Communication In Health And Social Care


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Introduction to Communication

Communication plays an important role in every aspect of business as it helps in boosting the overall performance and assists in to build a cohesive and efficient team. A well-organized communication skill are important to manage the performance of entire team and communicate a suitable message to large groups and reduce the risk of industrial issues by developing in organizations (Reeves and et. al., 2011).

Here, in this report a detailed evaluation has been accomplished to understand the significance of communication in healthcare industry. It can also be considered as a channel through which information gets exchanged among patients and doctors. A prominent communication channel helps in to assess the details about patients and patients communicate their requirements to health care staff.

Attributes Of Communication

In this respect three different cases has been discussed on various attributes of communication and accordingly analysis has been accomplished by focusing on development of effective communication channels as it plays an important role in the process of change management.

Relevant Theories Of Communication To Health And Social Care Contexts

There are various theoretical approaches of communiqué that are used in this industry and can be aligned in the given case study. As, the situation in the case depicts about a patient who arrived for skin predicament before time in the hospital was forced to wait for 40 long minutes before getting assisted by any care taker.

Eventually medical doctor came and briefed about some antibiotics and went, as a result patient felt she was not properly diagnosed and have not been given any opportunity to voice for her concerns . Finally, it was found that patient was totally dissatisfied with the health care corporation and was not certain about her treatment. Here, it can be seen that there is a clear communication gap among the staff and patient and it ultimately leads to negative word of mouth for organization and dissatisfaction among patients. In this regard there are various theories given on proper communication in health and social care as stated below;

Psychodynamic theory

“It is grounded on the work of Sigmund Freud who stated that the theory merges all those who are united to psyche and does includes not only the minds but also inner feelings that represents experiences and thoughts with difference that precisely states about the concept that mind is not stable but remains active.”

“Psychodynamic theory also talks about the fact that interactions with every person is very important as it helps in strengthening a person’s ability to communicate and also helps in developing an assumption that every person writes his own history (Vactor, 2011)

“Other belief is that individuals lives in two worlds i.e. internal and external and every behavior of them is done with a purpose. It is a very impactful as it helps in determining the ways in which a person interacts within health and social care.

Behavioral theory

The strong factor about this theory is that behavior of every individual is based on the kind of response generated from each stimuli. Behavioral theory can be further described as a method of acquiring any language like in case of infants when they imitate sound that a healthcare practitioner might make. This further reinforces the ways in which infants behave leading to highlighting the current as well as future condition.

Humanistic approach

In this the main highlight is person of interest that includes the significance of behavior and it focuses on person centered and transactional analysis. “With respect to healthcare companies, main motive humanistic approach is to make its customers get open within their personal experiences so that challenges can be reduced.” (Moonie, 2005)
To achieve this it is crucial to frame a prominent relation among therapist and clients and it must be realistic and accept the critical conditions of client, through this distance between therapist and client can be reduced.

Social cognitive theory

It gives more emphasis on observational learning and gives focus on kind of treatment the way children are nurtured in home and it helps in to shape the behavior form starting and is shaped as the child grows. “Social cognitive theory also talks about the communication that takes place between people and their surroundings using theoretical competencies such as the achievements that can be modified and molded within the environment that exists like that of between parents, guardians and societies, etc.

Use Of Communication Skills In a Health And Social Care Context

I ensure to make use of communication skills in a health and social care context in the best possible manner.

Verbal communication is the main technique that is used by me to communicate with the patiemt and other professionals. In this aspect, I take care of tone of voice, speak on similar level, pitch, and never talk at back.Non- verbal communication is mainly carried out by me with patients who has difficulty in hearing. I take care of factors such as facial expression, hand gestures, body posture and physical appearance (Fisher, 2005).

Here, in the given case the patient’s dissatisfaction raised only due to improper communication among professional and client. In the present situation there must be a clear verbal communication among the patient and nurse so that she could have been diagnosed well and have provided the details about her skin problem. Active listening, open style of questioning and different verbal communication would have helped both patient and nurse to develop a proper connection. Due to lack of efficient communication skills the service user was dissatisfied with the service provided by healthcare professionals (Collins, 2009).

Communication helps in to ensure that trends, best practices and innovative ideas are shared among health care staff for the betterment of profession and is mostly utilized through diverse mediums like print and other channels. Other than this, communiqué is also used for fostering the relationships with the service users and also respecting their self-esteem by providing regular assistance. This will help in stimulating the overall and intellectual development of patients and also meeting their responsive needs.

“In order to gain higher benefits from improved communiqué practices, service providers and care takers need to deal with all out of the box practices that are being followed in communicating with each other. Like for example, if there is any constraint in channels of communication, they should be resolved at the same time so as to avoid any misunderstanding in the professional areas concerned”.

Methods Of Dealing With Inappropriate Interpersonal Communication

Service providers in healthcare sector should be in regular interaction with each other so that they can understand patient’s needs and assist them in desired manner...”
Here, in present case, problem arise because of lack of communication and one of the factors that can be considered as inappropriate practices in organizations. The patient with skin problem in the case must be have been adequately treated firstly by the reporting nurse and assessing her issues she should have been sent to doctors chamber for proper diagnose. It is the duty of health and social care worker to provide information to patients and provide them treatment in a systematic manner.

