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Dissertation Outline on Tanzanian Businesses

Answer :

Topic:- To ascertain whether a liberal trade policy tends to promote growth in regional blocs (EAC & SADC) : A case study on Tanzanian Businesses.

Background Information to Position the Proposed Research within the Context of the Current Knowledge in the Field

Liberal policies of trade refers to those policies that in turn helps a nation to lessen down their tariff related expenditures by together diminishing any other trade related barriers, etc. As a result to which, these policies are mostly in coincidence to many other countries operating with similar legislative clauses (Kedir, 2016). However, these policies namely the liberal international trade policies are evident to promote traders to commercialise outside the globe by encouraging them to take part in the international measures of trade that in turn raises the economic growth of a country. The current study has highlighted the liberal international trade polices of Tanzania in order to verify its applicability in encouraging growth in regional blocs namely EAC & SADC. This is basically to find out the actual motive of the aforementioned policies by checking its effectiveness in increasing the economic competitiveness of Tanzania. For this, it has also referred to undertake a specialised study to measure the effectiveness of the applied trade policies in Tanzanian businesses.

This is to acknowledge that how effectively they are benefited by these policies and are in turn contributing to the nation's economic position by grading it to a high level of competitiveness. However, there together existed several such studies that have contributed in identifying the beneficial impact of these policies with a major focus on the regional economic consolidation (Maruping, 2005). Although, it also depends upon the level of such economic integration where a deeper integration of resources leads to a greater number of benefits to the participant states involved as partners (Jailson and Gomes, 2014). Another dependent clause is the commitment and willingness of the autonomous states towards sharing their liberty (Jailson and Gomes, 2014). The earlier studies have mostly conferred such type of assertions made on the liberal international trade policies by together addressing the challenges that are usually being faced by the involved set of parties in it. It is basically in evidence to the fact where the liberal policies are known to make both positive and negative impact on the business. Also, the previously carried studies have reflected a general outlook of these polices on the entire African continent with no specific reference to any of its region.

Objectives and Research Question

Below are the framed objectives of this study that are framed on the basis of its undertaken aim and are as follows-

  • To determine the liberal international trade policies of
  • To ascertain the contribution of liberal international trade policies in encouraging the growth in regional blocs namely EAC & SADC.
  • To evaluate the applicability of liberal international trade policies of Tanzania in terms of its motive of enhancing the effectiveness of Tanzanian economy.
  • To recommend ways in which the liberal international trade policies can highly motivate the competitiveness of Tanzanian economy.

Likewise, below mentioned are the research questions framed on the basis of the aforesaid aims and objectives where these questions will provide a guiding assistance to the investigator to carry out a successful survey-

  • What are the concerning liberal international policies of trade in Tanzania?
  • How these policies can contribute in portioning the competitiveness of Tanzanian economy to a great extent?
  • How relevant these policies are in terms of motivating the competitiveness of Tanzanian economy?

Outline of the experimental or theoretical approach to be taken with the methods and procedures to be used and the contribution of the project to the advancement of knowledge

This section has discoursed upon the undertaken research methodologies that will be used by the investigator to carry out the present research work. It has thereby demonstrated the taken approaches and the processes that have contributed in conducting a project that reflects an advanced set of knowledge. Below are the specified measures referred to carry out the current investigation-

  • Research Design- The present study will reflect a descriptive design of the research that will in turn necessitate the investigator to describe the findings obtained from the gathered set of information (Yin, 2013). It will also represent a comparative study where the results will be mostly based upon the current undertaken study with that to the previously conducted studies on related subject matter.
  • Research Approach-  A deductive approach will form the base of this research work where this study will initiate from a general context of liberal international trade policies and will specifically move towards its pertinence on Tanzanian businesses (Creswell and Poth, 2017).
  • Data Collection-This entire investigation will be relied upon secondary methods of data collection where some earlier studies will be referred along with the present situation of Tanzania (Palinkas and et. al., 2015). It is where the recent information will be taken up from their governmental records and company reports, etc. For this purpose, a pivotal use of verified internet sites will be done to generate a valid set of data by mostly referring to the online sites. This in turn reflected a case study approach where different carried researches in a similar field of work will be compared to one other to reach to a significant outcome.
  • Data Analysis-This entire study will be based upon a thematic analysis of its findings where this will be done by using qualitative method of analysis with a leading emphasize on the subjective nature of the chosen research topic (Vaismoradi, Turunen and Bondas, 2013).

Benefit Conferred by the Undertaken Research

Herein, the earlier studies have reflected a prior involvement of the analysts required to assess the economic development of a nation. A majority of those analysts have stated a leading role of globalization in the market where its forces are compulsively forcing the African countries to integrate themselves into the international markets. It has thereby referred to be an important outlook of this study to examine the actual motive of the liberal international policies of trade in Tanzania to acknowledge whether these policies are grading or degrading its associated businesses (Maruping, 2005). Likewise, lastly it has together referred to scrutinize the impact of the above discovered influences on to the economic development of the entire nation by together acknowledging whether it is resulting into the enhancement of its competitive nature or not. This way the current research work is apparent to benefit to a great extent where it will focus upon the scrutinization of such facts that will ascertain the factual motive of liberal international policies of trade in terms of enhancing the competitiveness of Tanzanian economy. By which, it will clearly depict the effectiveness of the applied policies and will also recognize any problems generating from it with ways to resolve the same.


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