Operation and Supply Chain Management


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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Bentley has been engaged in producing designer and luxury card and SUVs. How developed are operations, logistics and supply chain management in Bentley Motors Limited?
  • Explain the infrastructure used by company in managing delivery systems?
  • What is the process of developing new product and service in Bentley Motors Limited?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Bentley Motors Limited


Operation and supply chain management are mainly designed to manage the operations of trade services (Modak and Kelle, 2019). Depending on the size of the enterprise, operational managers manage day to day operation of the business and they also manage the specific part of the production process. In many of the smaller enterprises, there can be an overlap between supply chain and operation management.

The present report is based on business activities of the Manufacturing industry as an Automotive company Bentley Motors Limited which is a British manufacturer and marketer of Luxury cars and SUVs. It is an entity that has been a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group since 1998.

Furthermore, the report will cover the activities to review the operations and supply chain management with the help of theories to manage quality and to undertake product design. However, the study will provide a solution for operation management to bring effective operations.

Main Body

Two selected areas of operation and supply chain management

Operation management is termed as the administration of business practices that help to create the highest level of efficiency possible within the enterprise. This is a term that is mainly concerned with the conversion of raw material and labor; into goods and services as efficiently as possible to maximise the profit of the enterprise. However, the process of operation planning is mainly concerned with the procedure of planning, organising and supervising processes to make crucial improvements for higher profitability (Ivanov, Dolgui and Sokolov, 2019).

On the other hand, supply chain management can be termed as centralized management of the flow of goods and services that is inclusive of the process of transforming raw materials into final commodities. In addition to this, it is defined as the integration of the supply chain activities that help to improve supply chain relationships in order to gain competitive advancement.

The two main areas that are mainly concerned in this report as product design and managing quality. Therefore, product design is termed as bringing innovation within the existing commodities of the enterprise so that the working of the enterprise can be positively developed and enhanced.;

On the other hand, another area for improvement is quality management as this aids in bringing out the productive results that help to enhance the organisation's productivity. With help bringing quality within the commodities; helps to bring improvement in the supply chain relationship and this can also be beneficial in terms of gaining competitive advancement (Tse, Zhang and Fernandes, 2019).

Henceforth, managing quality and product design both are areas that need major focus by the managers of Bentley Motors.

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Application of theories and techniques that must be applied

Operation and supply chain management are the two core areas that aid in stimulating business function and also help to streamline business activities. With the help of it, all things within the organisation can be carried out effectively (Copacino, 2019). Thus, the areas of quality management and product design need to be improved with the use of techniques as-

Total quality management-

As per the view of; Kusi-Sarpong, Gupta and Sarkis, (2019) the TQM approach can be use by the enterprise to bring improvement within the internal processes and also to enhance customer satisfaction. This needs to be properly implemented to manage the quality within the enterprise. It is one of the effective techniques as this leads to a decrease in cost in relation to corrective and preventive maintenance and also helps to improve the overall performance of the enterprise. This also allows to keep the customer happy and aids to enhance the customer retention rate. In addition, this is defined as an approach that seeks to improve the quality and performance that aids in meeting and also exceeding customer expectations. This is one of the effective approaches that aids in bringing stability to business functions. Effective TQM helps to streamline business working effectively and smoothly. This also supports bringing competitive advancement to the enterprise.

Total quality management defines the culture, organisation and attitude of the enterprise that aids in striving to produce high-quality commodities and services that help to meet customer expectations. TQM has become the term that is associated with a holistic management approach to undertaking business processes with the aim of obtaining efficiency and customer satisfaction. TQM is defined as an approach that mainly involves improving the quality and performance of the commodities and services of the firm. Henceforth, the main motive is to create customer satisfaction and fulfil their expectations level.

The purpose of this essay; is to how Bentley undertakes the analysis of the effectiveness of Total quality management in the auto-mobile industry. Henceforth, the quality of the product or service plays a crucial role within the current business environment. Total quality is the philosophy that is very attractive to provide guidance to each activity within the business. In order to cope with this, the quoted enterprise is taking initiatives to develop and sustain a culture of continuous improvement with the help of fulfilling customer satisfaction by providing commodities at a low cost (Mangla, Sharma and Xu, 2019). The main aim of this entity is to provide the best product and service at a minimal price in order to cope with the current competitive business environment. In addition to it, Total Quality Management can be defined as a business approach to improve the efficiency, competitiveness and elasticity of the enterprise and that is beneficial for all the stakeholders of the enterprise.

The customers of Bentley are price sensitive but they also expect to have value for money, larger firms are able to gain economies of scale and they become able to deliver the low-price commodities to the market. Thus, the cost of quality can be considered as an additional cost but in the present the cost of quality has taken the major role for the commodity costing. Additionally, the application of Total quality management has shown its importance within the service industries to improve the quality of service and customer satisfaction level as this resulted in enhancement in competitive advancement. Within the UK, the service auto-mobile industry has represented the dynamic and important sector and this also occupies the major part of the economy. Additionally, the rapid development of new levels of service capabilities can prove to be the best solution to deliver high-value-added services to satisfy the needs of customers within the UK automobile industry. Therefore, this entity has also used the Kamikaze method of continuous improvement and this acts as the winning strategy.

Henceforth, it can be stated that Bentley's Total quality of management is mainly related to managing the quality of work and this also allows to reduce the service costs. Thus, effective application of the TQM will help the Quoted entity to undertake the development within the business plan by adding value to customers.

