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Introduction to Developing Manager Skills

Manager plays important role in maintaining and managing the activities of the organisations. He/ She is responsible for monitoring, controlling and administering staff members along with their tasks within the company. It is the prime responsibility of the enterprises to develop skills, knowledge and abilities of their managers so that they can contribute more effectively in its growth and success.

For the proposed study, London Tourism Organisation named Visit London is taken into the consideration. Visit London is one of the tourism companies of London which provides various services and tourism products to the people visiting the city. It provides all the information about London's top attraction, hotels, various offers and discounts on tickets, sightseeing places, etc. This file includes comparison of different management styles, leadership characteristics, communication process and organisational culture of the company. Along with this, it consists of review on management skills. SWOT analysis and career development plan with context to employment in the business. In the end, conclusion is explained with the key findings.

Task 1

P1.1 Comparison of management styles

Management styles are the characteristic ways of the managers which they use while taking decisions for achieving the objectives of the organisation. These styles help managers of the Visit London to manage and maintain their work and relationships with employees properly. They follow two types of management style while decision making processes which are as follows...

Autocratic Management Style:- In this, manager takes decision without including subordinates to the process. This type of style is followed by them at the time of emergency or urgent work which helps Visit London to work properly. As per the results, decisions reflect the perception and personality of the managers which helps in managing situation effectively and confidently. In contrast to it, this style de-motivates the workers of the firm as they are not involved by the managers.

Consultative Management Style:- This style is used by the managers of Visit London during normal working days. They involve opinion and views of the subordinates also while decision making process. These decisions are taken by the managers in the interest of workers and business both. This style results to create loyal and trustworthy relationship between the managers and their subordinates. It also helps in minimizing the conflicts between the top and middle level management. On the other hand, in the above style there is no loyal connection exists which leads to low performance and conflicts.

P1.2 Leadership Characteristic related to the management styles

As per the above discussion, two types of management styles are followed by the managers of the Visit London. These styles are somewhere connected to the characteristics of the leadership which are as follows...

Autocratic Management Style:- In this style, some leadership characteristics are possessed by the managers who help them in taking appropriate decision with respect to the progress of Visit London. These leadership characteristics includes highly professional and independent working style which helps managers in taking decisions without the support of subordinates. Along with this, they control the efforts of the workers and monitor them time to time. On the other hand, quick decision making skill helps them to reach at appropriate conclusion in small span of time during emergency situation.

Consultative Management Style:- In this style, managers of the Visit London holds democratic leadership qualities . With respect to this, managers work with their subordinates and take decisions by keeping an eye on their growth and development. They guide workers instead of ordering them which results to make good terms between mager and subordinate. Other characteristics that are owned by them are confidence, honesty, empathy, decisiveness, etc which helps in managing and maintaining the staff and their activities properly. In addition to it, consensus is being built by the managers with the help of active participation. This leads to employee commitment and engagement with friendly and openly environment.

P1.3 Discussion of different communication methods used by the managers at Visit London

Various types of communication methods are used by the managers of the Visit London for proper transfer of information to the subordinates or higher authorities. These methods are explained below...

Open Meetings:- In this method, subordinates explain their experience while working with the respective managers. Opinion, views and ideas of the each and every worker is being listen by the managers which leads to effective communication and relationship maintenance. It is one of the popular and common approaches of the Visit London which helps in making loyal relations between the employees and their managers.

Emails:- Managers and their subordinates use emails for communicating on work related matters. With the help of this method, both can communicate properly without leaving their work stations which leads to time management. Important information is transfer to the employees in simple and fast manner.

Presentations:- In this method, employees are informed about information with the help 0of pictures, important points and sounds. This method is usually used by the managers at the time of meeting and communicating important information about the objectives, market position, performance, etc of the Visit London.

Communication through training:- Visit London uses training for communicating some information about the development of their employees for achieving specific objectives. With the help of training programs, company develop skills, abilities and knowledge of the workers which helps it in accomplishment of goals with high performance in efficient period.

