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Strategic Management & Marketing Strategies of Marriott Hotel


Strategic management is always important part of institution management. It helps the company to identify potential threats and opportunities for its business. Critical Success factors are also important factor of the strategic management. This report will describes about international strategy of Marriott hotel which is one of the biggest hotel in UK. It will also identify potential internal and external factors for business and their impacts on hotel. We will also discuss marketing communication model and it processes on context of the company. This report will analyze different marketing strategies adopted by the organization and their impact

(A) Internal critical success factors

Critical success factors

It can be defined as important element for business to achieve the organization objectives. It is an activity tha toffers institution to ensure it success in its business missions. The critical success factors for hotels industry have been changing over time due to global competition, quality and customers exceptions to attract more customers (Ahmad and Cuenca, 2013.). Internal key success factors are those aspects which give direction to chosen strategy and provide correct information the firm to reach goals. Internal success factors for the organisation can include strong supplier relationship, quality management, price determination, training or advance career opportunities for employees so that the establishment can establish its venture in the international market. Internal critical success factors for market development planning are given below.

Enhancement of quality

Quality does not mean customers services but also additional factors like employees' involvement. A good communication with hotel employees can change outlook of the customers for company. Satisfied customers always give good reviews which increases business of the firm(Baker and Saren, 2016). By giving equal attention on employees' satisfaction and customer’s satisfaction, a corpotaion can increase its likelihood. Marriott hotel always ensures customer’s satisfaction on internal as well as external level. The establishment management analyzes customer’s demands and implement constant improvement in quality. Quality of services is not good then customer’s utility cannot be increases and organization market share as well. Problems arise in service quality due to lack of measurable parameters for determining quality (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). To ensure quality in services, establishment offers specific services the customer according to the guest preference. This method enhances effectiveness for the entire business firms and develops strong customer’s relations for the long term purposes.


It is an important key success factors for the Marriott business firm. An organization where environment is not flexible and mangers always need to consult before making any decisions can harm the business of institution. A set of inflexible policies always create problems for mangers to solve problems of their customers (Grimm, Hofstetter and Sarkis, 2014). Customer’s loyalty cannot be gain by the managers in inflexible environment. Management of organization gives authority to its managers and employees to handle the situations and maintain good customer’s services.. Establishment believes' that different customers have different outlook towards hotel, so management give some authority to it mangers tp solve the problems on their own level and gain customer's loyalty (Iqbal, Nadeem and Zaheer, 2015). It is important to develop market for the firmsy and maintain strong interactions with the customers.

Global outlook

Every business need to develop an international outlook towards its business. In Marriott hotel, they are always aware that what hotels are doing to attract more customers. Company’s focus is not only on price competitions but also on enhancing customer’s experience. Global outlook aid the organization to gain more customers (Jeston and Nelis, 2014). Consumer’s preferences are growing on the basis of experience rather than the material purchases. In Marriott hotel, visitors come from different part of the world and belong to different cultures which aid in building strong relationships with their customers by offering services according to their customer’s preferences assist to gain loyalty.

Training and development

Customers satisfaction is gained only by providing best services to the customers but to provide best services, the employee’s needs to be well trained to make good interaction with their customers (Li and Yu, 2013). In the Marriott hotel, training begins after fresh recruitment which primarily focuses on initial orientations, organization policies, and employee’s benefits. Investing in new employees and giving them learning opportunities resource to motivate them and make long term relationships with the company’s employees (Johnson, 2013). Good communications skills are important part of company's training programs as by these the employees are able to interact with their customers and gain customers loyalty. By providing appropriate training to their employees, they also develop potential future leader for the companionship. Employees training aid the hotel to develop its markets because most of the customers interactions are done by employees not by top authority.Get the best quality coursework help at Assignment Desk.

Technology development

In today's world, no business can survive without technology. Technology is an integral part of every business. In hotel industry, technology also plays important role to make contact with their customers. Marriott hotel management provides online booking systems which bring new dimension in the hotel industry (Majaro, 2013). Well designed and user friendly websites are easy for the customers as well as for organization to enhance their business in worldwide. Customer’s relationship software and social media are other tools to interact with the customers. CRM software helps the company to organize customer’s information on one place. Technology is that tool which assist the organization to develop its market share and further expand their business activities.

