Gender Issues Creates Negative Impact on Operations

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Question :

Topic - Actually women are too weak for management’. Critically discuss this provocative statement in terms of gender issues within the organisation


Essay “Actually women are too weak for management’. Demonstrate this exasperating statement in reference to gender issues within the organisation”.   (2,500 words)

Students are required to cover:

  • Provide description and reproduction of textbook facts, models, theories etc.
  • Show facility in the use of evidence to support your arguments
  • Show an ability to use concepts to deepen understanding of organisational situations
  • Discuss how theory can assist and inform management, including HRM practice.

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Answer :
Organization Selected : Nike


Management refers to the planning, organising, directing and controlling of activities with which business activities give proper outcome with it. In order to conduct activities, there will change in business operations as well which is specific and relevant in context of understanding activities properly. There are many activities which has to be planned by managers because they wants to make organisation well settled and growing. In order to evaluate and investigate about ways to determine changes properly, then it is tough for managers to understand best way to deal with it (Coates, 2015). If there is change in business activities, then managers are responsible to communicate it properly to work force, if it is not communicated properly then there will negative impact on operations. This investigation is based on Nike which is American multinational organisation which is dealing in designing, manufacturing and selling of footwear, apparel, accessories, equipments, etc. In this article, there will be discussion about gender issues which arise in the organisation because of weak management activities. Women are not getting equal opportunities to grow and expand in the association because they does not have ability to manage operations in the organisation.


Business management is most crucial and important concept in the organisation because with the help of it association is able to complete their targeted activities properly. With determination of business management strategies, it will be easy and specific for people to evaluate and understand the activities properly. Business management will not get properly if there is issue in organisation's working policies such as imbalance in working style of male and female. In order to conduct and complete the activities properly, it is essential for people to evaluate and understand the changes properly. There are males as well as female working in the organisation, then it is important for people to understand ways to deal with it. In managerial activities, there is lack of role of women because it is observed that they are weak in managing operations. Due to this perception, they are not able to get equal opportunities and gender gap arise in the association (Cuadrado, GarcíaAel and Molero, 2015). Nike is the association which has many department and employees working for achieving aims and objectives. If there is gender gap issue in the association, then they will not work properly and organisation's activities will be completed properly and in authentic manner. As per view of Kate Whiting, 2019 In current market, there are many organisations which does not have and equal policies for men and women.

If women are not getting proper opportunities, then this is the major issue which association is facing. It is important for people to determine and understand what changes has to be made with which people can evaluate and understand changes properly. It is perception of management of Nike that women are weak in management operations, this affects their working style and they can not give their best. There is dissatisfaction among workers in the organisation because they are not getting proper rights, so brand image of association also gets affected. There is no positive point when women are not getting equal opportunities at workplace. With this perception, there is requirement of understanding and evaluating changes properly with which managers can understand ways to deal with it. Gender issue is the major issue which Nike is facing and this might affects their organisational efficiency too. Gender gap issue is not related with internal activities of the association. It also affects external parties and well and sets same perception regarding women working in the association (Davidson and Burke, 2016).

Gender gap issues arise because of any reasons and it is not possible for people to understand and determine changes properly. In order to make business activities ethical and relevant, then it is easy for employees of Nike to share their issues and grievances. When there is equal opportunities to women, then there are possibilities that operations will not be performed in better and effective manner. Gender gap not only affects internal parties of the association, but also external because they are not able to understand and determine ways to deal with employees. As satisfaction of employees is important because they are the source through which operations can be completed properly and in effective manner. As per view of Julie Wilson, 2019 there are many reasons such as improper pay, uncomfortable working surroundings, etc. due to which gender gap arise in the association. Some of the reasons are discussed as under-

Sexual harassment is the major issue due to which there is gender gap in the association. Women does not get equal voting rights and equal weight- age as compared to meals in the association, so it is not possible for Nike to maintain proper working style (Dezső, Ross and Uribe, 2016). When women face sexual harassment and other improper activities, then it is not possible for then to make stand and work efficiently, hence they are not proper and specific for evaluating it. This issue arise because women does not have equal rights and opportunities with which they can equal in better and appropriate manner.

Racism is the other reason due to which women does not get equal opportunities in the organisation. Under this, there is issue in pay rate of women because this is paid on the basis of race and ethnicity. As in Nike there are many workers working, so if they are from different race, then it is not possible for them to understand and evaluate in better manner. There is difference in pay rate of men and women, hence this creates dissatisfaction and women are not able to perform their managerial activities properly. With understanding and evaluating changes properly, it is not easy for women to make stand and perform operations properly.

Less promotion to women is other issue due to which people can understand and evaluate changes properly. If there is change in business activities, then women are not promote to work well but men are. This creates discrimination on the association. This shows that management of Nike have more opportunities than men, hence they also does not give more efforts in performing well (Fagan and et. al., 2015). There is no opportunities to women at management level because people have view that they can not manage operations properly. If women is working at top level management, then also it not easy to share their views because of less majority in team. There are some personal aims and objectives which has to satisfy while workers are working in organisation and if women workers are not getting proper weight- age for their work, then this might arise dissatisfaction among them. This might take organisational performance to down ward as compared to competitors.

