Action Plan

Summary and action plan

Strengths :

On the basis of evaluation of various skills and abilities, I determined that my communication skills are better which can give me competitive advantage over others. Also I love to talk to people without any hesitation this make me confident to talk to people with the help of which I can take feedbacks. This facilitates me in decision making. Apart from this I am a good listener which helps me understand all the aspect and concept effectively. Accordingly I take necessary steps which improves my performance. With the help of such skill I can establish healthy relations with the employees and the others working in the organisation.

Weaknesses :

On the basis of personal evaluation it is identified that my public speaking skills are not satisfactory which is why I faces various issues. Along with that I faces an issue of lack of focus and attention which affects my performance and delays my work. The another reason for such delay is lack of time management skills which affects the targets achievements. When the conflicts arise at large scale it that case it becomes difficult for me to manage them. This is due to lack of confidence of facing the management.

Personal Development Plan

Personal development plan is a process which helps to establish the aims and objectives of the individual in terms of what you want to achieve in the time period which can be short or long. A personal development plan is prepared which will help me in improving various skills.

Development Area






Assertive and conflict resolution

I have to develop this skill as it will help me in resolving the issues and this will provide me an opportunity to reach at some higher position.

Such skills can be measured by comparing the actual with that of the expected performance.

This skills can easily be attained as it is based upon understanding the nature and behaviour of the human.

The skill of conflict resolution will help me improving the relations with the employees as their issues can easily be resolved.

In 2 months.

Time management

This is one of the most important skill which I want to develop as it will help me to complete my job on time. Also it will help me reduce the stress as the work will get completed within the allocated span of time.

The efficiency of this skill can easily be measured by determining the time in which the activities gets completed in comparison to previous activities.

Such skills can attained with the help various seminars, various books for time management etc.

The skill of time management is efficient as it will help them to divide the total time in different activities. Along with that it will facilitate the prioritising of the activities as per their relevance.

Within 2 months

Focus and Attention

This skills will help in improving my level of knowledge as I will become more focussed and attentive for a particular issue. Also it will facilitate effective decision making by considering all the factors relevant.

Such skill can be measured by me, by analysing the level of knowledge in context of various aspects.

Such skills can be developed with the help of various sessions and techniques which improves concentration and focus.

This skill is relevant for me it will improve my level of knowledge which will become my strengths.

Such skill can be acquired in 3 months.



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