House of Quality-

According to the view of Kouvelis, Wu and Xiao, (2019) the House of Quality is termed as the process for product development that is mainly inspired by the customer's desires for the commodities or process development. It is the tool that has the capabilities and resources of the enterprise that seeks to meet the desired needs. In addition it, this is defined as an approach that is inclusive of listening to customers, translating their desires into a written plan and this also prioritize the steps of execution based on the needs and requirements of the customers. Additionally, Bentley must have the use of this approach as this aids to bring significant changes within the existing commodities. Therefore, the House of Quality is defined as a process that is called Quality, Function and Development. It is one of the effective terms that represents the focus of the function and execution of the quality plan and this also helps to undertake the application for the deployment of that plan (Ateay, 2019). In addition it, this is defined as a planning process for the commodities and services that starts with the voice of the customer. It is a term that enables people to think together. In the present era, the automobile company is continually evolving and this can have a huge impact on the working of the enterprise. This is defined as a technique in which customers translate what customer need to undertake the changes in products and services that can aid in satisfying their needs. In the present era, technological advancements are continually enhancing so there is a huge need to undertake those approaches that can aid in analysing the trends and needs of customers within the market.

As per the view of Zijm, Klumpp and Heragu, (2019) stated that Quality Function and Deployment are termed out as the house of quality that can be used for consumer commodities to undertake the investigation and to manage the design trade-off. This is also defined as a technique that involves studying customer requirements. In addition, customer requirements can be in the form of marketing surveys that can be targeted towards certain marketing groups. Thus, Bentley must use this approach as the primary purpose of QFD & House of Quality is as

  • Understand customer desires- It is a model that is very effective in terms of identifying the needs of customers to build their products and processes. By understanding the customer, the entity can able to bring the development within the commodities.
  • Understand customer priorities- This is crucial to identify the priorities of the customers so that the needs of the customer can be analysed in an effective manner. With the help of knowing their priorities, the change within the existing commodities can be done as per the current trends of the market.
  • Departmental Buy-in It is the process that aids in creating the plan that addresses the all true priorities on which the department agrees.
  • Allocate resources- It aids in developing the physical products or creates the process for the customer; and resources that are needed to be done effectively. Thus, the firm needs to arrange the resources as per the needs of customers so that they can able to undertake the business functions in an appropriate manner.

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Potential areas of improvement that need to be reviewed critically

This is crucial that business improve their performance to bring out competitive advancement. Thus, suggestive measures can be given with the use of the Triple bottom theory by incorporating economic, environmental and social factors. Therefore, it's defined in the following manner as are-

Triple Bottom theory-

This is defined as a framework that recommends that a firm commit to focus on social and environmental concerns to undertake effective business functions within the enterprise. Therefore, these are given in the following manner as are-

  • Social sustainability- It is defined as a measure of human capital that is inclusive of the position within the local society.; Therefore, the social bottom line has enhanced fair and beneficial practices with the use of corporate community involvement. This approach must be undertaken as this helps to implement fair standards by implementing corporate social responsibility.
  • Environmental sustainability- This approach also defines the impact on the environment of the natural resources that are used by the firm. It must be implemented as this allows to control the environmental bottom line by managing, monitoring and reporting the consumption of waste and emissions (Mangla, Sharma and Xu, 2019). This works for the department of EHS with the use of the most sustainable business model that helps in waste reduction and green policies and corporate wide values at all levels of management.
  • Economic sustainability- It is that line approach that can aid in strengthening the economy as the part that will continue to succeed in the future and contribute overall health of its support network and community. In addition to this, businesses must be aware of the traditional profits. Thus, economic stability aids in undertaking business conditions in a better mode. It supports to assists local suppliers that stay in business and innovate.

Henceforth, this can be stated that the Triple Bottom theory approach helps to understand its position within the current economy and this has the ability to survive in the future. All are these factor helps to determine the business's success and also generate long-term profitability.


From the above report, it can be aforementioned that operation and supply chain management play a crucial role in terms of bringing quality results within the enterprise. These both are crucial to undertake effective operations and also allow to enhance competitive advancement. The present study has covered the activities of Bentley Motors, it is the manufacturing industry that is engaged in the manufacturing of automobile products.

Furthermore, the report has focused on the activities to undertake critically; a review of the operations and supply chain management with the help of theories to manage quality and to undertake product design. However, a study has also provided a solution for operation management to bring effective operations with the use of Triple bottom theory. Lastly, recommendations have been given for the improvement of the operation and supply chain activities of the enterprise.

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To manage the operational, supply chain management activities of the enterprise, the suggestive measures to improve the performance of the enterprise are defined in the following manner as are-

  • The entity should use an effective customer assistance approach to timely assist the customers. It helps to facilitate a better relationship with customers so that things the needs and wants of the customer can be analysed. The quoted firm must know the Golder rule of customer services is that treat the customer as any business owner wants to be treated. Thus, it aids in creating a better relationship with the entity.
  • Bentley should hire a skilled labour workforce so that they have a creative and innovative approach to streamlining the business functions and developing the product design. This can be one of the effective ways to produce better and more attractive features and also supports modifying the existing commodities.
  • Innovation in the automobile industry plays a crucial role in undertaking business activities systematically. Recycling the production of dioxide, emissions and other environmental concerns is the main agenda of automobile manufacturers. This helps to undertake the business conditions effectively and efficiently.
  • This entity must take initiatives to apply approaches such as TQM and House of quality to facilitate quality management and effective product development. These techniques help to shape the business in an innovative manner and also bring flexibility to the working conditions. With the help of its application of it, the brand image of the firm can be sustained and enhanced. To get more details about online assignment help ask our experts.
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