Role Played by Communication in Management

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Communication is a two way process which helps to connect people with each other and also assists in imparting opinions, thoughts and information from one to other party (Jones, 2016). Communication plays a very crucial in business as it can aid to develop good working relations with the management and employees that act as a prerequisite in improving the overall efficiency and productivity of the firm (Voinea and, 2015). The present reflective journal has thus laid emphasis on finding out as to what role is played by communication in management and how different techniques put an impact on business.

I am working as a nurse in the pediatric department NHS since a span of 10 years and have been recently appointed on the position of head nurse. I was quite happy to be promoted to this position as I had spent quite a long time with the company and wanted some boost in my career.  The duties were handled to me by the previous head nurse who was retiring from the position. The department also underwent recruitment process during that time and many fresh faces joined the organization. As I was new to the position of head nurse hence I wanted my team members to be good ones professionally so that training as well as managing them is not very difficult for me and I got lucky in this aspect. Being new to the position and quite serious towards my work I decided to be a good head nurse to my company and adopted a strict attitude towards my team members. I ensured that my team abided by the rules and regulations in a thorough manner. One of the basic norms that even I followed was of punctuality and discipline hence the same was expected from my team members as well. I also tried to maintain a minimal amount of communication with the team as according to me it is not good to have friendly terms with the teams as it leads to loss of respect in a long course of time. I communicated with only one or two members who were the senior most within the team and they were the ones who informed me about the overall progress. Things were good in the start as productivity of the team increased quite a lot in comparison to previous head nurse. I was also appreciated by the management for my efforts. By the end of first month, I received resignation from one my team member with a reason that the work seemed like a burden to him and there was a lack of any means to share his set of problems. I was quite fine with the fact as the member was least productive and hence such reasons were expected from him. But things started taking a negative turn as I saw a huge decrease in the morale of my team members and they were even afraid to discuss the work issues with each other. A severe decline took place in the work productivity and even the patients started complaining about lack of support from the nurses. The senior members informed me that things were quite fine in the team and the issues were on account of some difficult patients. But I made an attempt to probe further and talked with one of the members and found that there was a huge communication gap in the entire team as the senior members made the other members do all the work and also told that the same was instructed by me.

This incident made me realize that how important it is to develop effective communication in the management. In my case, the communication was only one way which was from my side but I never gave ear to the issues faced by my team members and whether right directions were given to them or not. It is very essential to develop effective communication between the employees and managers so as to aid in proper functioning of the organization. This is as if a manager does not communicate with the employees then problems are most likely to increase in the organization. Similar situation happened with me as lack of communication led to difficulty for my team to understand the objective of the hospital and caused a huge decline in overall productivity. In this regard, I was required to understand that in order to the best head nurse the need on my part was to develop good alliances with the team members which could only take place if I communicated with them on a daily basis. This is most likely to assist in breaking the barriers that existed between us so as to create a collaborative atmosphere which is good for the overall working of NHS. The need on my part was thus to develop my own communication style that can motivate my team to treat the best patients in the best manner.

I was further required to make them aware about the team strategies and planning so that the employees are well aware as to what is to be done by them. The lack of direct contact with the team members made them less interested in the work which was seen in the form of complaints that arose from the patient’s side.

There is also an existence of huge relation between effective communication and problem-solving as the employees who struggle in job will naturally consult the head of the team. But this thing was absent in my team as I did not communicated with them and hence I was unable to gain there trust which was depicted in the form of declining performance (Voinea and, 2015).

Hence I decided to adopt different means of communication which can definitely prove to be effective while carrying out decisions as a manager and within business. First is the written communication which involves for using e-mails, text chats as well as SMS, contracts etc. to convey any information to my team members (Cornelissen and Cornelissen, 2017). I can make the communication form an effective one by ensuring that the writing style is a good one; grammar is proper and vocabulary is such that it can be understood by all. The technique is most likely to assist in effective delegation of responsibilities to my team members and is more precise as well as explicit in nature. In case of any discrepancy the team can refer to the records that are provided to them (Falkheimer and Sandberg, 2018). As of now the biggest issue being faced by me within the team is of developing good relations hence this technique will aid in the same. This is as there can be a creation of clear messages that will assist in building trust and integrity between me and my colleagues and no senior staff members will get a chance to give wrong information. In present case, if there was a presence of verbal communication from my end with the colleagues then there would not have been creation of any misunderstandings and wrong information would not have been provided by the senior most members.

The second form of communication that can be used by me is of verbal communication which can be done in a face to face manner, phone calls, voice messages or even video conferencing. I can use this form to communicate with the colleagues for work related discussions and also on a casual or informal basis. This form of communicating can be made effective by me if I pay attention to clarity of speech, carrying out voice modulation, pitch as well a speech. This technique can play a huge impact in the present case as the employees will get a chance to convey their feelings and thoughts about the overall work procedures in the company. If it is carried out directly with me then the process is most likely to be faster and easier one. Hence I am required to ensure that I am every ready to give a listening ear to them.

The third form of communication that is required to be praised y me is of Non-verbal communication which involves for usage of body language as well as facial expressions to express my own thoughts, feelings and emotions (Kawonga, Blaauw and Fonn, 2015). This form of communication can certain put an impact on the relations that exist between me and my colleagues. This is as the Nonverbal signals can aid in gaining an accurate insight about unspoken feelings as well as underlying messages. This can then aid in creating a feeling of trust on account of transparency (Butler, 2015). For example, eye contact with the employee can make him understand that I am interested in listening to him. In the same way, allowing my body to remain erect can make him understand that I am ready to pay attention to his part of story as well (THE IMPORTANCE OF NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION, 2018). The need on my part is also to become sensitive towards the body language and non verbal cues of  my team members so as to find out whether they are satisfied with the work as well as job environment or not. Focus is also required to be given on the non verbal communication from my side. Carrying out communication with my team members can still remain ineffective if I do not listen to what has been said by them or not pay attention to their messages/nonverbal expressions (Nayab, 2017). In this regard, I am not just required to listen with my ears but also comprehend the things that have been said to me and give my responded accordingly

From the above report it can be concluded that in order to attain success as a team leader within NHS I am required to realise the importance of carrying out effective communication with the employees. In this regard, I am not just required to be fluent in just one but all forms of communication that have been mentioned above. Other than this, I am also required to be a good listener. Then only I can develop effective relations with my team members, garner there trust and also work the overall culture present in my team. This is most likely to aid in boosting up the overall productivity of team, causes an increase in motivation and also led to less number of employee turnover. It will further portray me in positive light in front of my employees which is most needed after seeing the present situation.

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