Use of Visuals:- Managers of Visit London sometime uses videos for communicating some information to their subordinates. These visuals help employees in understanding the message appropriately by watching and hearing them. Visuals are placed by the firm around the work stations so that managers can use them whenever they want and can convey their message effectively.

P1.4 Analysis of organisational culture and change in Visit London

Organisational culture refers to the way in which work is done within the organisation by including values, beliefs and attitude. Organisational culture of Visit London is diverse due to the availability of employees having different backgrounds, beliefs, religion, etc. The working environment is friendly and open which results into cooperation and coordination of the workers. Morale, ethics and values are followed by the firm which results to provide full job satisfaction to the staff members. All the diversities among the staff members are properly managed by the Visit London by conducting various formal and informal meetings. These meetings lead staff members to understand the background, beliefs, language, perceptions, behaviour, values, etc. On the other hand, employee oriented organisational practice is followed by the firm which provides its workers with various opportunities to develop and grow themselves.

With respect to the change, Visit London makes changes in its working environment as per the requirement of market. At the first step, employees resist the change due to the fear of losing post, reputation, etc. This change sometime leads to waste time and resources due to the resistance of workers towards it. Training activities are conducted by the company for developing new skills, knowledge and abilities in the workers as per the requirement of change. Organisational change results to create conflict, misunderstanding, grievances, dissatisfaction, etc among the staff but proper communication, monitoring and controlling results to manage all these issues effectively.

Task 2

P2.1 Identification of my management skills and competencies

Various skills are required by the manager for performing his/her tasks and responsibilities. I am working in Visit London as a management intern in the marketing and PR department under a six month contract. By using self evaluation method, I determine my management skills and competencies. I always evaluate my work and performance so that I can improve it by developing myself. I self evaluate myself so that I can make myself eligible and capable enough for getting job in Visit London. As per the self evaluation, I came to know about various management skills and competencies which are possessed by me for working at Visit London. I possess decision making skills which helps me in taking quick, smart and important decisions related to my career growth and development. I am capable enough to take right decision in short span of time and for accomplishing my objectives.

On the other hand, I hold time management skills which lead me to work effectively in the given time period. By prioritising my work as per their importance I try to manage my time and to work accordingly. In addition to this, I have stress management skills which tend me to enjoy my tasks rather than taking stress and worries regarding to them. Under this skill, I communicate with my collogues, spend time with higher authorities so that I can reduce my stress and can work efficiently. Along with theses skills, I am flexible, adaptable and self motivated due to which I can manage myself in any kind of environment. On the other hand, competencies owned by me for the post of marketing manager are establishing focus, managing change, empowering others and managing performance. These competencies can help me in developing my career in Visit London.

P2.2 Personal SWOT analysis in relations to the skills and competencies required at Visit London

For identifying, my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats I conduct SWOT analysis of myself so that I can determine whether I am eligible for doing job at Visit London or not. This analysis helps me in knowing my weaknesses so that I can improve them for developing more career opportunities.

Task 3

P3.1 Discussion on leading and motivating a team for promoting London at the Shanghai's World Travel market exhibition

For motivating the team of field staff for promoting London as visitor destination at the forthcoming World Travel market exhibition in Shanghai in June 2014 I will implement following theories...

Maslows Need for hierarchy:- This theory motivates workers to fulfil their needs step by step so that then can develop themselves. With the help of this theory, employees get encouragement to perform well for getting high living standards. I will use this theory for motivating team members so that they can effectively promote London as tourist destination. With the help of this, all the team members will perform well at the exhibition for getting reward from the organisation for quality performance.

Herzberg's two factor theory:- This theory consists of hygiene factors such as job security, salary, vacations, etc and motivators like recognition, opportunities, challenging work, etc. I will use this to motivate team members to promote well London as visitor destination in Shanghai's exhibition. With the help of this theory, staff members of the team will work with double enthusiast and zeal for achieving the objectives. For leading team members effectively I will use the following leadership theories.

