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Introduction to Creative and Innovative Management Process

Creativity and innovative though used as synonymous have different meanings, while the former is generation of an idea latter is implementation of creativity. Organization that bring in innovation and creativity do not copy rather they come up with uniqueness in their product or services setting them apart from their competitors. The study made herein is undertaken to exemplify the tools and models that support creative and innovative management. The report also bring in ways where Flourit bakery in Walsall can embrace innovative changes and how such changes shall affect their vision and mission statements.

Task 1

1.1 Current creative and innovative management process

The possibility to survive long term success of an organization is highly dependent on how creative and innovative the organization management could be. Innovation is more than just an invention as it includes the attitude that encourages new ideas as well as concept and the risk that is present in that new concept. The innovative management process has become a significant part of business operations and recognition of such innovation has now become imperative for all businesses. The best way of accomplishing the approach towards creativity and innovation is by defining a set of innovation activities and integrating such activities into daily cycle of the business. The different phases in innovation management process is stated below...

Setting of goals for the process

Innovation begins with a goal set in mind that is often based on finding solutions to a specific problem. These goals once set have to be communicated to all associated with the organization.


The team of innovation should work in together and not isolation as this will help in creating collaborative solution to a problem.

Combination of ideas

Once different ideas are determined the best one suited to the organization can be considered.

Evaluating the innovation

Once the best idea is incorporated in the organization it is important to evaluate these ideas on the basis of peer review.

Testing of ideas

Once the idea that has the greatest potential is determined they should be tested regularly so that their development can be done in a better way.

Execution of innovation implementation

the ideas that have survived the testing process should be further examined and modification should be made until they are set to be executed in the business.

Assessment of innovation life cycle

After implementation they need to be carefully assessed and monitored in terms of number of benchmarks that should be set. The Malcolm's can use this process for smooth incorporation of ideas into the current business of bakery as it goes down the lane of different phases of creative and innovation management. Since Malcolm's use conservative approach it has brought in difficulties for proper idea generation. The organization can overcome this problem by developing proper coordination between Malcolm's and its employees. There should be a shift from conservative to radical approach for effectively competing in this highly competitive environment.

1.2 Ways to lead other to positively embrace changes

Innovation is an intricate process but is not bounded by organizational politics, history and budgets. It is necessary to collaborate with others as organization can apply it only with the support of them. It is seen in the Flourit bakery that employees given the time in their job for generating ideas but due to the conservative approach they are not given the adequate support to explore them over an adequate process for innovation. This therefore makes it difficult for real innovation to take place.

Leadership is one of the ways to influence the work of the followers along with action taken by leaders. Malcolm's needs to recognize such leadership qualities that can motivate its employees by using rewarding system to effectively embrace innovation and changes. The ways in which Flourit bakery can positively embrace innovation and changes are-

  • Using specialized knowledge
  • Sharing of such knowledge
  • Providing chances to employees to express their ideas.
  • Recognition and rewarding the employees to influence their work
  • Keeping high expectation from employees and provide them chances to undertake experiments.

The management of the company should regularly review and monitor by communicating with the employees and solving their problems. However, it has been evaluated that leadership is not the only technique which leads to embrace the positive chances within firm. This is because, significant changes within firm can also be carried through an effective and clear communication.

Task 2

2.1 Impact on vision and mission while generation of innovation and creative management

With rapid change in economic situations, only a few offbeat businesses can meet their vision and mission. Such businesses are often successful in meeting their estimated sales and profits. They are well equipped to beat their competitors with excellence. In all industries the leading companies are often the innovators. Flourit may be better off with its specialties but this shall give them the advantage for a while until any other competitor may seize this advantage by finding a better idea to compete. Innovation is the heart of sustainability to earn competitive advantage therefore to stay on top Flourit should bring in innovation.

The innovative ideas are formulated on the basis of business mission and values. Therefore, the new ideas generated must be well within the boundaries of mission and vision of the enterprise.
The vision and mission are the crucial point that decides the long term goals and targets. Thus, any change introduced is only applicable when it is useful in achieving long term goals of the organization.

2.2 Analytical tools to recognize the potential creative and innovative management ideas

Creativity is the identification and generation of idea and innovation is selection of idea, its development and commercialization of the idea. There are various factors that are involved in an organization that enables it to make innovation some of them are...

SWOT analysis

The simplest and one of the best techniques to identify the current stage and future requirements of an organization. The Strength (S) and weaknesses (W) provide an insight of internal effects of ideas whereas, opportunities (O) and threats (T) provides the external effect of an idea. Though it is difficult to find out the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threat of any change it has the high potential of recognizing the potential creative and innovative management ideas.

ABC analysis

It is about analyzing the different items of change that have varied significance and determining their control differently. Managers can do grouping of their ideas into three categories A, B and C to evaluate change importance accordingly...

