Health and Safety Policies in HSC Workplace


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In order to promote prevent service users from the harm and injury, it is essential for care practitioners to focus on promoting health and safety at the workplace (Boer, Macdonald and Alamgir, 2015). Along with this, with enabling health and safety at the workplace it also results in reducing the level of accidents at the workplace that promote proper well-being of the patients. Presently the report focuses on analyzing the impact of different health and safety policies on the care practices of Graceland day care center. Along with this, the report will also focus on the key policy that is hand hygiene policy that how it will be monitored or reviewed.

Impact of health and safety policy on health and social care practices and its customers and its effectiveness in promoting a healthy and safe culture

1. Culture and its importance in health and social care practice

Culture is defined as a pattern of thoughts and ideas, behavior that is shared by an individual or society. It differs from organization to organization in order to render service within the health care unit the culture is totally different. It basically focuses on the safety culture within the health care organizations and care institution. Health and social care setting focus on different areas such as management commitment, workforce involvement, work pressure, safety communication, etc. that requires effective health and safety culture within the setting. Therefore, it is stated that it has acknowledged a huge attempt in enhancing the safety culture within the care organization at a different level. For instance, with the safety culture, it becomes easy to find out that field where the care workers and different staffs require training and development (Yorio, Willmer and Moore, 2015). Along with this, the significance of effective culture in the HSC practices also allows the care unit in developing safety conception as well as regulations for the social workers.

Whereas, if the care practitioners are culturally competent then they must engage in developing their skills so that they can render effective practices and services to patients. However, in the Graceland daycare as well as in the different care home culturally competent worker must engage in developing effective working relationships with the patients and carers so that they may render required care services and medication to them (Boyle, 2015). The significance of cultural competence in the health and social care practice results in improving the health outcomes as well as renders quality of care to different diseases patients. Along with this it also plays a significant role in eliminating the racial and cultural health disparities.

2. Ways of developing positive health and safety at the workplace

Basically, there are three key elements that would ensure positive and healthy culture within the HSC setting (Reese, 2015). It mainly includes implementing rules and working practices related with controlling the hazards and risks, positive attitude of management towards the assessment of risk and compliance with the control procedures and the last element is a capability to learn from the accidental activities. There are certain ways that are used by the HSC setting through which they can easily develop positive health and safety. It mainly includes-

The high degree of leadership in health and safety

In order to develop positive health and safety at the Graceland daycare it basically focuses on the high degree of leadership among the senior management personnel so that they can direct their social workers, care workers as well as nurses in developing a constructive attitude and commitment towards maintaining safe and healthy working in the care home (Hughes and Ferrett, 2015). This is considered as an effective way through which senior management personnel can easily develop health and safety in the care institute or care setting.

Effective communication within the workplace

Another way for developing the positive health and safety at workplace include enabling a continuous and effective level of communication among the care workers and other workers within the care setting so that they may have adequate information and knowledge regarding maintaining health and safety at the workplace (Bambra and Gibson, 2016).

3. Effects of promoting a positive health and safety culture

Through promoting the health and safety culture within the HSC it results in enabling positive effect on the practices as it assists the setting in increasing affirmative work culture among social unit, medical professionals as well as an administrator at the workplace. Along with this, it has been also assessed that another effect of promoting a positive health and safety culture is that it eliminates or reduce the death rates of patients due to providing improper care service (Claxton, Stoddart and Torrance, 2015). Furthermore, supporting effective health and safety practices and policies also ensure an opportunity to serve surgical or medical patients in a proper manner.

Promoting health and safety culture within HSC also support the HSC setting in maintaining decorum and discipline within the workplace that would surely result in creating healthy, safety and positive work culture within the setting as all the care workers are bound to perform accordant with the framed rules. As with the increase in the rate of medical victims in the contemporary scenario, it results in improving the medical practices of care workers within the health and social care (Snape, Rawcliffe, and Popay, 2015). With the help of positive health and safety culture, it increases the quality and safety among the services and treatment that are provided by the healthcare and medical professionals within the workplace.

