Introduction to Management of The Imperial Hotel


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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • What are the effective management theory and process.
  • Elaborate the proposal and resolution for the management and functions.
Answer :
Organization Selected : The Imperial Hotel


Management refers to the process and activity of planning, managing, organising, staffing, directing and controlling a company and its business functions so that firm can operate and run its business in effective and efficient manners. It can be an activity or action of accomplishment of organisational goal and objectives in effective and efficient manner by effective administration of the organisation's functions and workforce. It is necessary and essential to a company soi that the company can arranges the factors of manufacturing, assembles and organises the origins, integrates the resources in appropriate manner to attain aims. By forming effective administration in the working environment, the company can perform all the actions and operations in adequate manner by achieving its business objectives on time (Anderson and et. al., 2015). This assignment is based on The Imperial Hotel which is a London 500 bedroom hotel and is owned by a well know transnational branded chain of hotels in the 4 star market. This hotel organisation is facing various issues like poor guest satisfaction, high staff turnover, negative work culture, poor team work, poor operating and control procedures etc. In this report will be discuss about the poor guest satisfaction and there are several reasons to arising this issue like bad quality of rooms, cleanliness of the bathrooms, noisy air conditioning and others. Another causes are generating due to technology, rude employees behaviour and problems occur during the time of check in and check out. These all things create customer dissatisfaction within the customers. Further, the document will consider manage and operations theories and principles to deal with the issues of the company.

Overview of the company

The Imperial Hotel in London operating its business with the help of 500 bedroom and all with en-suite facilities, offering conference facilities for 1000 people with 12 conferences room, leisure centre with swimming pool, 3 bars, 4 restaurants etc. This hospitality organisation owned and administrated by a well known international branded chain of hotels in the 4 star market in London's West end. There are 6 division within the respective company such as food and beverage function, housekeeping division, guest services & concierge department, Front office & Reception and Human resource department (Andraszewicz and et,. al., 2015). These all functions are working with the help of 450 employees and employers in which 300 are full time and less are part time. The company also maintain relation with outside contractors like cleaning, laundry service, administration of the leisure centre etc.

Review of management theory to specific problem

The administration of the respective company are suffering with several issues but the major problem is poor customer satisfaction which affect other issues also. This issues arising in the company due to ineffective performance of the different function of the company (Heizer, Render and Munson, 2017). Cause of it, there are several issues are create in the firm like lack of cleanliness, ineffective room services, noisy instruments which are used by the company for room services and technology not working the rooms etc. To overcome these all problem the administration should make focus on the quality of the services which are provided by it to its potential customers. For this the firm can use TQM model and principles of this concept.

TQM( Total Quality Management)-

It refers to a administration plan of action that express a continuous, organisation broad endeavour to keep quality customer service and satisfaction. The main purpose of this model is to foster consumer retention by offering a extent of service that will maintain customers coming back gain. In The Imperial Hotel, the administration of this company apply and implement this concept to make improvement in the quality of services which are delivered by to its potential customers in different manners. With the assistance of this theory, the employees can offer good quality rooms services like clean rooms, better technology and technical instruments like air-conditioning etc. This will help in making contribution in the involvement of resolving problem of the company poor customer satisfaction. There are eight principle of this model, they are defined as beneath:

Customer focus-

It an effective principle which states that the success of a company are based on customer satisfaction. For example, in Imperial Hotel, the administration are facing problem related to customer satisfaction. In which one of the problem is that guests are wait in queues at reception both for check in and check out and they are complained that the company are charged incorrectly in their final bill (Mondy and Martocchio, 2016). So these are some issues which affect the company. To provide customer satisfaction the firm can offer self check in and check out services so that these issues can be resolve.

Total employee involvement-

According to this approach, every workers of the company make their involvement regarding the common goal of continuous improvement. It will not make concentration on a specific department and business. With the help of it, employees of respective company can improve the problem such some time the employees rude to guests and no timely response to their complaints. By implementing this concept in business, they can overcome this problem through providing solution to the consumer issues and offering training to employees so that they can behave ethically with the guests and provide proper information to them.

Process centric-

It is the activity of thinking and developing plan of action to get feedback from the consumer. By using it, the company can resolve the issue of customer satisfaction because the administration of the firm can get feedback from their customer when they are staying or leaving the hotel (Noe and et. al., 2017). This will help in providing information that in which services, the firm required to make improvement.

Strategic and systematic approach-

In it, the processes are formulated and tested to assure the product or services quality. This also consists to make sure that suppliers are quality services which are required to manufacture products. In Imperial Hotel, this principle can be applied by the company to resolve the issues like the quality of room services are not good regarding cleanliness of the bathrooms, showers not working effectively etc. So by using it, the company can overcome this problems.

