Managing Conferences and Event of Purple Patch

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Question :

This assessment will cover questions which are like:

  • Examine all the categories and dimension in Purple Patch Events
  • What are the additional services with conference in management roles.
  • Explain the management skills and expectations for med in stakeholders.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Purple Patch Events


Managing conference and events is the process of making sure that all the activities which are performed by event industry are managed properly so that long term goals could be acquired. For all the companies operating business under this sector it is vital to pay attention towards their efforts to perform all the operational activities appropriately so that growth could be acquired (Blomgren and Waks, 2015). The organisation which is selected for this report is Purple Patch Events which is one of the leading event management companies established in London, United Kingdom. It was founded in year 2002. This assignment covers various topics such as different categories and dimensions of events, consideration for conference and event room set ups, exploration of management skills required to work within the events environment. Additionally, Measure required for the purpose of managing safe and secure events environment for guests and staff are also covered in this project.


P1 Examination of Different Categories and Dimensions of Events

Events and conferences are conducted by individuals as well as organisations for the purpose of sharing their happiness with others or deliver message to others. Purple Patch Events is one of the leading company which is operating its business in London, United Kingdom. There are various categories of events which are as follows:


Such types of events are conducted in different communities to share their happiness with others. With the help of them they try to aware people about their culture. marriages, festivals etc. are considered as the part of them. These are organised by Purple Patch according to requirements of customers.


These events are very small which are conducted by companies to share details of business with their employees and other stakeholders such as investors, shareholders etc. Purple Patch also arranges them and focuses upon catering, hall, guest list etc. so that all the needs of organiser can be fulfilled (Categories of events, 2019).


These events are also considered as commercial events which are conducted by companies to promote or introduce a new product or services in the market. A designer event for Schneider Electric London was conducted by the Purple Patch which was highly successful and helped the company to grow.

There are various dimensions of events which are required to be focused by all the event management companies. Description of all of them is as follows:


In order to conduct a successful event it is vital to pay attention towards the cost which is being decided by the organisers so that it could be performed according to their requirements. For an event manager it is very important to try to reduce the cost for the customers so that they could be retained for long run (Bratianu, 2015).


While arranging an event companies such as Purple Patch it is very important to make sure that the location which is selected for event is easy to access for guests. If it is very difficult to reach then it may create issues for the attendees.

P2 Current Trends Influencing the Events Sector

In order to operate all the operational activities in systematic manner it is very important for organisations such as Purple Patch to make sure that it is paying attention towards all the trends which are affecting event industry. Some of them are discussed below:

Use of disruptive technologies:

Currently different types of disruptive technologies such as eSports events it is influencing the whole industry because if organisation under the sector are not able to pay attention towards it then it may affect their ability to reach long term goals. Some of the guests may get bored when they attend an event so to take them out from this zone eSports are used by most of the event management companies that helps to enhance profits (de Bakker, 2016).

Multi destination events:

In event industry one of the common trend in conducting multi destinations events in which two or more places are selected by organisers to entertain their guests. It is affecting the event industry because it results in increased demand of customers from event companies as they want to attend such events in which they can enjoy and get entertained.

Both the above described trends of event industry are affecting the whole sector because due to all of them expectations of customers gets increased. In order to reduce the negative impacts of them it is very important for the companies such as Purple Patch to pay attention towards all of them.


P3 Design of an event's layout to set up a conference or event

Event designing is the process of conducting an event according to the guidelines of clients. Purple Patch is an organisation which performs such activities and managers within the company make sure that they fulfil all the requirements of its customers. One of its client has asked the enterprise to organise a conference which will be held in London for 25 guests who are coming from seven different nations (Farmer, Reinke and Brooks, 2014). They are coming for the purpose of attending a meeting which will lasts for two hours from 9 AM to 5 PM. The date for it is 27th to 29th December 2019. A is also being organised for all the attendees At Her Majesty's Theater in central London which is Phantom of the Opera. Hotel room, coffee break and lunch will be provided to the guests from the side of the organisers. The itenary for the whole conference is as follows:


Time period

Arrival at Airport

12:00 AM on 26th December

Check in to the hotel

1:00 AM

Meeting on 27th December 2019

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Coffee breaks between the meeting

12:00 PM and 3:00 PM


1:30 PM

Visiting the show at Her Majesty's Theatre

7:00 PM

Back from the Show

9:30 PM


10:00 PM

Meeting on 28th December 2019

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Coffee breaks between the meeting

12:00 PM and 3:00 PM


1:30 PM

Checking out from hotel

7:00 PM

The budget for two days is 10000 GBP which will be spent as follows:



Picking up and droping guests from airport


Hotel rent of all the guests


Expenses for coffee breaks


Lunch expenses


Show's bookings




Hall bookings


Miscellaneous expenses


P4 Examination of additional services available within the conference or event

The conference will be held in London and the additional services which will be allowed to the guests are as follows:

Spa at hotel:

The organisers have planned to provide the facility of spa to the guests so that they can relax there after hectic journey. Some of the executives may ask for this services it is the main reason for which managers in Purple Patch have planned to provide them this additional service so that they can relax and attend the meeting (George, 2019).