4. Impact of promoting hand hygiene policy on health care practice and its customers

There are different health and safety policies that need to be implemented by the HSC in order to ensure proper safety of different patients, care workers, practitioners etc. from the hazardous or risky situation. The key significance of implementing health and safety policy is to ensure the protection and prevention of service users from infections. Along with this, washing hand properly is considered as important facets that assist the care practitioners in preventing and controlling the spreading of illness (Fisher, 2005). Therefore, it is listed that promoting hand hygiene policy positively impacted the practices of HSC in following ways-

  • The key impact of promoting hand hygiene policy for health care practices is that it supports them in creating a healthy environment.
  • Along with this, it has been also identified that promoting hand hygiene policy will positively impact the health and social care practices as it reduces the incidents of care that are associated with infections (Collins, 2009).
  • In addition to this, it also impacts in using the range of hand hygiene products that would amend adherence of hygiene practice thus it results in promoting and encouraging the safety of service users and prevention of them from the infections.

Enabling proper hand hygiene also benefit the individual or patients in reducing the risks like food poisoning, flue, etc. along with this, hand hygiene policy also support the individual to pass the infections from one to another.

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Analyzing the effect of non-compliance with health and safety legislation within the workplace

In order to prevent service users from the infection, it is essential for a care worker to focus on hand hygiene policy that supports in rendering high-quality care as well as it also contributes in providing a safe environment for different medical patients (Turner, Ramsay, and Fulop, 2013). The Regulations of Care Act 2001 assists the care workers and practitioners to engage in the effective procedures that support themselves in controlling the rate of infection. Along with this, in the care setting, one of the important activity is hand hygiene that supports in preventing the dispersed of infection from one patient to another. However, care practitioners within the Graceland daycare center focus on abidance of hand hygiene policy as its supports in spreading the infection or micro to different patients (Healy, 2011). In the situation, if the daycare center is unable to compliance to the legislation then it may result in arising different issues as well as it also negatively impact the care center in the following manner-

If the daycare center non-compliance the legislation and policy then it may result in causing death or serious injury to the patients as non-compliance of hand handling policy results in spreading the deadly viruses as well as microorganism to another patient that impact their health.

Another implication of non-compliance to this legislation in the Graceland daycare is that it results in increasing the rate of patients at the faster rate as they have not abided the policy that often results in impacting the health of patients and results in worsening their health.

Along with this, non-compliance of the legislation also results in issuing a fixed penalty notice to the Graceland daycare center as they have not abided the enforced legislation and policy within the setting (Nunez and Villanueva, 2011). In addition to this, non-compliance to the legislation and hand hygiene policy results in the day center also negatively showcase the image of care home to the other individual.

How health and safety policy that is hand hygiene policy is monitored and reviewed

Each and every health care setting, as well as a daycare center, ensure that they must abide by the different health and safety policies as well as procedures within the setting. As all the policies and procedures support the Graceland day care center in rendering quality and standard care services as well as medical treatment to the different patients. It is only not important to make the policies and implement it but it is also required by the senior management personnel within the care center to engage in the monitoring and reviewing process so that they can assess the effectiveness of health and safety policy. Review of practice is defined as inspecting and critique the hand handling policies within the daycare center (Stranks, 2010). On the other hand, monitoring is defined as observing and checking the execution of hand handling policy within Graceland day care center within a certain time period. Along with this, it also defined as checking the activities of care practitioners within the care setting.

Hand hygiene policy is monitored and reviewed with the help of different methods it mainly includes-

Hand Hygiene Audit

Accordant with the requirement of Department of Health all the services within the daycare center and HSC need to be undertaken within the audit as it would measures that care to set is performing accordant with the outlined policy or not. It has been also assessed that regular audit and taking responses of the hand hygiene audit has resulted in amending the hand hygiene within the setting.

Updating Policies and Procedures

Another method which can be used to monitor and review the policy in a care setting include a continuous update of policies and procedures. It is one of key manner that supports in reviewing and amending the performance of Graceland day care center (Ridley, 2013). This procedure can play an essential role in setting to gain efficiency and execution within providing medical services by reducing unhygienic aspects. It can also assist the daycare center in reducing the death rate of patients from the infection through processing new care policies related to spreading of infection.

Review of Practice

Another method that can be used to monitor and review the policies include reviewing practices and activities of the care practitioners that they are abiding the legislation and policy or not (Duncan, 2012). Through reviewing the practices it has been found that care practitioners do not abide by the policies then it they be encouraged to implement the policy to protect themselves and other individuals from the infections.


Through summing up the report it has been found that it is essential for the care setting to ensure proper health and safety policies as support in rendering quality and standard care and medical treatment to different diseases patients. Furthermore, the report has also concluded measuring the impact of health and safety policies on the practices of HSC and its customers that it benefits an overall organization in rendering quality and standard care services to the patients.


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