There are several ways or strategies that need to be framed in health and social care organization so that they can enhance their communication process. As the case depicts in the due to absence of proper communication channels patient got dissatisfied and further improvement in the hospital management. For this strategies needed to develop the process are adequate training of employees, defining roles and responsibilities, open communication and framing prominent policies and plans.

Reasons for inappropriate communication between physician and the patient

In the above mentioned cases, inappropriate mode of communication between the physician and the patient is noticed. The service user was unaware of the cause of her skin problem because the care provider did not give her any verification to satisfy that she was sick (Heineken and Toivonen, 2008). Due to lack of proper communication between both the individuals the patient was left unsatisfied.

Use Of Strategies To Support Users Of Health And Social Care

Two of the significant factors that are considered very important within interactive channels are culture and values. It includes factors within it that are associated with demographics such as age, race, and gender, educational and economic conditions. Culture states about incorporated basic behaviour that a person follows in general sense such as values, viewpoints, attitude and interactions, etc. Values and culture have huge significance in health and social care as they occur mainly in every group and are generally included in interaction procedures and cultural identity is of crucial significance (Bryan, 2009). One of the factors in it is that everyone is influenced with cultural programming that makes it crucial to understand about culture and the ways in which they can be accomplished in a better form.

Moreover, it has been found in the case study that a patient with severe dental arrived in the clinic and receptionist answered to his queries at a high pitch and conveyed him to register his problem in computer. But the patient find difficulty as was not able to understood English language and was having difficulty in handling computers and was not able to convey the exact message to receptionist. Here, in problem mainly raised due to difference in culture and values among the patient and receptionist. Proper training and communication skills should have been provided to the receptionist before appointing her on the particular position. The receptionist should have been directed by the hospital staff to communicate in a low pitch with all the patients so that service users do not feel uneasy to explain and convey their problems on telephone (Stewart and MacIntyre, 2013).

The most important aspect of values and cultural development that impacts on communication is gender because people are generally with their typical qualities which can either be noticed while interacting with them. Healthcare service providers need to be conscious about such differences and must be sensitive in nature to handle patient’s issue. Technique that needs to be considered over here is to get to know the differentiating factor that makes individual an active listener in more professional manner and communication must be done in a different approach so that patient can feel comfortable within the environment.

Moreover, pattern of communication also differs according to nationality and culture in which some use verbal and other uses nonverbal communications techniques. It must be clearly understood that every individual belong to a diverse culture and mode of interaction also differs accordingly hence, communication must be done in a manner so that there is no misinterpretation and confusion in transmission of message.

In health and social care one of the most significant factors is the legislation and charters that impact on techniques of communication that facilitates in the stipulation of equality. The present laws and policies which monitor the healthcare practices are generally formed on the basis of principles on equality (Moss, 2012.). This legislation provide in fair employment, race relations, discrimination acts and other laws that depicts about professional practice.

Such rules and lawful regulations act as a foundation stone in determining the behaviour of service providers and communicate their message prominently. The serious issues of going against the legislation will be a critical factor for the management. In the given case patient can easily files a legal case as the situation depicts that due to loss of trust from the service provider, different confidential information are leaked about the patient when the receptionist spoke at a higher voice (Effective communication, 2011). There are various laws made to deliver impartiality and anti-discrimination policies at workplace and helps in shaping the communication practices in health care organizations.

Healthcare organizations are required to come up with adequate policies or systems that helps in to foster good communication and it incorporates numerous factors that are associated with documentation, information systems, establishment of process and practices (Health and Social Care Act, 2001). Here, in the given scenario the corporation by developing vibrant and advanced knowledge system effectiveness in different activities can be accomplished. Stated are the some of the policies that need to be developed within the present corporation;

Whistle blowing policy – It states about blow the whistle for anything doing wrong and it provides a clear guideline to workforce so that procedure can be corrected and it can impact on reputation of organization (Hurtley and et. al., 2012). This policy focuses on commitment and openness to effective communication.

Bullying in the workplace – It states the every employee has the right to get employed in such an atmosphere which is at without any kind of nuisance and management must allow its employees to love their work and fulfill expectations by creating a sustainable organizational culture (Mitchell and Boak, 2009).

Safety from accidents – It is the responsibility of management to provide a safe working environment that complies with all statutory practices and codes of practice. Employers need to notify certain categories of accidents with specified dangerous occurrence for the health and safety of employees.

“Health and social care employees should be eternally involved within enhancement and growth of interaction procedures so as to become the best fit for their companies and professions. Another way to improve the overall provisions of information to maintain confidentiality and privacy can be attained to avoid misunderstanding. Moreover, entire information sharing process can be enhanced by using different and sustainable rules that are set in relation to the documentation so as to improvise and maximize the attainment of results” (Robb, 2004).

