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1. Mind map about academic skills

Students often are unable to sketch a schedule of their studies as a result they fail to succeed in academics. In order to succeed and get high marks in academics, students should understand the concept of mind mapping. Mind mapping is thinking creatively or visualizing a schedule in mind prior to taking approach in studies (Munim and Mahmud, 2011). According to me this helps the students not only in increasing the brain capacity but also helps the student to outline the concepts and regulate studies according to a proper timetable. By this process, the students get time to organize the thoughts, take down notes and relevant suggestion, which in turn helps, in giving ample time for revision before examination.Assignment Writing Service in UK

 2. Writing style about immigration

Immigrants are the ones who are trying to relocate from one country to the other. Neither are the immigrants’ natives of this place or do they possess citizenship to reside in that country permanently. Immigrations take place most likely for job purposes (Borjas, 2008). However, the immigrants initially have to face huge difficulty in adapting with the local culture. Dialect becomes the initial barrier. As of inter-mixing of cultures, the writing styles of the immigrants effect hugely. The literary works of immigrant writing is on the adapted culture of new country. I think because of this immigration factors, new styles of writing are formed which helps in taking literature to a new and high standard.

 3. Paraphrase about CSR (Corporate social responsibility)

Companies are not always aware of their business loopholes, which might be harmful to the society and its inhabitants. According to my understanding, CSR is a company’s duty towards the society, community and environment in reducing the pollution and adding to social and educational programs. This in turn generates higher revenues, curbs the risk factors and profits for the organization (Matten and Moon, 2005). However, the implementation of CSR differs from company to company based on the companies work process. Again, CSR also varies from one country to another because of difference in working, environment and legal conditions. I think the aim of CSR strategies is to create a positive work environment by reducing legal risks and ensuring profit for the shareholders

4. Citations referencing and plagiarism

The term citation means referencing to the books, web page or journals of the unpublished or the published sources. Citation references are the basis of all works and are entitled in the bibliographic section. It is mainly done to give due acknowledgement to the writers who have worked on related topics. Citation references give moral ethics, intellectual honesty to the work previously done. Referencing to the previous works helps in avoiding plagiarism and enriching the new work.Essay Writing Service in UK

Plagiarism is copying of ideas or works of others and citing it as one’s one. It is not only lowering one’s own standard but also stealing the fruits of some other person’s brain. Without citing, the sources of references passing any work, as one’s own is considered plagiarized. In academics, plagiarism is consider a serious offense and falls under criminal activity. Common forms of plagiarism are talking exact passages from some other work and passing it as own work without citing references. Therefore, one should avoid plagiarism of all forms in order to maintain standards and ethics of work. While working, I always try to put in my own inputs and in case I am using references, I do cite the original authors.

5. Synthesis on IMF

International monetary fund, formed in 1945 with the aim of creating a payment system that would work internationally. Harry Dexter White and John Maynard Keynes primarily gave the idea of IMF whose aim was to felicitate employment, reduce poverty, and secure stable financial basis throughout the world (Klyuev, 2010). The counties who are part of IMF and are investing money, when in financial crisis shall borrow money from the fund is the central basic working process of the organization. In this way, it would improve the economic conditions of the developing countries as well. The fund governs the policy making process of its member countries, collects and analysis data and statistics data thus felicitating sustainable economic development. According me, the strategies implemented by IMF are long-term as well as beneficial for both the developed and the developing countries.

6. What is research?

Research work is the detailed, analyzed, careful study on a topic using different methodology in scientific manner. The ways of research are collecting proper data, analyzing the problems and settling the argument related to the issues raised. Research work is done mainly on the topics unknown and the spheres of work unanswered for generation. In every field, be that be science or arts, there is a scope for inventing new things (Wilson, 2008). I think a research work must be thorough and details without loopholes. The candidates should have focused and should always be confident of the materials they using vas supporting document. Moreover, I always feel that the research work is based on hard work, perseverance and patience. Further, a research work can be felicitated in numerous ways. Library work, fieldwork, computer-based work, laboratory work and so on. Finally, the researcher should be confident about the work. Communicating and analyzing the research to others is the final step in the approval of a research work.

7. Evaluating a source about BTB (ban the box)

People who might be found guilty by the law, after serving the punishment period wants to get back to normal life. They want to start their family by forgetting the past life. However, companies and organizations refuse to hire employees with criminal background (Henry and Jacobs, 2007). This is harmful not only for the growth of the individual but also for the society as a whole. The ban the box campaign is the movement of equalizing the job for the criminals as well, by giving them equal job opportunities and chance of fair recruitments (Agan and starr, 2016). The aims of ban the box campaigns are

  • In the job sheets, people have to give tick mark on ‘yes’ to the question asked about criminal offenses and convictions. This creates disparity in work basis. This must be removed in order to ensure healthy work ethics
  • Organizations should work for the welfare of the society. Thus employing the previously convicted is a step towards uplifting the standards of the society.
  • Ban the box is a step towards equal opportunity in job field. No one should be deprived because of past. Fair chances and proper recruitment process should be the aim of every company.
  • With increased job opportunities, the criminal rates shall decline as well. In turn, this shall be beneficial for the betterment of the society.
  • The aim of the companies should be hiring people who are suitable for the job and not based on past or future references.

Thus, ban the box looks after, not only for the growth of individuals but also for lifting the moral standards of the society. The book I read helped me to understand the conditions of the criminals and improvement of their life through ban the box campaign.

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