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Introduction to Business Strategy

Strategy is not just a word it is a means of action which drives an organization towards achieving the desired objectives. Strategic planning is as important for individuals and organizations as food for the human body. Through strategic planning, complex objectives may look easy as well as convenient and can be achieved in an appropriate manner. TNT business providing delivery services to its large base of customers globally have achieved good reputation among its stakeholders and customers through high quality of services (Astrachan, 2010). By having a sound set of business strategies, TNT has been able to achieve its desired aims and objectives.

Formulation of New Strategy

Establishing a New strategy is a big task and to achieve it an organization needs to have good Knowledge of its internal and external environment so that the strategy formulation becomes easy. In order to formulate a strategy, TNT should go through certain set of analysis to make sure that the strategy formulated will achieve desired objectives.

1.1 Organizational Audit

Knowing strength and weaknesses is what makes an Organization able to achieve its aims (Meskendahl, 2010). If company does not know what its capabilities are then they end up making a strategy which needs more resources than required which will be a big blunder and this will result in wastage of time and resources introduced to make those strategies.

Thus, in Order to have a Good look at the present condition or situation TNT should undertake SWOT analysis which will give TNT an idea about his Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. SWOT will help TNT in getting insights about different concepts of Organization and will help in finding out new opportunities in the new markets.


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