Personal Leadership and Management Development


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Personal leadership aims at building up the capabilities and skills of managers and employees by providing training in different management groups. Personal Leadership and Management Development helps in developing effective leadership styles, managing high performances, sustain continuous growth etc (Lussier and Achua, 2015). It also assists in entering in new markets sectors and regions. Four Pillars Hotel is a UK based hotel having six hotels in Oxford. It operates in 3 and 4 star hospitality sector (Four Pillars Hotels, 2015). This report will include evaluation on leadership and management skills which are required to achieve organizational goals. It will further discuss on the ability to manage the personal leadership and management skills to support the achievement of chosen organization's objectives. After that the effectiveness of personal development plans for developing management and leadership skills, will be evaluated.

Task 1

1.1 Evaluation of the impact of firms goals, culture and values on leadership and management role

Impact of goals and culture on leadership roles– There are various range of cultures that have impact on the organizations. They are related to innovation, output oriented, team oriented as well people oriented. All these have different impacts on the organization. For example- innovation leads to increase the creativity and production of firm’s input. Similarly, people oriented culture helps in motivating employees to give their best. Output oriented culture is related to productivity and results in increasing the productivity of Four Pillar Hotel. Four pillars have various cultural values such as they are committed to the teams. That is the member and workers of the chosen hospitality sector follow a large team work by contributing through small groups. This helps the leader of the four pillar hotel to perform its role effectively (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). There are various roles that are to be performed by the leader such as controlling organizational performances, motivating its employees. It also leads to evaluation, innovation, development and controlling task for achieving the ultimate goals customer satisfaction. Team work and good employee relations impacts the leadership as it helps in achieving the vision, mission of the organization. Good team culture and employee-employer relationships helps in smooth functioning and makes easier for leader to perform its respected activities (Chhokar and, 2013).

Impact of objectives, cultures, values on management roles– There are various organizational objectives that places an impact on the management roles. They are financial, customer focused and product focused. For example, financial objective leads to impact leadership role by increasing pressure on leader to accomplish financial objectives of the firm. Also, consumers focus is one of the most important objectives that is required to be fulfilled to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. A manager working in hospitality sector requires performing various functions such as managing business, applying good business practices which are relevant for the profitability. He is also required to perform industry specific training relating to risk management as well as statutory compliance (Mc Cleary and, 2013). Accountancy and administration are also fundamental roles of the management in Four Pillar Hotel. Manager is also a person and cannot perform all these functions by himself he requires support of its team members and its subordinates to achieve its goals. The culture followed in the Four Pillar hotel motivates the employees to work in team (Four Pillars Hotels, 2015). Also they are trained well to perform individually if required in any situation.

For welcoming their customers, they have adopted various methods to make them comfortable. Always takes care of their customers to meet their requirements. The culture followed by the Four Pillar Hotel is very enthusiastic and energetic process which helps its all members to achieve the goals in team. With the help of these team work a manager is not required to focus on employees task and control them (Hallinger and Wang, 2015). It can look on commerce and other sections of the Hotel to ensure effective workings. When the tasks are being done collectively then it is easier to achieve the goals and objectives of organization for leaders and its managers.

1.2 Evaluation of leadership and management skills to achieve goals

Following are the leadership skills required to achieve chosen organizational goals:

Communication- Leader is required to have effective communication skills. He is required to communicate its subordinates about the goals and objectives of the chosen hospitality firm (Yen and Teng, 2013). For that the leader is required to have good verbal as well as written communication skills to make workers understand about their work. Communication skills play an important role at times of giving directions to the subordinates by a leader. Effective communication helps in maintaining coordination and discipline in the organization.

Organization- This is another effective skill which leaders should possess. It helps leaders in planning strategies, objectives for its team, to give quality output. Following goals and plans helps the team to complete their task effectively and efficiently (Hon and Chan, 2013). The situation in which organizational skill is required to be there in the leader is at the time of taking business decisions as well as for making future objectives for company.

