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Introduction to Hospitality Industry

Hospitality industry includes hotels, restaurants and additional fields within tourism industry. Hospitality industry is very old and it has changed over time. This industry is the most flourishing sector in contemporary world. Thus, it has got improved and having an efficient structure in the organization with continuous improvement in the services of customers. In contemporary hospitality, customer has become the main focus for every organization. For this, firm has to adopt several changes in order to cope up with the challenges.

This report is mainly focused on the scope and scale of hospitality industry and for clear understanding of this report, Hotel Marriott has been chosen. Marriott is an American diversified company which was founded by John Willard Marriott in 1927 when the couple opened the root beer stand in Washington D. C. Now Marriott manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and also some related lodging facilities. This organization owns more than 4,087 premises in around 80 countries. In Hotel Marriott, the management structure is effectively organized. Moreover, discussion has been made about the emerging trends of demand and supply for the hotel staff and also about meeting the staffing requirements of Hotel Marriott. The recent development in staff of hospitality firm has affected the legal, management and operational area of Hotel Marriott in both negative and positive manner. The overall image of hospitality industry and that of hotel is very good in the minds of customers as this sector provides high level of satisfaction to them. The potential trends and development may have positive or negative effect on Hotel Marriott.

Task 1

1.1 Scope and scale of hospitality industry and management structure of different hospitality organizations

Hospitality Industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the World. The scope of this industry has become very wide. Scope refers to the range of business that provides services and facilities which includes accommodations, food and beverages, entertainment, etc. The UK hospitality industry has represented itself in every country in the world and is diverse and complex. From global perspective, the scale and scope of this industry is widening over time. Many firms have entered in this industry and still many opportunities are prevailing in this market for the new enterprises to establish their business. Many hotels and restaurants have globalized themselves in order to expand their business. This has provided jobs to many candidates and people have got the exposure of world by doing job in the globalized organization of hospitality industry.

The major contribution in UK economy is done by this industry alone. Overseas visitors have spent £21.01 billion in the past years and shows 12% increase every year. 32.8 million people visited UK from overseas which shows 5.6% increase from the previous years. Year by year, the visitors are increasing in this sector. People who visit UK, they provide benefits in every field or aspect of this industry such as tourism sector, hotel industry, restaurants, amusement park, entertainment sector, heritage and museum, etc. Thus, it increases the scope and scale of this industry every year. Data shows that future scope is very wide in this industry.

1.2 Discussing the management structure of different hospitality organization

The management structure of Hotel Marriott consists of General Manager under whom housekeeping, maintenance, sales, Human Resource, Food and Beverages, front desk and audit departments are there. Sub departments are there who report to their supervisors and then final reporting is send to the general manager. Thus, it can be assessed that effective management structure has been designed so that needs of employees can be assessed and satisfied easily.

1.3 Assessing the role of professional bodies and hospitality organizations

The role of professional bodies such as institute of hospitality is very crucial role in the development of contemporary hospitality. These bodies provide various courses and practical aspects to the people who aspire to pursue their career in the hospitality industry. They perform several roles in bringing efficient human resources for this sector. Some of the roles are discussed as follows...

Preparing Future Managers

Professional bodies such as Institute of Hospitality provide admission to students in their institute and teach those including theories and practical aspects of hospitality industry. They provide the highest quality management education to them based on the recent trends of industry. These bodies help people to become the best managers for industry. Various courses are provided to them such as hotel management, customer relationship management, tours and travel management, etc. It would help the students in getting opportunities in Hotel