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1.1 Background of study

In the modern era, with the growth and development of new destination in the world’s tourist market, the cities could be seen as a permanent attracting factor for tourist. Tourism is an important part of the economy for most of the countries because it provides many benefits like employment opportunities, further area for development, etc (Lee, Lee and Ham, 2013). Along with this, it has a positive effect on the destination development and unplanned development which leads to have many negative effects on the destination. However, increases in tourism activity have put significant impact natural, the social and economic environment of the destination. Urban tourism leads to give an brief of development and various types of tourism activities which provide benefit to the communities and increasing effective functioning. It helps in motivating the modification of some new cultural and commercial facilities and improved it which can be used for both tourist and residents. This research is purly based on the Analysis of  the importance of urban tourism activities in the economic development of London City. Urban tourism activities help in bringing significant benefits such as new investment possibilities, creating new workplaces, etc.

1.2 Research problem

For nations it is important to focus on economic growth and development. It is important to improve urban tourism activities so that large number of people can be attracted toward new destination of London (Mistilis, Buhalis and Gretzel, 2014).. There are various factors which can motivate tourist to visit London. It is essential to make them aware about new tour activities and destination where they can visit and enjoy. Urban tourism provides overview of the cities in which people visit. Tourist are mainly attracted from different cultural in particular city, natural resources, museum etc

1.3 Chapter structure

At the time of undertaking research, it is necessary to follow a systematic pattern by obeying a well-managed and appropriate structure. This structure can be shown in the following chapter which can be undertaken by the investigator as a part of the research. Here, below are the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction – In first chapter, straight information related to the selected topic will be provided. This will include an overview of the chosen topic with specific goal and objectives. Further, research problem will be described and at the end of the chapter, different types of tools and techniques will be discussed.
  • Chapter 2: Literature Review – In the next chapter, there is details information which is related to the factors which motivate people to visit London will be discussed. Further, the areas of Westminster to access transport getting around the destination will be focused. The entire chapter will lay emphasis on covering aim and objectives of the investigation. The complete published work will be incorporated which is written by different authors.
  • Chapter 3: Research Methodology – In research methodology chapter, all the detailed information related to the tools and techniques will be provided. Along with this, validation of the technique which is used in the study will be provided. This chapter will also include limitations and ethical considerations and all the resources which are used by the investigator.
  • Chapter 4: Data Analysis and Findings – All the results of collected information will be presented in this chapter.
  • Chapter 5: Discussion and conclusion– Discussion will be done on the basis of collected information. At last, the conclusion will be derived from the result and data and recommendations will be also provided.


Aim: “To analyse significance of urban tourism activities in economic development of London City”.

On the basis of provided aim below are prepared following objectives


  • To determine the encouraging factors that motivates people to visit London.
  • To understand the ways in which the Westminster location and its nearby destinations tends to attract the tourists with assistance of 6 A's.
  • To demonstrate ways through London can remain the top tourist destination in the future


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