Confidence– This is an important skill that is required to be in the leader while working in the team. In this the leader should have confidence in him as well as in its team’s members (The 10 Effective Qualities of a Team Leader, 2016). It helps in motivating its subordinates and team and leads to self confidence. It further helps in achieving the task on time. If the leader of subordinates is confident about its work then it leads to enthusiasm and energetic environment in the firm. It leads to increase in the efficiency and effectiveness in the working of employees of firm.

Fair & Integrity– Team leader should treat its team members equally and fairly. Any partiality will lead in conflicts among the teams. Leader should maintain integrity within the team and should open up with each member of the organization or the team (Jaiswal and Dhar, 2016). The situation where fair and integrity skill is required by the leader is at the time of assigning jobs to its subordinates of different departments. This skill will help it in taking fair decisions with regard to employees that are working under him.

Delegation & Facilitator– Team leader should know how to represent its leadership. It helps the team members to focus on improving functions and performances. Team leaders should be effective facilitator that is he makes understand its employees and team members about the organizational goals and objectives. The situation under which delegation and facilitator skill is required by leader is at the time of performance appraisal and evaluation. This skill helps the leader in a fair and accurate evaluation of the performances.

Following are the management skills required to achieve organizational goals and objectives:

Self- motivation- Manager of Four Pillar Hotel is required to be self motivated and integrated. If the manager is motivated employees will also get motivated and will work enthusiastically (Pereira-Moliner and, 2012). The situation in which self motivated leader plays an important roles is at their time of nearer deadlines as well as at the time of pressure and burden over employees.

Knowledgeable- Manager should have knowledge regarding hospitality industries, about various competitive organizations. It is also required to know basic money management, about business hierarchies and legal complications in the business (Wu and, 2013). At the time of completing legal formalities if the manager is knowledgeable person. Then it helps in guiding its employee for completing formalities. Also, this skill helps in giving competition to rivals in the markets.

Good Communication skills- Manager of Four Pillar hotel is required to have good written, oral communication skills. Along with that manger is should also be a good listener and should be able to represent its organization (Kirkman and, 2016). The situations at which strong communication skills of leader helps company is at the time of direction and it is required to learn various complaints of employees and customers during the business year.

Relationship Qualities– Manager is required to have following characteristics such as good mediator, a team player, respectful and who value others (Quintana, Park and Cabrera, 2015). The situations under which good relational leader plays an important role is at the time of making personal relations with employees. Along with that, it also helps in motivating employees to give their best in their particular jobs.

1.3 Assessing personal leadership, management skills and identify required developments

While assessing my management and personal skills, I came to know about various skills of mine. In order to work as a manager in Four Pillars Hotel, various skills are required by me to achieve organizational objective.

Following is the assessment of my leadership and management skills:

Communication– A leader should have good communication as well as listening skills.  It is important to make quick and effective relations with the subordinates. It leads to motivate the employees with forming friendly relations within firm. I have good written skills but I need to work on my verbal communication as well as on my listening skills to improve the working environment and compliant process of company.

Self- Motivated- Self motivated leader leads to enhance the confidence and motivation level of its subordinates. I have good self- motivated skills to increase the level of motivation among employees during working period.

Relationship Qualities– I can well manage team and even I can act as a good mediator between hierarchies of the organization. This will further help me in building understanding among the employees and also, they should not hesitate while discussing any queries.

Main goals and objectives of Four Pillar Hotel are to greet its customers with care and to create a respectful environment in the organization. Further, there are following characteristics that I need to develop in myself for achieving leadership in Four Pillar Hotel

Communication skills are required for communicating information to subordinates about their task and goals to be achieved. For achieving position of leader in Four Pillar Hotel I need to focus on my communication skills. I need to improve my verbal communications and confidence level. Further I need to learn on integrity and influential techniques. Another important characteristic that I need to develop in myself is negotiation. Negotiation of leader leads towards effective decision making process and also helps in solving problems in the interest of workers. Also, to develop the following skills, I am also needed to polish my listening skills along with the communication skills to improve the working environment and understanding between me and subordinates.