Arrangement of dinner at cost:

Dinner is not provided by the organiser but if guests want a dinner from the event planner then it could also be provided at a specific cost. It will help the executives to get relief from the tension of ordering food from outside or having it in the hotel

Free parking for executives visiting with their own vehicle:

As most of the executives are coming from different countries but some of them may come with their own vehicle so the organiser have planned to provide them facility of free parking.

The above description shows that there are various additional services which could be provided by the event organisers to the guests who are going to visit the event or conference. With the help of them the organisations such as Purple Patch will be able to increase the satisfaction level of its clients by successfully competing the event (Masterman,2014).


P5. Exploration of different management roles within event industry

Event management is considered as application of project management to create and develop the large scale events such as weddings, festivals, conferences, concerts, ceremonies, formal parties, convention etc. The event industry consider several management roles which are required to played by the employees working within the industry so that they can meet the expectation level of clients. Purple Patch is one of the main organisation in event industry and some of the roles are performed by its staff members which are described below:

Event Manager:

This is one of main role which is required in event industry to manage all events. This person is responsible for all events planning, organising, directing and controlling also which helps to organise plans successfully. In other words, this involves all management functions such as planning, organising, directing and controlling which are used to attain the business goals effectively. All plans are formulate by event manager who decides what to do, how and when to do which processes to successfully events (Moran, Abramson and Moran, 2014).

Event Coordinator:

This is another roles which is important to organise the events successfully. Coordination is needed at every place which helps to maintain all functions and get success. This person is responsible to coordinate with all members and team at large scale. In context to respective company, event coordinator coordinate with all members which is consider as support system to develop and execute new products and events. In this event coordinator, check each and every department that all functions are properly coordinating or not. Different plans are formulated by such manager where they understand the issues and resolve properly in order to manage events (Mourad, 2016).

Hospitality Manager:

This roles states that all individuals attend events and enhancing their experience. This also states that people who have attend the events are happy and getting good experience. In context to respective company management make sure that all individuals are treated equally which helps to create a good image of organisation. Moreover, they are in charge of handling all the lodgings and addressing demand of guests. Such person also able to understand the requirement of their clients and provide them best answers to make satisfied.

P6 Review of management skills and personal attributes required to work within the event industry and meet expectations and needs of stakeholders

While working in the event industry it is very important for all the individuals to acquire different management skills and personal attributes so that they can meet the expectations and needs of stakeholders (Rigas, Ramchurn and Bassiliades, 2014). All of them which are important for different roles in the industry are as follows:

Good communication:

When working in the event industry it is very important for the event manager, coordinator etc. to have good communication skills so that they can interact with the clients appropriately. With the help of it they will be able to provide them information about all the schemes and arrangements which will be made by them. It will also help to meet the expectation and needs of stakeholders because proper and effective communication will result in higher level of satisfaction of customers which will increase profits and revenues.


In event industry it is very important for hospitality manager, coordinator etc. to be creative because the trends in this sector changes with time and to meet them it is vital for staff members to add creativity in their work. If they are not having this skill then it will be very difficult for them to manage all the tasks related to the event. It may also help to meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders by establishing a good image in the market. When an organisation will have a positive image in the industry then it will help to attract large number of customers and increase profits (Seidel and O’Mahony, 2014).


For event coordinator and managers it is very important to stick to their commitment so that they can meet the expectations of clients who have asked them to conduct an event for them. With the help of it, event management companies can acquire growth as fulfilling all the commitments helps them to retain their clients for long period.


When working within an organisation such as Purple Patch it is very important for the individuals such as event manager, coordinator etc. to be honest with clients and share accurate information with them.


P7 Measures require to provide a secure, safe event venue and environment to guests and staff members

For all the event management companies such as Purple Patch it is very important to provide safe and secure event venue and environment to the staff members and guests. For this purpose different measures are required to be focused by the management which are discussed below:

Food hygiene:

In order to provide a safe environment and event venue to the guests it is very important for the organisations that are conducting them to make sure that the food which is prepared for guests hygienic. For this purpose, they can assure that all the items which are used to make food are good, any pesticides are not used to prepare the eating items etc.

Security in the hotel room:

It is one of the major measure of assuring safety and security of guests in hotel room because in some hotel the housekeeping staff enter in the room and then touch the luggage of guests. It may result in theft of their precious things (Suryanarayana, Samarthyam and Sharma, 2014). In order to save them from such situations the event organiser can check the reviews of hotels and then select one of them which is highly safe and secured.

Work place security:

For all the event management companies it is very important to make sure that they are focusing upon the security and safety of staff members because if they are not safe the it is not possible to conduct an event successfully. For this purpose, they can assure that organisation is having fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Apart from this, the management is also required to pay attention towards the hygiene of the work where employees perform their tasks. It will help to provide them safe and secure working environment.


From the above project report it has been concluded that event management is the process of organising the events successfully by formulating some plans and policies. Events are consider as cooperative, social and professional events which helps to attracts the people and manage all functions effectively. Event organising company uses innovative and new technology in order to deliver the best services and attracts more visitors which helps organisation to perform business activities effectively. In business environment there are various event management companies that take initiatives to organise events as per clients perception and make them happy. Moreover, different roles are plays by management such as event manager, event coordinator and hospitality manager who performs their roles effectively to organise events.


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