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Customer experience is one of the most important factors that should be considered while designing products and services. It is because it delivers positive and good experiences that help in maintaining customer engagement which has a direct favourable impact on the performance of the business. Therefore, it shows that management of the same has to be done in a way effective manner. Heddon Street Kitchen is known brand in London which is known for delivering quality services to its customers. It provides different services which include dining indoor an outside, has various options on the menu, arrangements for disabled people etc. The following report will discuss the various requirements for the referred-to food place to maintain at its place so that it is able to give its customers the best experience. There are a range of influencing factors and each one of them is elaborated in depth in this work.

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P1. Wants and hopes of dissimilar market divisions

Heddon Street Kitchen is dealing in the restaurant business in which there is tough and close competition. Every organisation in this field are in a race to deliver the most effective service so that maximum revenues are generated. In order to give maximum satisfaction to the different customers it is first important that their needs and expectations are identified as then it can be used as a base for making the business plans. For the same, the company first needs to target its audience so that it is determined who needs to be considered while designing the menu and other related services. division of the market is a process of dividing the whole customers into different groups having similar expectations The importance of segmentation is that through this practice it becomes easy to understand what is in trend and has a maximum capacity to attract the customers. The following points will further discuss the need to understand the distinct customer needs and wants:

Help in reaching to right approach of business – There are a number of ways through which the layout and designing of the restaurants can be done. People are now very particular with the ambience and like spending on places from where they can get the maximum level of good experience. Once their requirements are identified products are services are made available to them which further leads to longevity of the business.

Every person has different needs – Restaurants are visited by different types of people which include businessmen, young people, families etc. Each one of them has its own expectations business people expect places to have good internet connectivity whereas the families visiting the restaurants demand some arrangements for children so that they can enjoy their own time. This way understanding the demands in advance will help in making all these facilities available and hence a satisfactory experience will be given to the visitors.

P2. Several features that drive and influence buyer engagement in diverse target customer cluster

Customer engagement is a continuous process through which close connections with service users are developed with the objective of raising total sales. Buyers are provided with a most desirable product which helps in raising the connection with them which further adds worth to the overall experience of the customer. Heddon Street Kitchen by adopting different ways can develop good relations with the users and hence they will be loyal to the brand. Ways through which customer engagement can be influenced are as follows:

Communication and connection By maintaining regular touch with those who are visiting the restaurant through messages or emails company can raise the relationships with the customers. They can wish them on their birthdays and anniversaries and can also give offers on special days to regular visitors. this develops a personal bond between the two parties involved and also directly reflects on total revenues.

Social media This is one of the most popular platforms through which connections with the target customers are maintained and developed. Through this, the special deals or changes made are communicated to the public which helps in keeping the market updated. Also, it facilitates communication with the customers as through the chat option they can resolve their quarry if any.

Amenities As discussed above the restaurant is visited by different customers and when each one of them gets the services as desired by them then they develop personal interest and can become regular visitors of Heddon Street Kitchen. For this it is crucial that the company give weightage to the expectations of every client as it will develop the engagement with them and also this way they will further promote the brand in the market.


P3. Customer experience map

Customer mapping is a very important concept as it assists the marketers to know what sort of experience is gained by the service users as a result of their visit to Heddon Street Kitchen. Through the mapping, it is analysed how the visitors of the brand experienced at different levels. Collecting data under this is done from social platforms, views on official sites, feedback etc.


Mode of information

Evaluation of options

Reservation of table

Pre-order services

Post-sale services and channels

Customer engagement

Customer act

The visitors get to know about the brand name either from social media or from their friends/family who have already visited the place.

There are a range of different alternatives which are present to the customer and they do the comparison in all and then select one restaurant that offers maximum desirable facilities.  

In order to avoid non-availability of able visitors do prior booking through online portals.

Getting the menu and helping the customer in selecting the right food for them after knowing their preferences.

Getting the bill and refreshments.

It is done by taking feedback from the customer on paper or digitally.


Social platforms,

Parties or random meetings


Views from the surroundings

Telephonic conversations with restaurant executives or bookings from social sites

Waiters allotted to each table will guide or self-choice of customer

Restaurant staff

Feedback diary or through text messages.

Improvement options

By improving the services of the firm and maintaining good taste in the products can help in better popularity of the restaurant

Heddon Street Kitchen can work on its digital marketing and by raising its popularity on websites it can become popular.

The online booking portals should be kept active so that no booking is missed by the firm.

Staff should be provided with complete knowledge of the food that is served by the firm so they do not sound blank if any customer needs help in placing the order.

