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Introduction to Information Technology

The information technology (IT) can be simply defined as the program that are used in conserving , manipulating, applying queries, as well as transmit the data regarding solving the work issues of any enterprise or business(Tallon and Pinsonneault, 2011).

IT is the subset of Information and communication technology i.e. ICT. The word load in any small or big enterprise is used to diminish with the help of current technology that are internet based like networking and cloud computing. several database act ivies like maintaining log files, making data marts, etc. are also done with the help of networks now a days. The present report is based on the challenges as well as benefits of the internet based applications which the enterprises faces.

Comprehensive Analysis of Enterprise Applications

The information system has interchanged the whole business processing by the introduction of the new techniques which are based on the internet. The management of the informations now become the most important task for all the organisation whether it is on small or large-scale. The systems that are used to do task in isolation now the help of internet can be integrated across the corporation to their aims and objectives.

The Football 123 is based in London started in 2010. This is founded by the Ben Chesser in Barcelona before launching it in London. This company made the marketing platform allowing the several other companies to establish, route and react to digital as well as offline activities in very small period of time (Prajogo and Olhager, 2012). It provides the businesses tools to launch the different with the help of campaigns of market such as electronic mail, social media, various mobile apps, SMS, etc. The different applications of the information technology regarding the Football 123 of are following.

Storing The Relevant Data

The employees deals with a large quantity of file and maintaining and storing these all data for a long time is very rigid task. The IT allows to store all the relevant informations or data for a long period of time on the cloud(Sakas and, 2014). The enterprise uses this application to conserve their valuable data effectively.


Various marketing tools are given by the new technology to make possible the online deliveries of the products like quick response codes. It looks like a barcode but is a square. The customers can online registered the products by selecting the items located on the cart. This makes possible the work from home for the worker of the organisation. They can easily do their tasks from any where . The customers can select as many commodities they want can receive that by the same day with the aid of home delivery plans of the organisation. This saves the precious time for both the customers as well as the workers too.

Work From Home

The workers and co workers can complete their tasks from home also with the help of distributed system. It is a system that allows to share the common tasks among different people of the organisation located at different places by providing them a virtual environment where it makes them feel same as they are working isolated. But the fact is that the whole task is distributed among the different sections of the ventures. Employees can use this application with the help of internet. The users of the Football 123 take this benefit and improve their living as well as the working style.


In Business the task is totally based on the communication process as the different clients are not located at the same place. The consumers too are present at different places. Hence the company uses the various methods to communicate that are provided by the ICT such as video conferencing, emails, chats, SMS, etc.

The Drivers of Enterprise Systems From a Business Perspective

Every enterprise consists of drivers that are responsible for the development or upliftment of the organisation by doing the work to extend the growth of the enterprise. The Football 123 has consists a set of drivers in this regard that are listed below


The employees are the most important driver of the organisation. They are treated as pillars of the venture as the overall work of the corporation is being done by the worker itself(Chemla , 2012).


The company's business is dependent on the consumer also because they earn their livelihood with the help of customers. Hence they are termed as the soul of the organisation. Without them the company do not exit as they do business for them only(Buntin and, 2011).

Business Partners

A single man is not able to run his business over diverse areas of the world so in order to expand the market the company have to make parters and divide the work load according their professions or skills.

Government Bodies

The company is also affected positively as well as negatively by the government legislative or rules related to the market. The increased taxes like income tax,several taxes on the products are applied and the sometimes the company collapse as they do not earn as much income to pay the taxes(Chang and, 201). The changes in the currency of different work location is also a major issue causing the company in loss.


The venture can earn benefit by using the latest technology. It makes the work very easy for the employees by providing automatic tools like spread sheets, Ms excel, ms excess, power-point, ms word, etc. It helps the users a lot in making the calculation, reports, various diagrams, charts, slides, and many more tasks very quickly (Venkatesh and, 2012).

Internet Based Technologies

The are many internet based techniques like mailing, doing online works, managing the databases online, conserving the files on the cloud, providing security to the valuable informations, online communications tools etc. are the beneficial applications provided by the new technologies which contribute for the welfare of the organisation(Lu and Ramamurthy, 2011). The different important operating systems are also available which improves the quality work of the company like ubuntu, Linux, different version of windows, etc. different hardware are also existed leading the same role by supporting the above written software. The company uses these applications in order to enhance their productivity.


