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The questionnaire consists of three leadership styles whose scores are given below :-

Sum of responses for items 1,2,6,10,15,16- 50

Sum of responses for items 4,5,8,11,14,18- 60

Sum of responses for items 3,7,9,12,13,17 - 61       


Total scores are :-

Authoritarian leadership- 50

Democratic leadership – 60

Laissez faire leadership - 61

I was the project leader. From this it is concluded that my leadership style was democratic. In this I allowed team members to participate in decision making process. I followed this style because it helped me to assign roles to them according to their skills and abilities. Also, I was to effective decisions by getting views and ideas of members. It helped in achieving goals and objectives in effective manner. The leadership style followed allowed each one to participate in decision making process. By this it was easy to take effective decisions. It was very effectively as members communicated with each other.


I was having team members that belongs to different caste, creed, religion, etc. so they contain different values and morales. I was working with diversified people working in the company. I think that we effectively communicated with each other. This shows that we were respecting each other value and ethics. I think that my colleagues most of them belongs to Christianity religion (Al-Ali, Masimo Corp, 2015). They were highly qualified and belongs to high class families. This enabled me to work with them in a  team. Moreover, having diversified colleagues team helped in creating a positive environment. Each of colleagues got to know about ethics and values of other religion and culture. It is very beneficial for us to interact with colleagues from different backgrounds

For developing team role tuckman theory was used. This theory divides team on basis of their social psychologists. There are four phases in this:-

Forming- It is the first stage in which everybody is engaged in finding their place that why they are here. In this individual roles are unclear. A leader must be ready to answer all questions regarding team purpose, objectives, etc. in this leader directs.

Storming- In this team members starts establishing relationship with others. Leader should focus on team goals by developing relationship with team members. Each member receives challenges form one another. In this leader coaches.

Norming- in this stage roles and responsibilities are made clear to team members. Decision are taken within the team. Individual are allowed to take their own small decisions. A systematic process is developed on how work will be done. In this leader facilitates.

Performing – in this team members become aware about what they are doing and why. Focus is developed to achieved goals and objectives. A strong relationship is developed along with process. Members help each other in completing tasks. In this leader delegates.

Team work and efficiency can be affected if there is discrimination among them. If manager assigns roles on basis of background then it will affect other people roles. This will lead to conflicts among them. Each member was given different role. This lead to creating a dynamic group in which all types of role was performed by people. A dynamic group lead to achieving goals easily. People interacted with each other in freely manner.


Communication Problems and issues may potentially develop in any circumstance or social relationship. I believe that it is easy for an individual to misunderstand or misinterpret one another  and these misunderstandings may lead to arguments or tension in personal, platonic, or professional relationship. (Covin and Slevin, 2017). According to the case study I understand that the manager needs to provide information to his employees and other passengers who will travel in 6am flights effectively. They are no longer able to carry laptops and other electrical devices such as I-pad. The information will be provided to passengers between 2am to 6am in  order to assist them with this reason effectively. There will be some communication issues I believe for managers and employees while assisting passengers and providing them information regarding laptops. These issues are :-

Attitude and Ego: I analysed that the main issue will be the attitude and ego of passengers towards employees and manager. The time for providing information regarding carrying laptops and other electrical device is very short that passengers possibly argue with employees and managers. According to my perspective, employees should assure passengers that their laptops and other electrical accessories will be safe and not damaged (DuBrin, 2015). This will help to assist passengers more effectively and will ensure them about certain changes made by the airlines.

Consultancy issues: From my opinion the most effective communication barrier can be communication. Communication process between employees and passengers can be a issue of collaboration that without any proper reasons, employees are not able to consult passengers about carrying laptops and other electrical devices effectively.

Culture and language issues: I have analysed that there are many passengers travelling from various countries and nations and their language and culture is also different from each other. As per the case study, I suggest that employees should have knowledge of various languages that will help them to assist passengers effectively. According to my analysis, People from different nations have various cultures and behaviours which can be the main issue for employees and managers to assist them with effective communication. (Fill and Turnbull, 2016).

Lack of information: As per my opinion, Employees should known the main reason behind not carrying laptops and other accessories in aircraft. I am able to said that passengers will argue with employees that their boarding passes and other information is in their laptop and mobile phones. This will the major problem for managers. I suggest that, In order to assist passengers more effectively, they should know reasons behind such policies and also information which can be explained to passengers. They should assure passengers that their luggage will remain safe in the aircraft. (Heifetz and Linsky, 2017).

Channels of communication- communication can be done via different channels such as :-

Meeting – I will organise a meeting for all the employees to make changes made in policies can be informed to them.

E mail- As I know technology is taking place everywhere that an  E mail can be send to all employee regarding changes in policies. It is the best and most effective way of communication.

Phone- I believe that calls can be done to 2-3 employee and instructions should be given to them to tell to inform other colleagues.


In this module, I believe the main information and learnings that have found include what have I acquired through role of perception in communication and different modes of communication. In my opinion it can be said that communication is everywhere and also necessary for all the organisations in order to understand various things regarding activities. The process of communication which includes the message, the receiver, the channel and the sender (Katz, Lazarsfeld and Roper, 2017). As per the case study I have analysed the importance of Communication that it is crucial for an individual in terms of culture, social, personal and psychological understandings. There are some certain factors I have evaluated in this case study that affects an individual in various terms such as personality, intelligence, past experience and motivation. I determined that communication is oral, written, verbal and non-verbal including mass communication. Formal and informal communication is made in organisations in order to provide information effectively. There are some communication barriers I have evaluated in this case study which affects the process of understanding different things such as various culture, language, physical and perception. Communication skills are important for managers in order to provide effective information to their employees so that they can assist their work and other people effectively and efficiently. There are Some factors I believe such as costs, type of message, technology etc. should be take into account by managers while communicating with any passenger. (Nagatsuma, Ducournau and Renaud, 2016). I believe this will help to make communication process more effective and efficient that will lead towards effective management for the airlines regarding policy distribution effectively.

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