Strong suppliers' relationship

Suppliers are also part of the internal management. Building strong relationships with suppliers assist in improving performance of the entire supply chain management of the company (Morschett, Schramm-Klein and Zentes, 2015). It generates cost efficiency and helps the business to grow and develop. In Marriott belives to build strong relationships with their suppliers. Suppliers are critical success factors for the hotel industry. Relationships with trusted suppliers assist the firm to reduce its burden and increase efficiencies. In establishment, they focus more on developing supplier relation by understanding buyer’s need and in return supplier emphasizes on providing products and services and in addition of new potential new product and service offerings. This strategic approach of marketing management aids the organization to develop its market.

Relationship marketing is a part of customer relationship management that focuses on building customers relationships for the long term. The aim of relationship marketing is to create strong relationships and maintain brand value for the business. To develop in the international market, organization applies AIDA model in its business (Paliwoda and Thomas, 2013). This stands for Awareness, Interest, desire, and action. This is an international communications model that assist the organization to develop its products from indroduction to consumers usage. This model involves a number of tasks from adverting to brand awareness. Hotel Marriott uses this model to for making its international marketing relationships with its customers. This model build on assumption that go through different stages before consuming firm services of eestablishement (Papadopoulos and Heslop, 2014). Stages of AIDA model are as follows.


In first stage, consumers become aware about the institution and its products or services through promotions. To make consumers aware about product, they usually adopt the advertisements. These help the organization to gain more customers on the global level. Advertisements can be done through different markets media or channels. The establishment uses different sources of media to advertise its services..


Interest for the product being advertised. Consumers become interested about products by learning it benefits and how it is good for his life (Weber, 2013). To create interest in consumers’ minds, they offer different types of services on different occasions so that they can adopt business ’s services and get benefits through it. For development of international markets, organisation offers discount for their customers on different occasions.


It is stage that when consumers find some interests in buiness firm. After creating awareness and interest, Organization focus on developing desire for products. To acquire desire they pay they make sure to fulfill their promises.Company focuses on other alternatives services can not replace their services so desire of consumers can not be replace by any other establishment (Ahmad and Cuenca, 2013). For example, Marriott hotel knows that Asian customers are more prices sensitive so they offer extra services and along with other services and further provides reasonable prices to their customers so that they can capture market share and make sure that no other institution can provide such services. Further, they can also build channel for tour operators so consumers can get exact information about the organisation and its services.

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In last stage, the consumers make intention of purchases or engages in trial to make purchases. Awareness should be created according to the customer’s preferences so they can purchases. institution need to focus on targeted customers only. Advantages of Actions are only taken by company if their previous consumers are fully satisfied with them. At this stage, consumers make some research before buying any products to get maximum satisfaction 's products. To take advantages of it, hotel always prefers to provides to the best services to their customers.

(B) External critical success factors

Importance of critical success factors: Critical success factors aid the establishment to evaluate its business plan. It is a performance indicator for the company and helps the company to grow its business plan. Importance of critical success factors are as follows.

Managing and developing people

Critical success factors aid to organization to manage its people by providing them with freedom and encouraging them in developing skills and knowledge. Effective strategy assists in balancing personal growth, development and creativity. Companionship alone cannot ensure its growth .Through its management they can grew more in market (Jeston and Nelis, 2014). By providing training and development to their employees institution make long term relationships with their manpower. Visitors interact with employees by giving them training and this help in building strong business relations with their customers and this assist to them in market development.


Quality can bring success in every business. So business needs to focus on quality development rather than competing on prices. Quality ensures long term business growth and this activity in organization to maintain long term relationships with its customers. For increasing quality, they focus more on customer’s services as well as employee’s development. In Marriott hotel, management focuses more on employees' development and also improves customer’s relationship (Weber, 2013). Improving customer’s relations in part of continuous process and development of employees is based on their performance in business. Establishment focus on development of their employess as well as providing good customers services.. Quality also stresses on developing different services so the establishment can interact with more customers in the market.

Global outlook

Global outlook assist organisation to make changes according to their competitors so they can survive in the market for long term. The global outlook focus make changes in services according to global customers preferences (Paliwoda and Thomas, 2013). In hotel industry, the business environment is more dynamics and complex. Customer’s preferences are important part of their business activities. So organization focus more customers preferences rather than competing on prices. It aid to them to make changes according to business environment if business environment is not flexible and not adoptable according to consumers then it can not development it markets for it operations.


Flexibility means giving more authority to employees of institution. Establishment need to be flexible so that they can solve their issues by their own ways. For market development, it is very important for company to make some flexibleilty in their authority systems. Different consumers have different preconceptions about company. To solve consumer’s problems quickly it is important to give some authority to mangers so they can better interact with customers. In Marriott hotel,they always give some authority to their mangers to some extent so that they can manage quality in their customer’s services by solving their problems more quickly.

