Logistic and Operation Management


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Logistic includes all the transportation facility which are provided by the company. It is the moral duty of the organisation to provide goods to their clients on time. If they do not do so then their business will going to affect badly. And this can only become possible with the help of proper management of operational level(Talk, 2016). They helps an organisation to produce goods and if they do their duty on time then it facilitates to the company to provide goods at the store on time. Logistic management is a part of supply chain management which helps in transferring the goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Operation management is compulsory in an organisation because if all the operational activities are working in a smooth manner then it helps an organisation to grow and produce effective goods. So, logistic and operational management both are the necessary elements who plays an important role in the success of a company. Present scenario is based on the hunt's transport. They deal in the logistic as well as in the haulage.


Performance management of an organisation aims at building high performance level of an individual as well as the team so they can work jointly for achieving the targets which are set by the company. It helps them in upgrading their skills with a leadership framework. The main goal of the performance management is just to ensure that whole system in the organisation are working together or not(Stadtler, 2015). Their joint work helps them in achieving the objectives which are formulate by the company. The main work of an operational manager is just to monitor at the workplace that all activities are taking place in a proper manner or not.

If not, then it is its initial duty to identify the part which facilitates the deviation at the workplace. Logistical business main work is to transfer the goods from the place of production to that place where the final consumption taking place. Following are the objectives of performance management in the organisation:

1.Manager has to take some steps in which they have to motivate their employees and workers to achieve the superior standard at the workplace. At the operational level this helps in the increasing the productivity and efficiency of the product. So, that they can produce one of the best products. According to logistic business sense, their biggest achievement is ton transfer the goods on given period of time(Slack, Chambers and Johnston, 2010).

2.They can also guide their workers so, that they can increase their skills as this would drive them to focus towards in performing the right task on the right time. This also helps them in increasing their efficiency as well as also promote them to learn and get proper knowledge about the new technology. On the other hand in the logistic business, organisation have to provide proper moral value to that person who is going to help in transfer of products. This helps in transferring the goods on the right time.

3.If workers are not working properly then manager have to find out the barrier in effective performance and start working on that(Schönsleben, 2016). By solving out such issues, this helps them in smooth running of all the activities.

Performance objective are basically concern with the quantified objectives and the behaviour objectives. These are the general objectives which are set by the organisation to improve the quality of work of their employees, quantity of work as well as their behaviour towards others. All such factors are include in the performance objective of an organisation. Importance and benefits of performance objectives are as follow:

1.It helps in increasing the standard of work of the workers.
2.Helps in increasing the efficiency of the organisation as well as also helps in making of the effective products.
3.Increasing in efficiency further leads in the overall development of the organisation.
4.Along with that it also promotes the behaviour of employees. They have to maintain good behaviour towards each other so that their skills can get developed.

By using all such techniques at the workplace by an operational manager, it might be helps in the effective productivity of the goods which further promotes in increasing the profitability of the business.

According to the cited organisation, importance of performance objectives for them are as follow:

1.If they are going to deliver the goods on time, their name and goodwill in the competitive market increase.

2.By the increment in company name, it helps in taking the faith of all the companies who wants to deliver their goods. This helps in expansion of their business.

3.Along with that company managers have to maintain good behaviour with all of their clients so, which helps in attracting my customers.

Performance objective plays an important role in any business. It not only helps in the success, growth and productivity of some organisations but also helps in improving the growth of logistical business. So by using this approach it always provide benefits to an organisation.


Every product have a life cycle like human beings. Product launched at the initial stage but after sometime their growth rate got decline and slowly slowly they get extinct from the market. There are different type of phases which are used by the company in the product and service development process. These phases helps them in introducing their product in the competitive market with special features. These phases increases the chances of success and minimise the chances of risk. Such steps for small business are as follow:

1.Ideas generation and screening: Firstly the idea for a new product got generated with the basic view of success. After that from many aspects one suitable idea can be choose. At the screening stage it includes the cost, risk and profitability of product. This is a initial stage of the product and service development process(6 Phases in New Product Development).

2.Testing: according to this phase, firms start evaluate their idea by using different forms which helps them in ensuring that product is going to be developed or not. For this concern various methods get used by the company like gathering data through different sources, taking existing customers response etc.