  • 'A' refers to idea that is highly important
  • 'B' refers to ideas that are important
  • 'C' refers to ideas that are less important

With the assistance of this tool the company can evaluate the results of such changes and categorize them as per their effectiveness to the organization. However, it has been critically evaluated that the company which comply with the given method has to operate with two different type of costing system. Thus, the use of given method by firm will lead to raise the cost of enterprise in an effectual way.

2.3 Risk and benefits of creative and innovative management

Risks and benefits are the two extreme outcomes of the innovative and creative process. The organization has to assure by converting their risk into benefits. The common phenomenon of risks to occur in any business are...

  • Deviation of the targets followed by its objectives
  • Unavailability of information
  • Lacking ownership

There seem to be many reasons of failure of a creative idea in becoming successful innovation. The innovation seems to be an intricate process with the potential risks in them. Adequate time, efforts and money should be invested by management for effective implementation of innovation. There are probably 3 risks occurring at the time of generation of idea process management i.e., operational, financial and commercial risk.

  • Operational risk is the inability to meet the quality and cost standards.
  • Financial risk is making wrong investments in unsuccessful projects of innovation.
  • Commercial risk is failing to grab the consumer's attention.

In this fast pace of changes there is always an unforeseen risk existing in the market. Establishing change is the very requirement of the businesses in this competitive era to respond successfully to the changing trends. By using creative and innovation management idea, company can increase their sales and attract new consumers by providing some value to the new or existing buyers. The new idea generation can improve the efficiency, quality, productivity and market share of the company.

The Flourit should do an analysis of simple risk along-with the benefits of an idea. If the risk existing in idea is more in comparison to its benefits the organization should rethink about their idea and take measures to increase greater benefits in it. However, if significant measure with regard to the assessed risk will not be taken at that time sales and profits of cited company will be impacted in a negative way.

2.4 Change model to assist in implementation of creative and innovative management ideas

The model of change management can be applied for supporting implementation of creative and innovative management ideas. This will help in simplifying the process and allow the follow up to magnify the success of these ideas. The change model was created for coping up with uncertainties that exists in implementing changes. The IDEAL model can be adopted that will serve as a road-map for assisting change. The ideal model basically provides with a framework that permit organization in planning and implementation of process. IDEAL refers to initiating, diagnosing, establishing, acting and learning.

I for Initiating

This lays the basic foundation for undertaking a successful improvement effort.

D for Diagnosing

It evaluates the current position and a defined target for the expected future position.

E for Establishing

This is related to planning of necessary sequence of steps that will help in reaching the targeted destination.

A for Acting

This is related to following of a fixed schedule as per the plan set.

L for Learning

Learning from the experiences and improving the abilities for adopting the new phases of technology in the future. It is done on a constant basis and includes self-evaluation. Flourit can use IDEAL model to integrate the innovative and creative management ideas with its strategy for establishing a successful improvement program. However, the given model can be applied by the cited firm if it possesses the team of skilled individual who have full-fledged knowledge regarding the same.

Task 3

3.1 Persuading stakeholders of the benefits of change

There are different stakeholders that affect the business such as suppliers, customers, banks, competitors, government, employees etc. they all seek information regarding the innovation practices undertaken by the organization. The management should satisfy stakeholders by communicating the benefits associated with creative and innovative management idea. The suppliers and banks who are acting as the creditors of the company are often concerned about where their money or material is being invested in therefore the organization should communicate the plans of creativity and innovation to them and assure them that the money and material are used in productive resources. The customers are the life line of any organization therefore the innovative changes made in the product or services should be effectively communicated to them. The organization should motivate its employees and show them the projected benefits that may arise from undertaking such changes. Thus, the ideas should be clearly communicated to the stakeholders without any ambiguity in them.

3.2 Methods of communicating the innovative strategies to the stakeholders of Flourit bakery

The innovation assumes that firms may or must use the internal ideas along-with external ideas as they look forward to advancing their methods. Communication to stakeholders is of prime importance that will help in updating the information about organization to stakeholders.

Using modern communication means to communicate with the stakeholders like video conferencing, internet, email, messages etc. this will help in bridging up the gap or distance barrier and enable faster communication between the two. However, these all given means are extensive in nature and will lead to increase the cost of enterprise if applied. The communication made to stakeholders should inhibit the following in them-

  • The organization should make adequate attempts to understand the needs and concerns of the different stakeholders and integrate them with the strategies for an effective communication.
  • There should be no hidden truth in the information so conveyed to the stakeholder regarding the innovative strategies.
  • The organization should not use jargons and use common language and words that provide correct and authentic information.
  • 3 Suitability and implementation of methods of communication of innovative management ideas

The company should set targets and priorities in relation to implementation of a creative and innovative management idea by using review and feedback from the stakeholders. For the Flourit emailing can be the best suited method for getting feedback from the stakeholders on the basis of communication made to them. The organization can analyze the feedback to make modification and appropriate changes in their plan or strategies for improving their performances. With rapid growing economy there is an overload of innovative projects and attempt of completing them as quickly as possible but these acts as a hindrance in making sustainable progress. Therefore, there should be enough time allowed to stakeholders to gather their feedback. The Malcolm can use new technologies that can help in making smooth communication and undertaking effective decisions to achieve the long term objectives.