Task 2

2.1 Assessing opportunities for development of leadership and management skills

For developing my management and leadership skills I look forward to various opportunities such as:

Workshops- For developing my verbal communication skills I can go with shadowing, can read magazines. Also can communicate with expertise persons. I can also attend workshops to improve my integrity techniques.

Seminars- Seminars are also opportunities through which I can improve my negotiation skills. This opportunity can also help me to acquire knowledge about the company and its functions.  
To develop my communication skills, I have various opportunities in front of me such as attaining workshops, reading novels and magazines and also, I can go for shadowing technique to improve my communication as well as listening skill.

Course- I am studying a management course that also helps me in learning about the leadership qualities and requirements. Further, this can be an opportunity for me to improve my leadership styles.

Current job- Currently, I am studying in a management course and further preparing myself for the leadership post in Four Pillar Hotel.

2.2 Constructing a plan to develop leadership and management skills

Objectives Activities Resources Time Scale Monitoring and Reviewing
To improve verbal communication skill. I can improve my communication skills by attending various workshops. I can improve my communication by the use of shadowing, magazines etc. 6- 8 months After completing 8 months, I can go for a presentation or for giving a lesson. By this, I can easily evaluate whether I have overcome my communication weaknesses or not.
To develop integrity and influential skills I can attend seminar for improving my integrity and influential skills that of treating people equally and fairly. I can start practicing it on the people whom I met on daily basis. Also can develop this skill reading various examples and autobiographies of leading organizational leaders. 1 year After completing 1 year, I can take feedbacks from my colleagues regarding my integrity and influential skills.
To improve negotiation skills I can improve my negotiation skills of making effective decisions by attending seminars. I can improve my decision making skills by listening the experiences of expertise leaders. Also I can go through various case studies involved in decision making. 8-12 months Here, after completing 8- 12 months, I will ask from teachers and seniors to give their feedbacks with regard to my negotiation skills.

2.3 Managing personal development of leadership and management skills

I have managed my personal development of leadership and management skill in respective manner. First objective of my plan was to improve my communication skills. Communication skills are important for a leader to communicate information in the organization. Information can be communicated either in written and verbally. I have written communication skills but wanted to work on verbal communication skills. For improving my verbal communication skills I have attended various workshops. Also I have developed the habit of shadowing and reading on daily basis. Second objective of my plan was to improve my integrity and influential skills. These skills are required by the leader to treat its team member’s equality and fairly no biasness. For improving this skill I have gone through various seminars based on integrity sessions. Along with attending seminar I have also started reading autobiographies of leading organizational leaders. At last third objective for preparing plan was to improve my negotiation skill. Negotiation skills involve decision making skills which is important for a leader to manage organizational activities. For learning negotiation skill I have attended various seminars on effective decision making. Also, it developed my listening power that is essential for decision making. Further I have also solved various related case studies based on decision making.

Task 3

3.1 Reviewing personal development plans against original objectives

My original objective was to achieve leadership position in Four Pillars hospitality firm. For achieving my goal previously I had prepared a development plan. The objectives were to improve my communication, influential and integrity as well as my negotiation skills. For developing such skills I have made plan to further work on my skills. While developing plant I came to know the requirements of leadership and management skills. For achieving those requirements the plan was made and implemented. On reassessing the plan I came to know that I have improved influential and integrity skills. But still want some developments on the part of communication skills as well as negotiation skills.

In order to improve mentioned skills I had adopted various strategies. Such as for improving my influential as well as integrity skills I had gone through various seminars. Also, I had read various case studies and related autobiographies which have helped me in developing integrity and influential skills. However, I had not achieved impressive results from the plans implemented for improvement of communication and negotiation skills. I had gone through various workshops for improving my verbal communication part and also had adopted habits of shadowing and reading to improve verbal communication. But I m not satisfied with the achieved results. Thirdly, for improving my negotiation skills I have attended various seminars and gone through with previous case studies. But I am still able to negotiate effectively.