Behavioural theory:- The focus of this theory is on the behaviour of the leaders which represents their mental, physical and social characteristics. I will use this theory for guiding and monitoring the team members their work regarding the promotion. I will keep positive attitude, confidence, effective communication and srong relationship with the members so that they can ask any query easily without any hesitation.

P 3.2 Process of making managerial decisions at Visit London with examples

Visit London uses the following process of making managerial decisions.

Setting Objectives:- In this, company establish its objectives for enhancing its market position and reputation among the customers. Main objective of the firm is to aware people od various countries about the attractive destinations of London. For example, it sets objective to promote London as tourist destination at Shanghai's exhibition.

Defining Problem:- In this, Visit London identifies its problem and its nature. It is essential to determine the nature of problem so that effective decisions can be taken by the firm. For example, Visit London determines the problem regarding the publicity of London tourism and due to this, it takes decision to promote it in World Travel Market.

Identifying alternatives:- For solving the problem of tourism publicity among the travellers of various countries, Visit London selects various alternatives. These includes marketing strategies, promotional strategies, etc.

Evaluating Alternative:-In this, firm evaluates each and every alternative for selecting the best obe for resolving the issue. Promotional strategies are selected by the company for increasing awareness about the tourist destinations of London among diversified travellers. It selects promotion at Shanghai's exhibition.

Implementing decision:- In this, decision regarding the implementation of last chosen appropriate alternative is taken by the firm. As per the results, Visit London lead and motivate its field staff to promote London as tourist destination.

Task 4

P4.1 Managerial skills and personal skills I gained from internship

During completing my internship at Visit London I get chance to implement my theoretical knowledge into the real world. Under the guidance and mentoring of marketing manage I lean and develop number of new managerial and personal skills. I develop my skills regarding the market research by collecting secondary information for understanding the perception of people towatds the London tourist destinations. I also learn time management skills by managing my work properly. I learn this from my manager and starts working accordingly which results to organised working. On the other hand, I come to know about the importance of relationship management with the customers and employees as well. This aware me about the role of good and effective relationship in work and life. In addition to it, this internship helps me in improving my decision making skills by watching the decision making procedure of the firm.

With respect to the personal skills, marketing helps in thinking innovative and creative for attracting people towards the London tourism. It also leads me to understand changing perception of the visitors along with their expectations. This internship develop and enhance my knowledge in the field of marketing and promotion. It tends me to know more about the Visit London's working style, organisational culture, employee engagement, etc. All these skills, abilities and knowledge will help me in developing my career in the field of marketing.

P4.2 Career Development plan

As per my goal to develop career in the field of marketing I develop and learn many skills during my internship in Visit London. I collect secondary information about the perception of people towards the London destinations which aware me about the research technique but it needs to develop by collecting primary information. In addition to it, I develop relationship management skills but still I need to develop my communication skills which plays major role in developing and managing relationships. I perform well as management trainee and tries to complete all those works which are given by marketing manager. But I still think that I need to develop myself more for improving my performance All these skills will help in developing my career effectively and as per my expectations. My career development plan is as follows.

Figure out destination:- In this, I decided my career goal and it is to become marketing manager. I want myself at this post within 3 to 4 years by developing required skills, capabilities and knowledge.

Gap analysis:- In this, I conduct SWOT analysis and self evaluation for determining the gap between the present skills and required skills for the post of marketing manager. As per this, I develop short term such as conflict management skills, stress management skills and long term objectives like communication, leadership, marketing research skills.

Roadmap and review:- I develop proper objectives along with the time period for developing skills and review the process time to time for identifying the improvement and making changes accordingly.


From the above study, it is concluded that developing skills for the position of manager is a crucial task. Managers of Visit London are skilled and talented who uses management styles as per the requirement. Various motivational and leadership theories are used by me for motivating field staff for promotion of London tourism. I develop lots of managerial and personal skills while working as intern in the organisation but need to develop more for developing career as marketing manager.


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