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Personal and professional development in Health and Social care is necessary to improve and develop services which help patients to recover as soon as possible. The report will cover personal values and principles along with culture and experience influence own role in supporting users of services. In addition to this, impact of new developments and own skills and learning style, holistic development associated with monitoring progress against plan (Redmond, 2017). The report will also demonstrate effectiveness of development plan, nature of different professionals and supporting rights to solve issues encountered in professional relationship. In addition to this, effectiveness of personal contribution, limits of own work, role in minimising barriers and improved personal contribution will be discussed in this report.


1.1 Compare personal values and principles


Personal Values

Effect of the values on principles of support

Critical Thinking in Health and Social Care


Critical thinking is important for me as well as for the health and social care service in order to take decisions based on cases with efficiency.

Equal Right

Equal rights provided by me to my team members will help to build a strong team; this will also help to provide excellent services to patients.


I will ensure diversity management and maintenance among the team members of health care professionals.


Confidentiality will help me to maintain teamwork and performance which helps to have a positive impact of ethical parameters on operational activities.


I will maintain pleasure environment at work place as a professional in order to overcome on tensions and stress which also help to support rule and regulation of health and social care (Hvalič-Touzery, 2017).


I will also ensure my attitude in terms of professionalism will help me to maintain a string discipline in health and social care unit effectively.

1.2 Personal culture and experience influence own role in supporting users of services

Personal culture and experience

Impact on the Personal culture and experience on health and social care units

attitude of handling people with diverse culture and same reflective behaviour

My belief and attitude of handling people with diverse culture with same reflective behaviour will help me as well as my health and social care unit to offer equal treatment for all the users and maintain ethical concerns in effective manner (Maslach, 2017).

To give priority on the ritual bases of each patient

I have a nature of giving priority to ritual cases that it will use to help people with need of social and health care services to feel valued by me as a professional effectively. This will also help to motivate and encourage others in same unit to follow path in order to make a target and objective to give preferences on treatment strategies with perfect balance of ritual preferences. 

As a leader work with efficiency and handle diverse nature

I believe in leadership that will help me to create a good organisational culture in health and social care unit in order to provide excellent and effective services to patients.


1.3 Impact of new developments

It can be said that changes and developments has an effective influence to the associated services such as health and social care. The government introduce The Care Act 2014 which has a great impact on health and social care services and sector (Hanssen, 2017). The act make changes in the process as the service user get so many benefits and also able to appeal against council decision over the criteria eligible of getting funds ef