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An effective team can help in setting up a presentation and there are various factors like motivation, support, direction that should be properly considered while developing it (Armstrong and et. al., 2014). Report is going to include various initiatives which are being taken in order to prepare a good presentation. Along with this, it will also put light on attractive strategic plan, USP & Service package which will directly help in gaining competitive advantages. Away from this, effective learning which has been done as individual and in group as well while preparing an eye catching presentation. Assessment is based on self reflection and own experiences which is being observed while processing the presentation.


According to Zepeda, (2013) while working in an effective team in order to prepare a presentation it is must for all team members to know about each other's talent so that to resolve issues that are being faced by group. In order to develop an eye catching presentation right on time it is must for squad to know about both each others weaknesses and strengths and assign tasks so that to attain goals and objectives in effective manner. We have chosen Pleasure Paradise Hotel in order to prepare the presentation because it is much famous for its luxury in all over world. Along with this, theory which has been taken under in use by me and by my squad i.e. Maslow's need hierarchical theory.

Me and my team mates have covered various factors like strategic plan, USP & service package and their competitive advantages which may aid this hotel in making heavy profit margins.

What went well

Presentation is based on Pleasure Paradise Hotel and this company was being chosen under this report because it is much famous in all over world as they value their clients and guests. Information about this hotel was easy to be grabbed from different search engines and relevant data was wide in range as well. Me and team mates have gathered details like financial reports, strategic plan of hotel and so many other information in order to make this presentation even more authenticated. Being a part of a team, I have observed that it is fun to work because suggestions are being taken and given as well both at the same time while performing the tasks which is being given by superiors. Along with this, I have assumed that conflicts may get arose through which process of developing the presentation may take time. Communication among me and my team mates have brought up good bond which then helped in completing the Presentation right on time.

Suggestions that has been given by team members may put impact in both manner negatively or positively as sometimes while preparing the presentation me and my team mates has started arguing on pictures that was downloaded from internet that have more relevance to the aim that we had so that to make our presentation easy to understand. Apart from this, I also got confused and was time taking process because of less relevant data was coming in front of my eyes. I had to go through various social and business sites that are related to Pleasure Paradise Hotel so that to pull out heavy information as much as I can grab. But in order to motivate my team members so that target can get attained right on time, I have taken under in use of Maslow's need hierarchical theory so that goals and objectives can get attained right on time.

It was really very easy for me to bring out aims, vision, mission and values of this hotel but there were ample number of problems that were being faced by me while pulling out details like profit and loss statements and other. As this Hotel is based on erotic emotions therefore, many sites were there which I explored that helped me in finding details about competitors of this edifice. I also examined that data was also being brought same by me and my team mates which made us less effective. Facebook, YouTube, Google are some of social sites and search engine through which I got the details of Pleasure Paradise Hotel.

Less pleasant situations while developing the presentation in a team

According to the feedback which was given audience conflicts can be faced by team members when there point of view do not matches. I went through the same situation as me and my team member had our own perceptions which impacted on both working style and time as well. Along side this, confusions among me and squad have wasted a lot of time which affected funds as well which was planned and was being raised. Along side this, it is must for me to look into various aspects so that to I can attain goals and objectives of my own which was set by me own. Duplication of work in between team mates developed stress which may us less effective. This scenario has increased time of completing the presentation. My own weakness is that I am a bit shy which adversely impacts on my working style. Maslow's need hierarchical theory has been taken under in use where development of this presentation is being done right on time. I am less talkative and do not talk much to strangers. Therefore, pulling according information through primary data wasted my time and money as well. Reason which I see that made me and my team member less effective while delivering and completing the financial plan was our own issues that we had.

Personal strengths and weaknesses

Learning is much needed for every single person and this is a continuous process as an individual learns on a regular basis in different aspects and situations as well. Along with this, it has been examined by me that I was keep on motivating my team mates so that presentation can be completed right on time. While performing tasks, I ordinarily used Two factor theory. But it has been located that while making some actions through which performances majorly got rise up. On the other hand, I am less talkative which directly impacted on my personality while delivering the presentation to my own superiors. I had fear like what if they are will ask something to me related to work that I have done and some others as well.

            STRENGTHS: I am a good decision taker which has helped me in taking initiatives through which presentation was being completed right on time. Along side this, team was being handled by me in effective ways through which it helped me in getting relevant data in much more effective and appropriate way. I used two factor theory which directly impacted positively on my own capabilities as well. On the other hand, my team members were also got motivated in order to attain goals and objectives that were related to performances of presentations. Away with this, my own communication skills are much relevant that has helped me in delivering information to team members without arising any sort of conflicts. Strategies are being brought up by me in order to completing the presentation. On the other hand, relevant data on this hotel has helped me in giving proper information to team members.

            WEAKNESSES: There are many weaknesses I have, like my personality is much shy which will restrain me to talk to some other people. Many times, I got panic at the time of handling team of more than 20 persons. In this manner, I will not able to lead the team in an effective and proper manner. In addition to this, some times I will not be able to sort out difficult situation significantly. On the other hand, taken under in use of Maslow's need hierarchical theory along with two factor theory which made me and my team mates confused. That time, I get rude with my co workers. It will hamper overall productivity either in a direct or indirect manner. Along with, there are more weaknesses which are possess by me, for instance impatient, insensitive, slow, moody and lazy as well. Some time, allotted work will not be complete by me due to my shortcoming, which will cater influence to outcomes. I also get bored because of repetition of work. Additionally, I do not have proper understanding about motivation theories; hence, I am not be able to inspire my team members regarding work. But, if we go in deep it has been located that some how I was putting positive impact on behaviour of team members.

Feedback which is being received from seniors

Feedback that was given by audience was much positive that me and my team members have build a good presentation. But, there were some issues and queries were there which has helped in learning for a longer period of time. When they appreciated I got motivated and would give my best if I get the same sort of task into the future. Along side this, my strength is that I do not hamper the situation and takes appropriate decisions right on time which has helped me in hitting my own targets right on time.

Fear of making mistakes play in your daily life at work, college or home

I have observed that facing my own fears at work place on a regular basis brings confidence in me. As I am a bit shy, while presenting the presentation I get nervous but, following the same scenario on a regular basis it makes me stronger which directly puts positive impact on my overall performance.

Actions which I will take in near future if I get same task

I have analysed that if working is being done at workplace in an appropriate manner it is may be possible that I may take decisions that may aid in hitting their own targets right on time.


Final presentation has brought up good learning that was being done by me and my team mates. With the help of this, I have got a great knowledge of business environment that is present in hospitality sector.


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