Technology advancement

Technology is integral part of every business. Through technology advancement, institution can improve its business activities. In Hotel Marriott, they can focus more on technology development in their business activities. Company CRM software assist them to develop strong customer’s relationships and organize their customer information. Online booking systems and user friendly website resource them to develop global relations with their customers by taking their reviews on hotel visits (Iqbal, Nadeem and Zaheer, 2015). This offers to hotelto attract more customers on the global level and enhance their business activities. Through social media they develop strong brand value.

External critical success factors for institution includes environmental factors such as economic, political, social economic factors. External critical factors aid the organization to accept new challenges and attract new customers by adding value services in their business. To become more competitive in the business environment, company need to keep their eyes on current marketplaces and adopt changes according to the new development (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). External critical success factors assist the establishment for new development in products and services to make different identity from their rivals by providing them with different services and products. By identifying external factors company can develop its future market.

Economic health

Economic conditions of country also affect its country business. In UK, where their economy is suffering from crises in that situations Marriott hotel sales also goes down because of inflation. Exchange rates are other factors that affect performance of company. In Marriott hotel, high exchange rates of U.S. Dollars discourage visitors to travel in UK. Other major factors in economic crises in Europe and collapse of stock market in china also reduce the individuals buying powers and their ability to travel (Li, and Yu 2013). This affects the business of Marriott hotel as there major income is generated from tourists. It is important to identify such external critical success factors so c company can survive in markets. They offer low prices services to their customers so they can develop their market even in inflation.

Social factors

Social factors include different preferences of consumers and their habits. Consumer’s preferences change according to different cultures and their social life. For Marriott hotel, their social factors is attracting in the future. Because of Numbers of international tourists are increased in UK since 2013. Visitors plan to travel to different destinations that are far away from their home (Critical Success Factors in Business, 2016). Culture changes could affect business of the company as increases in numbers of travelers from Asian country to UK and their willingness to pay money on traveling increased business for establishment. Company understands consumers preferences and offers additional services and according to that provide cuisines according to their taste.

Environmental factors

The major environmental factors that can affect business of organization are fuel prices. Increasing in prices of fuel can discourage visitors to travel which increases the traveling costs. Other environmental factors that effects business of establishment is global warming as the level of ocean is increasing and risen in temperature of environment also discourages visitors to travel UK (Ahmad, and Cuenca, 2013). Cause of global warming beach resorts are no more attacting for visitors. These problems discourage firm to relocation of hotels.

Legal factors

The major legal factors that affect business of hotel industry are health and safety regulations. Corporation is facing criticism for violating zoning laws, and not charging loading taxes from their customers which is source of income for the municipalities. In US, Marriott hotels also increase wages of their workers and these could lead high prices in costs and services. Another legal claim which is affecting business is Airbnb means letting hotels rooms online, for that company has fine because avoiing hotel regulations

Political factors

Political factors that impacts the corporation it can be affect by terrorism and international relationships with other country. Recent separation from EU can decreased the numbers of visitors in UK. Military conflicts and terrorists attacks have took away from traveling. For example, In June 2015, 39 people were killed by terrorists in Tunisia (Majaro, 2013). Such attacks affect business o To increase numbers of tourists, institution allow security measures in their premises so that they can tackle such issues. However, this increases the cost in business.Geographical factors: Hotel industry is traditionally focused on location as it is important critical success factor. Hotel industries change regularly but location is still important which impact the business. Marriott hotel gives equal importance to locations with other factors. Fellowship offers different types of services with respective their areas business areas according to their customers need. Hotel with goods services as well as good locations attracts more customers.

Technology factors

Technology has great impact on the hotel business. Technology factors such as Airbnb means individuals rent their apartment to visitors. It is big threat for firm.s (Li and Yu, 2013) Because of of Airbnb hotel industry had to cuts their rates. In Airbnb, operating costs is very low because there are no hotel taxes or safety regulations on their business.


To develop future market, it is important to identify CSF for the business. It is important part of relationship management. Through this, business can achieve its goals. For Marriott hotel, it is also very important to identify internal and external CSF. Organization relationship management is focused and offers in developing potential market for their business. Through management relationships they focused on develop of their firms markets. Internal CSFs has a great impact on company internal management and help to overcome with internal problems. Establishment relationships with their suppliers and employees are very good. Suppliers provide firms to maintain supply chain management of while employees help to gain customers loyalty. External CSFs assist establishment to understand the current market situations. From the above report, it can be concluded that company's CSFs help to develop different strategy for their future market development. However, they need to focus on Airbnb it can be potential threats for business firms and effects its activities.


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