Continual improvement-

It means that the administration of the company should always monitor all the services which are provided by the company to its customers so that if there are any issues are generating cause of it then they can be reduce on time. For example, the management of Imperial Hotel should regularly monitor the activities and services of the company which it offer to its potential customers. It will help in minimising the difficulties which are suffered by the firm due to its customers dissatisfaction. If the administration will do it then it will be aware with its guests needs and demands and provide services accordingly which are able to satisfied their desires.

Encourage mutual respect and teamwork-

It is essential because it surrogate a single organizational culture of quality by informing that every employee from top to bottom of the organization holds the same core principles at heart (Salic and Zelic, 2018). For example, this principle is also beneficial to the respective company because with the help of it, the employees of the firm can perform their duties in effective manner like providing information to the guests, resolving their quires and response on time regarding their complaints.

From the preceding defined information it can be analysed that if the administration of the company can adopt and implement to talk quality management model and its principle in the company then the administration make development and improvement in the quality of the services which are offered by it to its customers. This concept is also beneficial to the company because by taking feedback from the target audiences they can make improvement in the quality of services as per the requirement.

An understanding of the process and procedures for effective management

In Imperial Hotel, there are several difficulties which are faced by the administration of the company in the business activities and operations of the firm (Schoonover and Crim, 2015). The major problem which are suffer by it are poor guest satisfaction, high employee turnover, unfavourable work culture, ineffective team working and inefficient use of information technology system, poor operating and control process etc. But the main problem which highly affect the firm is consumers dissatisfaction. There are several reasons of occurring this issue in the company. They are explained below:

Poor quality room services-

It is one of the problem which is faced by the management of the Imperial Hotel due to bad quality of the service which are provided by the firm to its target audiences like dirty rooms and in the bathroom showers are not working properly (Wu, Olson and Dolgui, 2015). The air-conditioner which are constructed in the room are noisy so they created disturbance. Technology are also not working properly such as Wi-Fi, telephone and TV cause of internet problem and others.

Ineffective check-in and checkout-

It is an another problem which dissatisfied the guest of the respective hospitality organisation. During the time of check in or check out, customers are wait in the queues at reception. When employees wants to get any information about the organisation and its services then the reception staff being indifferent and behave rudely with them. It negatively affect the consumers and can be reason of customer turnover.

Incorrect billing and complain services-

In Imperial Hotel, when customer take the services to the company and pay it for its services then the billing which is do by the company is incorrect. Because during the time of entering in the hotel, the prices are different and during the time of billing, the organisation charged different. Another reason of it can be ineffective IT services etc. When employees are complained against it then the response and action do not take by the management on time (Smith and Wong, 2016). These all problems unfavourably influences the customer trust and believe.

The problem of customer dissatisfaction is also affiliated with other four issues in different manners. In the situation of poor consumer satisfaction, the management of the company will work on making improvement in it, so their will not be any growth option to the employees which can be create the issue of high staff turnover. The respective company is not able to fulfilling the consumers needs so due to which the administration do not provide leave to the employees so that they can work to resolve this issue (Verhoef, Kannan and Inman, 2016). But in the situation of illness, employees do not come office which generate another problem of poor attendance due which unfavourable work culture are create. There are not effective and sufficient workforce to the company so it is not deal and great the customers effective and response their complaints on time which is also a reason to generate the issue of poor customer satisfaction.

Justification of key proposals for the resolution of the problem

To overcome the problem of poor customer satisfaction, the management of the company can resolve it in different manners. The administration can take the feedback from its guests after check out and if the customers face any problem when they are taking services from the company. Then the company can also take feedback to them so that it can solve on time. The management should provide training to the workforce because when employees are trained then they know the way to great and treat the visitors and the issue of bad behaviour of employees will not arise. By using good quality technical instruments and internet services, the issue of incorrect billing and the IT services which are offered by the firm in room like TV, Wi-Fi, Air conditioner etc., can bee resolved (Vittikh, 2015). By offering self check-in and check-out services another issue of customer satisfaction can be minimised. By providing regular cleaning services and before check-in and after check-out they can clean the room. It will also help in resolving the issues and help in fulfilling the customers requirements.


From the preceding defined information, it can be summarised that management is an essential aspect within a company. Because by making effective administration upon the business functions, the organisation can make control and operate them in effective manner. To deal with the issue of customer satisfaction, the management can use different models and principle to over come the problem.


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