3.Analysis: After passing of the development/testing phase, company have to analyse the market viability of their product. In this analysis, market cost, profit margin as well as the size of market of that product also get includes.

4.Product development: On this phase, company start the actual creation of the product in which they can distribute the samples of the new product of service which they going to launch.

5.Market testing: According to this stage, company have to distribute their samples in particular region or areas. This helps in finding out that product is beneficial for the customers or are they interested in that.

6.Commercialisation: This means the availability of product to the large customer base and launching a market effort to support it. It means producing that much amount of quantity which can satisfy the initial demand along with that appropriate number of staff and workers to provide it to the users.
These six phases helps an organisation to produce their goods and service in their development.


In the development of new product/ service design, there are several factors which may affect its effectiveness and efficiency. This leads in the failure of the product and business also. So a proper plan is have to be conducted so that new product can become successful. Following are some of the key factors which directly made a impact over on the new product(Chandes and Paché, 2010).

1.Organisation size: The size of the firm plays an important role. All the activities are designed according to the size of the business. Like in large firms all activities are follow the guideline and structure on which they based and belong. Where as in the smaller business, there is no structure will going to follow. This affects the business more because all workers will going to work in different directions which may lead in failure of the entity.

2.Organisation life cycle: It means that if the organisation will going to lose its market place then their products also going to suffer with this problem. There are mainly 5 stages of organisational life cycle which are: a) start up b) growth c) decline d) renewal e) death.

3.Strategy: It means the situation in which company maintain their product and service in a effective manner. They establish such type strategies which are beneficial for them as well as helps in the success of product(Fugate, Mentzer and Stank, 2010).

4.Environment: It is an external factor which affects the business more. So, firm have to prepare such type of strategies through which environmental factors can be controlled.

5.Technology: This can be refer to as the new trends in the market. Company have to use upgraded technology for effective production.

All such factors affects the business very badly but a firm can survive from all such factors with the help of using effective policy formulation as well as the guidelines. A proper plan should have to be formulate for this purpose which is as follow:

1.Firstly company have to formulate the structure on which whole business is operating. A proper structure helps in reducing the deviations and failure in an organisation.

2.Along with the structure establishment, effective strategies also have to be formulated which helps them in making their new product and service design attractive.

3.Company have to use appropriate techniques through which they can run their. For this concern they have to use perpetual succession laws which shows that company will never die(Jacobs, Chase and Chase, 2010).

4.At the time of strategy formulation company have to maintain such method through which they can reduce the harm which provide by the environment.

5.Firm have to utilise new machines on the place of obsolete techniques. This helps in increasing their productivity.

All such factors are to be consider in the development plan along with that proper launching of product, core competency method etc. have to be adopted by the firm. They helps in increasing the chances of productivity. These factors are essential part of of development plan which a company have to formulate.


Like products and human beings technology also has life stage cycle. It starts from the birth when a firm takes that and get changed from time to time. In this concern company have to invest some amount of money because changing in technology is a key factor in its development. There are four major stages of technology life cycle which shows the perception of technology.

1.The intro stage: This stage specifies the initial stage of the technology which means the intro stage. According to this stage, it signifies that the new technology is introduced in the market for better and effective productivity(Karlsson, 2016).

2.Growth stage: On this stage, few mistakes of the technology gets recover and the vast use of new techniques enables every firm to use the new method. This helps in the creation of attractive products.

3.Maturity stage: On this level, new technology has reached to the large number of people. But the major drawback for a company is that it already reached to the competitors. Which means technology is already get mature and become capable for producing effective result.

4.Inevitable decline stage: On this level, the technology get obsolete and new technology has introduced. This stage is also known as the death stage because the existing technology is not be more able to produce effective result.

These stages are beneficial and it helps in understanding the technologies clearly. These stages are helpful because if a company get understand these stages then, they become capable for producing more and more quantity(Richey, Kovács and Spens, 2011).


It is concluded from the above assignment that logistic is an important factor for delivering the goods from one place to another. Along with that performance objectives are essential factors for increasing the productivity. As per the report different phases are used by the company for launching new product which helps in making the goods development.

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