“The overall technical and interactive attributes can be improved by using different processes and provide access to interaction to every individual whenever they face any difficulty. They should also be made aware of different constraints in interaction and strategies should be developed accordingly. Other than this, there are different values and principles that are related to communication aspects and educating employees within the organization about the same will help in enhancing their wisdom and knowledge. By learning this process, healthcare workers can improvise upon their communiqué and also gain a clear understanding of the ways to maintain that with other employees.

Different activities and actions within this service sector are very difficult to be carried out if the technology is not available in proper manner.” It includes techniques like spreadsheets, word processing, intranet, internet, email and presentations. These IT methods help in to have a critical importance in the accomplishment of daily activities within the workplace.

Word processing application helps in creation, editing and amendment of numerous documents that could have been proved otherwise a lengthy work. On the contrary, spreadsheets help in accomplishing mathematical computations by using different formulas that further helps in making presentations and prepare visual report to communicate in a better form. “Intranet and internet helps in undertaking the connectivity process among network users within the company and framing emails assists in interchange of information and ideas amongst one another and document the process at workplace.”

Use of standard ICT software packages to support work in health and social care

One of the most significant usages of application of ICT in Healthcare Corporation is tale care that helps in undertaking business to consumer service with personal interaction and can be easily completed on computers and telephones. It integrates attributes of automated services that gives reminders and monitoring services with increased interaction between users and service providers.

The major benefit from information technologies within healthcare set-up is the accuracy of records and through this different applications of IT can be readily available that states about condition of client and it is convenient for employees to resolve queries of employees. Through this health care professionals can conveniently enjoy the benefits that helps in building a safe, modern and swift IT system to undertake routine activities (Collins, 2009).

There are many other benefits of these elements in healthcare sector because they help in fulfilling the requirements of each and every person by regularly monitoring their treatments and making all the administrative practices even more efficient. Keeping records and documentation will again help in attaining improvements in communiqué and also their independence. Information and technology again offers an association amongst their users leading to providing them more of efficiency in service delivery.

In this regard, I possess the following ICT skills;

  • I have a basic knowledge about concepts, termilbolgy and functns related to computers.
  • I further possess internet skills related to World Wide Web, site navigation, searching, and installing and upgrading a Web browser
  • I am able to effectively communicate with others.
  • I can access the needed information from softwares.
  • I am also able to carry out administrative activities so as to support work in health and social care.

Different software packages used in hospital

Standard traditional and digital software packages can be installed in computer for maintaining and recording hospital data safely. Databases software such as MS-Word, Oracle, SQL server and power point presentation are some of the computer programming’s that can help in storing patient records and other information in computer (Bryan, 2009).

Information technology states about ways of improving several activities using which healthcare service providers can easily accomplish their set target. With the implementation of IT in this sector organizations have attained increased efficiency, as numerous tools helps in to frame better practices and services have seen a dramatic enhancement as it has become quite simpler to get access of different records but this has again been limited by the legislations that exists so as to protect and promote confidentiality.

The use of IT has maximized health care Corporation’s profitability but certain legislations both internal and external also rely “to administer ICT practices within healthcare units.” The information safety norms also bring restrictions and limitation over the use of personal information as well as disclosure of any data is equivalent to the breach of confidentiality. Moreover, the legislative policy that is assumed to be an important factor in the use of IT is the accessibility of personal files act 1987 that stipulates any general considerations for different information and all these data are related to social services (Anderson and Aydin, 2005).

Other than these legislative policies that give accessibility to look the medical reports for employment motive is Medical Report Act of 1988 so as to ensure the overall purpose. Finally, one of the significant factor in legislative polices is the Accessibility to Health Records Act 1990 that gives attention on management of patients records. It provides client any other known person the right to use medical records in a manual or electronic form. However, “in order to protect data from any kind of harm, companies need to use different storage devices so that any information could not be leaked or used without the consent of parties concerned.” (Ezzaine and et. al., 2012).

How legal considerations in the use of ICT impact on health and social care

The administrative department mainly deals with charges of patient, health care cost, details about next transactions and outstanding costs. Different health care corporations have been benefitted immensely with IT systems that they can access anytime and status about a client is displayed systematically. Medical practitioners can observe patients details on their computer as well as the past history within seconds. All these records help in doctors to manage their database and provide adequate treatment in a swift manner. In 1998 the legislation of UK enacted the Data protection act which included only identifiable officials and personnel can access the necessary information store in computer. Computer misuse act 1990 was also implemented by UK government so that the information and data stored in computer is not breached and hacked by hackers at any cost (Gilson, 2006).

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“By undertaking the above report it can be concluded that information and technology always comes up with ranges of benefits within health and social care setup that helps in accomplishing needs, making the administrative practice prominent, exact documentation and enhance the communication practice in a dynamic form. Further it can be stated that with more meaningful interactive practices, there will always remain a need to be comprehend the dissimilarities that relies within values and cultural aspects of an individual as it will help in developing strong relationship. There has also been witnessed a regular improvement in communication processes through assessment of the ways and their identify ways through which communication can be improved.

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