Proper management must be done in a way that the billing time is reduced. Letting people wait for long to get the bill affects the customer

The feedback form should be kept simple and must have quality questions which can help in making improvements in operations.

customer experience map

illustration 1: Customer Journey Model

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P4. How touch points create business opportunities

On a broader concept, there are a range of definitions for the word touch points. On common grounds, it is interaction with the customer not physically but in all the other terms. These points have the capacity to influence the experience of the service user and also alter the image of a brand and hence influence the sales too. In the context of Heddon Street Kitchen the different touch points are as follows:

Discovery – It includes the different ways through which the customer gets to know about the brand name. For the same, the service users have a range of options like word of mouth, websites, social media accounts etc. Therefore, it is important that they do not find it difficult to search for brands on the net and also designing of official page should be such that it can attract customers. In order to do so Heddon Street Kitchen marketing team must focus on keeping the web page updated and attractive as this is a major source of sales. it can also influence people from far places to visit.

The face of your restaurant – It is the physical impression that a person gets on passing by the restaurant or immediately when they visit the place. It has to be attractive and different which has the capacity to capture the eye of a person crossing the same. It is because according to the present trends customers give equal weightage to the ambience with food. Clicking pictures is also one major motive behind choosing a place having good attractions. Therefore, the selected business must have visibility along with good parking space and comfortable sitting area.

The menu – This is one of the most common touch points and needs to be considered by all restaurants whether big or small. People do not appreciate complicated menus as it leads to difficulty in making choices. The presentation of the menu should be clear and must be clean as it is a medium through which the restaurants interact with their visitors. Also, the pricing is again a much of influencing factor in bringing back to the visitor and therefore price fixing must be done after analysing all the factors.

Service and support team – This includes those who interact with the customer personally or through social media. In case of some query by the visitor, they communicate with this team and expect satisfaction in return. In the case of a selected organisation, it should keep the trained staff so that whatever problem that is faced by the clients is resolved on time and hence this way better brand image is established and overall sales are improved by using effective employee engagement techniques.

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P5. Importance of digital technology in managing customer experience

In the present world, the trends of using digital platforms have increased to a great extent that everyone before making any of their buying decision a comparison with the help of digital information that is available about all the brands on the net. In order to understand the importance of digital technology in managing customer experience consider the following points:

Improve the reach of the business – Creating communication without the internet has a very limited scope. This is because resources are limited and cannot be spread everywhere. Therefore, if promotion of the restaurant is done through personal interactions then a very small area will be covered and engagement of customers at the scale will not be possible.  

Flexibility of payment – Paying bills through digital mode is found to be each and customers prefer it over carrying cash with them. Digital technology facilitates this by giving a range of options like credit cards, debit cards, online transfers and other payment applications.

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 factor is menu

Figure 1Importance of digital technology

The above infographic shows how digital technology is helping the restaurant business in different ways and leading to employee engagement.



Customer experience is the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship. it has a great influence on whether the service user continues with the brand or not. The following presentation will discuss customer service strategies and how they help in developing the customer experience

P6. Customer service strategies

Keeping a variety of options – in order to make the customer satisfied they should be given a great variety of choices so that they can choose wisely.

Training employees – In order to give a good experience to the visitor the human resources must be trained and given complete knowledge of the products and services the company is dealing in. it will help in giving better support services to the clients.

Proper infrastructure – To gain the attention of customers structure of the place should be such that people visiting the same find it good and comfortable. It helps in getting attention and improves employee engagement.

Resolving customer issues – This is one of the most important techniques for improving the connections with the customers. Whenever any issue arises it should be resolved quickly. Best solutions should be given so that customers find themselves worthy of the company. It creates a good brand image in the market and hence leads to long-term relations among the service user and provider.

Deliver promise to customer – In order to build trust it is very crucial that the organisation gives what it promises. It is because buyers while making their choice consider what is offered by the firm and in case of non-delivery of same they feel cheated and hence it directly affects the relation. They do not continue with the same brand and also do negative marketing which can further lead to loss of already existing loyal users of the company.

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P7. Customer experience developed by customer service strategy that meets consumer's need

Kabana London is known for its quality of services and proper utilisation of employee engagement techniques. It gives great importance to delivering an excellent experience to those who visit it. Proper attention is given to every person visiting the restaurant and is provided with what he/she demands from the menu without any compromise with the quality. the interior is kept attractive which attracts those who are having their quality time in it. The waiting time is kept minimum which is again an effective way of improving brand image. Option of prior bookings is given to the visitors which helps in avoiding the situation of non-availability of the table for those who are visiting. Prices are charged according to the quality and many options for making payments are given which further gives more comfort to the customers and hence builds a strong relationship.

It ensures that their customers do not find it difficult to reach at the location as it is located on the main road with a huge front. Also, its marketing team is effective enough which keeps on influencing the customers by giving good offers and discounts through reaching them by mail or social platforms.


The above presentation depicts that there are a number of ways through which customer engagement can be improved and long-term connections with them can be developed. Solving the issues and delivering the cost control service are some ways which contribute much in same.

From the above report, this has been summarised that the customer is an important asset of the company and it is important it is managed in most appropriate manner. in order to keep him/her happy and satisfied this is important that the delivery of quality service is done. To do so different touchpoints were recognised like the websites, menu etc. which have a great role in influencing the buyer to visit the brand and experience it.

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