The working operations of the Football 123 has also been affected by the environmental conditions. As the works needs suitable working conditions to perform their tasks properly. If there is too hot in the city and the employees are being suffered by the extreme summer then they are not able to do the tasks accurately. Hence the company have to provide proper healthy environment to their workers(Jan and Contreras, 2011).

These all are the internal and external factors that drives the corporation management.

The Challenges That Enterprise Applications Pose For End-Users

The enterprises uses different latest technologies in order to improve their business turn over. But at the same time the end users faces many challenges with regarding to this. Some of the challenges or issues are discussed below

Expensive Products

As the company is designing their products by the new or latest technologies they also increase the pricing of the products like gadgets, different hardware, etc. This causes a serious problem to the civilians. Because some part of the population are not enough economical strong that they could afford such products. And as result they are not able to enjoy the new applications of the latest technologies. The consumers are thus not buying such an expensive products. This causing a loss for the entrepreneur.

Bad Quality Products

The software developers are not so much sure about their quality of products because after being launched in the market the customers look not to be satisfied as several issues are being risen about the operational quality like hanging of the items, battery backup are not proper, the internal software troubles, etc. Even the gadgets are being blasted due to some technical errors. These phenomenon has been troubling the society very much(Roztocki and Weistroffer, 2011).

Lack of Awareness

Whether the technology has been developed but there are so many people who are not aware of such applications. They do not know how to use such commodities. Therefore they are facing difficulties for the same.


On contrary the several other organisations are taking advantage of this internet-based technology like Tesco. Tesco being the global grocery and general retailer of merchandise is using the latest techniques provided by the information and technology in order to improve their businesses. They are creating virtual stores with the help of QR ( Quick response) codes(Galegher and, 2014). In this process the virtual market is being generated and the commodities are being sold by the tech savvy travellers. They give advertisement of their products on the public places like wall of bus stop, metro stations, public wash rooms, etc. as per spreading the information of their latest items.

The employees can scan the QR codes of the specific commodity on their smart phones even while travelling in bus or train and placing their orders very easily. The customer can select items from the scanned one and may place order for the products as per their wish. They can receive their products by the same day after doing online payments as Tesco has provided the facility of home delivery. Therefore by proving itself reliable it creates a unique image in the eyes of customers. And as a fruitful result the Tesco secured a successful business in the region of south Korea. The sales of the organisation has increased by 130 % as the 900,000 registration has been done on the Home app(Borghoff and, 2013).

The Benefits To a Modern Business Such as ERP To Achieve Operational Excellence

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is type of strategies which are created in order to improve the business in many context like financial, market based, trade, in the manufacturing as well as production sector. This planning proved to be very beneficial regarding the achievement of the operational excellence. Some of the benefits are listed bellow

Gathering of Informations To Do Proper Decision Making

The ERP software provides appropriate data which is quite beneficial for making accurate decisions. The time is conserved instead of wasting it on searching different websites to get the input.

Enhancement in the Profit

As there are accurate information regarding the file is available, this lowers the errors that are done by the employees. Hence the labour cost is decreases as less number of workers are needed. This makes the work ultimately profitable(Waser, R., 2012).

Best Operational Quality

The task of research is being done properly. Apart from ,this the work is discussed among different sector of the people including the CEO, HR. manager, team heads and other co workers. This improves the quality of the operations as the different views of the intellectual are present. This results in making the best business plan(Waser, R., 2012).

Processing Time Decreases

As ERP software provides the quality information or the relevant one without wasting the time on seeking informations. This also diminishes the labour power and consecutively the time of operation processing decreases automatically.

Transparency in the Work

The working of all the groups are transparent to each other. This improves the quality work as each and every individual take care of their works. Other group can also suggest feedbacks related to the work of another one. This results in the resolution of all the errors before launching the products causes in creativity of best production as per the consumer's need.


From the above mentioned report it has been concluded that the information technology has contributed effectively in the business processes by transforming the working directions. The whole business is now dependent on the latest technology as it diminished the work load by providing automatic formations of diagrams, calculation,etc. With the help of new software like ms excel, spread sheet, ubuntu, etc. Due to the improvement in the technology the ender users faces many challenges like they can't afford the expensive products, the lack of awareness, the unsupportive nature of the gadgets due to technical errors, etc.

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