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Fear of asking for higher pay is the issue which women is facing in the organisation. As women does not have more opportunities to work in the association, so their pay rate is also low. But if women work in more better and appropriate way, then it is not possible way to evaluate best way to determine and understand changes in proper manner. Women are not able to work effectively at Nike because they are not getting proper salary, hence they also does not want to give their best. Women have fear in their mind that they want higher pay because their proposal and working operations might get neglected.

These are the issues due to which women working efficiency is not efficient and they are not liable for getting better. If women are not getting equal opportunities and pay as men, then they does not also wants to improve their performance (Joshi and et. al., 2015). This creates mind set of consumers, that they are not able to determine and evaluate changes properly which are taking place in organisational policies. When there is equality in policies, then organisational performance and brand image of Nike can be maintained. In order to study and maintain long term relations with workers, it will not be easy for people to understand and make policies properly (World Health Organization, 2015).

When there is change in protocols of association with which individuals can make changes in their working style. In current market, employees also wants to satisfy their demands and needs. When activities are performed in appropriate and specific manner, then it is essential to deal with it. It is responsibility of managers of Nike to study ways through which they can reduce gender gap in the association. According to Jess Fuhl, 2019 there is requirement of proper policies to reduce gender gap and it will be easy for female workers to share their issues and grievances and equal opportunities can be provided to female workers as well.

There must be transparent policies at work place so employees have complete and specific information about conducting activities. There is change in operations of the association, then it is essential that it must be transparent through providing information to conduct activities properly. As Nike is operating in different organisations, so it is important and specific for people to understand reason behind conducting activities and ways to complete it (LarrietaRubín de Celis and et. al., 2015).

There must be support to women for working at superior level. This is the way through which their prospective and mindset can also known. There are possibilities that this boosts the performance of Nike and improves satisfaction of workers. With change in business operations, there will ease in understanding and determining changes properly. When management of Nike supports women to work at management level, then females employees can share their issues properly.

There must be use of gender neutral recruitment process with the help of which there is no discrimination among male and female. This also makes ease in making positive environment in association because job roles and responsibilities are as per skills and knowledge rather than caste, colour, creed. At Nike, there are many workers and as organisation grows, there must be proper understanding about hiring policies of workers. This provides equal opportunities to female workers and they can understand the policies properly.

There must be in- biass training policies to workers through which it is easy for organisation to provide equal growth opportunities to work force. As training is the process through which knowledge and skills of employees are improved. For instance: if some new operational technique is implemented at Nike, then females must also motivated to learn it and implement while operating (Linehan, 2019). This does not make any discrimination but also improves operations in better manner because workers have equal opportunities, so they can use new and innovative method to complete their assigned task.

Discrimination policies must be clear to employees while they join organisation. There must be separate section for discrimination policies in offer letter, then it will be clear to workers in case of any discrimination, what correction actions or authorities they have. This makes ease in making positive and legal relations in the association with management of Nike. With proper non- discriminatory policies, it will be easy for managers of Nike to operate in authentic way and employees can also perform their activities properly.

Diversification of board members is one of the best strategy with which workers of Nike can overcome with gender gap issue. When employees of association are in diversified manner, then it will be easy for people to evaluate and determine activities properly. At management level, if workers are different in terms of gender, caste, etc. then diversified in the association can be managed ad maintained. It is easy for people to understand and determine policies properly. There is easy to communicate mindset of everyone, hence organisational policies will formed accordingly (Powell, 2018).

With the help of above mentioned points, it is clear that there will ease in maintaining diversified activities at Nike and promote workers to share their views. There are many benefits which Nike will going to achieve, if they are using some specific policies for maintaining policies in the association. As gender gap is one of the major issue which is prevailing in the society, hence when proper protocols are framed, then brand image of Nike can be maintained in the organisation. With changing and evaluating policies, it is essential for people to understand and evaluate policies in proper manner. With maintaining gender gap, operational efficiency of overall organisation can be maintained. As Nike is operating in different countries, so it will be easy for them to understand mindset of different regions and they can maintain good brand image in the association. For determining and understanding mindset of workers, it is essential to provide them opportunities to share their views. This assist them in communicating what they want and how they can improve their performance (SetóPamies, 2015).

In current market, changes are taking placed in business environment frequently and it have impact on different departments. With understanding and evaluating changes properly, there will be ease in determining and evaluating ways to complete the task. With change in business activities, mindset of women has to be evaluated which is possible when they have equal opportunities of growth and voting rights. There is requirement of improvement in relations with employees, it will be easy for workers to determine what better can be provided. As there is requirement of innovation and creativity in products of Nike, then it is important that role of women is also crucial as they provides ideas to launch new products. When women workers does not have proper rights and opportunities, then they will also not take efforts for understanding it and due to this managers have mindset that they are not working properly (Walsh, 2016).


From the above information and collected data it is evaluated that there must be equal opportunities and rights to females so they can work with same effectiveness and efficiency. It is not possible for women to give best until, they are treated equally as other workers. In order to maintain equality in the association, there must be ease and proper coordination in business activities of male and female. Sexual harassment, lack of opportunities at management level, fear of asking to give higher remuneration, racism, etc. are the issues due to which discrimination among workers arise and this give rise to negative impact on operations. But there must be important role of management of association through which discrimination can be nullify from association. There is requirement of strict policies against discrimination, regular communication with workers, diversified managerial personnel, etc. are the ways through discrimination can be nullify. In order to understand and determine the changes proper about maintaining equality in the association, there will fruitful outcome as growth and development of company.

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