I recently came to know that I have not achieved impressive results from workshops and seminar that I have attended to improve my communication skills. I came to know when the presentation taken by me has not got impressive results and feedbacks. Also, my seniors have not given me positive feedback regarding my negotiations skills. I will now change my methods as they have not really given me the final results.

3.2 Evaluation of effectiveness on personal development leadership and management skills

Evaluation of the effectiveness on personal development leadership and management are as follows:

For achieving Influential and integrity skills I had planned various activities such as attending seminars, also I had implemented habit of reading case studies and practicing it on the people whom I met on the daily basis. I had also developed this skill by reading various related examples and autobiographies of leading organizational leaders. These activities helped me in achieving integrity and influential skills effectively. Recently, I have conducted sessions of my juniors on leadership and also conducted an activity for them that have helped me in finding that my integrity and influential skills have been improved then before it was. So, I came to know that reading of autobiographies had helped to further tackle such situations of life. Although, reading habits of case studies and example had helped me more in gaining knowledge. Attending seminars was not that effective practice for achieving this integrity and influential skills.

On the other hand, various practices were added in my plan to improve my negotiation skills such as attending seminar, hearing the experiences of expertise leaders and also, I had gone through various case studies involved in decision making. Although on evaluation I came to know that listening of expertise experiences had not helped me in improving my negotiation skills. This I came to know through my seniors and teachers. They have given a strong feedback on the presentation that has been given to them. By that, I came to know their responses which were not that much impressive as they need to have. However, seminars and past case studies were effective in assisting me to gain knowledge about it.

Thirdly, I had also added various practices to build up my verbal communication skills such as attending workshops. I also adopted daily habit of shadowing and reading magazines to improve my verbal communication. I got know that shadowing and reading was helpful approach. I came to learn about my communication skill while giving presentation. That shadowing had helped in a way but more improvement is required to be made. But on further evaluation, I am not satisfied with the results. Attending workshops had not helped me in improving my communication skills.

3.3 Analysis of further development areas and updating development plan

After evaluation I came to know that I need to do further development in my plans as I have not achieved effective communication and negotiation skills. On evaluation, I found that some activities are not giving results in achieving my goals. Such as workshops had not helped me to improving my communication skills and seminars had not helped me in achieving effective negotiation skills. For improving my negotiation and communication skills I need to further update my plans activities. I need to add various other activities to improve my communication and negotiation skills.

Objectives Activities Resources
To improve verbal communication skill To improve my verbal communication I can join English speaking classes. I can improve my communication by the use of shadowing, magazines etc. Along with I can also develop habit on interacting with individuals and groups to improve fluency in English. While going for coaching, all I will need to have is a paper, pen and vehicle to reach over there.
To improve negotiation skills I can improve my negotiation skills by taking positions of responsibility in social organizations and clubs. I can improve my decision making skills by listening the experiences of expertise leaders. Also I can go through various case studies involved in decision making. Along with these practices I can also go with management and skill development classes to achieve negotiation skill. For this, I will require various resources such as paper pens for completing the work. Also, I will require a vehicle for this. 


This report is based on the personal leadership and management skills. Analyzed the impact of organizational objectives, of treating its guest with care and maintain staff respect on its leader and managers. Various leadership and management skills are Communication, Organization, Confidence, Self-Motivation, Relationship Qualities etc. required for achieving organizational goals. I Assessed my personal leadership and management skills of self motivation, relationship qualities, etc. that are required in achieving organizational objectives. Various opportunities for further development of skills are reading, attending seminars, workshops. Further, I developed a plan for implementing the opportunities to improve communication, integrity as well as negotiation skills. The personal development plan has been reviewed to find out that the objectives have being achieved. I evaluated that effectiveness of integrity, communication skills that are required to be improved. I analyzed inefficiencies and further developed a modified plan to improve communication and negotiation skills.\


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