Task 4

4.1 Barriers to implementation of change

There are often some elements that hinder innovation and create problems known as barriers. Every organization should take measures for reducing such barriers and have substantial control over them. The barriers can be sub divided into two parts-

Internal barrier

This barrier is associated with the internal miss management where it formulates a number of problems that stop creativity and innovative ideas to flourish. The common reason for internal barrier is the inability to take risk, lengthy decision making process, highly bureaucratic culture, no transparency, improper management practices to deal with employees etc.

External barriers

these barriers occur out of no control on them and are invented by the external factors such as changing customer trends, economic crises, change in government policies and laws, environmental issues etc. there are chances of inconsistency arising between the ideas generated and legality this acts as a possible hurdle in implementation of the innovative ideas.

Flourit is plagued by the internal barriers restricting it to effectively implement the creative and innovative strategies. Malcolm's conservative approach is one of the prime causes that is creating barriers for the bakery to grow and foster innovation and creativity within the bakery. The Malcolm's resistance to change and new ideas is acting as a hurdle in establishing an innovative culture in the organization. The employee's initiation to undertake innovative approach in the business is suppressed by Malcolm's bureaucratic style of working.

4.2 Strategies that will help in overcoming the identified barriers

The execution of strategy and monitoring the success of it can be recognized as problem area in the practices of organization. The organization should follow the below steps...

Identifying the cause of barriers

Firstly the reason shall be identified by Flourit that is creating hurdle in implementation procedure of new ideas. It can be done through periodic meeting and analysis of feedback from the members of the organization.

Evaluating the reasons

Once the reason is formulated from above step the reason should be evaluated in brief. This is often done by top management.

Planning to prevent such barriers

The top management after evaluation will find ways to prevent such causes for implementing the changes for effective operations.

Implementing the plan

Implementation holds utmost significance as the progress of process cannot be calculated if implementation does not take place. The strategies that were developed shall be implemented in this stage by Flourit.


The implemented strategies will be checked and monitored on a regular basis for assuring that barriers are prevented and innovative ideas can be well implemented.

Appropriate Modification

If there are issues arising while monitoring and during the process of implementation modifications can be made to prevented. The modification can be made in the existing plans for its ultimate success.

4.3 How strategy plan that overcome barriers will ensure innovative change is achieved.

The above strategy plan that assists in overcoming barriers help in ensuring innovative change is accomplished. The identification of reason for such barrier helps managers in making effective plans to overcome such reasons. This indeed helps in effectively achieving the goal of innovation. They evaluate the cause of such barrier and create solution of the problems by taking correct action on the correct time.

Monitoring also plays a crucial role for a successful business innovation. The manager must monitor all such activities at his level so that he can have a close check over them and take appropriate action in time to reduce such errors. However, it has been evaluated that for the manager it is not easier with regard to monitor its activities of its employees as well condition prevailing in business environment on regular basis. This can be proved as biggest barrier which will leads to create problem in the innovative practices of enterprise.

The plan of overcoming the barriers is of special path to achieve the objectives arising out of the plan. Various models and techniques can be used to achieve this goal of creativity. The last stage of plan is related to making suitable modifications where issues have arisen during their implementation.

4.4 Communication of strategy plan in relation to overcoming barriers to relevant stakeholders

The decisions of stakeholders of trade highly influence innovative management. The management team should make all possible attempts to provide the valuable information to the stakeholders for overcoming the barriers existing. The stakeholders may suggest ways to minimize the problems arising in innovative Gethsemane as they are highly experienced people of the organization. Company can take appropriate advice from customers and suppliers regarding the new plans and its future innovative strategies to overcome the problems. The stakeholders are an integral part of society and are well off aware about the advanced technologies and their outcomes which can assist companies in taking informed decisions. The organization should share every probable change to their stakeholders to overcome the barriers existing in the innovative management plan.


As per the above study conducted it can be seen that how creative and innovative management play a crucial role in the changing and ever demanding world economy. The Flourit is suggested ways to make the effective system for generation of new ideas and creative and innovative management system. The significance of identify and overcoming the barriers and communication of the same to the stakeholders is briefly discussed in this report.


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